Apr 27th, 2014

Nintendo hasn’t been doing well over the past few years, and company president Satoru Iwata is partly to blame — he accepted blame himself several times, and as a result cut his own salary.

That’s not enough, according to game industry analyst Michael Pachter, who believes that Nintendo cannot turn around until the leadership at Nintendo is replaced. Specifically, until Iwata is replaced.

And Pachter believes that Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime will be the perfect replacement for Iwata. Reggie would be a great fit, but it likely won’t happen, as Pachter puts it:

“I think Reggie is a very consumer-focused, capable executive. Love the guy. They’re not gonna hire a western guy to run Nintendo, it’s gonna be a Japanese guy. But I think Nintendo just needs different leadership”

You can say what you want about Michael Pachter, his opinions and his predictions, but we tend to agree with him here: Iwata has done an poor job and some of the decisions have been awful for the company. The Wii U hasn’t been doing well at all — it’s doing worse than the GameCube.

Reggie seems to be a much more fitting President for Nintendo at this point — he has done an excellent job at running Nintendo of America, despite being limited in what he can do by the leadership in Japan.

As for Iwata, you can say “you’re sorry” and take blame only so many times. At some point, you gotta move on and let someone else try.

Do you think it’s time for Iwata to move on? Do you think Reggie would be a better leader of Nintendo? Let us know what your thoughts in the comments section!

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  • Officer Raichu

    Sakouri or Reggie
    who would be better
    (Sakouri :3)

    • matthew garcia

      Lol I agree

      • Officer Raichu

        he knows how the ps4 is so sucessful which means he knows that they had a powerful system plenty of 3rd party support and great advertising

        • matthew garcia

          I’m sure he would use similar ps4 strategies to sell but keep nintendos core beliefs intact

          • Officer Raichu

            yeah because i remember him praising the ps4 and its tatics for success
            so i think he can start
            wait for it….
            WAIT FOR IT….

          • 00EpicGamer00

            I love that. “Nintendo Renaissance.”
            I think this generation is sort of a testing ground for Nintendo. You know, trying to understand how HD development works. I don’t think the Wii U is going to “fail” but it’s not going to be like the Wii. I think next gen is when the “Nintendo Renaissance” will happen.

  • Zackary Bruley

    I think if Reggie was the head of NoJ, it would change so much. Idk if for the better, but I would be OK with it.

  • steven keshishian

    i agree as well

  • Re-Master

    Nope. Reggie head of NoA is fine. But not NoJ. I like that Nintendo is one of the few companies left to stay very Japanese. Too many companies are trying to BE Western nowadays. Reggie is amazing, but I’d rather see Sakouri in the chair.

    • ShortyStock

      I really like Sakurai but I dont think Sakurai is cut out for being Nintendo’s president.

      • Skelterz

        He don’t mean the guy that makes smash bros he means the president of NOE sakouri.

        • ShortyStock

          My bad, never heard of Sakouri.

          • Skelterz

            its cool i wasn’t being a cock its just there’s a lotta people that would call you out on it probably just to be super nin fans for no reason so now you know you can say HEY FUCK YOU hahahah peace man

        • DragonSilths

          What? I thought the Nintendo Of Europe president was also named Iwata? Or Satoru?

      • Officer Raichu

        yes he is and you know it!

      • Mario

        On the marketing side though…

      • That guy who hates Spike

        I’m pretty sure Katsuya Eguchi (Hardware producer of ther Wii U, and mastermind behind Animal Crossing, Ninendo Land and Wii Sports) is in line to become Nintendo’s next president.

    • Geoffrey Tasker

      Yeah and how’s that staying very Japanese been working out lately? Just like the story from the last samurai. sure you be stubborn and uphold old ways but eventually you end up biting the dust. You have to learn how to balance the old and the new. Nintendo can be Nintendo and still make a console people want and developers want to be on. But something in that building needs to change and if iwata is that something then so be it

  • You lost me at “according to Michael Patcher.”

    • Nathan C.

      He is on to something though! Iwata seems to struggle to learn from his mistakes.

      • If you read the last investor meeting you will find Iwata’s plans for the future and you will see that he is learning from his mistake with his plan to have a common architecture for the portable and handheld console. This should greatly limits game droughts and finally deliver cross play and cross save across Nintendo platforms. And the home console should be compatible with Wii U architecture it seems.

        • DragonSilths

          To little, to late. Nintendo’s next handheld will be a success, it always is. But after the Wii U people are going to have a real hard time buying the next home console.

          • That will depends on what kind of console it is and what press and name it will get

          • They’re calling it the Wii Fukk U and you’ll have to buy an LCD screen to attach to your wiimote.

        • Nathan C.

          You know what? Considering what I’ve seen from Iwata via the last Nintendo Direct (before Smash Bros), I really can’t trust him with this “common architecture”.

          Iwata needs to go. We need someone who can sell (home) consoles in the modern age. He clearly can’t.

          • Wii + DS + 3DS = 300 millons consoles sold. I think he clearly can…

      • Skelterz

        Hmm i don’t think patchers on to anything mate.

        • Googs

          He may be ‘on something’ though 😛

        • zajac1661

          Why? He said the wiiu would do bad as well. It did. And he became some kind of hated villain because of it. What he say now is quite a no brainer. Of course he is on to something. Something we all know.

          • Skelterz

            nah he’s a tool.

          • Nah, that’s not why. He inexplicably gets a platform to make stupid predictions and anyone can do that. Every game blog reposts his fortune telling like it’s news. Everyone hated him before the wii u. Even Nintendo haters hate him.

          • zajac1661

            Go take his Job then. The man makes Money. I agree that his predictions at times are totally obvious. But what I think is ridiculous on top, is when people go “wut? Patcher r dumb. He knows nothing” apperantly he knows something. You might disagree.. he can’t avoid stepping some people over the toes when he early on dooms the Wii u. In this article he say s the obvious. I find it facepalmingly when people go “patcher r dumb again now” instead of actually saying that his critique at this point(not predictions analytics) has a point.

          • Haha, I ain’t jealous. Patcher r dumb!

            Bloggers like authority and celebrity. Where there is none, bloggers will manufacture some. Their readers aren’t necessarily going to agree. It’s like those rich young women who are inexplicably famous despite not being actors or musicians.

            I don’t think it’s obvious – Fils-Aime’s got the same stank on him that Iwata does. His saying “whatever, man, Nintendo needs a new boss” would have been relevant criticism this time last year. He dum!

          • zajac1661

            Well. He has some influence. Like it or not. More than you and me. Saying he is dumb changes nothing. No one speaks about jealousy here. I speak about the worthless behaviours on behalf of reacting, whenever he says anything. I think he could care less. If you have something against blogs using patcher as a kind of article banger, well then it is time to move on to one that does not I guess. Sadly I just think some blogs use him to wind up the community section, to keep it going. You know a majority of bashers knows nothing of him, other than he predict ed the Wii u to sell bad. It did.. so what. That makes him dumb I guess. He was right. He is right on the need of some high position changes. I think it is dumb to use him as a knowing wizard, when his name has so negative a factor in lots of communities. Actually find it dumb that I even cared writing this. I’m off. Good evening.

      • DragonSilths

        Seems to struggle? He flat out fails to learn from his mistakes lol. My only concern with him being replaced is would that mean no more Nintendo Directs?

        • Nathan C.

          Leave that to Sakurai:

    • matthew garcia

      Iwata is a liar and reggie is a used car salesman who knows nothing about being a gamer. They should both go and get somebody else

      • DragonSilths

        What? Reggie was formally from Pizza Hut…not a used car salesmen.

        • thedeciderU

          i think that’s his point – he’s too foreign to gaming.

        • CharlesAnderson

          The subtleties of abstract thought can be easily lost in comments.

    • This needs more upvotes.

    • shadus

      Hey even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Certainly not Reggie either. I think both Iwata and Reggie should go, and make way for new blood in those positions.

    • Officer Raichu

      sakouri from noe
      he is actually going to 1 year campaign mk 8 and of course they got a bundle
      yeah he should be in charge understands the west very well

  • LordiMcKill

    As much as i disagree with a lot of things that patcher has said, i help but thingthat having Reggie in command would be the better idea.

