Jul 16th, 2013

Wii U

The Wii U has been subject to deep price cuts in the UK since the beginning of this year, with retailer Asda leading the charge. The Wii U 8GB basic set now retails for £149.99, while the Wii U 32GB premium retails for £199.99. This is a £99.99 price cut for both versions.

It’s not hard to see why both Asda and Amazon UK are lowering the prices of these units to stay competitive, as it was recently revealed that only 180k units of Wii U software have been sold in the UK in the last six months. Both Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 are expected to boost these numbers once they’re released.

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  • These retailers are so impatient… Amazon tarnished their relationship with Nintendo over the 3DS by doing the EXACT same thing. Then they saw how it turned out… Does no one look at the past for this stuff?

    EDIT: Thanks to Ashley, I’ve learned that that’s not how they tarnished their relationship. Still, history…

    • Michael Jurado

      *nods* no one pays attention too history

    • Amazon didn’t tarnish anything. They were taking back 3DSes that were considered faulty by their return standards and Nintendo refused to replace them because they said they weren’t faulty by THEIR return standards, so Amazon no longer stocks Nintendo products in the US because of it.

      The fault had to do with cracked hinges.

      • oooh. I read an article a while ago that must not have been very well informed then… Thanks for the correction :3

        5 people must REALLY hate incorrect articles o.0

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Why are so many people quick to blame the retailers? The price cut puts the Wii U at a more reasonable price, considering that UK prices were outlandish compared to North American prices. This will only help Nintendo, who already made money from retailers stocking Wii U units, and will boost sales for them. What’s the problem?

      • I suppose that’s true…

  • Mitch Hall

    Huh… I wonder if it would be cheaper to import one, then.

    (remember the region-lock)

    Oh… nevermind.

  • Michael Jurado

    I wonder if they’ll ever make games with 2 wii u pads O_O

    • They said it had the capability

      • Michael Jurado

        oh sweet!! that’s all I wanted to know ^_^ because, 2 wii u game pads are obviously better than a ps4/xboxone lol

        • oh yah. they are.

          Wii U by itself is better to me >.>

          But yeah, E3 2012 they said it could use 2 gamepads

    • Nintyfan

      Miyamoto said they were working on a Wii U game that will use 2 Gamepads.

  • Mark Thom


    • Only a few are true gamers


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        • Only a few are true gamers

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        • Only a few are true gamers

          Oh and guy we all know the truth..Don’t hid it son..You’re a wii u gamer too

  • audi lover

    Simple really nintendo pull your fucking fingers out your ass and actualy release software got pikmin 3, splinter cell, dues ex and woderful 101 on pre order but still its far to little to late, and improve your vc had enough of crappy nes games I want the best of snes at the very least, or at least the same vc japan gets, theyve actually got sum good titles over there

    • ICHI

      And I’m going to go and give Sega some loving for the third time today and say PUT SATURN GAMES ON THE VC!!!! The Wii could do SNES, NES, MD, ME, NeoGeo etc I want newer systems, Arcade ports, GameCube games!!! Basically give me Mario Kart Arcade, F-Zero GX and Panzer fucking dragoon 🙂

  • Sol Ridgeway

    Nintendo Screwed up bad. They should have released with the rest of the consols. No one realizes that WiiU is out performing PS3 and Xbox 360 in the same opening time period, and this is a worse economy. If they would have all released together then they would see that the WiiU and PS4 would be leading the pack.

    The other thing is that kids would have went to gamestop and the parents would have looked at the prices and bought the WiiU. When the PS4 and XBone come out the WiiU will start selling. The Wii really started selling well because people were playing it at other peoples house and thought it was great. Give it some time.

    • NintendoFanBI

      They should have released Wii U console in december 2013 not 2012 since there are NO games for Wii U right now except Pikmin 3

    • Thomas Vienna

      In my opinion, if the Wii U was released in Holiday this year, it would probably receive a lot more crap about it being underpowered compared to the PS4 and Xbox One, being released at the same time. However, I still agree with you, because that’s still not as bad as the lack-of-games argument going on right now.

      • thedeciderU

        meanwhile, it’s been stomped on since about feb. and the ps4 reveal. it would have been nice if nintendo waited to launch with 6 or 7 strong first-party titles (coming between now and end of year), although i’ve enjoyed the system. i would’ve waited.

      • Potemkin

        Among all of the bad moves made by Nintendo with the Wii U (awful choice of a name, weak support and price and others) releasing the console earlier than the others was actually a good move because when compared to the other two consoles it looks and feels obsolete. Now, the lack of advertisement really hurts the console because to many it is simply a Wii witha tablet controller.

        • Sol Ridgeway

          With the advertisement thing, the big thing that hurt it there was that the advertisements looked like the exact advertising scheme the Wii had. Same people on the couch, same room, same music, and same goofy reactions. They really did not separate themselves from the Wii enough. Most people haven’t played their Wii in years, so why would they want to buy a new one? When Nintendo answers that question to the masses then the console will sell.

    • Ducked

      No, Nintendo was smart releasing the wii u in 2012. They’d probably be doomed if they released it at the same time. They just needed more games in the first half of 2013

    • Michael DeVore

      They got the release date right. What they needed to do was take the advice of devs who worked on the PS3 and 360 who said development was more expensive, and ramped up development earlier. They needed to hit and keep hitting with top level games. Unfortunately, they hit with only SMBU and ZombiU as top tier games, but ZombiU, as good as it is, is only a genre game for a genre that doesn’t sell very well. Everything else was ether mini games, or quick incomplete ports. As it stands they hit the same development wall everyone else hit when they switched to HD. They should have anticipated it better, God knows they have the money.

    • Will.F. Martinez

      hmmm these are actually are all good points. never actually looked at it the way you guys are doing. but yes they wouldve performed better if they release around the same time as the other consoles for many reasons. lack of power isn’t really a factor becouse the wii was underpowered compare to ps3/360, but still did fairly well and yes wiiu name itself caused/causes confusion. I’m still explaining to many of my coworkers the difference between a wii and wiiu. its not till they come over and play with the console that they are amazed. the price itself really isnt an issue it would be now comparing to the 50$ difference of the ps4. but if it release around the same time it wouldve sold regardless of price.

      • Sol Ridgeway

        You are exactly right. They attacked the Wii saying it was underpowered and it out sold the rest. Also, I have talked to a lot of people that think that the WiiU is just a controller add-on to the Wii. It is so bad that I have seen in Target and Walmart the Wii and WiiU games mixed together.

        • Will.F. Martinez

          I’ve noticed that also, Other then gamestop every other location sells the accessories and games mixed with WiiU. They even sell the consoles side by side.

    • raiden777

      Parent will still do that this holiday season. When they look around GameStop, and other stores, they will find the Wii U more inviting on all fronts. Both in style, games and price.

      Nintendo has slowly been churning out titles as a way to pace themselves for the coming start of the console war this holiday. Wii U will out sell Ps4 and xboxone for sure. By Christmas, Nintendo will have Smash Bros. A juggernaut of a franchise rolling together all the heavy hitter franchise characters in one amazing package. It will be a no brainer for consumers. Family orient gamers, casual gamers, and truly hard core gamers will be buying a Wii U this holiday season.

  • Wanderlei

    UK suddenly became a relevant market overnight because it can be used to spread Black PR against the Wii U.

    • We’ve always reported on price drops no matter the region. This isn’t some smear campaign.

      • Wanderlei

        Not this site in particular.

        The UK is such a irrelevant market in the world wide scheme of things but has been made to be something hugely important for the purpose of negative Wii U headlines.

        Most black PR will get kicked started via neogaf and their hordes of sony viral marketers, then their sock puppets, will parrot in every forum possible.

        The trouble is that this creates a positive feedback loop of

        Shitty Neogaf Post is Made -> Shitty neogaf posters post them to their own awful blogs -> More shitty neogafs posts are made since now the ‘blogosphere’ is all the rage about the original post -> Then another shitty new neogaf post is made and it filters its way through the internet again.

        It’s fucking gross.

        • Nintedward

          The UK is far from an irrelivant market place. roughly 7M PS3’s 7M Wii’s and 7M 360’s have sold in the UK… that’s roughly 21 million home consoles last gen putting it just behind Japan by a nose in terms of home consoles sold.

          Plenty of DS’s sold he also… about 9M.

  • FungalSpawn

    They don’t want stock on hand when ps4/xbox3 come basically. I never owned a Wii, so this Wii U has essentially been an overpriced Wii for me.

    • Only a few are true gamers

      Well it beats paying 400 or 500 dollars for a gaming console

    • Andreas Sunde

      300$ gives you access to the entire library of the Wii, plus the current and future library of the Wii U. I’d say that’s a good deal, a lot better than Playstation.

      • MajinCry

        And if you install homebrew, you can then get access to the library of the:

        Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, Sega Master System, SNES, NES, Neo Geo, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Gameboy, Commodore 64, Amstrad, Dos(!) and many more.

        I say £150 is a steal, supposing you already own the games of ye olden days.

  • Ducked

    Well they don’t have a Black Friday in the UK

  • Paul Brown

    Can’t really blame them, and if it helps move units then no harm to anyone

  • Doctors Tardis

    Well, to be honest, it needed a price drop, this brings the wii u deluxe to $300 over there.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      I think the price cuts are perfectly reasonable and are where they should have been in the first place. People in the UK were paying 350 pounds for the deluxe edition at launch. That’s more than 500 US dollars…

    • I agree on the price cut that it is/was needed to get a reasonable price, the £299 is actually $452,82 as for the Euro €299,- is actually $392,42 so it’s definitely way overpriced in Europe, it’s even more expensive then the PS4 in the US

      Now it’s $301,37.- (at the price of £199 and €229,-) so still a bit more expensive but not as overpriced as it was at launch.

