Jul 28th, 2012

Michael Pacther is frequently criticized by gamers for his thoughts and opinions on the game industry. And that’s because gamers are very polarized, no matter what the man says, there’s always going to be someone who disagrees, simply because they’re a Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo fanboy. Last time we heard from Pachter regarding the Wii U was when he said it “wouldn’t work“. Which of curse caused an outrage among Nintendo fans.

Michael Pachter Nintendo Wii UPacther’s latest comments regard the Wii U price and sales estimate. We’ve heard from other analysts that they expect Nintendo to sell 4 million Wii U consoles by march 2013, but Pacther won’t make a sales estimate until Nintendo reveals the Wii U price. “As soon as Nintendo gives us the price, I’ll guess unit sales”, Pachter said at a recent industry gathering.

But Pachter also made a comment that shows his frustration with Nintendo, saying,

“People love to beat me up for bashing Nintendo, but they bring this on themselves. They [Nintendo] give no information, and want us all to proclaim that their consoles will sell record numbers.”

He has a good point. Nintendo doesn’t reveal much, and is generally a very secretive company. Which means industry analysts who have to give advice to potential shareholders have to do their best to guesstimate how well Nintendo is going to do with a particular product. It’s their job, after all.

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  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    Of curse, more like it placed a curse on him to be tormented by us all til he dies 😛

    • Watch_Dog

      That’s pretty harsh, though considering this is a site for Wii U anything negative towards Wii U will attract hate.
      This is one of the few articles where the Author on this site seems reasonable and isn’t trashing a negative outlook on the Wii U. This site is seeming a little more professional. BTW love the new design. I haven’t been here for awhile.

    • Ultimate Cheez

      Just by looking at that picture all I have to say is “what a noob”

    • King of Red Lions

      “Analyst Michael Pachter is frustrated about Nintendo and the Wii U”

      Ya, because nobody at Nintendo listens to that over-grown pussy.
      Sorry I just had to say that.

    • Aenifer

      It’s his fault if he’s frustrated, but he blames Nintendo. No other words are needed.

      “As soon as Nintendo gives us the price, I’ll guess unit sales.” Please don’t feel obligated.

  • Ledreppe

    I think Pachter should find a different job, one that doesn’t involve guesswork.

    • HBusiness

      Why do jobs in guesswork even exist? I think the Wii U WILL work. Now I’m an analyst. Watch out Pachter, I’m coming for you!

      • Marq

        Look out Pachy, there’s a new sheriff in town!

    • James

      But what other jobs include making half witted guesses that are usually wrong? The poor man wouldn’t be able to get another job. 🙁

      • Chad Mitchell


        • jamin

          bahaha! for real. weathermen suuuuck!

      • Mii U


      • Thepokemonmaster

        Well He deserves to have no job :/

    • Thepokemonmaster

      Garbage man 😛
      Nah He deserves an even worse job 😛

      • Death

        Garbage men make a lot of money o_O

    • Prashant

      No use he won’t find any job considering he’s made of shit.

      • Norm the Conqueror

        Then he should go into Sewage Management!

      • Thepokemonmaster

        Hmm, While he favoritizes other companies, We will watch as He Looses his job 😀

  • Dmonkeyman

    His statement makes since but nintendo is almost always very conservity with there estimates and because they almost always sell their consoles for a profit ( the 3ds being the only exception) investors should almost always get some money

    • Gamer

      This September the 3DS officially starts to make money. Nintendo’s strategy is good, do you share family info with strangers.

  • donicx

    That guy really gets on my nerves.

  • Wii Uoops!

    Hey, listen, dipstick. Maybe they are so secretive because they’re trying to build up HYPE. Which is EXACTLY what they’re doing with the Wii U.

    • SanPharaoh

      True indeed. All these gaming publications, and so-called analysts have been talking about since E3 2011 is the price, and that’s exactly what The N is not revealing until people are absolutely on the edge of their seats.

      I don’t care if it costs 350- 400 I’m getting it at launch with at least two games. AC3, and ZombiU. If it costs more than that I won’t be a day one buyer, but I will be a week one buyer. I would like more games, but I got’s bills, man. I got’s bills.

      *Disclaimer: Certain grammar intentionally f**ked up to instill the realness I posses.

      • Draco Breach

        I don’t see the Wii U coming in more than $400 US.

        In this instance, Patcher has a point. It is hard to analyze market viability without certain information. Nintendo is very secretive. It’s how they’ve always operated. They believe secretiveness protects their investments, and it satisfies their investors.

        Fortunately for us, Nintendo has to satisfy its investors and install base. They don’t have to satisfy Patcher.

