Nov 13th, 2012

So far video game analysts have been less than impressed by the Wii U. Most think it will fail in one way or another, while others are cautious, at best. But analysts from IHS Screen Digest believe that the Wii U will not only be a success, it will be a bigger success than the original Wii, initially.

Wii U boxThey believe the Wii U will sell 50 million units in the first 4 years. They base this on the fact that the Wii is an established brand that brought many new Nintendo fans, which will go after the Wii U when it comes out. IHS also says that Wii U’s innovation and Nintendo’s strong first party lineup of games — both for launch and later — will create a huge demand for the console.

Piers Harding-Rolls, the senior analyst at IHS, did say, however, that the Wii U is unlikely to surpass the Wii in terms of total sales, which of course isn’t a big surprise. He cites the higher price of the Wii U as the main reason. The original Wii console is nearing 100 million units sold.

Nintendo forecasts that it will sell 5.5 million Wii U consoles by March 2013, coupled with 24 million Wii U games. This number has been called “unrealistic” by Michael Pachter, a vocal critic of Nintendo and its new console.


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        wii U will sell more than 80 million in 4 years

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      yah it seems like a good guess. Mabey even more! πŸ˜€

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        Yup, I’m guessing Β±65 million consoles in 4 years, from 75 to 80 million in total.

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      It will sell over 9000 million unit

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    Oh look at that box. It’s so beautiful. *Deep Sigh*

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      it looks like an optical illusion. I swear that box looks square!

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        Oh, doesn’t Scribblenauts Unlimited come out today (the 13th)? I’ve been seeing articles on it but some websites still stay its on preorder. I preordered this game and I want to caress and smell it so badly but I don’t know if I can untill the 18th. Again, another *Deep Sigh* πŸ™

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    Well that is all just speculation at this point really, but we do know judging from pre orders that the WiiU is gonna be a hit!

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    A realistic possibility!

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      Your name suggests that you belong.

      Welcome to the Island.

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        omg a talking island from a christmas movie. basically the best thing ever.

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          Easy in my brain!!

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        That is not a good thing to say on a Nintendo website, but it still made me laugh!

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    Finally, a positive Wii U forecast. And only 5 more days until launch!

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      We’ve all been waiting for this moment for over a year now, and the moment is now only five long days away!


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        MY BODY IS ALSO READY……but my wallet isnt :'(

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  • WiiUFan

    This isn’t too bad of an estimation, I was thinking more in the 60 millions though. If Nintendo can make their advertisements as good as they were with the Wii, the Wii U can sell lots.

  • Nintendo Power (Wii U FTW)

    Must…..Have…..The Box


    try 60 million unit’s, THE FEARLESS WILL BE A BIG HIT.



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      What is the Fearless I’ve never heard of it? Is it going to be a UK exclusive?

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      The only reason I downvoted you is cause of the FUCKING FEARLESS THING!
      They aren’t calling it the Fearless, the codename is Project Cafe… just like how the Wii’s was Revolution.


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        do you really think i give a fuck about a fucking like or dislike?

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        and it certainly did revolutionize gaming forever…………..

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        The internet calls it fearless. Google it, google is your friend. DUH.

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    4 more days!!!! The wait is killing me!!!!

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      R.I.P. Ryu No Hadouken.

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        For Zonda777, who died because he couldn’t stand waiting 4 more days. Aw well, whatevers.

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    I’m sure the console will do just fine.

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      Just FINE, not AMAZING?

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    Can’t wait till Christmas… The box looks so good…

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    i just want my wii u nowwww!!

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    Well that sounds reasonable. Btw I like how there is just U in cover of the box.

  • Jon

    If the Wii U has a 6 year life cycle like the Wii I wouldn’t be surprised if it could hit the 60 million mark. This console could really go either way though. I won’t be surprised if it only sells 40 million in 6 years or 80 million in 6 years. It all depends on Sony and MS strategy for their next gen systems.

