Feb 6th, 2014


Nintendo’s been under a lot of fire from the media lately. The Wii U has been under-performing forcing Iwata and Miyamoto to take pay cuts, developers have stopped supporting it and at least one anonymous EA employee claims Nintendo is “dead” to them. One retailer has even gone as far as calling Mario Kart 8 Nintendo’s last chance.

Despite this, things aren’t all doom and gloom for Nintendo. The company is remaining calm and has announced a new business strategy to turn things around. Several developers continue to support the Wii U, and at least one EA employee has very publicly announced how he thinks Nintendo is a great partner.

Most recently, Amazon commercial finance manager Ketu Patel went on record to share his thoughts on Nintendo :

Contrary to a lot of people’s opinion, Nintendo is here to stay and Nintendo will do very well this year. They’re not going to meet their expectations, absolutely, but they’ve still got strong franchises and strong hardware and if you look at the back end of last year when they had a fairly good release slate, it certainly drove their hardware. 3DS has done very well for us so that format is here to stay.

I think Nintendo have this imposed on them and it’s driven by a lot of the media, and the media drives perception. Nintendo are getting a lot of bad press and PR and as soon as anything negative is out there it’s a media frenzy. It diminishes what they’ve actually done. If you look at 3DS as a format, it has done very well last year – had that sort of performance been with Microsoft or Sony, my personal opinion is that everybody would be thinking ‘wow, what a fantastic job’. Because it’s Nintendo and they’ve been embroiled in this negative PR frenzy, everyone thinks it’s a dying format. It’s absolutely not.

So at least someone seems to have some faith in Nintendo. Do you agree with Patel? Do you think the media is being too hard on Nintendo lately?

[via Edge]

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  • Ducked

    Good to see not all retailers are jumping on the doom and gloom band waggon

  • revolution

    Totally agree with him.

  • Anthony Ank Mudshark Owdienko
    • Shota

      i just want a yugioh game for wii u with overpowerd cards that breaks the balance of the game -_- fuck it all

    • hahahero

      Is it just me or do the characters look a bit derpy in this trailer?

      • Sdudyoy

        Yeah, I think I could used to their designs but there faces are creeping me out (At least Sonic’s).

        • hahahero

          yeah, thats what bothers me most. It’s the faces. I’m fine with the reimagined approach to character models, but, damn, those faces…

          • hahahero

            For some reason, this is what i saw in my head as I watched the opening to the trailer.

          • Mario

            I’ll get used to it.

      • Madmagican

        Agreed, the environments are good enough but the character models definitely need reworking (the fuck is going on with Knuckles?)

      • lonewolf88

        knuckles looks like a mortal kombat hippy.

      • 00EpicGamer00

        If you read the message at the begining of the video, it says that the footage shown here is a work in progress. Which means it won’t exactly reflect the actual product. These are most likely early character models, and will change going forward….I agree Sonic’s face needs some fixing xD.

    • DK_Hadouken

      Why isn’t Wii U Daily reporting this?!

      • Steve Anatala

        Because they are late on news on a daily basis

        • LightupmyLife

          Should be called WiiUWeekly.


      Dammmm bro that looks awesome !!

    • SP-937-215

      Sonic and Knuckles: The Precursor Legacy. Knuckles fell into a vat of dark Eco and now they all have to work together to find precursor orbs and try to change him back to normal.

  • Michael Dierlam

    Absolutely true, media drives public perception. At the same time, Nintendo could have done a better job countering the media with better advertising.

    • LightupmyLife

      They don’t like spending money.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    This makes a lot of sense.

  • simkenno

    Excellent unbiased answer, good job Patel. Some truly great games are soon to be released then i guarantee amazons wiiu sales will boom and wiiu sales in general will boom. Speaking of boom Sonic Boom looks the bees knees 😉 😀

  • TheWiiviewer

    Really amazon? Then why don’t you stock the WiiU or 3DS?

    • simkenno

      They do ?

      • TheWiiviewer

        They don’t. They have been a long fight with Nintendo. They refuse to stock the consoles locally. They only use 3rd party venders to stock them so that means higher prices then usual.

        It’s all because of the 3DS price in the beginning. They refused to let them take the price down so they started returning “damaged” units.

        • simkenno

          Are you Amazon.com or .UK ? The UK has them ? 🙂

          • TheWiiviewer

            .com. I live in America. They are not stocking either consoles in America.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Im not sure if you’re talking about something else or what but I went on their site and they have Wii U’s for sale.


          • paddle008

            Sold BY EASYTEC easytec = Amazon. :/

          • TheWiiviewer

            It’s not sold by them. They refuse to stock it locally in America.