        In closing. Go on Patcher. Be mad. We dun care.

        • SanPharaoh

          He’s mad because he wants to say: “‘399.00’, that’s a crazy price. No one is going to buy this console at that price…blah…bluh…bleh”

          Mainly he wants to say that ^^ because he doesn’t want to have to say this: “‘299.00!’ You’d have to be a fool not to buy this awesome console at this amazing price!”

          And because he can’t say either he’s swimming in his own sweat…why? I’m not sure, but judging from his tone and lack of confidence he’s biased and wants to stay that way.

          And because Nintendo is being partly secretive regarding the price of the Wii U everyone who has any sort of interest in this console is inpatient to know how much we will be paying.

          My guess is that they are aiming low, 250 – 300, and know that MS and Sony will respond with price-drops and add-ware, etc. to compete.

          In my opinion they are being secretive because they still have not reached a definitive price point yet, and they simply can’t reveal it because they don’t have one. But just looking at the cost of HDTV’s, the growth of the 3DS, and upcoming tech, i.e. 4K visuals, holographic imaging, etc. Nintendo is most likely looking into the future of gaming and want the GamePad to pioneer it and so they want to make it affordable for everyone and yet profitable enough to get to work on their next contribution to the world of video gaming where they will incorporate newer tech while innovating even still.

        • Norm the Conqueror

          I don’t even see it coming in at 300$. Nintendo is smart, the know the economy is crap, and they will price it at 275$ MAX, at least in my opinion.

          • SanPharaoh

            I hope you’re right.

          • Draco Breach

            Based on what I know and can infer about hardware, I’m guesstimating $300~350 US to pull a profit for both Nintendo and retail location. $275 US doesn’t sound far fetched at all, but I think it will be a tad higher.

            I say $400 US a lot because I think that’s the maximum a console can handle at market right now and for the foreseeable future. I also imagine the console bundle will include one each Wii U, GamePad, and Pro Controller. If they include a game or game voucher, it will certainly edge closer to my predicted maximum price.

    • Enigmatic

      Not announcing the price is not building hype obviously. It’s just making his job more difficult, and making less shareholders make a move.

  • donicx

    i might not like him but he gives a good point in what he said.

    • donicx

      i meant he was right about Nintendo being secretive Nintendo doesn’t reveal much so why all the dislike jeez that suck everyone dint even ask me you really think i was saying all of what he said was right no i don’t like the guy.

      • BluChuChu

        Agreed, its sad how your reasonable comment is hidden. I had faith in my fellow Nintendo fans, but I see we are now becoming just as bad as microsoft and sony fans…

      • Enigmatic

        Why all the dislike you ask? It’s because these fanboys are blind, foolish people. Hahaha.

    • Draco Breach

      This is one of those rare occasions where Pachter has a defensible position – also known as a point. Nintendo is secretive which makes analyzing market a little more difficult.


      Still, he needs to stop whining and do his job. I don’t see him or any other analyst having difficulty analyzing the tentatively named iPhone 5 – likely actually the New iPhone.

      In short, agreed. He actually made a point. Maybe he deserves a cookie – extra chewy to make him thirsty. Nothing to drink though. He dun deserve that.

  • The White Falcon

    And yet other analysts are not impeded by this. Only the mighty Pachter claims to be affected so. Nintendo has been this way forever…you would think he could have learned to compensate by now.

    I think he has trouble because Nintendo is too creative for his type of thinking.

    • Ninfan

      on the nail man! lol

    • Dark Pit

      I think he’s excited for the Wii U. He’s mad with Nintendo because Pachter wants to know the release date and price so he can get it on day 1. Or he’s just being plain dumb.

    • Enigmatic

      “And yet other analysts are not impeded by this”
      Oh yes they are.

      “Only the mighty Pachter claims to be affected so.”
      He’s just not afraid to be vocal about it.

      “I think he has trouble because Nintendo is too creative for his type of thinking.”
      That makes no sense. What does that have to do with his doing his job? Nothing. He is only having trouble because Nintendo is being so quiet about the Wii U.

  • Imagine – Mario – Zelda – Star Fox – Donkey Kong and all other Ninty classics in HD!!!

    So he wants Nintendo to disregard what they have always done regarding the launching of a system so that he can do HIS job? WTF? What he needs to do is study precedent. Nintendo has ALWAYS done well for its investors, with the recent financial year being the ONLY exception, caused MAINLY I believe by their delay to go HD. Patcher need fi stap di play ah si weh di go an!!!!

    • AKA-Link77

      IDK wat to think about yr username! XD

    • Draco Breach

      Actually, Nintendo lost so much this year because they took a big hit in the 3DS.