  • I am surprised you guys don’t like Iwata. He’s the one behind the DS, the Wii and the 3DS. Three success. He is the one who made a successful transition after the Gamecube. He is the one who is giving us an HD nintendo console with added possibilities (gamepad) instead of just an HD console. I am not sure what do you think Reggie did that shows that he would be a good leader for Nintendo? Sure the Wii U is not doing so well but it’s a very nice console with some really cool games and it’s just the beginning.

    • Shaise

      I believe Hiroshi Yamauchi did the DS?

      • Hiroshi stepped down after the Gamecube

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Iwata managed to fix some of the biggest issues with the GCN, he guided nintendo through the DS, Wii and 3DS, now he needs to fix wiiU and position nintendo correctly for the future

        • And you and I know he already did position Nintendo correctly for the future after reading the last investor meeting. As for Wii U I am confident Mario Kart and E3 will deliver and reassure. And the end of it’s life Wii U will end up 2nd behind PS4 and have respectable sale numbers. (that’s what my hairy crystal balls say)

      • classicgamer20

        No i’m pretty he stepped down before the DS was launched

    • DragonSilths

      And he let the money from them go to his head.

    • Mario

      I still like him. He just hasn’t done many good thinks lately.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      To say that Wii was a success is arguable. Yes, it was a financial success. But it was a disaster if you look what it did on the relations to others. It was basically flooded with showel ware, and very few great third party titles. The result from this is evident on Wii U. Nintendo should have known this in the GCN era, but did nothing but worsen it. This is mainly due to Iwata.

  • Nathan C.

    For once I can actually agree with Patcher on something.

  • Sdudyoy

    What I like about Iwata is that he isn’t firing employes, instead he is cutting his own pay, but honestly, I don’t think Reggie is really fit for the position, Nintendo is a Japanese company, although I like Reggie as the NOA president, I have a feeling if a American became president of NOJ it would mess some stuff up, I don’t agree with Iwata losing his position, but Iwata has to change alot of stuff about Nintendo, such as not allowing Indie developers talk with them.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      You mean JOURNALISTS 😛

      • Sdudyoy

        Huh? what are you talking about?

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          The indie developer was trying interview Dan Adelman.

          Company said, you’re not going to do that.

          No fun allowed. This is not personal play time.

          He writes an article about his own little hissyfit

          • Sdudyoy

            Oh, okay, thanks for clearing that up, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t other stuff Iwata needs to do.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu


    • abe

      I fear if they got rid of itawa the new guy would be under so much pressure t make a quick profit he’d make Nintendo go mobile or third party

  • RedChu

    Nintendo will never have anyone but a Japanese person calling the shots, but I do agree that Iwata needs to go. I used to not want him to go because he seems like a likeable guy, but likeable doesn’t make him a good leader.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      He keeps the ship steady though. I mean he’s originally a game developer.
      Now isnt the time for him to go

      • RedChu

        He keeps the ship steady, but not on the right course. There’s a reason for Nintendo’s direction and he is it. What should they do? Continue sailing and hoping for things to turn around under its current leadership, or make changes at the helm to force a new direction and take on things?

        I realize Nintendo is in a position to last for many years with their capital right now, but they cannot keep on their current direction as it is obviously not doing much good aside from their handheld market.

        Changes need to be made even if it isn’t necessarily at the executive positions, but if Iwata isn’t going to change course then I believe that he should go before damaging Nintendo further.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Iwata already changed the course.

          They started changing the course in 2010 when they started winding the Wii down. Changes take time to facilitate. What we’re seeing right now is the effects of those changes.

          Honestly its a shame to me, I dont think these are the same guys from 2003. They were very on point and focused back then. Now I wonder where their focus has changed too, but Nintendo is very much in a transitory period right now. The 3DS and WiiU have both shown me this quite clearly.

      • DragonSilths

        He keeps the ship a float but its in a whirlpool and just going in circles slowly sinking more and more.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Not really. Its in times like this when nintendo starts doing weird shit

          • DragonSilths

            They always do weird shit.

    • J.r. Storms

      Yeah but you forget that Iwata was President during the The DS, WII, and 3DS which have been the 3 best selling nintendo systems (the 3ds will be by the time its lifetime is over). Those 3 systems kicked ass both critically and commercially. He has screwed up with the Wii U, but you cant forget that he was president during Nintendos money shower.

      • RedChu

        Wii was a success, but it was the starting point of Nintendo’s wrong path. Third-parties couldn’t support it with their big name games or had to put out dumbed down versions which made the system more for casual and first-party games, which is the path which the Wii U is currently on, minus even the casual games and at this point dumbed down versions… heck, even first-party games are missing save for a handful.

        The point is that Nintendo needs to change their focus and way of doing things. They have fallen from being a leader in the industry and are becoming the laughing stock. They still bring innovation to the table as they should, but they need more than that. I don’t even think it’s a matter of the lack of power compared to the other consoles, as I believe that even if Wii U was more powerful than PS4 or XBOne, it would still be in its current state. Whatever the cause of this situation is needs to change.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    He’s now officialy trolling

  • Shaise

    I actually agree with him for the first time.

  • LukeMM95

    Iwata has done a lot of good but it’s definitely time he stepped down. Not only do we need someone new as head of Nintendo of Japan but I also think we need a new management team. I doubt that all of Nintendo’s problems are solely the fault of Iwata.

    I disagree with Pachter when he said the console is the problem. The Wii U is a good console and could be a success if Nintendo got their act together. It’s too late now for the Wii U to be a huge success, but with some new management, it might start making a profit.

    • C4

      It’s the best Nintendo device they launched since Iwata got CEO. Being behind the schedule in R&D however is clearly Iwatas fault to some degree as well as the current 3rd party relationships.

  • I smell a Zorpix Den…

    • Cdwoods

      I love zorpix den… It’s so bad..

      • ComposedJam

        it’s a nice change of pace, actually.

        • SmashFinale

          i think you missed the joke.

          • I think I did too XD

          • Cdwoods

            It’s from, ” I love the power glove… It’s so bad..”

          • oh okay XD. I thought you were serious

        • I do my best! 😀

      • Thank you? o.0

  • Mr Ninty

    if reggie and iwata could somehow find a way to work together by use of something like a flying machine to cross fast distances or some kind of tv thing that connect people across the globe we can name it interfab. then they could talk to each other and discuss business

  • i believe Michael Pachter should calm his tits.

  • Aaron Michael Castle


  • Gabe Hoffman

    Nintendo is still distinctly Japanese. Having Reggie as president would be a very bad idea. I don’t understand why people think axing Iwata and Reggie will automatically fix everything. To me Iwata’s successes far outweigh his failures. Imagine if Iwata was fired what if was replaced with somebody that was far less incompetent

    • DoctorWily

      I think replacing Iwata with “somebody that was far less INcompetent” is what Pachter’s aiming at. I think you meant to say “far less competent”. Anyways, I still don’t know why Pachter thinks he’s qualified to analyze and critique anyone. In my opinion.he’s not very intelligent.

    • ben

      Don’t use the truth on this site. The trolls hate that.

      Iwata is an incredible CEO who oversaw the complete recovery of Nintendo. He is responsible for overseeing 3 of their most successful hardware products and the vast majority of their most successful titles. Trolls just hate that he is an old Japanese guy.

      • matthew garcia

        Iwata was the man when it came to being successful with the wii but was stupid for thinking that idea would work twice. He needs to go

        • ben

          No he didn’t think the same trick would work twice. He thought that people would naturally move to the new hardware, which was his only mistake, but you can forgive him for it, because that is exactly what has happened with the PS4. People moved to the new hardware from the ps3. There was no great reason to do so and Sony has hardly done anything right.

          The wii u was designed to play motion games, classic games, off screen play. It was designed to have a low power consumption to fit with contemporary energy use policy. It was designed to be family friendly, allowing a child to remain in the same room as the adults who wanted to do something other than play games. The Wii u is very well designed. People compare sony to nintendo, but it is a waste of time. The people who have bought ps4 are mostly young and single. Not families. Famicom means family computer. Nintendo will never stray far from that path.

          • matthew garcia

            Must not be alot of families cuz wii u is selling like crap. Besides me I don’t know anybody else with one

        • Mario

          He’s human. What did you expect?

