Mar 19th, 2013


A few weeks ago we told you that Square Enix was rumored to be bringing Deus Ex: Human Revolution to the Wii U. It looks like that will be true, as the company was scheduled to make an announcement for Wii U at PAX East this weekend. Those beans have been spilled by Amazon, who has listed the game with accompanying box art for a $49.99 price tag to be released on May 7th. The game is also listed as the Director’s Cut of the game, which means all DLC like The Missing Link will probably be on the disk.

There’s no clue as to how the GamePad will work with the game, but we’ll probably see more of that info at PAX East this weekend.

Are you excited about the release? Let us know in the comments.

[via Amazon]

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  • Petri

    Will buy, since didnt finish it on ps3

  • Jon Turner

    Interesting. I like that they’re not charging $59.99 to sell this. That was too high a price for even Arkham City AND Assassin’s Creed 3.

    • Petri

      Yes, though AC 3 was only 2 months old I think.
      But Arkham City should have been cheaper.

      • ConCity Soldier

        It was just about a month.

    • Matt Cameron

      Arkham City came with the DLC.. and Assassins Creed 3 was released 2 weeks after 360, and PS3, before the WiiU was even launched! $59.99 was completely fair for both games

      • sithWiiU

        Well, you could buy the GotY version for B:AC on PS360 for 40 bucks at the time. the Wii U version wasn’t that special to warrent an extra 20 bucks.

    • Nintedward

      AC3 wiiu launched before the PC version which was the same price .

      Deus Ex looks cool as long as it is a proper directors cut version and !

  • Link Slayer

    I always wanted to play this game!

  • wober2

    maybe worth playing again I have not yet played the dlc.

  • Aenifer

    “…which means all DLC like The Missing Link will probably be on the disk.”

    Probably? Because maybe there won’t be any DLC on the disk? When i can buy Deus Ex Human Revolution and all the DLCs on Steam with 30€? Make the right move this time, Square Enix.

    • I use the word probably because nothing has been comfirmed directly by Square Enix. But Director’s Cuts typically have everything together like a GoTY Edition.

  • DESS_M_8

    If this is the opening play is square Enix support and we also see wii u ports of Hitman and tomb raider and sleeping dogs and the like, (quick quality titles to finally get sone choice put out there for the wii u, along with support with future square Enix titles such as thief 4, I’ll be very pleased and they’ll have my cash

    • thedeciderU

      agreed – just turned off tomb raider on the xbox and would love hitman and sleeping dogs on wii u! or really anything they want to bring to us. i’ve been impressed with their recent games.

  • D.M.T

    Those who are complaining about this game coming to Wii U is weird. There’s nothing wrong with old games coming to a new console, especially if you haven’t played the game yet. PS3 and 360 get old games too sometimes. PC gets old games a lot too. Stop being so critical of the Wii U and be happy with the support the system is getting. I’m kinda excited to see how this game will play on Wii U. I’m starving so bring more old games to Wii U if you want i dont care.

    But of course, I want new games and more exclusives to Wii U as well. Here’s a list of games I want on the Wii U in the near or far future:

    Mad World 2
    Eternal Darkness 2 or a remake
    Conduit 3
    ZombiU 2
    Red Steel 3
    Star Fox
    Sin And Punishment
    Animal Crossing
    Pokemon RPG
    Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles
    Battalion Wars 3
    Donkey Kong
    1080 Snowboarding
    Wave Race
    Geist HD (a remake or sequel from the GameCube game)

    Those are just the ones i want the most, there are more games I want for my Wii U and all of those games are exclusive to Nintendo consoles. Those who think that Nintendo only has Mario and Zelda are ignorant.

    • Sheeesh…Red Steel 3…please let it happen, I loved RS2 :3

    • Ray01x

      I say Yes to all of this! xP

    • DK_Hadouken

      That is one seriously AWESOME list. Battalion Wars baby!

    • sithWiiU

      Nintendo SURVIVES on Mario & Zelda though. & you know that’s true, or you’re being ignorant of that fact.

