May 6th, 2012

Michael Pachter, the widely known video game analyst from Wedbush Securities, post a weekly videoblog called Pach-Attack, where he answers questions from viewers. This time, he takes on a few questions about the Nintendo Wii U. Specifically, Pachter comments on why Nintendo seems to be holding back on the Wii U system specs, to which Pachter’s answer is probably accurate: Nintendo isn’t sure about the final specs of the console, but things like CPU, RAM etc. are finalized because developers need those specs in order to start working on games. Another subject Pachter touches on the launch date of the Wii U, which he believes will be sooner than we think. Pachter think that Nintendo will launch the Wii U in late October. This is contrary to previous reports of a late-November release date.

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  • alienfish

    I personally don’t even think Nintendo knows when they’re going to launch the system. They know that if they launch the system before the killer apps come out then it won’t get nearly the attention it needs to succeed on the level that Nintendo wants it to. So basically it just comes down to how far along that Mario game and whatever other first party title is in development. I hope Ninty doesn’t skimp on the storage capacity and other current unknowns too. Really though, I’m rooting for sooner rather than later to see this new console in action in my living room.

  • Marq

    I just want a console powerful enough to get every third party game. I only plan to own one next-gen system, and if Nintendo’s is at least within the same ballpark as the others, I’ll be a happy guy.

    • Play4Fun

      U and I both!