          • Rinslowe

            I like this reply. Playing the game at that level wouldn’t be easy professionally or personally…
            But changes need to be made. And he’s in the crosshairs by definition when things don’t work out…
            Best of luck to the man.

    • matthew garcia

      American wouldn’t be so bad for the console side of things cuz consoles have shifted over to the west anyway. Japanese want the handheld more then anything

  • John Andalora

    Or… and hear me out on this one…
    Allow Nintendo of America the freedom to make certain decisions on what’s best for the American market.
    See, I think Reggie is a fine executive and know his stuff… in American markets. But the idea that one man is going to run all of Nintendo rather than having various groups focus on their own markets and branch out to them is not working out. NOA needs to have that ability to do something for their own markets. I don’t think Iwata’s necessarily bad, but he assumes that all markets and demographics are the same as Japan, and that’s what’s hurting them the most.
    I think if NOA had the leeway to make certain choices about the games released or produced in America (like being able to actually talk to independent developers and help them out) their consoles would be a lot better off.

    • darkcreap

      I actually think they should give them more input in the sense that they indicate thing to NOJ so they make better choices for hardware. Clearly, they did a lot of decissions that did not appeal to western developers.

      I don’t agree with making Reggie CEO. While he might make a good COO or even CEO for USA, that does not mean he might be an appropriate candidate for global CEO of Nintendo.

      While Pachter has a point in indicating Iwata is doing a poor job, I think that searching for a good candidate for global CEO of Nintendo is quite another issue that requires careful thinking.

    • DragonSilths

      Reggie could be good if he got his backbone back instead of being a yes man to Iwata. We need the “My name is Reggie, I’m about kicking ass as taking names.” not this current Reggie.

      • bobacdigital

        Has nothing to do with backbone… Reggie works for Nintendo .. Which by all accounts is the Japanese branch of the company… He has to go through them before any decision impacting whole company is made… It isnt about backbone at all it is about micromanagement. They are micromanaging him…. Basically the Head coach Iwata isnt doing a good job of guiding the team.

        • DragonSilths

          He works closely with Iwata now since Iwata is the President Of Nintendo Of America now, so he needs to grow a pair and say listen Iwata, this is what the North American market wants.

    • Rinslowe

      Totally agree.

    • Capt. Smoker

      I think Nintendo just need a thorough clear out, neither Reggie or Iwata are good enough at this point, but I’d take Reggie over Iwata at the moment.

      • companyoflosers

        if nothing else, they need to keep reggie on as a face for nintendo. be it just a spokesperson (which would kinda be a waste) or a major decision making individual, nintendo fans have gotten somewhat attached to him and like him. hes a good guy and even if nintendo leadership was ovehauled, i would not want to see him go.

    • TheGamerGeek128

      I wish I could still find it, but I remember seeing this interview from a former member of the NOA marketing team who worked during the Gamecube years. In it, he said that the entirety of the NOA is more or less a figurehead being told what to say by NOJ, granted he did say he wasn’t sure if it’s still the same situation today, but I believe that still is going as of late. So I pretty much agree with your idea.

      • CharlesAnderson

        That shouldn’t be surprising to anyone, really. Japanese business culture being what it is, and NOA being a marketing arm, it’s to be expected.

    • edge

      At bare minimum there should be a CEO at NOA and NOE that knows those markets and is willing to fight for them. Whether its by corporate politics or their personalities, NOA and NOE simply do what Nintendo Japan tells them to, no more, no less. And while that’s not all of Nintendo’s problems, its certainly a huge one.
      Howard Lincoln was not a perfect CEO, and he can be partly faulted for the adversarial relationship Nintendo has always had with third parties, but to his credit he did fight for games that appealed to westerners, and in the face of competition from Sega and Sony knew that Nintendo had to be more than just the Mario company. So that meant mature games and licensed sports, as well as partnering with western studios. During his tenure, Nintendo made Killer Instinct, Kobe Bryant basketball, Ken Griffey baseball, Eternal Darkness, Goldeneye, and Perfect Dark. He also helped bring aboard exclusive Star Wars games to the N64 and Gamecube. That reads like a laundry list of ALL of the things missing from the Nintendo lineup during the Wii/Wii U eras. I’m sure Nintendo today knows it needs these kinds of games, but NOJ is completely unwilling to make them.
      Satoru Iwata believes that whatever works in Japan will work overseas. Not only is it wrong about Japanese marketing strategy working in North America, but his current strategy is not working in Japan, either. He definitely needs to go.

    • WarioForever

      Ok, I agree with you. But what about Nintendo of Europe? They (we) just translate video games for countries and that’s all. We don’t develop any kind of video games. So, why doesn’t Nintendo expand to other countries? Sure that would cost a lot but they could also earn a lot of money, cause there are many talented programmers here in Europe (best example: Rare with Donkey Kong, which was a revolution for video games in the era of SNES)

    • [000]

      So, you’re basically saying, Reggie’s body isn’t quite ready for that kind of leadership.

      • John Andalora

        Not yet.

    • Linskarmo

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • Nintendo Is King

    They should just hire Jack Tretton to take his position.

    • uPadWatcher

      I was just about to say the very same thing. Ha ha…

      • Nintendo Is King

        Would be the best decision and would bring much needed change.

    • Virus6

      Kevin Butler!

    • Brian Lockett

      I’d immediate barf if that happened.

  • sasori obinna mii

    iwata thinks wii u owners are kids

    • ben

      They are. The majority of them. We are the vocal minority.

      • Virus6

        Isn’t the average gamer in their 30s?

  • Virus6

    Reggie and Nintendo of America should just be allowed to do their own thing instead of being tied to Nintendo of Japan. Why even have NoA if they don’t do anything? they can’t even make simple choices without checking in at Kyoto.

    Besides, Nintendo is a traditional Japanese company with a lot of traditional Japanese investors. I don’t think they’d willingly let an American run the company.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      Well, if they want to be #1 again, they should let the American call the shots. I mean, America is the World’s Greatest Economy for a Reason

      • Wilks

        How big is your debt again? I’m sure it’s in the trillions.

  • darkcreap

    That Iwata is not doing things right I agree. Listening to advice from Michael Pachter… no thanks. Reggie Fils-Aime is good as COO for Nintendo of America, but being the CEO of a world multinational is something quite different. I think it a good idea to give Reggie freedom so he does not depend from Japan, but that does not mean making him the world CEO for Nintendo. Pachter is known for his tongue, but not for his brains, definitely.

  • gamesplayswill

    Iwata needs to stop anyway, I mean, I like the guy, but Nintendo needs someone fresh.

  • Googs

    Iwata being replaced by someone with ‘different leadership’ I can agree with, but not with Reggie. Also, I think it’s about time they put Satoru Shibata into the spotlight (President of NOE), that guy did a lot for us in the past couple of years.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      Replace Iwata with the guy who couldn’t get the WiiU off the ground in Europe? Didn’t the X1 surpass lifetime U sales in 24 hours there?

      • Googs

        That was the UK, not all of Europe. The performance in both Japan & America are terrible too though. But Shibata is the one that gave us Xenoblade way before America as well as the layton series & other games. He also helped bridge the gap where Europe doesn’t have to wait months until Nintendo’s systems/games get released there. Whereas before we’d have to wait months.

      • Officer Raichu

        europe is pc ps4 and xbox one country so its kinda hard when most european gamers hate mario and zelda

  • ben

    Hahahahaahahahahahah Pachter…

  • Skelterz

    No just no.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    You dont need to hold the gamepad up to see both screens Pachter lol..

    You put it infront of you on a coffee table

  • Someone Cool

    Lmao. Anyone else find it halarious that this guy is still making it onto gaming news sites?

  • Shota

    why fire iwata? he could step down and become a game developer

    • Officer Raichu

      go back to HAL since he does well with kirby

      • Shota

        exactly officer!

  • Skelterz

    Iwata’s success’s outway his failures the transition to HD along with not knowing which consumer to market to is the issue Iwata has still got idea’s and fight in him apperently he’s a genius at programing and coding as well as developing games i know as CEO there redundant skills but the guy worked his way up he learned off the best i reckon things will turn around easy.

  • Skelterz

    Michael patcher Is a fucking douche cunt!

