Jul 20th, 2017

For a while now we’ve heard from multiple executives at Nintendo that the Nintendo 3DS is still an important part of their strategy. There’s still a healthy amount of games coming out for it this year, but beyond that it’s looking pretty sparse. That’s probably for good reason, as one analyst believes Nintendo’s new strategy focuses entirely on the Switch as a hybrid console.

“The 3DS will hang around for a few years because of the big install base, but ultimately the goal is for the Switch to become their one and only platform for hardware. It’s part of the biggest evolution to the company in three decades.”

That’s contrary to the dual hardware focus that Nintendo has had for nearly 30 years now, with a home console sold alongside a handheld console. The writing on the wall for this move came several years ago, when Nintendo announced it would be merging its handheld and home console hardware development teams.

The source article goes on to state that some analysts and investors are worried about Nintendo’s move to focus on a single piece of hardware, since most Nintendo customers would buy both the home console and the handheld console. However, Nintendo seems to be focused on bringing a broader mobile presence to its fans who want those type of games on the go, while leaving the traditional console to more robust games like LoZ: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

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