May 22nd, 2013

Netflix on Wii U-580-75

For those of you who still haven’t picked up a few games for Wii U, Amazon is offering a hefty discount for some of the currently available titles. The selection is actually pretty great so if you were considering picking any of these up:

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  • Wayne Beck

    I really wish they would start selling Download Codes with these kind of discounts.. I’m trying to ween myself off disks..

    Mostly because their a pain in the ass to bring with me. Yes, oddly enough, I take my Wii U Everywhere.

    • Fred

      I hear you. I’ve also decided to go all digital. There are just so many advantages.

      • Relick

        Offset by the severe disadvantage of hardware failure ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Unfortunately that’s only a problem for Nintendo gamers right now. PC, Xbox and PlayStation are all tied to an account instead of a console. Something Nintendo needs to fix ASAP.

          • Nintedward

            Nintendo will transfer your data onto a new wiiu when you send it off for repair. Like you said though , they need to change that.
            You can delete and re-download games so I don’t see why you can’t.

          • Fred

            I know a guy whose system was stolen and he had to jump through a few hoops, but he got his games back

          • Same here.. Two bricked consoles of my brother and a friend of a friend. Both go their stuff back. Took 2 -3 days and a phone call or two though.

          • Fred

            There you go, you guys worry too much. It’s actually better. If my discs get lost or stolen then I’m out of luck, but if something happens to my digital games Nintendo bails me out!

          • Kirzan

            They have to be really meticulous about this (if they ever plan to do it). Games being tied to a console is probably the safest way to do it. Because people have to physically move their console to “share” games, therefore the only bad thing that can happen is 100% the consumer’s fault.

            Steam’s very safe too. I mean, you can’t login the same account twice. But! There’s always offline mode. Nothing’s keeping you from bringing your HDD to your friend’s, login friend account on your HDD, download his games, enable offline mode, bring HDD back and play all of his games offline.

            PSN also has a pretty big flaw. Where you can activate your account on up to 5 other systems in case you have multiple PS3s in the household. This means (and I’ve done it) that you can buy a game, have your friend access your account on his system, activate it, and download everything you bought legally. I lived with buddies once and we all did it. When they moved out, they still had my games yet weren’t in the household anymore…

            They really just need to fight the offline mode. We all know how crazy people get when the words “Always Online” are spoken. Well, now you know why. Like LAN parties. You think that, in a 25 people LAN, every single person owns all of the games? No, burnt disc, share that stuff and LAN (offline) mode.

          • Fred

            That’s NOT an issue. I know plenty of people whose 3DS or Wii U got lost stolen or broken and Nintendo gave them all the same games they had had before. It’s a little bit of a hassle, but it’s not a deal breaker.

          • It is an issue when Nintendo is the only company you have to do that with. My original Xbox RROD’d last year, I didn’t have to call Microsoft to get access to my games.

            I replaced my PC last year, I didn’t have to call Valve to get access to my Steam games. Regardless of whether they give you your games back or not, there are plenty of people they haven’t done that for and that’s not right.

          • Just an FYI… I know two people that had complete hardware failure of their Wii U’s One was because of a the user pulling the plug during an update because it locked up and the other just died.. Both were able to get their digital purchases back on the new Wii U but it took Nintendo to transfer the Account ID to the new console and authorize the content to be redownloaded after verifying their identity.

            The only reason they did not get the systems fixed was because it was within the 30 day return policy so it was actually Nintendo that suggested they exchanged the systems.

            So I think that even though the game is tied to the console it is possible to get your stuff back but it takes a few extra steps.

            Definitely something Nintendo should try and streamline and make easier for the customer though.

        • Fred

          See my response to Ashley K below

        • Fred

          I’d argue the reverse. If my discs are stolen lost or broken then I’m out of luck, but if something happens to my digital copy then Nintendo bails me out

    • Yeah I’m spoiled as a computer gamer. I buy all my 3DS games through the virtual console too and I wish those would get some of the great discounts you see from retailers, but you have to think about it, the only reason they’re getting discounted is because it’s a physical copy taking up space they want to sell.

    • I agree.. Now that I have a 1TB drive connected I am fine with downloading some of my games even though I still prefer having the discs most of the time.