    • Rinslowe

      “fucking douche cunt”
      Urban sites everywhere just got updated…

      • Skelterz

        hahahah the streets have a voice now it is Skelterz

        • Rinslowe

          You heard it here first people!

  • Magnus Gonzalez

    I love it how Pachter and the numerous ‘analysts’ in this comment section think they have advice for a multi billion dollar company that is the most successful video game producer in history. I think Nintendo makes many wrong choices but they swing for the fences and you have to applaud that. Without them doing so the gaming industry would be whack as fuck

    • Skelterz

      Damn straight! I don’t think everyone sees themselves as analysts though man, I think a lot of people are very passionate on this site alot of us grew up with the company and stuff and i think everyone’s opinion can either be collectively interesting or boring rehashed rubbish but hey that’s wii u daily,
      I agree with what you said about nintendo, There’s a reason they have stood the test of time its purely because there the greatest.

    • Rinslowe

      I think the gaming industry is pretty whack regardless. But the games…

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Agree that Iwata has to go. He have destroyed Nintendo totally with ignorance and arrogance. But Reggie is not necessarly a fit either. We havent seen anything from that guy, besides being a face of NOA, because thats how N. works. Nintendo should go third party and become a games company instead. They dont know how to make hardware, so they should drop that.

    • ConCity Soldier

      BS!! Nintendo doesn’t need to leave the hardware business at all. In fact consoles wouldn’t have a name for themselves if it wasn’t for Nintendo. They just need another Fusajiro Yamauchi.

      • classicgamer20

        You mean Hiroshi Yamauchi? as in the first president of Nintendo when it was a video game company?

        • ConCity Soldier

          Whoops lol. Yeah, I meant Hiroshi Yamauchi. 😀

          • classicgamer20

            But yeah you are right they do need another one of him he was a business god who understood the industry.

    • Officer Raichu

      competition learn about it

    • simkenno

      All I cal say is a simple LOL. “Ignorance and arrogance ” you’d know all about that wouldn’t you…..

  • ben

    ” Iwata has done an poor job” Great this site is so full of fantastic writers.

    • Googs

      Can’t evade facts. He has done a poor job.

      • MerryBlind .

        You mean an poor job.

        • Wilks

          No.. it’s ‘A poor job’.

          • Googs

            I think we both misunderstood what the original comment meant, he was pointing out a grammatical error, where I thought he was pointing out how biased the writers were :).

          • MerryBlind .

            I was kidding… come on guys. I was making fun of Googs who didn’t seem to understand why ben quoted this particular sentence.

    • ConCity Soldier

      He has lost the company money for 3 straight years. It’s time to go!!

  • truMADDness

    At this point, I’d be better.

  • Not sure if reggie would be the perfect candidate for Nintendo, but I agree with pachter regarding Iwata, I’m getting tired of “please understand” change is on the way yet one and a half year later nothing has changed.
    I feel sorry for Reggie, heard some stories people hate on Reggie because he said no gamedrought n 2014 but we have one again, not his fault but some retards think Reggie is to blame according other sites…

    I’ll give Iwata until after e3 to bring the 3DS miracle on to the wii u otherwise as far as I concern: “Mother, it’s time to go” to Iwata

    • greengecko007

      I don’t like Reggie because all he can do is run his mouth, usually about things he has no control over.

      He’s not about kicking ass and taking names, he’s the CEO of NOA, a branch of Nintendo that has no, if any, authority. The last part of his famous quote “we’re about making games” is a joke. The developers of Nintendo make us games, Reggie is not a developer.

      His response to Microsoft and Sony considering used game DRM policies was something along the lines of “if you’re worried about people trading in your games, make better games”. Quite an arrogant claim considering the used game section of Gamestop is far from absent of Nintendo games.

      The promise of there not being a game drought in 2014 is just icing on the cake. Reggie once again making claims as if he has any authority over the matter.

      • GariNGB

        I still to this day, don’t know if I like Reggie or not. Im just so unsure about him. Sometimes he comes across as too arrogant and other times he comes across as a nice, friendly guy. You don’t know what you’ll get with Reggie. To be fair though, he seems to be good at his job and clearly he’s restricted in what he can and cant say.

      • CaptRodgers

        While it’s not hard to find used Nintendo games, it definitely is a lot harder to find them than Sony games or Microsoft games. I’ve had many times where I was unable to find brawl or Mari kart Wii at game stop, yet I can walk in at any time and find at least five copies of last of us or uncharted 2. Now I’m not bashing those games as the uncharted series is my second favorite game series, but it’s hard to deny that Nintendo does make games that people are more willing to keep. Nintendo makes games that aren’t just good, they make games that are very much relatable

      • I understand your opinion but is it really Reggie to blame for saying things he has no control over. The arrogant tone towards microsoft and sony is indeed plain wrong and stupid. He has no control over making games, especially not when Sony Ceo is mostly positive over nintendo, with arrogance comes failure imo.

        Though I really think Nintendo overall should take their heads out of the sand, and ease out on their honor as japanese have high value in that, but with Nintendo it’s almost arrogance aswell they keep playing everyone, a more modern look on things is not a bad aspect. In Nintendo’s case it would be their best bet even, Reggies “arrogance” is also Nintendo’s fault imo as they are the ones being arrogant and to much old fashioned these days.

        I love Nintendo as I love Sony also, but Nintendo really has to take a different path, and I don’t think Iwata is the right man on the job, nor is Shibata though (Europes CEO) I have seen him like twice on directs… and he doesn’t have that “X” factor either.

  • simkenno

    John Kinsley articles always depress me. Its almost like your bashing Nintendo in all your articles, unlike the other writers who are balanced. I don’t dislike him or anything I’m just not a fan of the way he addresses Nintendo in his articles.

    • greengecko007

      I guess you missed the article he did with the Mario Kart 8 videos? Or the article Ashley did making it seem like Nintendo didn’t want to speak with an Indie developer making a game, when that actually wasn’t the case?

      • simkenno

        I read them all actually, but Kinsley just has a way of writing in which he seems to always portray Nintendo negatively, more so than anyone else is all. Maybe you missed pretty much 910 of every negative articles he’s written 🙂

  • ETeach

    Anything with Patcher’s name in it isn’t relevant as news. Unless it’s April 1st, or Bizarro World.

  • Please understand that we will instead make EA’s Andrew Wilson our new president to become more western.

    • matthew garcia

      They should get bill clinton

      • Officer Raichu

        no instead get none other than himself
        the creator of wendys

        • matthew garcia

          Ha lol. Or maybe the ceo of subway. There are subways every where even in the smallest of towns and put a wii u in each one so people will actually know what the hell it is to promote it

          • Officer Raichu

            yeah i think he would just make an ad for wii u every commercial break XD

  • Pikachu

    Ashley is there a way to get my account back i had it saved on my computer but it disappeared?
    my name was officer raichu

    • Officer Raichu

      never mind

  • Patcher has repeatedly shown he should be ignored. You might as well make an article based on a random comment you found on the internet.

    • GariNGB

      Yeah, Pachter is as much an analyst as I am a Russian scientist. The bloke is a joke in all honesty.

  • ZeldaFan83

    I would vote for Miyamoto!

  • Fuzzylittlebastard

    How about Miamoto?

  • Jonathan George Anaya

    Can Iwata and Let Reggie bring some new FPS IPs to the Nintendo stable. And, Purchase Sega and Capcom studios (since they’re on the verge of bankruptcy) so that they can help flood the WiiU with AMAZING titles!

    Sega- Sonic and FZero!
    Capcom-Marvel vs Capcom 4, Resident Evil U, Devil May Cry (on) U, Mega Man X-U

    Who’s with me?

    • GariNGB

      Ive said it for a while and so many friends have said Im crazy, but I personally think Nintendo should buy Capcom. They are in a lot of financial trouble and having those franchises exclusive to Nintendo platforms would be incredible for Nintendo.

    • simkenno

      Yes yes yes !!! There’s just so much they could do if they did that. Imagine resident evil U, a possible DMC game, and then the further possiblilty of DMC X Bayonetta :O Sonic titles galore and the possible Mario and sonic 3d game not based off Olympics 😀

      • CaptRodgers

        Nintendo definitely should buy capcom, they have so many great ips that have been in dire need of getting back to their glory days. It also seems resident evil games are always better when Nintendo exclusive (RE4 and revelations).

