Jun 19th, 2014


Perhaps the biggest announcement to come out of E3 this year was Amiibo, Nintendo’s smart toy initiative that functions similarly to Skylanders and Disney Infinity. The toys are produced in series, with the first series run characters seen in the image above. Nintendo hinted at how these characters would work in Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8, but during E3 the company confirmed that five games will be Amiibo capable once they’re available. The first five games to support these figures are:

  • Mario Kart 8
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Yoshi’s Wooly World
  • Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker
  • Mario Party 10

It’s easy to imagine how Amiibo figures will work with the first two games, as Nintendo provided some of the detail themselves. For Super Smash Bros. training an Amiibo figure was billed as the next best thing to actually having a human opponent. Your Amiibo characters will learn from the way you play them and eventually, you’ll be able to pit yourself against them in order to hone your skills with other characters. Taking that concept to Mario Kart 8, it’s easy to imagine you’ll be able to train specific Amiibo figures for that game to have better handling and cornering based on how you drive.

Of course, this plays into the fact that Nintendo has announced multiple Amiibo figurines for each of these games. While the Super Smash Bros. Mario figure will be able to be used with the Mario Kart 8 game, it perhaps won’t be as effective as the Mario Kart 8 Mario Amiibo figure. This creates an incentive to “catch ’em all”, in that if you’re a heavy player of Mario in both Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8, you’ll want a figure specifically tailored to the game.

Either way, the first set of figurines being produced are based on the Super Smash Bros. series. After that, perhaps we’ll see figures ready for the three games that haven’t been detailed. How would you imagine Amiibo figures work in a game like Yoshi’s Wooly World, or Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker? Those games don’t have a full character roster that we know of, so it seems like having a Yoshi and Toad Amiibo for those games would be sort of like a DLC purchase, where you can buy the game and the figure together for an extra $10.

Of course, aside from Super Smash Bros. the game IP that Nintendo owns that seems most likely to have figures attached to it is Pokemon. Nintendo attempt something similar with Pokemon Rumble U, but outside of Japan the game hasn’t been too popular. Would you like to see an Amiibo-enabled Pokemon game on the Wii U?

What do you think? How do you want Amiibo to function in the games that have announced support for the figures? With Super Smash Bros. having such a huge roster and Nintendo planning on making Amiibo characters for each and every character, would you purchase them all?

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  • hikkerd

    When was it confirmed we could use amiibo in MK8???

    • therealruben1

      At the E3 digital event.

      • hikkerd

        Well, missed that, makes me want it to be the end of the year even more

  • phaedruss

    I don’t get the point of having say a mario amiibo for smash bros. He’s already in the game…what’s the point?

    • All the characters are “already in the game.” Nintendo isn’t releasing Amiibo only characters at this point, as far as we know. The point of using Amiibos in SSB is to tailor move sets to your personal play style and have the ability to go up against yourself in matches.

      • phaedruss

        Which you can do without a figurine as well

        • Chris Orr

          Since when could you have computers that alter to your play style to compete against without Amiibos? This is news to me.

          • phaedruss

            Lol are you high? You don’t need a figurine to have customizable characters in a video game.

          • Metso

            In smash bros you can train your amiibo character so it will become like a mirror of yourself and betten than the CPUs think it like training a pokemon

          • phaedruss

            You don’t need a figurine to do any of that.

          • Metso

            Ouh? Tell me how can you train the cpu players?

          • phaedruss

            You train them in game right? Nothing necessitates these figurines. It’s just a cash grab

          • Metso

            Yea but the data goes in the figurines so you can carry them with you to your friends wii u

          • phaedruss

            Yea you don’t need that either, just put it on a sub drive.

          • David Noble

            Although you can set the computer at the level you consider yourself to be at, each person has little quirks and habits that others do not. Maybe you’re the kind who takes a flying leap off the top of Hyrule Castle (SSBM) and manages to survive even though you’re a terrible jumper, like Ganondorf. Level 9 computers wouldn’t do that.