      • val berger

        I’d love to be able to download stuff, but not with that pricing. it’s just absurd how much more you have to pay to be able to get a digital copy (which usually should cost less than the retailgame)
        Still waiting for Batman to get a pricecut, I’d really love to have that always available to play …

        • The cost of a disc, packaging and logistics is really not that much cheaper (if at all) than the costs of having a storage server(s) running 24/7 and the bandwidth necessary to accommodate all the traffic for the games and services on that server.

          • Cerus98

            Wish more people would realize this. Game discs and cases are cheap to have mass produced. Completely different and faster process than you buying some DVD-Rs from Best Buy and spending an hour to burn something large. Digital requires storage and massive bandwidth. Think the $50-100 most pay for high speed Internet is a lot? Business offering digital downloads have it far, far worse.

          • I manage a network/IT infrastructure for a High School and even with all the educational discounts the cost of our 100mbit internet connection is $350 month alone. Normally it is like $1200 for most businesses. Keep in mind this is NOT a cable connection or some other less stable connection and is direct fiber which has better stability and consistency in speed than cable. We also have a business class cable 50mbit as a backup and that is like $80 a month and we are contemplating putting in a link balancer to use both connections at the same time so if one goes down it will just use the other one but if both are up it will use both for the total internet bandwidth.

            Now to factor ins the hundreds of thousands of dollars in servers and switches that had to be purchases just to operate the school’s needs for just one High School.

            This is small potatoes compared to what a company like Nintendo has to do to offer services to all of it’s customers.

            I guess that is why I had no problem paying about $40 a year for XBOX live because I found it more reliable and secure than PSN. Thankfully once my current subscription expires I will not have to worry about that anymore because the XBOX One is not on my list to buy and I plan to finish playing the games I currently have for my 360 and not buying any more as I am moving away from the 360 and going PC Gaming and Nintendo for my gaming and entertainment needs.

    • Nintedward

      Not odd at all. I take my Wiiu to my mums house , my friends and other family members house and other places often :).

      It makes me paranoid transporting it though. my technique is to wrap it up in towels and then place it in 2 high quality bags.

      • They make travel cases.. I saw a nice padded one at Best Buy not too long ago that had pockets for the gamepad, controllers and some games.

        • Nintedward

          Yeah. I’d like one that looks like a Power drill box/case . You know what I mean ? With like a foam cut out that the Wiiu just slots into and same for the gamepad!. I might make one myself for it , will be tricky but worth it.

        • Cerus98

          You mean this one?

          I have it and love it. Everything feels very secure and the padding keeps everything safe and sound. Quite a bit of room for games and accessories as well.

      • Steven

        Yay! Someone who transports electronics using the same method as me! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Nintedward

          There’s another way ? xD

      • Wayne Beck

        Lol, I have an Old School Dell Laptop Case from back when Laptops were huge. Looks like a Briefcase, but it hold everything. Only problem is, it will only hold four or five disk cases comfortably and I’ve long since learned my lesson about those CD holders that ruin everything they touch.

        • Nintedward

          @Waybe Beck and Marcuss Garret

          Lol , we all have our own little routine ways of transporting it. Has anyone got a lot of hairline (irrelevant and tiny) scratches on their Wiiu from transporting it around ? It’s only been rubbing off of towels and its covered in hairline scratches.

          But it’s not bad you have to look close to see em.

          • Wayne Beck

            Haven’t seen any Scratches, but I haven’t looked either. My Console Gets Strapped in, so it doesn’t move at all in transport.

          • DereX

            I just throw mine in the car. No scratches so far. If you live life cautiously, something catastrophic is bound to happen to you.

          • Clel

            And if you live live carelessly, you’re even more sure to have something catastrophic happen to you. Totally worth it!

          • Ramm

            Mine has sratches all over from using a towel. ๐Ÿ™

      • I use a shoebox. Everything fits in perfectly!

      • derty

        Lol when I take my console anywhere I always box it in the box it came in ;). I still hav all the slots so it fits perfect with no parts rubbing each other haha. And then I just bag the games and extra controllers ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Denvy

        I take it a lot of places too. Anyone else paranoid about plugging and unplugging too much? My PS2 AV port is finicky from too much of that.

      • incoherent1

        Ha, you just exactly described the way I bring my Wii U to and from my girlfriend’s house. She and I always thought we are weird for moving it around, so good to hear I’m not alone. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Eduardo

      I’d love that as well!
      I’m from Brazil and since Wii U hasn’t been officially released here I have to buy discounted games from sites like Amazon and deliver to friends travelling to the US or have to pay more and get games through the eShop.

