Apr 15th, 2014


Last week we posted a deal from Newegg to get the Wii Fit Meter for super cheap. If you missed that deal or you’d rather not shop at Newegg, Amazon now has the Wii Fit Meter available for $10. The Fit Meter can be used to unlock the trial verison of Wii Fit U to the full version of the game. Looks like Nintendo isn’t selling as many of these as they hoped, since there have been numerous discounts on the meter itself, as well as the pack that includes the balance board.

Free shipping is available to Amazon prime members, making it an even sweeter deal. Will you be picking one of these up? Or perhaps getting an extra to give to a family member?

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  • For this price… I’ll probably pick it up

  • Austin Troth

    Looks like they are out of stock now. If you buy this can you play the game without buying the disc version? I downloaded the demo back in november but forgot to buy a meter, I heard that promotion only lasted until the end of January but I wanted to double check

    • steveb944

      Still shows in stock for me, make sure you’re checking all listings and not the overpriced main one. And I believe that promo is over