          • phaedruss

            I don’t know what that has to do with these things though.

          • Chris Orr

            It’s all about creating upgraded Computers to play with. Yes, it would be possible to do that in games, so this is somewhat of a cash grab, but by isolating this function to a single outside source, it makes it simpler for Nintendo. If they were only compatible with a single game I wouldn’t see the point, but because they will be used in multiple games, I don’t see it as a rip off or cash grab unless they are extremely expensive. I think I heard around e3 times that they are like $10-15, but I could easily be wrong.

            Also, having computers that evolve around the way you play is something I personally have never experienced in any game, so this is revolutionary to me at least. Are there any games anyone has heard of that does this?

            And David meant that the amiibos will learn and adjust to the little quirks of players. Simply customizing computers wouldn’t allow for this.

      • David Noble

        The figures will provide valuable insight onto which character I’m best at. I’ve always favored Marth and Ike, but I don’t have a reason to like either one more than the other.

  • blindtiger

    i dont like the idea of buying multiple marios… kinda defeats one of my biggest excitements of amiibo being cross-game. smash is the only game with multiple ips. every other supported game theoretically would only host one or two figures.

    • Arthur Sataine

      Pretty sure you wouldn’t need multiple Marios. You could take your singular Mario Amiibo and use him in any game he is featured as a character. New Super Mario, Smash, Mario Kart, Mario Party, etc.

      • C4

        Hope so.

        In that case they want to simply sell them Smash-branded for now, which also allow all different characters in one game…

        • Arthur Sataine

          Exactly. There is no better game to introduce them than with Smash Bros.

    • Josiah Parsons

      To me it looks like the “cross-game” aspect of it is that multiple games use the same tech, and you need different figures for each game. This sentiment is only really brought on by the fact that the first round of Amiibo are SSBs branded and are based off of the characters in the game. Not that this is gonna prevent me from getting the Marth and Fox ones…

    • David Noble

      I have to agree. I don’t want to play a Smash Bros. amiibo on Mario Kart 8, but I definitely don’t need both figures. Besides, Mario is Mario, so there shouldn’t be two of him.

  • Ducked

    I’d say a Wii U Pokemon game, but they’ve sort of already tried that.

    • C4

      Except they didn’t really~ try?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think a Pokemon game with a limited amount of Pokemon and shorter SP would work well, and the rest of the game is like Pokemon Colosseum and Snap.

  • Daniel Carvalho

    I imagine Amiibos for other characters would affect the games either as hazards or some kind of assists. For Captain Toad’s I imagined a Samus Amiibo would come on screen to shoot enemies, or maybe even altering/unlocking Metroid-based stages. For Yoshi’s Wooly World, maybe having a Marth Amiibo summons him on his Yarn form to ride Yoshi and attack enemies with his sword.

    One thing I’m certain off is that Nintendo will find different uses for each character depending on the game they are available for. And I have high hopes for Amiibos being sued on the next Zelda U! Imagine having Samus or Ike running on Link’s side as playable characters on a multiplayer feature!

    • palomino blue

      They might become playable characters in captain toad as well. I’m still trying to figure out how they can turn that into a full $60 game. It looks cool enough but it seems like it needs more meat on the bone.

      • Daniel Carvalho

        I too think it should be an eShop title for $30, tops. But maybe having Amiibo compatibility makes the game big enough to be worth 50$ or so.

      • phaedruss

        People buy uncharted for 60 bucks so there you go.

      • C4

        Multiplayer would be fun. Coop puzzles, maybe even versus. Or add the Mario game from Nintendo Land. If it’s just Captain Toad levels I won’t buy it.

    • 2ะœะฐะบั2

      Yep, the same undpredictable and unique uses as of gamepad in MK))

      • Daniel Carvalho

        You win this time…

  • Gabe Chorley

    Keep those Physical Micro-transactions away from my Pokemon!