      • D.M.T

        At least Nintendo survives on games that they make themselves. Sony and Microsoft survives on 3rd party games lol. In other words, they survive on games that OTHERS make for them. God Of War can’t keep Playstation alive and Halo can’t keep Xbox alive.

        • not that i disagree with where you’re going with this thought, but ps3 has more than jusr GOW for IPs. Other popular exclusives include Persona, Ys, Sly Cooper, The Last of Us, Soul Sacrifice, Uncharted, Killzone, Ratchet and Clank, Little Big Planet, etc. I love Nintendo’s IPs, but Sony does have a lot of awesome IPs also. Xbox not so much

      • jay


        Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Wii Fit, Smash Bros. and others have been kicking Zelda and Mario’s ass in terms of sales.


    • Bode


    • djvalbnc

      Mad World tottaly forgot about that, awesome idea! I agree with your list and most of them could actually be released in the future.

      what i always thought about, imagine a strategy game for wii u like ageof empires or something. that would be fucking awesome to handle with the touchscreen !!!!

  • Huzefa Javed

    And to utilise the gamepad it will have a….MAP.

  • jcnba28

    Hey guys sign and share this petition for SEGA to re-release the original Bayonetta on the Wii U eShop:

    • sithWiiU

      Just get it on a PS360. You Nintendrones are so sad.

      • jcnba28

        Why would we want to play the game on an inferior console?

      • I’m kinda tired of you. What’s wrong with enjoying Nintendo and their games? It’s not like Nintendo has anything less than a light-hearted attitude and reputation. They don’t deserve the slack they get from dumb kids. When I think Nintendo, I think top quality games, innovation, and plain ol’ fun playing games with my sister on the couch. Get over yourself. True gamers play every system and rejoice in the innovations and advancements that each console brings to the community as a whole.

      • NkoSekirei

        gtfo troll go back to barbie land were u belong

      • jay

        Thats rediculous. Releasing a better version of the original on the Wii U will only increase sales for part 2. This has NOTHING to do with “Nintendrones”

      • Neilandio

        Learn to troll.

  • Ray01x

    I love Deus Ex. (One of the Best Stealth games this Gen).
    I got the PS3 version a while back, but if the Wii U version shows enough improvements/changes, I might trade in the PS3 version for this. (;

  • DK_Hadouken

    I’ve never played any of the games, but have always been interested in them. I don’t care that it’s old. All I see is a game that will quench my thirst whilst I wait for more games.

    • sithWiiU

      That’s actually quite sad. 🙁

      • jay

        It’ll be sad when Pikmin 3 comes out and YOU won’t be able to play it on your NerdBox

  • Johny

    awesome 😀 i LOVED the first deus ex

  • CChaplin

    If Square Enix is going to be bringing older games to WiiU, why not Kingdom Hearts? Doesn’t that seem like a much more obvious fit for the Nintendo community?

    • Michael Jurado

      actually the guy who made kingdom hearts said he loved making kingdom hearts with dual screen as in he liked it so much that he cant imagine making another kingdom hearts without dual screen so dont be shocked if we steal that franchise from sony XD i mean yes the vita can mimic the wii u but its a fail comparison oh and umm i’ll post the link to where he says that later I have some stuff to do

      • CChaplin

        Thanks for sharing that bit of info, that makes me very happy! You deserve a huge high-five XD

        I’d love to see that link when you post it.

  • Michael Jurado

    I know nothing about deus ex can some one tell me what’s it about?

  • gabriel sanchez

    Havent played it yet and im definitley getting it, also goin for the new need for speed just to see how much of a graphic difference it is and also i havent owned a racing game in a long time! But definitly getting Dues Ex, I skipped it for the 360 so yeah getting it!

  • j0niex

    I’ve played through this game about 4-5 times and still enjoy playing it. The fact it’s coming to the Wii U is a really good idea tbh, it’ll be nice to see how they work with the gamepad and i know for a fact i’ll be picking this up.

  • looks like my wallet is going to be empty for a few more months

  • Well Here at, we are all excited to see some third party games, it all seems no one wants to make games for the Wii U.. Well thanks to SQUARE ENIX and porting Deus Ex Human Revolution Many People wont do that. So are big thanks to SQUARE ENIX!