        • matthew garcia

          Those games started exclusive but when sales were underwhelming they moved them to other consoles

          • CaptRodgers

            I know that, but that’s not the point. It seems the games are better when released on Nintendo consoles with the exception of the originals. Plus both GC had a low install base and 3DS has one when Revelations released, although releasing mature games on a Nintendo handheld isn’t going to sell a lot anyways. Even the rail shooters on Wii were pretty fun. RE5 though? I could only play that game if I was playing co-op and even than it was an average action game at best, and I heard RE6 was even worse. Just saying it seems like they make better games when working on Nintendo consoles.

        • simkenno

          Totally agree, I truly believe Nintendo could take Capcom games to the next level and gamers globally would reap the benefits 🙂

          Imagine some of the great innovative titles that could be produced when these two juggernauts make a game together.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      That’s a great idea. You should work for Nintendo.

    • Wilks

      No more Resident Evil, please.

  • Extra Vinegary

    Where is Reggie anyway? I haven’t seen him in a while.

  • Vile-Okami

    Funny how quickly people forget his successes.

    • simkenno

      Exactly, one negative comment gets the ball rolling but he’s done waaay more good than harm 🙂

  • Justin McQuillen

    They have only had a small handful of presidents since the 1800s. No one in this century is qualified to say they know better than Nintendo how to run a company.

  • Santanata


    • FutureFox

      All Hail the Virtual Boy!

  • Moreck

    I actually kind of agree with this. Iwata does not understand the industry anymore, and he’s dragging N down with him. Microsoft got rid of Ballmer, so…

  • DragonSilths

    Possible but I think a stick might be better then Iwata these days. If Reggie was the global president then I would love to see a permanent team up with Pizza Hut lol. Every time you buy a 1st party game you get a coupon for a free large pizza!!!

  • Hipster Victor

    Hate to say it….but Patcher is right

  • ChariotMan7

    In you’re case Patcher you better be right because if your not. And the Wii U end up being one of the greatest consoles ever. Everybody is gonna roast your ass on twitter and everywhere you are at Lol.

  • Rinslowe

    I like Reggie. I think he’s a good fit for NOA. And his slightly used car salesman vibe actually brings a little lite bit of humour to most situations in a good way.
    But President of Nintendo overall? I think Pachter in a child like manner, underestimates the challenges in running an international entity. But that’s just my opinion…

    Making this an east vs west debate was weak too…
    He’s out of hibernation then. Must be something big happening in Nintendo lately I suspect.

  • sd

    Something is seriously wrong. This must be the end of the world if I actually agree with something that Pachter says. How screwed up must Nintendo be if Pachter is saying something that anyone agrees with.

  • Gabe Storms

    I have always been a fan of Nintendo, the only company I go with when I buy a system. Things that have stood out that I wish Nintendo as an innovative company should have included are: system chat/messaging and option to join friends, improved headphone and microphone inputs(5.1 & up support, storage mic/game levels), and more importantly, (the precise details I am unsure of) the processor compatibility should have been the same as the ps4/xbox1 for ease of 3rd party support/coding and porting(it is my understanding Wii U has to be chided differently while the other systems are chided the same).

    • Gabe Storms

      3 rd party support would have happened if they did not have to rewrite code solely for the Wii U. This to me is the biggest disappointment for this console.

  • I like how their President worked his way up through the company.

    A problem with many western companies is they insist on getting new people from outside with the excuse that they could bring fresh ideas. There’s some truth in that people can bring good ideas from other companies they’ve worked in, but it can be a double edged sward. Sometimes you want the person at the very top to really understand every level of a company. They can always have people working for them that can bring in goods ideas and reforms from elsewhere.

    I think in reality a big reason why people from outside a company often are the ones who get put in change is because of a ‘no man is a prophet in their own land’ mentality.

    • FutureFox

      Iwata technically was part of Nintendo about a year (maybe two) before they made him president. Though working at HAL he had many dealings with Nintendo in years prior I wouldn’t say it was years of internal service. That would be the case if Miyamoto were made president.

      However it does seem U.S companies do promote people to the top only when the company is deep into debt to the point where they no longer care (and can’t afford top brass talent).

      • I was under the impression hal was a fully owned subsidiary of Nintendo.

        • FutureFox

          I think that was after Iwata became president and acquired (gained full ownership of) HAL.

  • Carlos Webster

    if this happened, it would be interesting.

  • starwars360

    I cannot wait for Mario Kart 8 so much. Well I can say I agreed here but I still support Nintendo and no matter what happens to them. Nintendo always in my heart because Super Nintendo is my first gaming begin when I were 5 years old and that how Nintendo will always be with me until I am R.I.P.

    My birthday on 21st May so I will turned 29 by then.

  • Zuxs13

    I don’t agree with him here. You do john because you are dying to toss a pitch fork at this guy.
    Iwata has made Nintendo more money in His tenure than the previous 20 years prior to him, you don’t just throw that away because he stumbles, this isn’t major League baseball, there are not dozens of prospects behind him itching to take his spot.
    Iwata goes, Nintendo as we know it likely goes, meaning they put someone into place that “sees the vision” of the board who many are itching to make Nintendo go 3rd party.

  • Andrew Longo

    nintendo just got owned with the most logic ever spoken, good video. didn’t know this guy existed now i’m interested, he’s very down to the point and intelligent

    • Yen

      He actually did have good points in this video so I’ll give him that. I will say though half the time he sounds like an idiot that has no idea what he’s talking about.

  • Magnus Gonzalez

    Nintendo clearly doesn’t know what it’s doing:
    NES great system great games
    SNES great system great games
    N64 great system great games
    GameCube great system great games
    Wii great system great games
    Wii U great system great games?

    • nooblet

      Only he can make things right

    • LukeMM95

      It’s more complicated than that. Many of us agree that the Wii U is a good console, but he problem is how Nintendo are supporting it. They’re barely advertising it, there’s a slow release of must-have games and only a few games are really pushing the consoles limitations. So now everyone who isn’t a Nintendo fan just sees the Wii U as a last-gen kiddie system with no games. That’s the problem.

      • Magnus Gonzalez

        well, they did a pretty crap job of promoting and marketing the GameCube too and people think that is a great system with great games. The market got too saturated. Pretty much everyone has a PS3, Wii, or 360 and with the economy being what it is, they just aren’t going to shell out money for new consoles unless there is a very good reason to. So far Nintendo has not given non hardcore Nintendo fans reasons to. But Kart may change that. If it doesn’t, the Wii U at best sells 20 million consoles and they have an early exit. The Xbone is not doing anything either. Too expensive, graphics barely above a 360. Always on. They are in the same amount of trouble. Sony? Doing well initially, but sales will slow from launch. There aren’t enough games. There are signs of strain (Naughty Dog employees exodus) and game delays plus the parent company is in trouble financially.
        Last gen was the industry’s pinnacle. The industry and us the consumer will need to reevaluate our expectations of sale and perceived quality.

  • April fools is over, guys.

  • spigzone

    Nintendo’s WiiU fail – simplified version.

    Nintendo DS – initially panned by critics -> went on to be huge success.
    Wii – initially panned by critics -> went on to be huge success

    Therefore: Wii + DS (Wii U) – initially panned by critics -> goes on to be a huge success.


    -> Just you wait until Super Mario 3D World releases!!! Oops.

    No worries, we’ll just pour money into heavily promoting Mario Cart 8 til the end of the year, THAT’LL get the Wii U back on track … Mario Cart -> EIGHT <- for crying out loud.

    How desperate and clueless is that?

  • leo

    The whole upper-management needs to go

  • Nope.avi

    I say Miyamoto as CEO and Reggie as chairman of the board/CIO

  • Mario

    In all honesty, if I had to choose someone to be CEO of Nintendo, it would be Sakurai.

  • Donaald

    Weird, I’m agreeing with pachter :S

  • nooblet

    Can someone tell how firing Iwata will in any way improve Nintendo?

    He made the Wii and ds popular. When the 3ds wasn’t selling, he got his shit together, took a pay cut and made 3ds roll again.

    Now the Wii-u is in a shitty situation and everyone wants him gone? He’s trying to make things right again just like with the 3ds.

    And the guy doesn’t believe in firing his employees. Do you know how rare that is in today society?