      Having discounted download codes would be amazing!

    • dasapolis

      Agreed. I think it just gets hectic with a lot of discs, and this may not be a good reason to complain, but I don’t like the sound it makes while a disc is inside, all loud and disturbing. It’s not a big issue, but still.
      Another thing would be pre-orders. I can’t pre-order a lot in my area, and when I can, I don’t get any special bonuses. Would be cool with a pre-order system on the eShop.

    • Zelly Jeffers

      Seriously. I’ve have so many more games if they did this. They don’t even have to be discounts. It’s irksome browsing the eShop, seeing a game I want, only to be met with ‘Retail Only’.

    • ludist210

      Well only half of those games are available in the eShop anyway…(Epic Mickey 2, Ninja Gaiden 3, and Assassin’s Creed 3)

    • Clel

      I remember being at the airport checking through security and getting upset when the security dude said ‘Oh, you have a Wii?’. And I was like ‘No it’s a Wii U hurr durr’.

    • Kirzan

      Imagine if the gamepad used a satellite connection when out of range of the Wii U. And you could just power it on, make sure it’s online, and just bring your gamepad. Wouldn’t that be something?

      • GreenMarine

        ^^ This! Knowing Nintendo, they are bound to release new gamepads and this would be a great idea. I personally got a bit disappointed when I realized my gamepad couldn’t even be played in another room.

      • Ben Kapferer

        Isn’t there WiFi on the Wii U GamePad? If so, then the video could be streamed through WiFi like most other systems like this do.

    • Hรฉctor I. Rivera Negrรณn

      I do the same thing. I even once plug it at my work so I could play injustice with some friends at lunchtime. What’s a little odd was the crowd behind us cause we were playing using just the gamepad to watch the fight. I had the gamepad while my friend was using a pro controller. Was funny 12 people around us looking the little screen yelling “grab him Batman” and “Superman, Superman”. I’m doing it again this week but this time with a tv thing a friend of mine has. Wii U is awesome.

    • Orange Lada

      If Nintendo were REALLY smart, they’d not only provide discounts on dl games, but would allow you to sell your used downloads online (with themselves and the original publisher getting a cut of the sale).

      Game publishers would like it, Nintendo would like it, we would like it.

  • Einar

    This is for US only right?

  • thedeciderU

    also NSMBU is $39.99

  • Sidney Majurie

    Lego Batman is also $10 cheaper at $39.99

  • Johny

    hmm the e-shop interface is quite different than in EU

  • Adrian

    The question is, are any of these games worth getting? The only one that looks interesting is 007, but that’s only because I loved GoldenEye 64!!!

    • Steven

      It’s nothing like Goldeneye ๐Ÿ™ It’s a decent game but I preferred other FPS to it.

  • Sonic


  • GFreetheman

    So just to confirm, I have a New Zealand Wii U, which as far as I am aware is PAL, and i think the Wii U is region locked anyway, so… I presume a disc purchased from will be an American version (NTSC or something?) and thus will not run on my system in New Zealand.

    Is this correct?

    • D.M.T


      Lame isnt it?

  • GFreetheman

    So, just to confirm, I am in New Zealand with a locally purchased Wii U, which I believe is the PAL system, and I read somewhere the Wii U was region locked anyway, so, if I am correct, these games are the American version (NTSC right?) and thus will not work on my system.

    Is that correct?


    • Bob Singh

      I’m pretty sure would only sell NTSC-U games. Maybe you should check some amazon sites from the PAL region.

  • lol

    All of those games suck.

    • NintendoMan

      Epic Mickey 2 was good, until my copy got now stuck on a glitch that renders me unable to play the game.

  • beerkin

    Ninja Gaiden is a good buy. Surprisingly engaging button masher.

  • lonewolf88

    black ops should always be 30 bucks.

  • RonnieMexico

    nintendo quit da vid3o gam3 biz…tru3 story

  • RonnieMexico

    amazon iz racist

  • Jonn McNally

    Link fail.


    Damn! I was hoping Zombie U would of been on their, as I still ain’t picked it up yet!

  • Linskarmo

    Is the amount posted how much is taken off the price or the discounted price itself?