      While the system has been popular – selling 19 million units in eighteen months, they were forced to price correct to meet the market. While they started making a profit again at the end of Q2 2012, they still had a heavy loss to contend with. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but it’s easy enough to find with a quick Google search.

      (I only remember the 19 million units sold to rub it in naysayers and trolls’ faces :p )

      Anyway, Nintendo made a misstep and corrected. They are trying to prevent a misstep this time around. They know what they want to sell the console for, but they also want to make sure their price matches the market price.

      I think they’ll make a profit at $350 US, but I’m willing to spend up to $400 US based on specs I can confirm and interpret.

      • theaquacharger

        Also that since the Yen is stronger then USD now that gave them an even bigger hit.

  • Gamer

    Pachter is not happy another ancient troll is stealing his lime light lol.

  • FennexFox

    Then why can’t he be patient as well? If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. Nintendo always have been like that so why should they be different this time?

  • Firebro

    Patcher is dying for attention. Nintendo has lasted the console war for more than 25 years for a reason you know Patcher its because they are inovative and secretive.

  • Fudgewhizzle

    How many times can you spell this guy’s name wrong in one article? 😛

    It’s Pachter, not Patcher or Pacther…

    Still the guy has no right to claim to be a professional videogame analyst. All he does is claim something based on very limited information and expect everyone to believe what he says he to be some kind of truth… I’m seriously considering a career change, because apparently I could make a lot of money making claims about the video game industry and make shitloads of money while doing it…

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      I always say Patcher instead of Pachter. Patcher sound like he need to patch something XD

  • MR.nintendo

    pachter is frusrtated/sad/angry because nintendo is going to be the best company in videogaming

    • EvanescentHero

      What do you mean, “going” to be? =P

      • MR.nintendo

        sorry my english is not perfect ._.

        • EvanescentHero

          No, sorry, your English is fine! My point was they’re already the best.

          • MR.nintendo

            in pachter mind he thinks that sony and microsoft r the best companies in gaming but rhey don’t have good games sony: uncharted and god of war are the best game of ps3 but everybody needs casual games. microsoft: best games halo and gears of war, theres a problem with microsoft, xbox 360 lives only with the third parties if not microsoft will be a …. nintendo best games: mario and zelda, nintendo don’t have hardcore games but they don’t care about it and now with the wii u nintendo will change it. pachter is doing the same thing as a wii but we don’t have to worry about it

  • Gamer

    Weather men and electronic analysts get paid to lie and don’t even get fired. Where do I apply?

  • LON3RANG3R 69

    i hate michael patcher. hes talking out of his a**. nintendo has a reason for not putting out their price yet. it makes sony and microsoft think hard about how far they will drop their prices at launch and gives nintendo an advantage. if the price will be released in september and the console released in november, thats plenty of time to consider buying it based on the price.

  • Shankovich

    Why does he have a job????

  • Matthew Krenning

    yeah i know its like they are trying to follow the same business practices as Apple and we all know how well that is working out for them…

    • Shankovich

      Apple makes a lot of money and is the most valued company on the planet???

    • jamin

      U mad bro?

  • Ninfan

    yea micheal PatRat get angry cause you cant handle the pressure and fire, stop making stupid specs about the wii u and nintendo as a whole, and you won’t get bashed as much. Keep your mouth shut and your overwhelming nonsense comments to yourself and everyone will be happy.

  • dgander

    “As soon as Nintendo gives us the price, I’ll guess unit sales”

    The key word here is guess. He actually admitted his job is a guessing game which was pretty obvious to us all along but he actually sold himself out. This guy is a master of nothing and should not be given publicity he does not deserve. If i start guessing numbers and the fate of companies will i get the same publicity? Hell NO!!!! i would not, so what makes this idiot so special compared to every internet troll and hater on the internet?

    • Enigmatic

      Giving sales estimates is a legit job, and a huge part of stockholding and shareholding. It helps people decide whether or not to buy that stock while it’s low, and if to sell it when it’s still high. You guys don’t even know what your talking about.

  • shadowfan2z

    They don’t reveal anything because they don’t want other companies to use the information against them.

  • ConCity Soldier

    It has nothing to do with being a fanboy. The man is always wrong about just about everthing he says, & he always targets Nintendo. He said the DS,3DS,Wii would all fail & now he added the Wii U to his so called predictions. Nintendo is secretive because other companies have stolen their ideas when they gave them out too early, putting the ideas later means the competition has to play catch up. Before the Wii was released in 2006 Miyamoto actually spoke on why they were keeping everything secret before people even knew what it was. I don’t remember word for word but I was watched the interview, and a man translated for him.

