Dec 20th, 2015


Game industry analyst Michael Pachter is back with another prediction (for better or worse), and it’s about the upcoming Nintendo NX console. While we’ve heard plenty of rumors that Nintendo will launch the NX in 2016, Pachter doesn’t believe it’s going to happen.

His reasoning is that he hasn’t heard anything about an NX dev kit in developer’s hands yet, and if the console is to launch in 2016, developers should be hard at work right now to ship games for launch.

He adds that Nintendo tends to announce new home consoles at E3 and then launches them about 18 months later (which was the case with the Wii and Wii U). Since we’ve had no announcement at E3 2015, it’s likely that there won’t be an NX in 2016, according to Pachter.

“If any western developer has a dev kit, who knows me, I think they would have told me by now”, says Pachter, adding that his contacts at developers in the West are pretty good.

“They wouldn’t tell me when the launch date was or what they’re working on, they’d just say ‘we have a dev kit’.

Pachter has previously commented on the NX and Nintendo’s plans, where he said it was “slightly possible” that the NX would launch in 2016. Now he believes that Nintendo won’t launch the console in 2016 at all.

You can check out Pachter’s prediction in the latest episode of his show below (NX talk starts at 17:50)

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