          • LightupmyLife

            Poor sales has something to do with it.

          • TheWiiviewer

            They did back when the 3DS was over priced. Amazon STILL won’t carry it…even though it’s a huge seller now.

          • simkenno

            Ah I see I’m in Ireland, so I use the .co.uk 🙂 hence the confusion Amazon UK are great supporters of Nintendo hardware.

  • Schultz38

    Couldn’t agree more. I like Amazon a little more now. :’)

  • LJay

    “Do you think the media is being too hard on Nintendo lately?”

    Are you actually fucking kidding me!?? lmao!-just about every single web site on this planet(maybe even further afield!) has been pushing up nintendoom (which im sure is competitor funded) and most of it is missleading/made up/half quoted/lies and bull shit,even all of the positive stuff has a negitive twist!-really?

    • Potemkin

      “Competitor funded” sounds like stretching things way too much, but you can’t deny how poorly Nintendo is doing. They didn’t know how to advertise their console, how to let people know it was a different experience, the dumb name they picked and the poor advertising. They keep targetting the “kid” marketting and sadly, parents cannot tell the difference between the Wii and the Wii U.

      I bought a WiiU now that the price has dropped and I hope that at least my son can enjoy the console, because for me there are no games that appeal to me.

      • Rich Garriques

        after seeing that Microsoft pays game sites to say good things about xbone i believe they are also bribing them to say bad things about competitors i wouldn’t think otherwise knowing that they are cheating in the first place.

        • Potemkin

          I would understand if it happened during the start of life cycle of the console, but at this moment…I don’t think they even need to do it.

        • LightupmyLife

          That’s part of the business side of things. It’s normal to make your product look better than your competitor. If Nintendo doesn’t do this, then I’d say good for them. From a business standpoint, there is nothing wrong with taking jabs at the competition. Sega did it to Nintendo often back in the 90’s.

        • Some folks might be under a little payola, but frankly, such isn’t even necessary. Simple human nature is enough to see this happen. People in general too often love to jump on bandwagons, be it overpraise galore or doomsayers’ parades. People love a hero and they love a scapegoat.

          It’s no secret that Nintendo’s doing poorly with the Wii U right now–this much coming even from Nintendo’s own mouths. Once people have something like that to opined over, momentum of going along with the crowd that takes over from there.

      • Softballumpire

        Thursday that will
        cut 5,000 jobs and trim 100 billion yen ($988 million) a year from fixed
        costs, while splitting off its loss-making PC and TV units. that from sony, Nintendo doing fine and they don’t targe kid market your the issue but your truley show how you never mature

        • Potemkin

          Sorry…what? I got the first part, but then, are you implying I am the issue and I am not mature?

          • LightupmyLife

            Not sure what he’s getting at either. I can guess English isn’t his native tongue. I just take it that it’s the usual angry Nintendo fan response to those who don’t appreciate the Wii U as much as they do.

      • jjbredesen

        IGN is a great example, just check out the beginning of this video:http://www.ign.com/videos/2014/01/31/20-nintendo-predictions-for-2014-nvc-podcast

    • Dark-Link73

      Yet another “professional journalist” asking rhetorical questions. Where is the editor for this site to catch these errors?

      • No one said this journalist was a professional. (They’re not, seeing how they don’t get paid–it’s volunteer-based.) I see nothing edit. This is an unofficial Nintendo news site for Nintendo fans–not Time magazine.

        And no one said that question was rhetorical. By any indication, it was an honest question, seeking honest responses, seeking how much people agree with Amazon’s sentiment.

        • Dark-Link73

          Bring a professional is not longer only measured by whether a person gets paid or volunteers to do a job, but also by the experience and the time a person is being doing such job. Granted, we don’t now how long this person is being writing for this site or others, but there are other journalists in this site which have over 1,000 articles under their belt and still make rhetorical questions to close articles.

          Also, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, rhetorical means (among other) “…asked merely for effect…” If you don’t think that the writer asked “Do you think the media is being too hard on Nintendo lately?” merely for effect, then it means the writer is being living under a rock for the past year because we all know the press has being hard on Nintendo footer the past year or so.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Media have been too soft with Nintendo. Way too soft. What Nintendo did to us fans this and the last generation is unforgiveable. They rather look towards the casual market than work with the faithful fans. Therefore they deserve much worse critique than they got.

    • Falcoxcalibur


    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart
      • LightupmyLife

        This repetitive gif gave me AIDS.

        • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

          This is not a gif, it’s jpeg. Therefore your argument is invalid.