  • ConCity Soldier


  • brickster

    Pachter is still a turd

  • Medius887


  • xemnas

    you know what he just said there also means he shouldn’t bash on nintendo because he know’s nothing either and is just a troll spitting out hate and contradictions why do people listen to him that’s what infuriates me

  • Pokemon Master#1

    U Never quit dont you

    • Pokemon Master#1

      This guy never quits

  • david

    I wipe a monkeys ass with pachter comments

  • togo13

    why people listen to this analyst he hates nintendo since microsoft paid him
    who is this her anyways?

  • Chupa Chup

    I don’t care if it is his job. He can go f himself because this guy is such an a hole and biased against N.

  • Wii u crazer

    He’s jealous of Nintendo

  • Josh

    Has this guy ever played a game in his life?? What does this fossil know that makes him a so called expert on the gaming industry? You don’t see Sony and Microsoft revealing information about their new consoles do you? What’s the difference?? Also why does everyone beat up Nintendo yet are the first one to copy their ideas? We wouldn’t even have kinect or playstation move if it wasn’t for Nintendo Wii. Now Microsoft brings out smart glass. I play my Xbox more than anything but I just hate so called expert jerk offs like this that never played a game in their life being critical of something that hasn’t come out yet!

    • YOYO

      Whoa, someone who plays Xbox more than anything and admits that Microsoft and Sony copied Nintendo? You sir are a rare and intelligent being.

  • adm1111

    I don’t like and trust this guy Pachter

  • Master Daddy Sir

    First off, King Troll Michael Pacther is just that trolling for work. If know one feeds him he will die off…Some may ask why I say this, well put simply a Market Analyst makes between $40,000 and $89,959 on average according to Salary.com. What does his job consist of you ask well apparently you (“As soon as Nintendo gives us the price, I’ll guess unit sales”, Pachter said at a recent industry gathering.) Guess to the best of your knowledge after reading a few articles and making a few phone calls. Just my opinion but if I was Nintendo and had…well everything I ever created copied recolored and and redistributed by my competitors I would be a little hush hush on the price too…

  • markw1982

    nintendoes what pachters predictions dont

  • UGotWongGuy

    Keep it up Nintendo. Maybe Pachter will rage quit.

  • logan7699

    Hey Pachter is a western finance adviser..Nintendo is a Japaneses Co..
    Of course they see things different..the Xbox360 is none existent in japan so if you would ask an Japanese adviser they would say that Microsoft should stop making consoles.. Nintendo dose it different which makes it hard to predict.. Dose not make him bad or wrong.. you don’t ask for the weatherman to resign if the weather doesn’t follow the likely path..

    • Draco Breach

      A meteorologist analyzes weather patterns and conditions by comparing past and present fronts to attempt to put a puzzle together. While it is a guess to be sure, it is an educated guess based on what we know of weather patterns and how they have shaped up in the past.

      An electronics analyst should do the same thing. Culture does not matter. If you analyze worldwide results, you are supposed to study and take into account sales patterns and economic conditions on a global scale. You are supposed to do everything Pachter – or however it’s spelled – does not.

      If you have a history of being wrong (Wii, DS, 3DS, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, Vita), then study up on the history you lack (gaming electronics).

      If I were an investor, I would not use him to analyze and build my portfolio. After losing so much money, I’d find a different source of information.

  • Isaac_Triplex

    Michael Pachter thinks.. IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT HE THINKS!

    • T13char

      Micheal pachter thinks? When does he think?

      • Isaac_Triplex

        hahahhaha touche!

  • mac

    why is he even talking anymore -_-

  • Oii

    Why does he care so much? if he’s so hard on Microsofts dick then he should just keep riding it.

  • Zeldazero

    Even though I plan on buying a Wii U ASAP, if I wasn’t planning on it before, I’d buy one now just to spite this idiot and to prove another of his biased predictions wrong.

    • Draco Breach

      Buy two :p


      I seriously might if I have the money. One for my parents. They deserve it. ^_^

  • 3dsguy

    Y would nintendo reveal everything so that phony and microcrap copy off them that would be dumb this is a first real hd nintendo console of course it gonna shift millions.If u do not buy this console u r not a true hardcore gamer

    • Draco Breach

      They’re already working on copying the immersion. At this time, Nintendo should be more worried about marketing Sony and Microsoft might take – price reductions for example.

