Jun 26th, 2014

amiibo after video 10

While the fact that ShopTo is listing Amiibo pre-orders at £12.85 is fact, we’re labeling this one as a rumor because it’s not known whether or not this is the final pricing for the figures in Europe. When Nintendo first showed the Amiibo figures at E3, the suspected price point was anywhere between $8-$15 and many speculate that Nintendo will try to match the pricing either for Skylanders or Disney Infinity.

The US equivalent of £12.85 is about $~21, but Skylanders figures regularly retail for £11.99 making this price scheme not too far away from what Nintendo could be planning. Either way, if you live in the UK and you want to get a jump start on your Amiibo collection, ShopTo has your needs covered.

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  • MerryBlind .

    Why not simply 9.99$?……

    • Matt Cameron

      or $9.99?…..

      • MerryBlind .


  • Officer Raichu

    hmm maybe us will have them cheaper

    • HavokPants

      im not trying to be patriotic to brittian or whatever but the pound is worth more than the dollar so as said it would be 21$ which is the same as £12.85 so technically speaking it’s the same price having it cheaper in the us would rip off the uk

      • Bisylizzie

        It will rip off the UK, loads of prices are rip offs if you compare them – as mentioned above, the Skylanders SWAP figures usually retail at $15 in the US, yet are around £13 in the UK – as you can see, the US gets the cheaper price there

        Of course, after the costs of shipping from the US to the UK, you are likely to end up around the same price point as if you just bought from the UK…

        • PachterStation

          $15 works out around £9, yet they’ll probably sell for around £15. This has been going on for years. The Xbox One sells for $350, £350 in the UK, but converted, that’s a mere £205. Even with US tax, the Xbox One is at a realistic price.

  • The Clockwork Being

    Now before some people do the direct conversion from Ponds to USD or CD, and end up getting prices like 20.85$, you must know that it really doesn’t work that way. If the price is £12 it won’t necessarily be ~20$. The price might be about 15$ here in Canada or US.

    But honestly I think it should range from 8.99$-12$ because honestly they have to compete with Skylanders and Disney. For that they need a really good price point. I would love to buy Amiibo and used for Super Smash Bros training


    $21??? DAMN! Really wanted to collect some of these but if they end up costing that, No way. Hoping these aren’t what the final US prices will look like. I really can’t see them charging that much.

  • Bisylizzie

    “The US equivalent of £12.85 is about $~21”
    Nah, that’s just a straight conversion.
    One comparison I’ve been making a lot with this is – Skylanders, the SWAP figures retail in the US for $15 (usually), and are £13 in the UK – thus I think that if ShopTo aren’t just making a guess, they may be more around the $15 price point in the US, also.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Exactly. Its a conversion.

      • Bisylizzie

        That’s my point, there’s no point making the conversion and using it as a price guide, as prices don’t work that way between regions, it’s better to compare to things that are already on the market as they give a better comparison.
        The only point of making the conversion would be if you wanted to order an item directly from that country.

        • The Clockwork Being


  • Tehlildevil

    too expensive. Its just stupid. I will buy maybe two and thats it. I really want a link and pit one

  • Petri

    Under 10€, I will get them all.
    above 10€, I will get the favorites,
    Above 15€, might get one or two.

  • Truebman

    Products have different prices in different markets, so their probably only going to cost between 15 and 20 dollars

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    They won’t sell much if the prices are actually that high.

  • PachterStation

    If an Xbox One in the US is $400, converted, that’s £235, but we all know it doesn’t work out like that. Basically, $400 means £400. If Amiibo figures are going to sell for $15 for argument sake, that’ll end up being £15. $15, converted, that’s £9. Currency conversion has been dead in every country in the world for years and years. Converting cash if going on holiday is very different when it comes to buying products. It’s just another con for companies to make extra money out of the UK and the rest of Europe. At a push, these Amiibo figures should be knocked out for £5, but I’m afraid that enough people will be willing to pay £15 tops.

    • Gameonfool

      Europe is a rip off with everything. Don’t even get me started about when I visited France.

      • PachterStation

        The UK pays 20% tax (VAT), but it’s included in the price. An Xbox One tops £400 in the UK, £235 in the US, so even if you added 20% tax, it’d work out at £282. Europe will always get shafted.

    • audi lover

      because we pay 20 percent tax apparently 17.5 was not enough for the conservative bonus

  • YiyeUniverseMB

    That’s actually not bad. They were saying they’d be a bit cheaper but it’s around the skylanders price range for what looks like a better quality set of figures! Nice!

  • Gameonfool

    Expensive, not interested lol

    • chris

      I was telling myself pretty much the same thing. I should choose one or two, but each one is so awesome looking that I can’t decide on a single one. Depending on the price I may have to choose, or I could actually have all of them, so I have hope

  • bistricky

    Speaking to my friend, a territory manager for EB Games in Canada … I was told that the individual amiibo’s would be at the same price point as Disney Infinity characters …. which is $12.99 …. and via a sale or promotion would be as low as $9.99. He expects the pricing to be much the same in the USof A.

  • LordiMcKill

    It sounds like a placeholder price to me. Me being a man from the Isles of Britain, £13 sound a little to expansive to me.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    $21!? Wtf is this nonsense! I realize this is most likely a placeholder price but oh my god. If it’s still $21 when it releases….many people will be unhappy. Including myself. 🙁
    I want these figures but not if they’re $21.

  • great deku tree

    when it comes to purchasing products in different countries/continents you don’t just convert the price from dollars to pounds sterling. if that was the case then the cheapest deal for the xbone without the Kinect would be around $600 (USA) since it’s £350 here in the UK but as far as I’m aware they’re selling for about $450?
    so yeah Europe always gets screwed when it comes to things like that, particularly in the UK since the pound is worth more than the dollar and the euro.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Xbox one used to be $500. Microsoft released a new “kinect less” version for $400. So, in other words, the Xbox one is basically $400 right now.

      • great deku tree

        that’s what I mean. in the UK the “Kinect less” xbone is £350 and in the USA it’s around $400…..so half of this article is kinda pointless since it isn’t as simple as converting from dollars to pounds sterling and vice versa

        • 00EpicGamer00

          Indeed, there’s no arguing that. Well…I guess it’s somewhere to start. I guess to get a “general” idea of what the price COULD be. But yeah, this article is pretty pointless.