    • phaedruss

      Yea this whole thing is questionable.

  • They could use it for Pokemon, but not for micro-transactions. If they were to make a full fledged Pokemon game for Wii U (say, Delta Emerald?) They could use it to transfer data between handheld versions and friends locally.

    • David Noble

      Maybe you could put a team of six of your pokemon on the figure (a pokeball maybe?), and you could fight against yourself. Or, if you have one friend you can never manage to beat, you could borrow their figure and practice against them all the time.

      • My thoughts EXACTLY, down to the poke ball and everything. Maybe even a customizable trainer (assuming that your in-game trainer will be too)

  • Ideallyreal

    Personally, I can’t wait for Amiibos. I’m still interested how the cross-platform Amiibos would work. Do you go to an “Amiibo” screen on the Wii U and alter the stats in which they have categories of games already integrated into the Amiibo and alter the stats in each individual game that way? Or perhaps its will just sync to whatever it is programmed into the Amiibo? Either way, I can’t wait.

    I hope there will be Amiibo for Pokemon as well. With 719 Pokemon, Nintendo can rake in a lot of $ considering how many Pokemon fans are out there AND each person can buy their favorites and/or collect them all. With that said, Nintendo really do need to create a very good Pokemon Wii U simulator that can be updated for all to play online on.

    • Frosti

      That would rake in the money. People don’t even own a wii u will be fighting to get them JUST for the figures. I remember when the card game was first released. In the card and comic shop had more adults buying pokemon cards and trading then kids playing. They were hardcore collectors.

  • DustinALedonne

    Those games donโ€™t have a full character roster that we know of, so it seems like having a Yoshi and Toad Amiibo for those games would be sort of like a DLC purchase, where you can buy the game and the figure together for an extra $10. http://sn.im/290xdj8

  • C4

    Kirby in Mario Kart 8 or… a Pokemon game? I guess they have to choose carefully which game allows for crossover of other characters. Maybe in that case an Amiibo 3D platformer or racing game would be a good idea. Or a new Nintendo Land?

  • Colbster the Man

    I would love it if they made a crossover game that could be a 3d platformer or mash up of some sort show it off as a Mario game than bam they add in Kirby or something through a figure. Call it Amiibo World or, Amiibo Quest

    • James Clapp

      or captain toad’s treasure tracker…?

  • blindtiger

    pokemon rumble u could have worked if the game was deeper and the toys were better, cheaper and not in blind packs

    • Yeah I agree. It’s odd that Rumble U was a worse and feature-less version of the Wii version

  • blindtiger

    i still dont get the point of “training” your amiibo in smash bros. if i “train” it how does it help me? gonna buy the toys regardless because im a 30 year old man child but i dont actually get it.

    • Metso

      It doesn`t necessarily help you because you can actually fight against your amiibo or put it fight against somebody else. And you can even play as your amiibo (thats one way to train them)

      • James Clapp

        i also see the amiibo as a way to find out how to beat yourself so you can correct your play style so you wont get beat that way again?

    • David Noble

      The way I see it, the figures do three things (in Smash Bros.):

      1) Ever wonder whether your better as Mario or Link (or any two characters)? If your Mario Amiibo is trained to fight like you do, select Link as your character and fight the Amiibo yourself.

      2) The more it fights, the stronger it gets, and it acts more like you do. If you have a friend with smash bros., just swap figures, and you can essentially battle your friend all the time until you swap back.

      3) In the game, each character has a set power, speed, etc. Let’s say Mario’s power is 3 (whatever that means). In addition to fighting in your style, Amiibo figures gain stat boosts with each level your figure gains. Therefore, an Amiibo Mario could work its power stat up to 4, when the maximum for a non-Amiibo Mario is 3. The figure can provide a powerful opponent if you feel the computer players are too weak and pathetic, or you can make your friends battle it when you’re having trouble.

