Feb 3rd, 2016


amiibo after video 10

Nintendo’s financial report yesterday had a lot of interesting information in it about how the company has performed with its products over the Q3 period. Perhaps the biggest un-surprise is that amiibo are selling well across all regions, with more than 20.5 million amiibo sold since their launch. That’s a pretty hefty figure, but it doesn’t really highlight how the different regions buy these products.

In the breakdown released by Nintendo, they showcased the most popular amiibo by region. So let’s take a look.


  1. Inkling Girl (Splatoon)
  2. Ika (Splatoon)
  3. Inkling Boy (Splatoon)
  4. Mario (Super Mario)
  5. Mario (Classic Color)
  6. Mario (Modern Color)
  7. Isabelle (Winter Clothing) (Animal Crossing)
  8. Kirby (Smash Bros.)
  9. Mega Yarn Yoshi – Green
  10. Digby (Animal Crossing)

United States

  1. Link (Smash Bros.)
  2. Bowser (Smash Bros.)
  3. Toon Link(Smash Bros.)
  4. Mewtwo (Smash Bros.)
  5. Sonic (Smash Bros.)
  6. Pikachu (Smash Bros.)
  7. Mario (Classic Color)
  8. Pac-Man (Smash Bros.)
  9. Mega Man (Smash Bros.)
  10. Ganon (Smash Bros.)


  1. Mario (Classic Color)
  2. Link (Smash Bros.)
  3. Ika (Splatoon)
  4. Mega Yarn Yoshi – Green
  5. Mario (Super Mario)
  6. Mario (Smash Bros.)
  7. Pikachu (Smash Bros.)
  8. Inkling Boy (Splatoon)
  9. Toad (Super Mario)
  10. Inkling Girl (Splatoon)

No sales breakdown for each figure was given for the various regions, but it is very interesting to see how the most popular amiibo stack up per region. Japan has a huge love for Splatoon, The United States still loves The Legend of Zelda series, while Europe still clings to Mario.

What region are you in and what’s your favorite amiibo?

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