    • C4

      I wouldn’t fire anyone purely based on sales over a relatively small period of time. Sales are like roulette. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Luck was on his side during the Wii era.

      Leadership means planning and thinking ahead.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    I actually just had this discussion Saturday and I agree. Nintendo of Japan is not in touch with the western market. The wii was a success but I think if reggie were in charge the 3rd parties would be more willing to work with us and Japan is way to cocky to understand that 3rd parties don’t beg Nintendo anymore

  • Steve

    Interesting thought. But, time will tell. I do hope Nintendo can release some new franchises soon. I feel as though, lately, they have just been adding new icing to the same old cake.

    • Arthur Jarret

      They do have Miyamoto working on a brand new mystery IP ever since Pikmin 3 was finished. Supposedly, it’ll make great use of the gamepad, too… time will tell, I guess…

      I just hope it’s not another dud (sales-wise) as Pikmin 1 was (the wii version sold better than the gamecube original)… they should just claim it’s the fifth game in the series instead of a new IP to boost sales.

  • HydePark1980

    Once again gamers have shown they know what’s best for the industry. There’s nothing that brings me more confidence in Nintendo than watching them sell out and westernize the company (no offense to Reggie).

  • wober2

    idk NoA doesnt localize many of the interesting games until way late and only advertises the consoles for kids, while other regions have advertising campaigns that are much more diverse. I think NoA is part of the problem.

  • Noah

    Have you ever noticed that no matter who is charge everyone is screaming for them to be replaced?

  • X3Charlie

    While it’s easy to think replacing Iwata will fix things, be careful what you wish for. The next guy could end up being a lot worse.

    • Gabe Hoffman


  • C.S. Bailey

    They need someone willing to take the plunge (while signing their own death warrant) and combine Nintendo’s history of console innovation with tech that isn’t outdated before the system even releases (I know, when it comes to consoles that’s impossible, but you get the idea). $350-$399 system with a decent HDD and the ability to use USB storage devices on day one. Make the system powerful and easy enough to use that the most read comment on games developed for it is “we were able to port this game so quickly because we basically used our existing PC code”. Most games on the Wii U are also on the eShop; Find a way to allow much of that to transfer over and you’ve got a nice library on day one. Fix online, fix online, and then go back and fix online.

    This will probably never happen, and we’ll be lucky if Nintendo ever produces another “#1” console before console cease to exist. I love my Wii U, but it’s not what it could have been, especially considering how much money Nintendo has to put behind selling us stuff. The next console has to either go big, or they might as well stick to handhelds, with an optional off screen adapter.

    • C4

      Agreed. Obviously in 2006 – 2009 you were able to slack off and still sell 25 million consoles per year. In 2012 onwards that doesn’t work anymore.

  • SuperUltramagnus

    i think what NINTENDO should do is STOP selling Wii products such as remotes, games, consoles, any other stuff along with wii! and more focus on WII U!!!!

    • Yen

      I mean… one of the big selling points of the Wii U is backwards compatibility. Other than console, selling everything else from the Wii isn’t a bad thing.

      • Petri

        That and even some Wii U games use motes.
        I preferred playing NSMBU and CoD with it, though button placement is not that good for FPS..

      • SuperUltramagnus

        if you look at next gen consoles they stop doing the backwards capiblilty! like xbox 1 and ps4! nintentdo has to do is FOCUS ON THE WIIu and not ant the wii( origial) / backward capiblilty !)

        • Yen

          Now explain to me exactly why backwards compatibility is a bad thing? You’re right they need to focus on the Wii U, but the backwards compatibility is helping not hurting. Think of it this way, what will make people more likely to upgrade to the next-gen? Buying a new console to play all new games and have to abandon their old ones if they trade in, or buying one that can not only play new games but also ones they already own. That’s a pretty good selling point. The PS4 and XBox One don’t have it, and are now limited to new games, so their library isn’t very impressive right now (imo). Imagine if PS4 have access to all of PS3’s library day one. Imagine how much better they would’ve sold. Same with XBox One.

          • SuperUltramagnus

            either way way wii u library (games )/ sales are still bad and it’s now going on its 4th year now!and still no new /hd games or good stuff. right one U has half of its life left! and still crappy battery U . still focusing/ selling origial wii games, consoles!

            the reason the backward comepalatability is no other console is using it! !!!!!! for controllers games and etc. if the CEO or nintendo was smart have the game pad pad better life support start selling it in stores, and make another controller that works with U !!!!

            this is one of the reason why nintendo is failing on this system so much! when I first saw the wii I was like weight why do I need another one!!! it looks the same ! it does the same thing and I ask at best buy question and gamestop!mquestion like was the difference and which one is better! you be surprise they said it is the same but minor changes!!!!! when I got got it it was true it was the same features but with a tablet! and I know people aka customers will buy the cheapest which is the wii!!!!!
            last thing i want to mention is that is one of the main reason there failing. a lot of people/ customers will pass on wiiu cause the game pad is for 1 player now if you have 3 more. for let say sessions Creed for multiplayer or mario games you can find things and do more with iit.

            I think what they have to do is update gamepad to a tablet / handheld device! and you can play with it on the go!!! now your selling a lot more!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Yen

            Considering you think 1.5 years is 4 years kind of killed any credibility you had. Wii U has plenty of new and HD games, just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean it doesn’t. There is no more Wii games being released, if you really want to go there, PS3 has more games coming out than PS4 currently, should I consider PS4 a horrible system then?

            Yea no other consoles are using it, and I think it’s stupid that they don’t. PS4 was built with so much power, it can easily run PS3 games, and if it does, all those PS3 games being released this next year would be playable on PS4, strengthening its library. Also, the Wii U has a controller that’s more like a classic styled controller.

            Guess what? I can say the same about the PS4 and XBox One. They have hardware upgrades and some new features but in the end they’re the same as the PS3 and XBox 360. Yea it sucks that Best Buy and Gamestop employees don’t know their shit, they should really hire better people if their employees don’t know what they’re selling. As for customers buying the cheapest? If that’s true the Wii U should be selling very well being the cheapest of the 3 consoles, but it’s not. The Wii U selling bad actually proved you wrong. Lastly, the Wii U handles local multiplayer way better than the other systems, so don’t even try to justify that one.

            It’s called a 3DS, but I guess you’ve never heard of it. You can play great Nintendo games on the go. Try it out sometimes.

  • Darkgoat

    Has Michael Pacter ever gone a month without saying something completely dumb? Nintendo of America needs a new president, get a whole new, fresh team of presidents then maybe there will be a lot less mistakes seen by Nintendo.

  • Rodger_Ramjet

    Yes, it time for new leadership at Nintendo of Japan, and someone that knows the importance of be being multicultural

  • Whatever Patcher says – do the opposite

  • Petri

    Oh Pachter, laughs guaranteed, always.
    He should consider stand-up.

  • Arthur Jarret

    According to Pachter himself, there’s a 50% chance he’s wrong.

    Of course, Pachter is an analyst (a modern glorified word meaning soothsayer) – what does he actually know about running a business?

    I just want to say, about his soothsaying stuff: thou shallst not suffer a witch to live.

  • Commander Jim

    It’s not like things could get any worse under new management.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    “Iwata has done an poor job and some of the decisions have been awful for the company. The Wii U hasn’t been doing well at all — it’s doing worse than the GameCube.”
    Except that it was under Iwata that the DS and Wii came out and became the biggest successes Nintendo’s ever had, and under Iwata that the 3DS came out and has been successful. The Wii U had a bad first year, so people forget the last decade of success.

    “Reggie seems to be a much more fitting President for Nintendo at this point — he has done an excellent job at running Nintendo of America, despite being limited in what he can do by the leadership in Japan.”
    Wasn’t it Reggie that made us wait 2 years for Xenoblade, and then released it only at Gamestop and with limited copies? Reggie’s awesome, but if he’d cater to the mainstream instead of the gamers, I don’t want him to lead Nintendo.

    I think Iwata deserves more time. It has only been 18 months since the Wii U came out, and his record before that was impeccable (and even during those 18 months he has the 3DS).

  • janco tianno

    “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.
    Let’s play on both sides.