  • Sycamore

    I have a few ideas:
    -when on the eshop tap your amiibo to get a discount on the game series they originate from.
    -have a free amiibo game that doesn’t require more than one amiibo to play. Amiibo World?
    -Mario Party 10 could have bonus mini games themed around each amiibo.
    -Club Nintendo exclusive Amiibos.

    • JB

      I would love to spend my CN coins if I could get an amiibo made in the likeness of my mii… I know Nintendo would probably never do that, but it would still be cool nonetheless.

      EDIT: But yea, even if the amiibo games weren’t free, at least charge a low entry price for them, like the mii plaza games on the 3DS! That discount thing sounds like a really good idea, considering the fact you’re making an investment elsewhere in buying the amiibos in the first place. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • rp17

        My first thought when I saw the amiibos was what if there were some you could get on CN. Also Nintendo said they were experimenting with Mii amiibos. Miyamoto already has one for his mii.

        • David Noble

          I guess Mii is in the word Amiibo…

      • David Noble

        Even if you couldn’t get your own mii as an amiibo, chances are they will release a Mii Swordfighter, Mii Gunner, and Mii Brawler.

    • Marioman21

      I really like the idea of a free amiibo game.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I wonder how Mario Kart will deal with Amiibos of other franchises… maybe having Metroids and Bokoblins appear on stages as hazards, or even unlock Crimea Castle Court or Cornelia as race stages!

      • brian

        There will be Amiibos for each game. They are not interchangeable.

      • brian


        • Daniel Carvalho


          And as for the Amiibos, Nintendo said you will be able to use them in any game Amiibos are compatible with. In other words, you may have a Smash Mario Amiibo and use it on your Mario Kart 8. That’s their selling point for their figures, otherwise they would have nothing different from Skylanders and Disney Infinity!

    • SuperUltramagnus

      and 1st party games like Zelda ,Marrio kart8 , and other games should have a bonus level! and switch out the main character like instead of link you can have mario or pickachu.and you can play with that the whole game!

  • JB

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of amiibos and I will definately collect them, but at this point, It seems nothing more than an optional cash grab. I do like the fact that you’ll be able to use them across multiple titles. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Skylanders esque Nintendo game is in tow.

    Though I think the primary way that they could be used is a quick way to access saved data for particular characters, particularly in local co-op sessions. Say you go over to a friends house and you play Mario Party 10. Bring your amiibo with you and all your stats and party points will import to your friend’s copy, it could also double as a quick way to character select. I could envision Mario Kart 8 where you can save you favorite character’s ghost data and challenge a friend to beat it.

    It’s too bad it’s not Mario Maker isn’t comparable, I could see saving courses to bring over to a friend’s house or importing other characters into the game.

  • Erik Mozolik

    DLC with each Amiibo character (for example: a track in MK8, in-game items for Zelda, new workout routines for Fit, etc) and/or free virtual console title

  • Jack

    I’m confused. Can we use Kirby, Pikachu, Link, etc. in Mario Kart 8 through amiibos or can we just use amiibos that are already in the game (Mario, Peach, etc)?

    • phaedruss

      Yea I don’t think a pikachu Amiibo will make pikachu appear in Mario Kart, which kind of defeats the purpose of it if you can only use amiibos of characters that are already in the game…

  • Jacob Bulkley

    I would like to see more Pokemon and a good Wii U Pokemon game so you can train and evolve them.

    • phaedruss

      You could do that without some cash grab figurines anyways.

  • TheSpeedymouse

    I want the Kirby Amiibo to let you play as Kirby in Yoshi’s Woolly World. He will play just like he does in Epic Yarn or play like Yoshi and throw Yarn balls like Yoshi does, either way I don’t care. But he should be an outline.

  • Petri

    They should get Activision and Disney to have Amiibos work on their respective games as well, exclusive for Nintendo systems.
    Then I might consider buying those games. Since Amiibos has wide variety of games where they can be used.

