Mar 17th, 2017

Analyst are getting more and more optimistic about the Nintendo Switch. Analysts over at IDC now predict that Nintendo will ship 8 million Switch consoles in the first 13 months, and that it’s on track to ship 2 million in March.

Nintendo recently said they were doubling Switch production due to the massive demand. The company will now manufacture 16 million Switch consoles instead of 8 million during this fiscal year.

The company has yet to reveal how many consoles the Switch sold so far, but we know from sales trackers that 1.5 million units were sold during launch. That’s an impressive number, and enough to convince Nintendo to ramp up production considerably.

In Japan, the Switch sold more than 330,000 units during its first days on the market, which is a better launch than the PS4 had over there.

And of course, all this success with the Switch is having an impact on Nintendo’s market share in the video game market: the company is expected to grow its market share in the near future compared to Sony and Microsoft, all thanks to the Switch.

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