Dec 28th, 2012

Monster Hunter 3 won’t be out in North America until March 2013, but Japanese Wii U owners are already playing Capcom’s latest RPG. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was a Wii U launch title in Japan, and there was even a special bundle with the game. Earlier this month, Capcom released a few new gameplay trailers, but now we have something much better: a full 60 minute gameplay video from the guys over at Nintendomination. And to make things even better, the video is in 1080p quality. Enjoy.

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  • mralloverit

    Hopefully this will be on the Eshop as I’ll be grabbing a new HDD pretty soon. Between this, pikmin 3, and Wii Fit U, I’m looking forward to March. Good thing I got plenty to keep occupied.

  • Laud

    Only thing I’m looking forward to this March is this game as it will be my first MH game… I don’t know about Pikmin but I know I’m definitely getting this game. 

    • Death47

      First Mh game? Good luck, bro. It’s hard but totally worth it.

  • Death47

    I would get any console if this game was on it, that’s how Freaking amazing it is!

  • Matther777

    If they make Zelda look like this I will be more than pleased! =D =D =D

    • Th3PANO

      zelda will have so much more details. it’s just a hd remake.

      • Death47

        Actually they pretty much just ported 3g for the 3ds. So it’s a port of a 3ds remake of a wii game, which makes it even more impressive.

    • LonDonE247

       no, please god just no, are u kidding??? this is a lousy port of a wii game, albeit a gorgeous wii game, but up scaled into 1080p, while zelda will be made form the ground up on wii u , an so will look light years better!

  • RoadyMike

    I just imagined Xenoblade in HD….*drools*

    • Th3PANO

       can’t wait for the Monolith Soft Project for the Wii U 🙂

      • MujuraNoKamen

         Damn right, I haven’t yet played Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii, but aim to do so.  – I hear nothing but good things about Monolith and I want to see them become the next Retro (wanna see what they’re doing too), or even Rareware! I’ve looked at the Monolith website recently, now I don’t know a lot of Japanese but, I saw they were advertising upcoming, still hidden “3DS project” and “Wii U soft[ware]” I thought you’d like to know and if anyone speaks Japanese hear head over to monolith soft’s site and see if you can shed more light on the matter than I can. Even though I’m not as yet a big Monolith fan, I’m pretty hyped to what they can do.

      • Mr. Resetti

         True dat.
        But how ’bout what Retro Studios is doing? COME ON METROID!

    • RoadyMike

      Woah.I think I saw into the future when I posted that
      COME ON E3!

  • Aliens:CM and MH3 are definately the games i’m looking forward to the most in 2013! Lets hope more games are announced are soon :3

  • I like it

  • Linskarmo

    This game looks amazing!

  • Is it March yet?

  • This game is hard on the eyes… This is for the Wii right???

    • TheLast

      It’s a 3DS game re-textured, and upscaled to 1080p. That’s all Capcom did. :/

    • fireheartis1

      Are you kidding me  troll this game knocks any game on the PS3 and 360 right out of the water.  It’s one of the most gorgeous games I’ve seen, and I play a lot of PS3 games with my brother, so don’t be trying to talk grap.  This game is going to shut all of you troll up for sure.

      • Alienfish

        I play a lot of PS3 games too, and this doesn’t look that good. It isn’t bad, but don’t lie to yourself by saying it looks better than a PS3 game. They could have updated the models easily with a little turbosmooth action in their 3d modeling program, but they didn’t. Half-a**ed remake doesn’t deserve my money.

        • fireheartis1

          I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree because I think the game looks amazing.  The charater models were made to look like that, so I don’t see why they should change them.  It is a gorgeous game and I might make it my first Monster Hunter game.

          • MujuraNoKamen

             It looks good, but there’s so much more they could have/should have done; the textures of the monsters’ skin, grass and stone etc look fairly low quality and not much better than what was on the Wii version (albeit in sharper resolution) Some textures look pretty good though (like the cracked earth at roughly the 52:00 mark, the animations are great and the world shows a lot of depth (which is what really counts), so here’s to MH 4 on Wii U that will hopefully show what the hardware can really do with Capcom’s amazing world!

          • J_Joestar

             Except that MH4 is a 3DS exclusive that is going to be out around summer time in Japan.
            Even if they make a Wii U version of it later on, it would still have the limitations of an upscaled 3DS game.

            On the other hand though, 4 is supposed to have online mulitplayer on the 3DS already so the need of a port up to home console is a lot lower.

        • Yeah i wish capcom would have put a bit more effort into the first monster hunter game on wiiu. I’ll pick it up regardless but i do hope devs start putting a bit more effort into games for wii u

        • LonDonE247

           agreed, i hate to admit it, but nintendrones are looking at this game with bear goggles on, LOL but seriously, they could have improved the models allot, an also in this video, the animal artificial intelligence, seems very poor,also did they bother to map the camera controls onto the second analogue stick?? because i hated the camera controls on the wii version,an damn, since the wii u has over 1gb ram, they could of at least gotten rid of those constant damn loading screens??? i mean come on! they could have cached the world a bit more,i think i would rather wait for a monster hunter 4 or a hunter game made from the ground up on wii u, an for the love of god, just stick voice acting in the game, that way the gameplay can continue while the voice actor gives us the required info!

    • fireheartis1

      Hey look a 7:47 they have you in the game you troll lol.

  • me


  • It may be cool with a online multiplayer mode.

  • Michael Shamgar

    At first I was very keen on this, but will almost certainly skip it now (spent over 100hrs on the Wii version). Its just too similar – and although it looks better, it doesn’t look that much better.

    And it doesn’t support off-TV play. Boo.

    Will wait for MH4 on the WiiU (hopefully they are developing a true HD version in conjunction with the 3DS game).

    And Xenoblade – if *I* was Nintendo, I would have got Monolith to port Xeno to the WiiU (upgrade textures, models, etc) and release it for the WiiU (or even make it a pack-in with ALL hardware). That would have pleased the hardcore!

  • Bravyoura

    LAAAAAME! do capcom really think people will pay £50 for a lazy port of a Wii game just for a little DLC.

    • a “little” DLC? I think it’s got around 100 EXTRA hours worth of content total lol. I would call that a LITTLE more than a LITTLE wouldn’t you?

  • Srpg2ishere

    I’m sorry guys but after 5 minutes of watching this it made me wanna go pick it up. Thanks alot wiiudaily. I’ve now added another game to my list for march. Who’s gonna join me in the revolution when I pick this up?

  • MikeChritopher

    this game looks like crap

  • Got over 700 hours on my current Tri character and WILL be putting just as much into this. I’m really pumped for the new monsters and the FULL HD experience. I mean really, for a port of a 3DS game it looks pretty good, PLUS you will have crossplay between WiiU and 3DS so they couldn’t make the graphics too crazy any way.

  • I think it looks fine, why does that matter anyway? I just can’t wait to play MH3 on Wii U!

  • they should bring *the last story* to the Wii-U