  • fedster

    i think what hes doing is good. wat he says is horse shyt but at thw same time hes lowering expectations. wen u think something is going to b good and then it is then u r like “okay im satisfied”. but if u think something is not gonna b good and it actually is good u r like “omg this is epic!” and u r 10x happier

  • gPadWatcher

    I can see the next Nintendo title. Michael Pachter’s Punch-Out!!

    • dex

      No no, that would imply that Pachter is doing the punching-out. How about “Nintendo Punchout-fest: Staring Michael Pachter as ‘douche-person getting whooped!'”
      I’d buy that.

      • EvanescentHero

        No, because Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! has you play as a character named Little Mac who eventually fights Mike Tyson.

    • EvanescentHero

      I’d play that!

  • groose

    What Nintendo do is keep fans in suspense and release little pieces of information.Which is good because is keeps fans excited and lets you know every little thing that would otherwise be overlooked.Nintendo are smart,strategic,and awesome.Shame on you patcher =p

  • Hyrulearnia

    No one cares what some gay ass analyst says.

    Actually, I don’t want to call him gay, because I respect most gay people.

  • GalaxyWaffles

    OR, maybe he just doesn’t like Nintendo. He bashes them constantly. Bashing them isn’t “guess work”

    “Nintendo got pressured into making the Wii U pro controller”
    What? That’s not guess. If he’s as smart as he pretends to be then he would know that it’s another means to control the game.

  • Chan

    How can having the price will give him more hint how well it will perform?
    Come on.. he is just an analyst. It’s like making forecast 6 month ahead…which means that you have 50% chance of saying the right thing.. and this guys is payed for that??? oh man… just let Nintendo forecast their own numbers.. I think that Apple is also very secret right? and guess what? they are very successful… it’s not onyl this guy, it’s all analysts that get on my nerves.. we have heard so much about wii which could not succeeded…and then it has been much more popular that xbox and PS3…Come Mr Patcher, go and analyse something else that WiiU.. I feel like you are trying to cover yourself in case WiiU is successful, then you would say that “they did no give us the price” …. stop annyoing people and nintendo fan…

  • SanPharaoh

    He’s at it again? Must’ve lost subs on YouTube since his last “prediction”. Either that, or he wants to take the first step to move in reverse as he begins backpedaling.

  • Jonas

    Nintendo knows what to do, they are an old company

  • Bob From Accounting

    Looks like someone is sexually frustrated.

  • The Beeshnu

    Maybe he just had an experience with nintendo as a teen
    Like he electrocuted himself with a NES
    Or Shigeru didn’t shake his hand when he walked past him the first time he met him

  • Megaman

    The Wii U WILL WORK simply because it’s Nintendo. Pachter has to understand that. People love Nintendo. If any other game company had made the Wii U, then they would fail.

    Nintendo + HD + Nintendo Network (NN) + a promise of SSB + the ability to play only on the gamepad (make it a handheld) = Win. The other details don’t matter.

  • JC

    It’s not that I don’t like him, what I don’t like is that he is a pessimist and always bashes the big N.


    he said the same things about Wii 6 years ago…

  • Nintendark

    the reason why Nintendo being secretive is to let the fans and general public to estimate/guess the best price for the Wii U,this is important because the price will affect the sales and Nintendo wants to know how many people can afford it,stop giving negative reactions to Nintendo,they’re taking extreme measures just to satisfy everyone

  • Marq
  • eugoreez

    It’s called business strategy Pachter. Something you don’t seem to understand. Nintendo just want to be ahead of the competition. If they reveal everything early, they are just giving Sony and Microsoft more time to think of strategy to counter. It’s a bit bad for us customer and you good-for-anything analysts, but good for them, Nintendo. Can’t really blame them.

  • Lord Carlisle

    You know, everybody just LOVES to bash Nintendo. Yet the funny thing is, next to none of the bashing is even RELEVANT.

    Picture a bunch of bullies ganging up on one kid. In their hands are baseball bats… made of rubber. The bullies seem to think that their bats are doing major damage, while the kid just takes it, trying to hold back his laughter. Sure, on rare occasion the bat will smack Nintendo where it hurts, but it only hurts enough to flinch a little… it IS made of rubber.

    Now picture THIS. A crowd gathers around. Part of the crowd cheers the bullies on and makes fun of the kid(let’s call him Al), making themselves look like morons. The other side laughs with Al at the bullies’ stupidity. I think this metaphor was fairly obvious. But in case you missed it…

    Bullies: Pachter, Bing, Microsoft, Sony, etc.

    Rubber Bats: Lame Insults that carry no weight

    Kid(Al): Nintendo

    Half for Bullies: Fanboys of Sony and Microsoft

    Half for Nintendo: Nintendo Fanboys

    And I guess I forgot to mention the random people that just mill about, completely indifferent or oblivious. Those are the extremely casual gamers.