  • Hibill18

    Good to hear! Anyways, I’m really looking forward to Sunday!!

  • Smitty

    Anyone seen the review on wii u ninja gaiden yet..Its an.improved game but the visuals and frame rate were mentioned as issues :-/.

    I do hope its just launch window jitters, i hoped to be able to leave muddy textures and jaggies behind me afyer the 30th πŸ™


      I saw that. But here’s the thing, Ryan Mcaffrey reviewed the game and he’s a butthurt Xbox journalist (notice how he was comparing it to his beloved 360). There is a comparison side by side , and Wiiu version has better lighting and lots more detail and things on the screen :S.

      I hinestly think he put that in the review as a cheap shot. It actualy looks better than the original NG3 for 360 and ps3.

      I will find the comparison video and post the link.


        I know.

    • Nintedward Xbox 360 vs wiiu NG3 comparison. Wiiu wins , hands down .

      (that’s me up there lol)

      It’s the same game but with a ton more content and looking at this video slightly improved visuals.

      That Xbox editor is being a douche and lying bro. The wiiu version looks better than the other version! Ryan Mcaffrey (xbox fanboy) reviewed a wiiu game ….. facepalm……

      • NintendoMan :D

        Wii U definately wins. Hands down, no questions asked.

      • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

        NG3 gameplay looked better than 360 gameplay and I own NG3 for the 360. Its awful.

      • immallama

        XD How could they let him review it? Herp derp πŸ˜›

      • Naterman

        I recognized it by ur pic. Dude I’m not surprised if wii u beats wii in the first year

      • Smitty

        Didnt realise he was somewhat of an xbox fanboy?

        Anyway i just hope im not left wanting, like when the wii came out i did have an hd tv. I remember playing twighlight princess which i did love, but i was so gutted with how it looked on my tv and knowing i had to wait at least 5 years for an HD nintendo console was so crud! id be so pissed off if i felt a similar way once i get the wiiu home :-/.

        • Nintedward

          Yes , I understand your worry. Although I was blown away by twilight princess on my at the time SD tv!

          BUT- NG3 it looks exactly the same only a tiny bit better on Wiiu :S. Look at the comparison man, that xbox editor is being a dick. It basically has exactly the same graphics with a bit of added lighting.

          The wiiu may have an architecture that is difficult to just slap 360 games on to it. The 360 has a higher CPU clock speed but everything else on wiiu blows the 360 away. So this means games need to be optimized PROPERLY to outpeform the current GEN.

          Look at the 3ds , it has better graphics than a ps2 in 3D but it has a lower CPU clock speed. But the PS2 GPU is like 100MHZ and the 3ds is 400MHZ. PS2 has 32MB of RAM , 3DS has 128MB RAM.

          What that means is (just becuase of unusual clock speed) games may stutter when simply ported from PS2 to 3ds, they need optimizing. Once fully optimized they not only look the same as PS2 but way better and in 3D.

          I wouldn’t worry too much. Games like Rayman Legends are `1080p 60fps with a load of amazing lighting and super high rez textures simply not possible on current gen.

          • Nintedward

            An example of what I am saying about 3ds is this – Snake eater has a low framerate on 3ds and in some ways looks better and in some ways looks worse than PS2 version , right ?

            But does that mean the 3ds is weaker than a ps2 ? nope

            Monster Hunter Ultimate for 3ds is an improved wii game which has way better graphics than any PS2 , Gamecube or Xbox1 game and it runs in 3d on 3ds perfectly.
            This is because Capcom learned a lot more how to use the 3ds than Konami did.

          • Superrty

            I always wondered what sd stands for. Hd stands for high definition so is sd stupid definition? Or sad definition? Or possibly suckish definition?

  • Lord Carlisle

    “Piers Harding-Rolls, the senior analyst at IHS, did say, however, that the Wii U is unlikely to surpass the Wii in terms of total sales…”

    Wow, wait to contradict the sub-headline.