  • Denis Ceti

    When I first heard about the NFC scanner I thought it would be interesting using it as a save file for co-operative games. example – Think abut

  • FutureFox

    Lego amiibos.

  • great deku tree

    when I first heard of amiibo for smash I was pretty upset to be honest. I was jumping to conclusions that you HAD to buy them in order to just play as that character in smash rather than unlocking them.

    now that I know a little more about them I actually think they’re a pretty good thing. it’s like a little reward offering exclusive features for being a collector of Nintendo figurines.

    personally I’ll be picking up a select few in the near future as my budget will be rather tight during university this September onwards.

    • James Clapp

      i wouldn’t mind if like 3 months or 6 months later they release additional characters unlocked by amiibo

      • James Clapp

        Yarn yoshi in smash brothers ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Nicholas Lee

    For mario kart what I thought they would do (and would prefer) would be each character unlock kart pieces themed to that character, Pikachu could unlock pokeball wheels, a pikachu kart, and a glider with pikachu on it. Link could unlock maybe a kart that looks like the red dragon (if toon link does not get a figure) and a glider that looks like a loftwing. Fox could unlock wheel and a kart that look like a landmaster with a R-Wing glider. (I think this would be a cool way to use amiibo in MK8 a long with recording data). For captain toad I think it would be cool if we could customize how he looked like link could unlock a link hat, samus could unlock her helment, ect. and maybe if each character when you put them on you get accesses to a stage to unlock the customs 1 stage per character. I dont have any ideas for yoshi or mario party 10

    • Ghazbaran

      I like your ideas very much, specially the Captain toad ones. Different costumes and new stages. For Yoshi’s Wooly World I think they could have things like power-ups (for instance yoshi getting Mario’s fireballs), character themed eggs or even plushie companions. As for Mario Party 10 my guess would be character skins and new playable ones

  • bistricky

    Can’t say for sure ….. but of things Nintendo has tried or is planning to make for the Wii U and 3DS …. the amiibo could be the ‘diamond in the rough’ which might sell more consoles then even I expect …. if advertised right (that is the unknown key) … the amiibo could be the real positive turning point for Nintendo (especially the Wii U).
    Cheers ๐Ÿ˜€

    • phaedruss

      Or people will just see it as a ripoff of skylanders.

      • bistricky

        They might. Yep some people will see it as another attempt at a million dollar (or is billion dollar) idea. It could flop. It certainly could flop. But I see the potential for a different kind of conversation with “people”.
        Something like …. during the holiday season ….. “look Smash Bros. And look Mario amiibo which can be used on Smash Bros. And look you can play with a new GameCube controller for Smash Bros. And look its exclusively on the Wii U”. Suddenly a sale of a Wii U, Smash Bros. and a couple amiibo and maybe add to that a new GameCube controller.
        So, yes some people will definitely say “meh” that’s a wanna-be skylander thing but other people will not …. and before the amiibo that potential for multiple sales for the Wii U would not have existed.
        It could flop for the reason you gave. But I do think Nintendo is pumping tons of money into the amiibo because they see great potential in it.
        Cheers ๐Ÿ˜€

        • phaedruss

          But what would make people buy the Mario amiibo and not just smash brothers? There isn’t a real value proposition there.

          • bistricky

            Interesting question. “value proposition” is a bit out of my league of education but with a working knowledge and because this is just a fun discussion.

            Mario is not an unknown quantity to the general public … Nintendo is lucky to have such an established known characters that even if the amiibo don’t catch fire and sell Wii U’s, it will certainly sell for the toy collectors out there.

            Will the strategy that Nintendo makes with these amiibo’s generate enough interest in gaming customer’s to sustain value creation? I have no clear idea (as I don’t think any of us know what their strategy will be). But I would doubt that Nintendo is going to spring Amiibo’s to the market without calculating value proposition.

