Nov 21st, 2015


Nintendo launched its collectible, NFC-enabled Amiibo figures exactly one year ago. Those who were skeptical about Nintendo’s new venture were quickly proven wrong: most of the figurines sold out within a week, and Nintendo has sold millions of them worldwide — just last month they sold 800,000 of them in the US alone.

Since launching on November 21st, 2014, Nintendo sold over 21 million of them as of October 2015. That translates into almost $275 million in revenue for one year. Not a bad business decision.

Nintendo launched its Amiibo line with just 12 figurines. That number has since grown to 80, with a dozen more coming later this year and early next year.

So far the most popular Amiibos have been Mario, Link, Toon Link, Donkey Kong, and Pikachu. No surprise there.

Which Amiibos do you own? Share your collection in the comments section!

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