    • Lord Carlisle

      Huh. They even changed the sub-headline after I commented.

  • Vigo the Carpathian

    I only care about the games!!!!

    Let’s see some new games and more info on the non launch day games!!

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    ya that box is nice πŸ™‚

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      Then why don’t you marry it you sick freak it’s people like you that make Wii U’s feel unsafe in their box.

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        Well, why don’t you marry Mechafilia?

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      Dat box…

  • Tobbe

    Only the future can know

    • Tobbe

      And if i had to guess to future i would say wii u will bomb big time and the new xbox 720 will rule the world. It will be the box that rocks and the will will to in landfills wasting space that could be used for dirty diapers or something more usefull.

      • Tobbe

        Sadly u have the same name as me. Dont mix in xbox in a wiiu forum plz.

  • MSLFan

    Please let me get it day one. Walmart cancelled my order due to issue problems and it WILL be hard to get day one. I MUST HAVE!!!

  • max lazy 10

    Finally, an analyst whose prediction seems sound.

  • nintendpatrick

    this guy knows better than patcher
    oh yeah him
    *rolls eyes*
    patcher wouldnt know console talent if it smacked him in the face
    oh and have you heard the news the ipad mini DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A QUE

  • metroidfusion2

    That would be 1 million wii u’s a month shit 50 million is really good and that’s not counting a shitliad of factors which can reduce or increase that estimate but regardless the wii u will sell a lot and it shits on this gen and next gen just the dumbass idiots wait and see

  • WiiUlover

    There is 8 billion people in the world so……….. I still think its good though

  • Jbaeza

    I got AC III today!! The disk feel awesome!! The edges…. They are are rounded and… Gorgeous! Can’t wait till Sunday when I can pop it into my Wii U!

  • nm_nintendo

    maybe even more…

  • Waddifat

    The Wii U will succeed,some of my friends who are Xbox and PS3 owners have told me “The Wii U looks cool, I like the controller.” Also when I was eating breakfast I saw a Wii U commercial showing New Super Mario Bros. U

  • D2K

    50 million Wii’s in 4 years in this economy would actually be MORE successful than the Wii was. The economy didn’t start to fail until 2 years after the Wii launched.

    With the Wii selling 97 million units in 6 years, by their projections the Wii U will come pretty close to that.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    That’s obviously not bad, but doesn’t that pale next to the Wii by a huge margin? It’s current at about 95 million in 6 years, and my understanding is that sales slowed quite a bit in the last year or two, meaning most of those sales were from the first 4 years.

    • D2K

      The Wii was at 70 million in 2010. So it was just starting to slow down. I think Kinect had a large impact on Wii sales. A lot of the trendy-casuals ran over to the XBOX for that which is what has equated the 360 selling more than the Wii and PS3 since the launch of Kinect.

      Once the Wii U drops the trendy-casuals will run back over to Nintendo giving it a boost. And the process will go back and forth because people are phoney and fickle. They don’t even know what it is. They just buy it because someone else has it and they don’t want to be left out.

  • bristev

    I want a Premium Wii U pack so badly…but I guess I will never have one, just like 3DS….why am I so poor?! XD or at least, so monetarily dependant……..

  • mbouthe

    In some random country (Well that’s what Justin Bieber said when he visited my country), WII is sold like crazy due to its the only system which is easiest to be “homebrewed” compared to the two competitors.
    Its very common in here that when people come to Game Store S/he ask first to the seller such question like : How much is the game cost? Can I use “pirated copy” on this machine?

    WII Seller will answer: around USD 50, yes..
    Competitor seller will answer : around USD 50, no …
    So be it, another WII machine sold.

    I know its bad, I never agree with pirates, because it kill the game industry itself. But what to say, its a fact …

  • Linskarmo

    I think less extremely casual people will get it because of the higher price, but I believe it will sell very well with other people.

  • james braselton

    hi there yeah.only 30 hours. left