            Here is my best estimation, at this time …. amiibo’s will expand many stores shelve space of Nintendo products. They will be right beside their games and consoles. The general value proposition is that amiibo works with multiple games to supposedly “make it a better gaming experience”. I think many customers will be tempted to pick up an amiibo when they buy smash bros. to see what it does. Will amiibo’s take off from there …. it may … if the product is well priced … customers like what the amiibo does for gameplay and of course if others playing games have amiibo’s ect.

            Going full-circle …. I see the potential for amiibo and how this may show growth for Nintendo in the gaming systems. I will definitely pick a few up when I buy smash bros. and it certainly could in the end flop because it fails to improve the gaming experience. It also might not flop … because this is not a game (rather a toy for exclusive Nintendo systems) …. there is the potential that amiibo’s become a hot Christmas toy during in an upcoming seasons. That I believe Nintendo is banking on (value = benefits – cost).

            Great question.
            Cheers ๐Ÿ˜€

          • phaedruss

            Nintendo needs to show more of what they bring to your games. Right now it seems like it’s just doing things don’t need to be based on a figurine.

          • Arthur Sataine

            The games aren’t based around a figure. The figure is implemented into the game. And traverses games for customization within said games. An easy concept that I’m not quite sure on how you failed to see.

            Nintendo, undoubtedly, is going to make it clear to everyone. Not just to those that watched the presentation. There will be posters, displays, and slogans about. Just watch.

          • Ghazbaran

            I agree with you. While I imagine amiibos will probably appeal to toy collectors or younger kids I’m pretty sure Nintendo has though of a way to make them appeal to the general public as well. Power-ups, special courses, unlockable characters, things like that. While now in all honestly I don’t see them as something I would buy, I still have to see things like: their price tags, offers of including them with a games, things that will motivate you to try them.

          • bistricky

            It will be interesting to see when amiibo’s are released to the masses. Based on the information that Nintendo has so far provided about them, I am not entirely sure fully how they will be incorporated into day-to-day gameplay of their bigger game titles …. who knows Nintendo may not fully know …. so for me it is a wait and see. I will definitely pick up one or two when I buy the new Smash Bros. and based on that I will decide if as a gamer, I see the need to start adding more. I agree with you “including them with games” would be a very smart move (especially if Nintendo is confident that gameplay will improve with these amiibo’s). Overall, I am happy Nintendo is taking this risk …. anything to change their current landscape with the Wii U in terms of sales and draw more attention to their console helps. And gives an added reason for the Wii U gamepad. If its quality addition then knowing me, I would end up buying many amiibo’s …. and if its not, well you know … I won’t. Guess time will tell, but the amiibo’s definitely offer something different then what the other two big name consoles are offering.
            Cheers ๐Ÿ˜€

      • koopapoopas

        Skylanders is for kids.

        Why not something like that for kids of all ages?

        • Arthur Sataine

          Skylanders is for whomever finds it fun. Not just for kids.

          • phaedruss

            Mostly for kids though.

          • Arthur Sataine

            Nope. E is for Everyone.

  • Ismael Ototo

    I think they should make a Pokeball amiibo with the actual size of a Pokeball. If they made this for the next Pokemon game, you could save all of your Pokemon in it so you could take them anywhere you wanted, and get acces to your Pokemon on any Wii U, say when you go to a friend’s house. Also, in order to sell the crap out of these things, they should establish a limited number of Pokemon to each Pokeball (like they actually do in the games) so you have to buy another one if you want to keep saving them. Plus, it would be so amazing to walk around with your Pokeball, feeling like a real trainer.

    • koopapoopas

      Exactly. It would be fun to have games exist in real life.

