Jun 2nd, 2017

In order to compete better with Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked program, Amazon recently started giving its Prime members a 20% discount on all game pre-orders for up to two weeks after the game’s release. That’s a pretty generous policy, since it lets you wait until the game’s been released to see reviews and still lock-in the pre-order price.

However, the company made a few changes today that will certainly affect Nintendo fans who are also Amazon Prime members. They’ve updated the terms and conditions agreement for the discount to state that collector’s editions and toys-to-life products like amiibo, Skylanders, and Lego Dimensions will no longer receive this 20% pre-order discount.

Here’s the new part from that list of terms & conditions.

Offer does not apply to certain video game products such as toys to life, collector’s editions, and product bundles including but not limited to console game bundles and accessory bundles.

I never really expected the 20% discount to apply to console game bundles, but hearing that they’re taking it away from collector’s editions and amiibo is really disappointing. I already feel that amiibo are overpriced at $13 a pop, especially when many retailers have so many in stock they’re offering buy one get one half off.

Do you use your Amazon Prime subscription to pre-order games? Will you be continuing that practice after these policy changes? This seems like a pretty bone-headed move on Amazon’s part, considering Best Buy’s Gamers Club is only $30 for a two year membership and you get 20% off of all your purchases, no matter what.

Nintendo eShop Card – $20

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