  • BullyU

    “As soon as Nintendo gives us the price, I “can” guess unit sales”, and give it to my boss.

    He’s mad because Nintendo didn’t provide him the data that he wanted.

    • silentbates

      hes probably kissing some SERIOUS ass to still have his job

  • Hi8us

    I don’t think he understands business. Nintendo can’t announce the price too early because they don’t want M$ and Sony to have time to lower their console’s prices in response to the Wii U. Nintendo will wait til the last minute to announce price giving M$ and Sony little time to formulate a counteract strategy. It’s smart and in pachter’s narrow minded by the numbers way of doing business, he’ll never get it.

  • Surf&Snow

    I dont have a problem with him because he is bashing wii U its just I think Nintendo keep everything a secret so how can anyone say whether it will be successful or not

    Also Nintendo are so secretive as Microsoft and Sony copy everything Nintendo do . E.g motion controls – Sony’s wand / Kinect and now the tablet and Smart glass

  • Andrey

    I hate you Patcher, please change your position!

  • tanto

    Lets say he had the data, hed still automatically be wrong

    He doesnt know ANYTHING about nintendo products

  • Nintengoth

    Pachter is a twat, he knows nothing about Ninty at all, his job is a joke, just coz hes been proven wrong with ALL his acusations and takes it out on Ninty. i never hear him dissing ps360 and all.

    Grrr i cant stand the man!!!

  • pach

    lol this guy is totally a asshole. Saying shit about “how nintendo is gonna fail” since 2006 and he still want us to believe sony can save vita.
    We should have a comedy section and move all news about him there.

  • Indoctrination

    who care what this man said he’s nobody

  • Captain Falcon

    I can only lol at this man.

  • Paul

    gotta agree with him as weres the price nintendo

    if its £300 then sound but if they price it at £500 im out

    • EvanescentHero

      It will not be that much money. I guarantee it.

  • Ryu

    lol this guy these days…

  • NameUcanthate

    Is the wittle bitch cwying again. go fuck yourself pachter.

  • maeyi the goth freak

    Let me get my goth boots on and stomp on this troll

  • Frankensavior

    Yeah? Well I’m sick of all this talk of “Cloud-Gaming”, and doing away with physical copies. I like my physical copies of games, and as for this cloud bull shit. If it becomes a major part. I’ll quit gaming. I like saving my games on a physical piece of hardware inside the system. That ill always have access to, and doesn’t constantly have to be connected to the net. Hearing these things are what “frustrate” me, and if this becomes a reality in the gaming world. I give up. I’ll just focus more on another one of my hobbies.

    • EvanescentHero

      This is hardly relevant to the article, but I’ll address it anyway. With the Wii U, you will only need access to the Internet to download a game, not to access it. The game can either be saved to the console’s internal memory or to an external hard drive, USB drive, SD card, et cetera. At no point, at least on the Wii U, will you need access to the Internet, unless you do save your game files and whatnot to Nintendo’s cloud storage. All that coupled with the fact that you will still have the option to buy a physical copy of a game and save its files to the system storage means that, with the Wii U, you have no reason to worry about physical versus digital copies.

      • Frankensavior

        I’m sorry but are you dense? You don’t need to “address” anything. Everyone knows this about the Wii U. I was simply talking about something that frustrated me. In relation to the article with someone stating that they are “frustrated” with something in the industry. Your trying to damage control. When there wasn’t even any damage done. I’m glad that Nintendo isn’t following this foreseen trend of “cloud”. Like it is rumored that its competitors are doing. I think it should be an optional implementation. While some developers are calling “Cloud” the future of gaming. Simply put that pieces of hardware are already coming out that have no hard drive, and rely on cloud storage. I don’t want to see this trend expand into the gaming market. I plan on getting both a PS4, and a Wii U, but if this reliance on forced digital shit is getting pathetic. Physical hardware/software are reliable for everyone. Not just people who shell out ridiculous amounts for high speed connections to play something on a console. If I wanted to be dependent on the digital side of things. I’d switch over to PC.

        • EvanescentHero

          Wow, at no point did I attack you, so there was no reason for you to insult me. I’m not trying damage control, I’m trying to reassure someone that they won’t be forced into something they don’t want to do if they invest in a Wii U. And I never said I needed to address anything, I just said I was going to.