    To be fair: Wii Sold more than 100M consoles. Honestly, I didn’t see many articles saying “Thanks Iwata, you’re the man. Brilliant strategy”.
    Then I look at 3DS vs PSVita sales… 44M x 8M. No one is saying “Iwata, you did it! In a world with so many smartphones and tablets, you still can make a successful handheld console.

    But when we talk about Wii U ? Fire Iwata, Burn him, That guy (anyone) should be the CEO.

    But then I’ll tell you, in a very hard moment, this is one of the few moments that I see a CEO of a huge company accepting the blame for a (not major) failure.
    It’s not major because Wii U sales are low, but considering lifetime sales, it has 6.1M, against 7.2M(PS4) and 4.1M(X1), and still have some great games to be released… (MK8, SSB, Watch Dogs, Bayonetta 2, X, Hyrule Warriors, some Ubisoft games for sure)… so Wii U will at least have a memory of good games.
    It would be easy for Iwata to say “well, it’s not my fault. The marketing guys I hired did a poor job. Please understand”. “My Bro of NoA is not working enough.”.

    The market is more complicated then just doing the obvious things. Let’s say, if Nintendo were just following forum opinions or “expert articles” they would say that Nintendo Wii, to be profitable, should be: The latest processor available in the market, will full hd resolution, HDMI output, 500GB HD inside, have a motion sensor as a secondary option, play video DVD’s and maybe 3D support”.
    Then they would be fighting against Sony PS3 (Coming from the smash hit PS2), Xbox 360, and probably would be in the same position gamecube was.

    Same thing now: Full HD resolution, 60fps are now important for the UI at all, but that was not enough for a big change, so they included a tablet. Which I admit, in the first moment was strange for me, but after the first time I played I thought: “Wow… it so much lighter than I thought!”. It’s lighter than an Ipad 2.

    For me, the only real problem was to provide a SDK for developers that is not following the same pattern of PS4 or X1…
    To make next gen games like SMB3DW and MK8 you have to do a very specific job for Wii U, and maybe that’s why Gamecube had so many games ported without complains.
    Is that Iwata’s fault ? Maybe. Maybe not, who knows.

    A CEO of a huge company cannot be decided for obvious decisions ONLY.

    PS: Sometimes, eg. when Nokia decided not to develop an Android phone, that was obviously a huge mistake. But for me, the current videogame market is more complicated than that.

    • Noah


      Wow. That is more insightful and realistic than the actual article. You should be writing stuff here.

    • Commander Jim

      Sales aren’t the only factor. The Wii sold a shtload, yes. But we all know that’s because it was a fad that non-gamers and casuals got on board for for about five minutes. I think you’ll find very few core gamers and long time Nintendo players consider the Wii era to be terribly good. So for me with the Wii and the Wii U that’s two strikes against Iwata.

      • janco tianno

        I wish I could agree with you that “Sales aren’t the only factor”, but as I’ve said before, the gamepad is an excellent light controller, and Wii U has a very good lineup of great games – some of them exclusive games – … But if the sales are low, suddenly it doesn’t matter.

        If Wii U was selling more than PS4 and X1, no one would have any doubt about Iwata’s leadership, and we would not read a single article saying “Ohh we are not doing this game for Wii U because it is not powerful enough”.
        If it was selling a lot, 3rd Party Companies would be adapting their games for Wii U without any quesiton. Ubisoft is a good example.

  • Ducked

    Reggie is an idiot, Nintendo would be screwed if he took over.

  • Daniel Carvalho

    Reggie is also the guy that refused to bring Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story to American territories because he was afraid they wouldn’t sell well, even after all that commotion from fans to bring those three games here!

    I believe Iwata can do a better job than he’s doing now, just like he did with the DS and Wii, but he needs someone to slap some truth on his face. I believe he’s actually afraid of taking some drastic actions, or is too focused on bringing money to the company that he fails to see the obvious; either way, we know he’s competent, but there’s something blocking him from doing his job with the same quality he did 8 years ago. In my opinion, it’s exactly the success of the Wii and DS that is making him cautious, when he saw that neither the 3DS or the Wii U made any huge success on launch, as the belief that people would follow the trademark backfired and led to confusion between consumers and low sales.

    As far as I see it, the only way for Iwata can go back to being the president he was on the last gen is if someone stands up to him and state clearly he’s doing ti wrong!

  • truMADDness

    How about Arnold Schwarzenegger? He’s good at running an office? Right?…..RIGHT?! LOL!

    • LukeMM95

      Schwarzenegger for President!

  • Adam Porter

    some people below amaze me. you can bash pachter all you want but the only thing happening now that he didn’t predict was that the wiiU is actually not even meeting his low sales estimates.

    • Shootdatrupee!…

      Lol, I think people were just unhappy at him for being negative with Nintendo and wrongly predicting that the Vita will doom the 3DS…
      And then the internet, as usual, spreads the hate to oblivious people like me…and then suddenly you have comment sections full of hate comments…

  • Purple

    Whatever, just get iwata out of there. They need fresh thinking.

  • Adam Porter

    nintendo’s biggest struggle will be how to catch up come the next generation, sony and microsoft will have 2 gens unchallenged in the higher end gaming market, and that’s the only market that will be left in a few years, casuals are gone. i for one love playing games form my younger years, and playing new titles for those franchises, nintendo’s struggle will be to even be one kids minds in 7 or 8 years, they have been out of the game for the last few years now, a decade without making impressions on kids leaves them with a generation of adults who won’t buy their systems.

  • RetroSquid


    But, seriously, no…

    Nintendo needs to acknowledge the west more, that is a given, but not by giving Reggie control…

    I actually hate the man, he’s stuck very much in the 90’s of Nintendo’s gaming history…

    We need somebody new, younger and fresher…
    A true gamer than can push Nintendo into the 21st century…

    I have nothing but fond memories and love for Nintendo, I just think they’re doing things… … wrong, these days…

    Also, as an Indie dev, to have our only contact with Nintendo (Via Twitter) taken from us, it’s a grim day for Indie devs, Nintendo fans and Nintendo…

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES, Iwata dont understand western gamers

  • fixyourface0814

    I’m so glad that the person who wrote this article and everyone commenting has a degree in business and an intimate knowledge of the difference between Iwata’s and Reggie’s management styles.

    • Adam Porter

      eh most successful business people winged it, no formal business education just a good sense for a good deal.

  • Cyberus

    But Reggie is from Nintendo of America, which just does what Nintendo of Japan tells it to do. We can’t invite someone who’s never made a decision, to control a company

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Every region should have its own c.e.o that can make there own choice they know there own market they jist need to make a simple policy in general and market the system and sorry just does not cut it anymore

  • Keith

    Definitely Reggie!! This whole “quality of life” direction that Iwata want’s Nintendo to take is a huge mistake. He doesn’t want Nintendo to just be a gaming company. Not Kool. Anybody who’s anybody thinks “gaming” when they hear the name Nintendo!!

  • Iwata seems like a very very nice man. But the reality is that he has been doing a piss poor job. He’s running Nintendo into the ground, and its well past time that he was relieved of his duties. He failed to see all of the glaring problems with the Wii u before it was launched, he has failed to secure 3rd party support for the machine, etc. He lacks foresight, and as a result Nintendo tends to constantly be behind the technological curve. When your leader literally says, “we aren’t good at competing”, your company is in trouble. His “QOL” stuff just sounds like nonsense to me, vague gibberish from a man trying to hold on to his job a little bit longer. Nintendo needs bold aggressive moves if they hope to stay relevant in the console business, and Mr. Iwata just doesn’t have it in him.

  • clownshoes1982

    “Iwata has done an poor job”-and there goes all of your credibility as a writer.

    • Regarding WiiU it’s true, but the writer in this case does forget the 3DS miracle that the Iwata has done indeed.

      • clownshoes1982

        I was referring to his use of “an” being incorrect. It’s fine if it’s a comment, but for a news story that is trying to come across as professional, it is not acceptable. Also, this page is becoming too opinionated, rather than giving news about the Wii U, which is also not acceptable.

        • Owh I’m sorry I didn’t notice but you’re right with that. I’m not a grammar champion but yeah should have been “a” instead of “an” sorry again as I didn’t notice at first.