      • Ismael Ototo

        Yeah, that’s the idea! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Such a good idea I’m still smiling thinking about it… mmm

    • Exare

      I want this so bad. You could make a Pokemon Stadium-esque game on the Wii U and be able to carry your pokemon to a friends house, load them up, and battle them on the big screen. They could even work it so you could transfer your mons between the 3DS, Wii U, and these little figurines. It would be so cool! Your Pokemon go with you on every adventure! And now with the Bank, you can keep your team always instead of starting fresh with every game!

  • LevenThumps

    Outside of Mario Kart and Smash Bros., I don’t really know how they could use them, but I am hopeful that it will be pretty fun ways.

    • Leo

      Splatoon could make a nice use of it…

  • phaedruss

    Have they said anything about pricing?

    • David Noble

      I would love for you to be right, but the base of each figure has a smash symbol on it. I hope you’re right, though. That would be the biggest relief to me.

      • phaedruss

        I’m pretty sure during the e3 digital event Reggie at least implied that the amiibos worked cross game. I doubt people would let them get away with making you buy multiple Mario amiibos anyways.

        • Frosti

          Yeah I’m hoping they store the data for each game when you use that game. Like if u use mario for smash, then use it for mario kart it would hold each sata separate

          • James Clapp

            im pretty sure they will have a mario kart mario but it will be purely aesthetic. They should release (and probally will) Luigi death stare kart ๐Ÿ˜›

  • The Clockwork Being

    So much potential. I can’t wait to see what ideas Nintendo has in store for Amiibo.

  • 2ะœะฐะบั2

    I hope N have some fresh ideas for the figures, but for now it mostly looks they try to catch the train that already gone (i mean the hype around skylanders dies down little by little, as it was for guitar hero X before). Many-many hopes!

    • phaedruss

      Yea I think so too. I think if they can make each figure cross game compatible and have really neat things you can do across different games with the same figure then that could be interesting.

  • They should make Amiibos for the Pokรฉmon games, maybe make a 3DS app that can connect to bank and transfer special Pokรฉmon from the figures. Like for example a Pikachu that knows Fly from a Ballon Pikachu figure.

  • Raphael Chapman

    maybe, they don’t have to be just figures, they could even be special hotwheels like cars that can be played on a future release of Need for Speed.

  • truMADDness

    How about an adventure game that you can choose all the main and supporting characters? If you have stats saved they can follow. Sounds interesting enough.

  • Concise

    Pokemon Amiibos anyone? Seriously….that’s a Cash Cow that actually gives Ninty some incentive to release a good old fashioned Wii U Pokemon — or at least utilise the Amiibo reader for the 3DS.

    • Concise

      I mean this in the best possible way of course….but it seems like the next logical step once an Amiibo install base is founded.

    • Dominicruz

      do you thing nintendo is going to create 1000 pokemon amibos? are you crazy ? maybe just the must popular.

      • Guest

        Further to your idea, I wouldn’t assume they’d release 1000 figurines at once, however what prevents them continuing the Pokemon amiibo franchise as part of a long term strategy? Creating figurines for the most popular / well known characters doesn’t seem like a bad place to start, but it seems like there is a lot of potential for use with any future game releases

  • Jasen Swett

    Nintendo is gonna do custom amiibos for you’re mii characters I read it online the other day

    • James Clapp

      Who doesn’t want to see themselves as an action figure!

  • J_Joestar

    Makes me wonder what will happen if they start making Amiibos of characters not in Smash and you try to use them in your Smash game…

    • Dominicruz

      nothing is going to happen

  • Chris

    I’m confused, It sonds like when you place a figure on the game pad the figure play/ fights by itself, and you sit on the sidelines and watch it fight?

    • James Clapp

      You fight against it (in the beginning) to train it, once its trained up enough you can either fight it or it fights at your side.

  • Just do something with it. Don’t let the idea die on the vine like so many other things.

  • Darkness

    I think the best thing to do is cancel this baby toy garbage. Nintendo will never catch up to the big boys Sony/Microsoft if they keep playing on the playground.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog