Sep 20th, 2012

Mega-online-retailer Amazon isn’t selling Wii U consoles directly yet, as a result of a bitter feud between them and Nintendo. While some third party dealers are selling Wii U’s through Amazon, the company isn’t selling any firsthand. In fact, Amazon isn’t selling any Nintendo consoles directly as of now. But luckily, it looks like there light at the end of the tunnel.

According to rumors, it all started with the original 3DS. Amazon had a huge lot of unsold 3DS consoles and wanted to sell them at a discount. Nintendo said no, and forced the retailer to sell at the original (and very steep) price point.

Amazon Wii UThis made Amazon go though their 3DS inventory and look for even the tiniest errors and faults in the console, and then returned them to Nintendo. This reportedly pissed off Nintendo so much that they stopped shipping hardware to the retailer. And hasn’t shipped anything since.

Kotaku asked Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime about the issue, but he refused to comment. He did acknowledge that Amazon as a direct sales company “does not carry any Wii U hardware”. There are some third party retailers selling the Wii U on the site though, and usually at a steep premium — the Basic set can be had for $500.

Getting Amazon to sell the Wii U directly should be a big priority for Nintendo. It’s the biggest online retailer in the world — certainly in the US — and getting them on board is crucial for Wii U sales. Amazon was one of the biggest sellers of the original Wii. At a time when the Wii was sold out across the US, Amazon always seemed to have some units in stock.

There is a sign of good news, though: Amazon is selling Wii U games at the moment, and Amazon UK appears to be selling the Wii U. Furthermore, some users are reporting that they’ve started selling the 3DS XL. Hopefully this means it’s only a matter of time before we see the Wii U on the storefront.

The Wii U has been available for pre-order across the world, and has sold out many places in the US. Last time we checked, it was sold out completely at Target, Best Buy, Kmart, and Sears.

The Wii U will launch on November 18, 2012 with two SKUs, a Basic version for $299 and a Deluxe set for $349. For more, check out a full breakdown of the two models and what they include.

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  • AKA-Link77

    I dont really order stuff online but i guess this is kinda disapointing to ppl that do. Im still hoping for retailers to stock back up ASAP so i can pre order this BEAST already!


      Amazon is im planing in buying nintendis ioad tablet. Amazon gives great sales bargins. Things is nintendo is kinda cheap and I heard a rumer that amazon and nintendo had an argument becuase supposly nntendo was to cheap and didnt want to spend on tax? Either way if it comes out on amazon thats great news

      • LUCIFER

        *Nintendo’s ipad tablet
        Spell check correction

        • Shankovich


          • olimar

            just disregard it, lucifer is just a nintendo-hater troll.

        • Madmagican

          “NIntendo’s ipad tablet”…*facepalm* it’s a gamepad; nothing like a tablet

      • AKA-Link77

        wow. . . looks like someone doesnt have a life and insted has multiple accounts to thumbs down nuetral or positive comments. . .

        • AKA-Link77

          (in which i mean my comment)

          • Enygmaomega

            I think the unlikes are because you didn’t preorder the Wii U

    • LEGOkid

      Im with ya buddu. I didnt Pre order online, or in stores. LUCKILY I just checked, and the basic set is still on sale. There’s still hope (At least until the end of the week probably).

  • Garzard


    • liberalagenda

      I could honestly care less either. No sweat off of my back. If they don’t want to make money, I am sure others will step in for a quick buck.

  • Crater

    I hope they do. I was piss when I have bought $400 of amazon gift cards only to find out that they are not selling them.

    • dr scoobie

      lucky you didnt get argos gift card
      argos is super ripped off.

      not only that but the giftcards say they dont have to accept your giftcard
      you could spend £400 on a giftcard
      and they can just say we dont want you to pay with a gift card
      pay with cash!!!

      argos is evil.

  • Benjaminkno

    Awkward… They’ll come around

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Although this doesn’t affect me at all, it does affect gamerz & families that want a Wii U in there house hold so i feel sorry for amazon while at the same time being a little mad at them.

    But anyways hope Amazon gets back on track or nintendo might lose some profit not that they will cuz there nintendo and nintendo knows how to negoiate and make deals when they really need them,

    so im sure nintendo will work it out 😉

    • dr scoobie

      nintendo might lose profit if amazon gets back on track
      oooh a piece of dust on the wii u

      its faulty!!!!

  • AKA-Link77

    Also. . . pre orders R thru the roof right now and if one of the biggest online retailers (amazon) open up W i d e for Wii U™ then theyll get lots of money! So as of now Amazon is missing out cuz of their situation with Nin.

  • LP

    Thing is, as I see it, that Nintendo had X number of consoles which they distributed among the other dealers, now the Wii U is sold out, so if Amazon starts selling, everybody that gets one, should go to a waiting list, as there are no more available. So, the main idea is that right now, as things are, it makes no real difference where you buy your Wii U as you are going to the end of the line. Thanks for the news though. I would have preferred to buy it from Amazon than from Target, but we REALLY had to act fast there…

  • Nintyfan

    Eh I could careless, if Wii U’s are getting sold out just about everywhere we really don’t need Amazon as 1st to come to order anyway. 😀

  • link 5

    Amazon would be fools not to sell the Wii u

    • JumpMan

      *is being

    • The Aquacharger

      Except more then likely they want to. They wanted to sell 3DS’ at a price cut to sell them but Nintendo wouldn’t let them. They don’t want tobe overstocked and have wasted warehouse space. I wanted to buy my Wii U from Amazon but they didn’t stock it so I got it from Gamestop. Also Nintendo does need Amazon too. Amazon is a great advertiser. Since if they get the Wii U in stock they can advertise it on the frontpage to sell it, which would show it off to over millions of people. In the end both companies need to get over it. Nintendo also needs to get over their recent partnership with Gamestop.



  • Bobsingh

    This made Amazon go *(though) their 3DS inventory and look for even the tiniest errors and faults in the console, and then returned them to Nintendo. This reportedly pissed off Nintendo so much that they stopped shipping hardware to the retailer. And hasn’t shipped anything since.

    *through 🙂

    • TheImaj

      Mr. Singh? Is that you? My high school English teacher, right?!! How goes it??

  • ZombieGuns

    Amazon can kiss my ass I already pre-ordered at Gamestop.

  • Erick

    Amazon has NO say if they can sell the wii u, rumors are rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt. This is really Amazon’s issue not Nintendo’s, sure they had a huge lot but seriously disobaying a company is basically saying we’re done with you.

    You will not get a wii u from amazon directly, game stop is sold out of the deluxe which honestly the deluxe is a load of crap. A few pieces of plastic, 16GB of extra space(woopy damn do..) a charging dock(the wii u itself is the dock if anyone has played with it or read up on it) and it’s black. At the same price as the wii u deluxe you can get the same with the basic and really you’re not looking at your console but your tv so color is mute.

    I’m only pissed as I can’t have more than 1 gamepad..

    • millsey4

      The deluxe version is not a load of crap. It comes with 32 GB of memory, where the basic comes with 8 GB. The last time I checked, 32 minus 8 equals 24. The charging dock allows for quicker and easier charging. You just set the gamepad on the cradle and it charges, rather than have to plug the cord directly into the gamepad. The deluxe also comes with Nintendoland, which retails for 59.99 by itself. There’s also the deluxe digital promotion, which gives points towards future downloads. All this for only 50 more is certainly worth it. Also, there are currently no games that are compatible with a second gamepad, so it would be pointless to be able to purchase one already. Nintendo does have replacements available for those who break theirs.

    • TheImaj

      Seriously? 32 – 8 = 24 extra GB. Not 16. (woopy damn do, right?). But take out the extra space and the “plastic” you mentioned. And throw in the game that you forgot to mention. You’re saving $10 on a game if you get the deluxe version. Now let’s try adding in all the other “plastic” and the 24GB of space. Yeah…it’s WELL worth it. Or do you just need an extra $50? Let me know..

    • Lord Carlisle

      The Deluxe is only fifty more dollars… and it includes A SIXTY-DOLLAR-GAME… and you still get all the extra memory and items. That’s an amazing deal in my eyes!

      I don’t know why you have the gall to complain about that.

    • frank

      I have a white wii and a six year old brother that will (try) to play the wii u, so having a completly different color should help him figure out the difference between the too.

      • frank

        Sorry, two

    • Enygmaomega

      Look at this troll. Do you train in professional trolling?
      Remember the ipod? Apple charged $100 more for a switch from an 8gig to a 16gig. You’re getting more memory and a game for only $50 more.

    • JumpMan

      uh… excuse me? yea. hi. it comes with NintendoLand, the stand thing can be VERY useful for games like Pikmin and the cradle works if you want you GamePad to look cool while it’s charging and not like some random, fat iPad you laid on your Wii U console… so you’re pretty much wrong there.

    • SteampunkJedi

      It’s actually 24 more gigs. And the deluxe comes with Nintendo Land. If you want the basic, that’s fine, just don’t bash on the deluxe. And please get your facts straight before complaining like that.

  • Zeta

    This is bad, due to how expensive the console would be in my country i was thinking of using amazon to get it shipped to someone in the US then have it sent to me, well i know amazon isn’t the only one i can do that with but still its the most trusted for me as that’s what i have always used, even ordered my Wii and all the games i have for it from amazon.

  • Trev

    Amazon is the only place I can find to let me pre order dark siders 2 for wiiu

  • Joesatmoes

    i wont preorder it anyway, and i never buy stuff online, so no loss to me, but i feel sorry for ppl who wanted to

  • AO1JMM

    I dont really care anymore as Amazon is starting to charge tax soon even on prime.

  • Jetty

    It’s a shame, I use Amazon for plenty of Nintendo products. I bought my original Wii and 3DS there. That’s where I get all my used games. I was going to order the 3DS XL, but put that 200 towards my Wii U pre order. Whichever Wii U accessories are not sold at Gamestop or Walmart will be purchased on Amazon. Money will fix this problem. You really think both parties will miss out on a sold out, Holiday item?

  • Alienfish

    Whatever. Amazon was a bitch, and they got slapped. This only means more sales for every other electronics retailer on the planet and I don’t believe it will affect sales of WiiU or any other Nintendo console.