      • Shootdatrupee!…

        Hmm…let’s see… on a worldwide scale the 3DS is tracking behind both the DS and the GBA, it missed last year’s goal by more than 5M, and it’s barely making a profit…

        • true that but in defense in the first year 3DS did terrible, only after the “miracle” it became far more populair, not as much as hoped but far better then before, regarding Wii U it’s out for one and a half year and it barely gets’s great releases unlike 3DS which get’s more great releases each month then that I can afford and 6 times as much in one month than WiiU in 3 months.

  • Rom/Ram Paul 2016

    The Wii U is Satoru-san’s only failure. Give the guy a break!

  • J_Joestar

    Would his body be ready for such a role?

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    I don’t fully agree with Pachter, but he’s on the right track. Nintendo needs to extend its reach to fully-western studios, not just build Japanese-Western relationships with studios like Retro. I’d love to see a totally-Western action game fro Nintendo, but I’d also Nintendo’s Japanese studios to keep doing what they are doing. Look at Squeenix. They’ve adapted so that not only are they producing great JRPGs such as Bravely Default, but they also make AAA games courtesy of Eidos and others, such as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Hitman and the recent Thief revival.

    So yeah, Pachter’s right in that Reggie’s a better leader than Iwata. Of course he shouldn’t run the entire company over the world, but NOA and NO-Other-Regions (Epic name) should be given a budget to support local development and make their own damn decisions.

  • Squid

    I feel like maybe doing this would hurt the Japanese sales of games.

  • cusman

    To me, the only problem with Iwata is that he is more focused on solving the gaming population shrinking in Japan more than he is focused on Nintendo gaming business shrinking in US/EU markets.

    I think if Iwata did make it his mission to make Nintendo relevant in US/EU markets, he is absolutely capable of spearheading that vision to fruition, but he is still just very much focused on figuring out what it will take to keep Japan from going off life-support in the video games market.

    PS – Pachter is an idiot. Reggie would not be a good fit. Reggie is the guy that elected not to bother porting Xenoblade Chronicles to US markets. Didn’t bring over Day of Disaster, didn’t bring over Last Story, nor Pandora’s Tower. Bunch more games like that when Wii “core gamers” were most starved. A few of these eventually made it over, but long after the Wii was essentially dead to the core gamers.

    • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

      Iwata just dont understand western gamers

      • cusman

        I agree, but I think if he made that his focus, he would figure things out very quickly. He just doesn’t value that “red ocean” market. To me, that is Nintendo’s problem.

        They are not “competing” for me, so no wonder most things they do, don’t really appeal to me.

  • TehPostman

    NOO, i do not think Reggie should replace Iwata, ill agree Reggie has done well for the casuals in North America, but correct me if i’m wrong here, was it not Reggie who said nah lets NOT bring Xenoblade to NA and a few other Want titles , where is Dragon Quest X for NA? i’m sorry, if you are going to get new leadership you need someone who plays more games then Mario, you need some young hardcore gamer to understand how things work today, the reason why the Wii-U is losing is because the casuals are all playing on there iPhones and iPads, i enjoy my Wii-U but they need to stop giving NA the short stick when it comes to many titles, they also need to stop making only CASUAL platformers, there can be some really good Extreme platformers for the Wii-U especially since there is the controller-pad, the 3DS has some good Indie platformers which are giving out great use of 2 screens, i love my Wii-U, i do not hate Iwata i want to keep giving him a chance, but if you are going to get new leadership, not Reggie.

  • Carlos Gomez

    I can’t believe I just agreed with Pachter… My day is ruined

  • tronic307

    Pachter’s a jerk, but as of now it seems like he read the market better than Iwata.

  • DrNope

    Hmm, lets see. Nintendo is still doing very well financially. They’re sales are strong in the Japanese market. The area where they’re really sinking is the American market. I know! Lets take the guy who is in charge of the American market and put him in charge of the whole company! That should do it! Surely the guy for the job is the one running the worst performing department in the company. Seriously, how does Reggie even still have a job? I feel like he’s tricked Nintendo into thinking he’s actually working, like the plot of some old Rodney Dangerfield movie.

    • Commander Jim

      They’re sinking worldwide, including their home country of Japan. What’s keeping them going is a huge bank full of cash leftover from the Wii era and the fact that the 3DS is doing moderately well.

  • Des

    My pick for head of Nintendo would be the guy who would bring 3DS games to the Wii U via the Virtual Console. If either thinks it’s a good idea and is willing to implement it, that would be my pick. My guess is neither. So this generation is a wash. Let’s see what they plan to do with the next.

  • christopher weathers

    Well here’s my two cents… Reggie needs to run NOA for sure. Also NOA needs to make games, not just be in the business of localization. A NOA studio would be awesome! Give Reggie his freedom that he need to run the American side of things.

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Remember that SONY have many divisions? Nintendo should pay attention to that

  • Brian Lockett

    I hate to say it, but for once, I agree with Pachter. I think Reggie would make the better head president for Nintendo. However, I don’t think it’s necessary if only Nintendo would do ten things:

    1) Provide an on-stage presentation at E3 2014, to complement the Nintendo Digital Event effort. On-stage presentations garner far more publicized attention than the digital events which tend to garner only fans already in the know.

    2) Buy or sponsor AAA indie game developers as second-party-status developers. They can make nice smaller games faster than Nintendo can make large AAA games, but with backing from Nintendo, they can produce indie games that are a cut above your average indie game. Find the best of the best developers and offer to support their development.

    3) Amp it up with announcing new games. Even if the games are as early as a mere concept, announce them. Announcements, even of early unnamed projects, stimulate interest. There used to be a time when Nintendo made new announcements (often times as news hints) all the time, back in Nintendo Power glory days–return to this culture. Nobody likes a quiet Nintendo.

    4) Instead of giving Wii U a price drop, just pack in another Wii U controller. Make buying a Wii U immediately something gamers can enjoy with friends and family. Yes, it’s a bit risky, but it’s great initiative to show the potential of multiplayer experience with Wii U.

    5) Don’t question making a new F-Zero–just do it. Don’t compare the sales of Metroid games–just make one. Don’t reserve your opportunity for making a brand-new IP–just go for it. And if you can’t find anyone at Nintendo who can find fresh ways to do these, hire inspired new vision who can.

    6) Allow cross-platform play between Steam gamers. Take initiative setting up the server network to allow this. Provide it with the Wii U-edition of the Unity game engine license. Create a label that promotes cross-platform Steam-Wii U gameplay for applicable games. Allow Steam gamers to play select games on Wii U GamePad, by making certified games as GamePad-compatible. This is the future. Beat PlayStation and Xbox to the punch.

    7) Host online and staged-event tournaments that award real prizes. Make Super Smash Bros. Wii U tournaments as something in league to StarCraft tournaments. Raise Super Smash Bros. to the ranks of an official Major League Gaming game. Take gaming tournaments seriously. Twitch_tv sure does and PS4/Xbox One both will.

    8) Start a game competition among Unity developers to find the best new next Nintendo-published IP. Set the grand prize as a million dollars. Reward the next three top winners with smaller prizes. Offer to publish the top ten choices. Drive incentive for developers to choose Wii U as their home for their next great hit–because right now, Sony blows away all initiative to develop for Wii U.

    9) Lower the Nintendo developer kit cost. Sony’s dev kit for PS4 is $2500. The dev kit for Wii U is $3000. The majority are going with Sony. Make the Wii U dev kit and license as $500. Offer to waive the fee altogether to games that both show great promise (ambitious titles that fare great attention) and will be exclusive to Wii U. Steal the indie developer’s heart–they will prove as invaluable support for the Wii U.

    10) Destroy region-lock. Kill it. Make fun of it. Dance on its grave. It’ll make waves.

    But most of all, advertise all of this great effort like there’s no tomorrow. Advertise plenty. TV. Internet. Magazines. Keep the ads funny. Use ads for everyone for children to gaming adults, from casual to hardcore. Make tons of ads that show what the Wii U is and what’s coming for it.

    Promote Wii U strongly worldwide. Resort to what PS4 and Xbox One don’t do that Wii U can. Make people almost sick of hearing about the revamped effort of the Wii U. It’ll stick on their minds longer come holiday season. And for Miyamoto sake, do it at E3 2014!

    Do this, and nobody has to lose their job at Nintendo. Guaranteed.