Jan 12th, 2016


Amazon is stepping up its offering for Prime members who are also gamers, as it looks like the company is now offering 20% off of pre-orders for multiple titles and amiibo. The discount only shows once you’re checking out, but it works on several upcoming titles including Nintendo published games.

It’s likely this is a response to Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club unlocked, which offers a similar perk for a modest fee. Here’s a quick look at everything currently available under the promotion, with Nintendo titles listed first. If you have other gaming systems, be sure to check out the pre-order bonuses for those as well.

Nintendo Titles


This currently works for all amiibo that are up for pre-order on Amazon, bringing the price for each figure to just a little over $10. Current figures include Kicks, Blathers, Lucas, Mr. Resetti, and Celeste.

Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

Other Notable Deals

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