          • LightupmyLife

            The repetitiveness of these silly memes are infact, valid. 99% of immature posters on this site do this rather than disagree with their fellow posters, and make a strong counter argument. It’s quite cancerous. 🙂

            Also love how your first meme says your own comment gave you cancer. Couldn’t agree more. Nice job double posting.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Why all the seriousness? You do realize that memes and gifs are used just for fun, right? You know….to laugh and smile at.
            Besides, (I guess you haven’t been here for very long) Magnus is a, umm…..very strange individual. He uses sarcasm to “troll.” Basically he never means what he says. So, that’s why we don’t take his posts seriously, and don’t just “disagree and make a counter argument” since it’s really not a smart thing to do.

            It’s good to know your neighbors.

          • LightupmyLife

            There’s no seriousness here. Stating a fact that they are indeed repetitive. Lol. I’m normally good with them when they are used for fun, but it’s easy to see that he was using it to insult one of his fellow posters. I don’t find that to be fun or humorous. To each their own there. I’m aware of Magnus on this site. Despite not always agreeing with his approach, he has his right to post what is on his mind. Is it really that hard for people to keep things in perspective?

            I’ve been around here long enough to know most of my neighbors. I’ve only recently decided to make an account here. As with everyone here, I have a right to agree and disagree, and this is one of those moments. I do appreciate the counter argument rather than a snide response. 🙂

          • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

            I’m not trying to insult Magnus, I’m just mocking his failed attempt to troll. Nearly half of his posts on this site are blatant trolling, I sometimes wonder if he’s trying to be the new Truthteller.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            I’m just letting you know that with certain people on this site (like Magnus) making a counter argument is useless, since, you know…he’s obviously trolling. Trust me, I’ve given counter arguments with “trolls” before and it never works. Even if you are correct (with providing a link to where you got the information from and everything), the “troll” still refuses to listen to reason. And still wants to act immature.

            I understand people have different likes and dislikes when it comes to game companies (and anything else in life) but, what I hate is when people take it to far and start saying things that are completely false, just to make themselves feel better? o.O
            *sigh* the human race, such beauty, eh?

            Also, I agree posting gifs and memes as responses to things isn’t exactly the most ideal way to handle a situation. But, it’s good to have a laugh out of it once in a while.

          • LightupmyLife

            Agreed. It is impossible to have a decent convo with trolls. I gotta deal with an xb1 fanboy often who goes to the limits of bashing the PS4. Supposedly, a console that’s been out a few months is a failure. Astounded by the logic in that. Same case for Wii U, people like getting their kicks in. It’s the never ending cycle for trolls.

            Gifs are fine once in a while, I just don’t use them during a discussion, unless people are being complete nitwits.

          • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

            You want me to “make a strong counter argument” ? Fine, I will. Are you happy now ?

          • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

            “Also love how your first meme says your own comment gave you cancer. Couldn’t agree more. Nice job double posting.”

            That wasn’t intentional, I originally posted my comment with one link. Then I edited the comment, erased the link and put another one.

            And for some odd reasons, despite having only one link on the comment, both pictures appear.

            Disqus works in mysterious ways…

    • simkenno

      Lol, another classic by Magnus. You should be on stage haha. Derping live with Magnus haha. Classic,



    • Gustaf Molin

      Good lord.

    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

      Does Nintendo deserve to be criticized ? Sure, they certainly do. But do they deserve the unfair doom and gloom propaganda and cherry-picking they are receiving ? No, they don’t. There is a difference between constructive criticism and blind hate and bashing.

  • Will.F. Martinez

    This is the only good thing about my day and it has nothing to do with me

    • iamserious

      Sorry man. Better days are around the corner tho eh?

  • Heaven on Earth

    Nintendo Is here to stay shame on critics who wish for their downfall.

  • WolfgangAmadeusMozart
  • MetroidZero

    I didn’t know Nintendo was going somewhere…

  • Fred

    ANd yet Amazon still isn’t selling 3DS or Wii U consoles?!? make sense of that

  • Donaald

    That’s interesting to read from a company who wants to get into the console race.

    • I don’t think Amazon’s Android console is going to do very well tbh. I mean, look at the Ouya. Also, a tablet can be cheaper + more powerful and it’ll have functionality.

      • LightupmyLife

        Amazon’s new console will be under $300. I can bet around $200 or $250. Quite sure Amazon took notes of Ouya’s mistake and will be extra cautious. It’ll certainly be a lot better tech wise. While I don’t care for their products, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt just this once.

        • It will be better tech wise, it’d be too much of a mistake if it wasn’t. In my opinion i still think $200 – $250 is too much but if they decided to put a K1 in there.. That could be very interesting indeed,

    • Stephen Davis

      I didn’t upvote myself. I didn’t even know you could. Now you can believe that or not. It doesnt matter to me. I said my peace. (meaning the truth) If you wanna make a federal case out of it go ahead.