          Although I would argue that physical software isn’t always reliable for everyone. I’ve had my share of games that get scratched or broken and can’t be used anymore, forcing me to purchase a new copy, and physical games can also be lost or even, worst case, stolen. I am personally quite excited that I’ll be able to download every game rather than buy a physical copy. If something happens to either your cloud or your physical storage, you’ll almost certainly be able to redownload the game for free, and that’s a bonus you can’t get with physical media. Plus that way the games don’t actually take up space…I hate all the game boxes cluttering my room. I agree with you that digital copies should never be the only option, but I know I’m glad that digital copies are an option this time around.

          Just my opinion. No need to yell at me this time.

          • Frankensavior

            Isn’t scratching a physical copy. Your fault?

          • Frankensavior

            Also if you didn’t need to “address” something. Then don’t reply to that comment. As for the dislike of having game boxes. I guess I’m just old fashioned. I’m the same with music. I still actually buy CDs. Why? Because I enjoy the box art, I enjoy the manuals, the art work on the physical disk, I enjoy the whole package. I’ve always felt just getting the copy of the game on a hard drive felt soulless. There’s nothing tangible to it. Just a bunch of data. I guess that’s just the generation we are in.

          • EvanescentHero

            I don’t think scratching a disc is always my fault. Especially if I get it used and it comes with scratches. For example, my copy of Brawl, which I got brand new on launch day, eventually got a tiny scratch. That little scratch rendered that copy of Brawl unreadable, and I was always extremely careful with the disc. I don’t know how or why it got the scratch. It could be a by-product of putting it into the Wii or the box, or taking it out of either of those. Some things are unavoidable, no matter how careful you are.

            I replied to your comment because I wanted to address your points, not because I needed to.

            Yes, the box art, the manuals, the art are nice, but games come with so much packaging that just eventually goes to waste. I get a game, I go “Ooh nice packaging, nice art,” I read the manual, and then I slip the disc into my games wallet and never look at the boxes again. When I download something, I don’t get a bunch of extraneous and soon-useless stuff. It’s just much smoother to me. And plus it’s better for the environment!

            As I’ve said, you’re entitled to your opinion, and you’ll be fine for at least this generation of Nintendo products because you’ll be able to have a physical, tangible copy of a game. That was all my original point was, that Nintendo isn’t leaving gamers like you stranded. And I really respect them for that. I think we can at least agree on that?

        • Amish Thunder

          Pachter much?

      • Paul

        what about co-op or multiplayer, game updates

        • EvanescentHero

          Nintendo isn’t one of those companies who likes to force people to buy more than one copy to play co-op. The entire point of the Wii U (and the Wii, and the GameCube, et cetera) is that you play with your friends, in the same room, to have some actual, face to face, human interaction. Yes, there will probably be online multiplayer options, but I seriously doubt Nintendo will ever make online play the only option. Game updates and DLC I will grant you. Those will have to be digital only. However, that’s not related to cloud storage, as those can also be saved on physical devices alongside the game that has been updated.

  • Grodus

    “…which of curse caused an outrage among Nintendo fans.”
    Error. Someone probably already said this, but if they did i didn’t see it.

  • Lord Carlisle

    Funny. I actually came across a website where they take what Pachter says seriously and side with him.

    • Firesplitter

      Was the page named $$$.360gaming.bro?

      No but honestly, he seems far too easy on Microsoft even though they’ve failed hard in Japan (and I mean HARD) which is an important market. I would almost say that it’s as important as the American market in certain cases. He also take the rumour about that PS4/720 is going to lock games so you can’t resell them to lightly. If they would happen to be true, which wouldn’t supprice me at all, the winner of the next gen is obvious. Even though it’s an unlikely rumour so is it fully possible due to Microsoft’s and Sony’s whoring for third parties.

      Well, and we all know how it sounds whenever Nintendo don’t break a sale record or an even more unlikely rumour that the Wii U is going to be less powerfull than current gen (which is litteraly bullsh*t)… “They are doomed!”.

      This is the reason why many N gamers don’t take him for serious. I take him for serious EXCEPT when he predict things about Nintendo, because experience has told me that he’s usually wrong when it comes to that part of the industry.

  • Lord Carlisle

    Funny. I actually came across a website where they take what Pachter says seriously and side with him.

  • Dmonkeyman

    I think some people are a bit too harsh on pactcher sure his comments are often incorrect or unfuonded but he’s just trying to make a living

  • Amish Thunder

    I think he’s just mad because that guy fell asleep on his shoulder.

  • Marcel

    I think he is frustrated because he can not satisfy his Wife.

    • silentbates

      she is so needy you have nooooooooo idea! god i only got one penis!

  • Marmor

    The original iPhone price was anounced 2 months prior to the release date.
    iPhone 4S itself was reveiled 10 days prior to its release.