  • Kahhhhyle

    Kinda off topic but did anybody notice the A and B buttons on the pro controllers/game pad are in the wrong spots?

  • Retro

    Damned if I do and Damned if I don’t.

    I would buy the 8 gig version, but I really do not care for white. If they had it in black for $299.00, I would be on it.

    Plus, I am not to enthusiastic about NintendoLand for the 32 gig version….

    So do I wait now and see if they come out in black or do I buy the white version and get it painted whatever color I want…. Hmmmmmm

  • TheBaconator

    I won’t buy things over $100 online anyways. Heres why:
    1- Maybe I’m paranoid, but what if somebody hacks onto my account?
    2- The chances I have are bad luck… I’ll buy something and then it’s lost through shipping.
    and 3- Something this precious shouldn’t be tossed in the back of a UPS truck like a baseball or fruit cake, but safely in my arms as I hold it carefully through the ride home.

    • Lazyboy88

      Haha, i do the exact same thing, i buy the console at the store and then i’ll turn into a ninja, if anything were to happen to it i would defend it with my life xD

  • wtf

    amazon uk sels them all zombie u-wii u nintendoland-wii u and regular-wii u

    • Nintenjoe64

      Yeah I preordered the £299 one from Amazon UK and then saw a ZombiU pack for £329 so I got that too. Then I saw Zavvi was cheaper which was annoying.

      I hope they sell out. I got 4 wii consoles in time for xmas the year it was released and like a good boy I gave two to friends and one to family but some idiots were paying over £1000 for them and I want in on that action.

  • *.*

    This reminds me of ea and there tantrum

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Man, is Amazon Selling any Nintendo systems like past game console like Nes & Gamecube.

    Also, bought an Indigo Gamecube to re-live playing the Indigo Color, i have a Platinum GCN but i wanted the original Color Indigo so i bought it and it’s been saying shipping soon for 3 days now, so, are they really not gonna ship it, cuz of the nintendo fued?

    i mean” Nintendo doesn’t make money off the GCN anymore, do they?

    cuz i want my indigo GCN i paid $26 for it.

    • The Aquacharger

      You bought it from a third party. Amazon hasn’t stocked a GCN since year 3 of the Wii being out.

  • NintenBro

    I was disappointed. I was hoping to use my 10% discount to pre order, but it was never listed. So I went to gamestop. Still find it funny how it WAS listed then taken down but the games are still there. Smh oh the politics

  • F

    I’ve got my ZombieU and Nintendoland bundles preordered on Amazon UK. Would be hypocritical to be pissed with Amazon UK though as Nintendo keep stating how there is no RRP in UK and retailers set there own price points.

  • pmuderdog

    Yea… Amazon Germany sells them directly as an amazon product and not as other sellers

  • NoPUNintendo

    Good thing some of us got to pre order deluxe edition at Gamestop. But hey, if Amazon does sell the Wii U, that is good news. But, if they don’t, just like now, I’m sure people will still be able to get a Wii U by launch, or after launch.

  • Paul

    sucks to be american lol in a nice way though

    amazon us = no wii u console packs
    amazon uk = all wii u console packs

  • SteampunkJedi

    I was wondering why Amazon didn’t have any Wii U’s. I’ve gotten many games and even my 3DS through Amazon. The 3DS was a lot lower than the original price when I got it.

  • FrostyRose

    hope amazon and nintendo work this out since they normally are the cheapest alternative for me to get a console without physically having to go to the US

  • kevin

    Im glad amazon isn’t selling any nintendo. The ceo is way to liberal, I buy nothing from them and glad they will not get any wiiu money and other companies will get the profit. Good for nintendo standing up for its policy and bending over scared at a big retailer. Companies need to stand up. Amqzon is a winny baby, they sign a contract and took a chance to sale them at a certain price and gamble with a huge inventory and that is the gamble of business. If you are unsder contract to sale at a price point that is the gamble you took. Sometime it pays off and sometime it doesnr.

    This author is an idiot, saying it is in ninentdo best interest to allow them to sale. That statment says if they don’t sale it someone will not buy a wiiiu

    • NintenBro

      I agree. Though it sucks I wasn’t able to get a deal through Amazon, it’s good to see Nintendo stand up for themselves. Every big company needs to get reminded they can’t always call the shots. Both these guys are strong enough to succeed without each other.

  • Rebecca

    This is effects me. I can’t buy a wii u unless I get it on amazon. I have the money in Amazon gift codes. I don’t have the cash anywhere else. 🙁

    • kevin

      I feel for you but to have all your money tied up to one retailer is the just like amazon taking a risk on the DS and it not working out. You should hold your own money and not allow amazon hold your money.

  • Metroidslayer

    Amazon uk have wii u on sale.

  • LogicalDude

    I honestly hope they don’t get any systems until December. Save more for our local retailers!

  • Elite

    I love both companies. But i think its ****ed up that Nintendo would not let amazon sell the 3ds at what ever they want to. I did my my nintendo 3ds on amazon at launch for that $250 price point. I really hope they come to equal grounds on this.