      • Peter Lythaby

        Everything is always overpriced in Europe 🙁 but the

        • Peter Lythaby

          The lack of games just isn’t helping

          • Some great game are coming soon, but indeed they should have been there already, the games available now are not something everyone wants to play, but more a bunch of group A plays game A,B and D while group B plays game C, E and F and there is a very small group who plays all games I think, for me it is the main reason why I have ‘t got a wiiu yet.

            The games which come next year (Bayo2, SSB, Zelda, X are the games which make me buy a WiiU for this year it still might happen, depending mostly on Sonic Lost World, and ACIV, possibly SC:blacklist and Watch dogs really the 4 games for me I’m looking forward too. And Deus Ex will probably help too.

            2014 wil be an excellent WiiU year I think 🙂

          • Peter Lythaby

            I certainly hope so 🙂 It just makes me weep that I wsd a day one buyer and to date have only got 3 games that interested me. I have also downloaded NES SNES games ad well ad a couple of the independent titles but if I’d knownn I would be doing that I would have held off for quite a while! ! You’re right though the next few months certainly look good. Personally looking forward to Pikmen3, Bayonetta2, Mario Kart8 (of course 😉 ) and the Wonderful 101

    • Will.F. Martinez

      i really didnt know that. but it does seem fare and i would agree that that is a proper price to raise sells. didnt know euro was that big of a difference. dmn it really was overpriced in Europe

      • Doctors Tardis

        Yeah, Europe and Australia always get screwed over with their prices in relation to ours on consoles for some reason.

  • Adam Porter

    just back from asda there actually, wanted to buy a game for my wiiU, went to the wiiU section, not even one game out on display, not one. plenty of accessories but no consoles and no games.

  • Guest
    • XroyD

      WTF? I posted this first!

      • Link

        Double the spray. BTW does it have any chemicals? is it natural?JK

        • XroyD

          Hmm… I don’t know LOL

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Well people…There are some who will never like nintendo and are so stuck up sony’s and microsofts butt that they can’t even face the truth…It’s a shame. Myself i will get a ps4 at some point and xbox bone i’ll pass 500 dollars does not warrent the price

  • thedeciderU

    way to advertise nintendo… lame

  • Guest

    Here I was almost going to buy the Wii U for £299 at Argos… Thanks Wii U Daily! O_o

  • Dan

    I would pick one up as a second Wii U for the house, except they’re region locked. Sadness…

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    People from UK should pick up this deal because they are more lucky than USA since Pikmin is coming out.

  • Mj78

    The problem is that Amazon are not doing this for any other reason than to get rid of unwanted stock – once it is gone, they will not re stock – Nintendo need to take note

    • ItzameyaToad

      True they may not restock fully but they will continue to keep some in stock for when people start to buy them. Amazon is a company that sells goods online and have been doing so for years so they know how the video game market works, they would risk potential profit by completely clearing stock with nothing to fall back on when sales pick up.

      • oontz

        Amazon would just link to another retailer through their site as they do, and then tax that retailer for the sale.

  • Mj78

    as the wii u price drops, sales go up….. well that is the theory but but is it happening? nope

  • Akatosh

    Thanks for the last sentence. Raises my hopes.

  • sd

    Everyone is saying Nintendo should have waited. I was originally thinking the same. But now I am not sure.

    If you think about had Nintendo waited there would be a huge amount of talk about the power between each system. As it is the talk is about PS4 vs Xbox 1. Also Nintendo sales have fallen. But their main games are about the to start being released. 1-2 high quality games from July until December (or Aug-December depending on your country). Not only that but Nintendo so far have sold just under 4 million consoles. They make a profit with 1 game sale.
    Had they waited until this year they would have had to launch at a lower price from day 1. Making it harder to turn a profit. Not to mention that the standard Wii isnt selling anymore. So they would have made even less money as a company without the WiiU. Now they have a 4 million console headstart and they can drop the price when all the games below come out.

    So come the end of the year the WiiU sales should pick up. You have all these exclusive games from now onwards, if these dont sell Nintendo nothing will

    Pikmin 3
    Wonderful 101
    Scribblenauts unmasked
    Zelda Wind Waker
    Wii Party U
    Sonic Lost worlds
    Donkey Kong
    Sonic at winter Olympics
    WiiFit U
    Mario 3D land

    These are just exclusives this year. I might have missed a couple not sure.

  • raiden777

    That’s about 225 us dollars, converted from the British pound. I tell ya, once the timing is right and Nintendo drops the price that low in the US, they will be flying off the fucking shelves.

    • Nothing5555

      The 225 price point would convince anyone sitting on the fence about buying a WiiU to go out an make a purchase (including me).

  • $39063977

    SLASH IT DOWN NINTENDOOOO. what’s important right now is to build up the install base. money will flow in your hands from games sold.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Hahahaha Goodbye robby bass…lol