    I did not hear some second rate boulevard analysts whine about it.

  • Jude

    The reason why Nintendo isn’t reveling much of its system potential is because they don’t gamers to ‘guess’ the experience so when you get the system its like discovering a whole new world that you can explore its endless features. That must LOVE he** then cause when i see him i’ll deliver him there to the devil’s home. hehehee…

  • Jude

    sry i meant that GUY.

  • Cryojin

    He’ll…. ‘guess’ the sales numbers? Funny…. I thought analysts made carefully measured and educated estimates…. not simply guess.

  • luis

    what ive noticed is that everybody hates michael patcher from of course all the comments. so… in a way he is helping increase wii u sales in the near future

  • Benih

    OMG, Patcher…stop try hype you name…

    EVERY enterprise makes hype about future products. Put this in your HOLLOW head and stop talk this things.

  • ChaoSHer0

    “Sighs”,pachter your such an idiot…

  • chiapet

    Pachter gives no information, and wants us all to proclaim that their consoles will sell poorly.

  • brian winn jr

    Who give a flip what the michael troll thinks he’s always wrong look at the 3ds he said that i would kill nintendo and there still here

  • jack

    he is just like everybody that owns a cockbox360 or a gaystation 3 -_-

  • Ricardo

    Haters, either xbox, nintendo or ps3 haters are hypocrites, they keep talking and talking bad stuff about the other console, but then when a console launches, they are first in line only to test it to find out if they were wrong or right.

  • TurtlePowa

    Lol, it’s funny he was hating on the 3DSxl as well. It’s sad that he seeks attention so badly.

    • Draco Breach

      He was way off on his prediction of the 3DS XL as well. In two days in Japan, it has sold more than the Vita does worldwide in a month!

      • Draco Breach


        FYI: That's 200,000 or 0.2 million units.

  • YOYO

    Looks to me as if Pachter is scared about the Wii U. I believe he is thinking “omfg if wii u sells a lot not only will i be wrong but what if xbox loses or sony loses omfg they better beat nintendo and copy their designs more”. Anyways, because he is only making a fool of him self. I might buy me two Wii Us. One for my self, and the other one to throw through his window.

  • YOYO

    Also, I sold my PS VITA 3g/wifi bundle for $350. That is my money for the Wii U. If it cost less then that’s good. I can get a game or two, or if it’s more than 350, I still have time to save up. I slightly regret selling my Vita, but it was for a good cause.

  • LOLXD Derp

    Michael Pachter is such a vagina, he is idiotic.

  • D2K

    I will say that it is a little late in the game to be so secretive about the Wii U. This system will be on store shelves in less than 3 months. We knew more about the Wii at this point in 2006 than we do about the Wii U in 2012.

    I’m an adult. I don’t need to ‘wait until Christmas’ in order to preserve the shock value of the present. Knowing what the Wii U is all about now would only increase my desire to purchase one and allow me to make preparations in my finances in order to purchase a system, games, and chosen peripherals.

    Based solely on what I know NOW, the Wii U is not a ‘must-buy’ at launch for me personally. None of the brand-new stuff offered on the Wii U that is a part of the confirmed launch line-up make want to start saving for one.

    After playing games like ZombiU, Wii Fit U, and NintendoLand at the Wii U Experience in Chicago I came away somewhat underwhelmed. Not in terms of graphics because the Wii U games TO ME look as good as PC games in terms of frame-rate, resolution, textures, lighting, tessellation, and bump-mapping. Video-feeds don’t do it any justice. You have to see it in person. Especially ZombiU, Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition, and Ninja Gaiden III: Razor’s Edge. The games that were the most fun to play ironically were New! Super Mario Bros U and Wii Fit U(which feels more like a true successor to Wii Sports than NintendoLand does.) The trampoline game was a blast to play. I even won a little plush Toad doll for getting the highest score! That being said, I can get the same experience playing games already offered on the Wii right now such as Wii Sports and New! Super Mario Bros. There needs to be some type of killer-app. Something that has a lot of weight. I just don’t see any of that right now.

    The only game that was a system-seller to me was Aliens: Colonial Marines and that doesn’t come out until February. That’s not Nintendo’s fault, but that is an example as to why I can wait until at least February to purchase one.

    So even though Michael Pachter is a SPECTACULAR moron and it is criminal that he is paid money, I agree that the time has passed for Nintendo to take the lid off the Wii U and tell us straight out why we should buy this thing.

  • BananaPwnz

    This guy needs to wake up and stop being such a troll..

  • Ibiexplorer4

    FINALLY! An article that isn’t biased against anyone who says anything negative about the Wii U!