  • thedeciderU

    as much as nintendo has made mistakes with the wii u (game drought of 2013, marketing since launch and before), review sites like ign have torn into nintendo at every possible chance. they seem to favor sony way more. remember the ps3 launch? it was a mess. remember the 360 hardware issues? it was a mess.

    the issue is public perception and all these sites perpetuate this trend of “nintendo has far inferior consoles” and “nintendo games are for kids only.” then forum posts regurgitate this and we have smartasses at EA saying bullshit to put down the platform because they’re too busy copying and pasting game after game and aren’t interested in taking a risk and spending time working with the unique and forward-thinking hardware of the asymmetric gameplay the wii u offers. okay then, play the recent nintendo exclusives and tell me they’re only for kids. those games offer more than enough challenge, and the whole time you’re having fun. nintendo will always have a different aesthetic. thankfully, it’s not the same thing sony and ms are shooting for.

    people need to chill about nintendo, because even for everything they do wrong, the games they produce are incredible and one-of-a-kind. the wii u hardware specs are fine and capable of impressive visuals. the games are fantastic. in several areas games-wise, nintendo IS the game company from which both MS and Sony take their cues. as much as i like Sony and MS (i own 360 and ps3), nintendo is still far ahead in great ideas and solid gameplay, and pushing a piece of hardware. the wii u has not been close to maxed out in any game yet. i think the next two years will prove that. example – look at 360 and ps3 launch games vs. games from 2013. once the hardware sells, devs will be figuring out new ways to stretch the specs.

    • Marcus Larsson

      What everybody has been missing is that the problem goes way beyond wii u, even since n64 the most popular games on a Nintendo-console is and has always been Nintendo-exclusives…
      Nintendo-games have always Been totally overshadowing the third party-games till the point that they don’t sell very well on a Nintendo console, leading the third party seeking luck elsewhere.

      Which they did and hit jackpot with both sony and microsoft…

      That is the true problem.
      Maybe not you, you and you but many millions of people and families out there who buys a Nintendo-console goes to a store and buy the game with Mario, Zelda, Pokemon or party in the title before choosing anything else…

      That’s why third party run!
      Please understand this for once everybody!

      • harelsen

        but you need to understand that 3party could still go well on a nintendo console. do you see how long it takes to get a new nintendo game on the wii u? whe need something to play in the meanwhile. so even though nintendo games sell best. There might still be a market for someone looking for a fun game to play with a dry spell of 3-4 months?

        if gta 5 would have been on the wii u, i would have goten it.

        • darkcreap

          Um, not sure. Even when there were no Nintendo games (or almost any), thid parties did not sell well. Just see AC3, AC4, ZombiU, etc.

          I am the kind of Nintendo gamer who also buys third party (if it is good), but I think I am rather an exception than a general rule.

        • Marcus Larsson

          Yeah so would of I but it’s because of past happenings with Nintendo-console we have this situation right now.
          But like the other guy said look at sales figures for zombieu, rayman etc

    • Brandon

      The wii u hardware specs are only going to take them so far, but not as far as the xbox one and ps4. When talking about ea i think you are one of the fanboys that do not like them cause they dont try to put there games on the wii u, but who can blame them when they dont have their target audience on the console. The games are not copy and paste and what different gameplay could you get. The gamepad is not all that special. I agree that nintendo’s games are not only for kids, but there whole company targets them. Who can blame them there not going to get alot of core gamers or even some casual gamers, because there already on a console that targets them. Obviously im talking about xbox one and ps4. So far i like what sony and microsoft are doing with there consoles. Ok but maybe not so much for microsoft, but still better then what nintendo did with the wii u.

      • thedeciderU

        any system specs will only go so far, and i agree, of course they won’t go as far as sony or ms. i have enjoyed several EA games over the years, so i don’t know how i’m a fanboy. i chose EA as an example because they have publicly shunned nintendo many times, and in very unprofessional ways. fanboys like a company no matter what they do and preach it to everyone. i don’t think that’s what i was doing above. i said the opposite about nintendo – they’ve screwed up a lot, but i want them succeed, just like i would sony or ms. i hope ms sorts out what consumers want, same as nintendo. i did, however, applaud the quality of the few wii u games released in late 2013.

  • LightupmyLife


  • Simon Stevens

    Hard on them lately?, Wii U owners endured a very tough time since launch with all this bad press going about, it’s been a really nervy time, it pretty much killed every drop of momentum the system picked up, and I suspect it will continue to do so, in this world, is the media having an agenda against Nintendo really so hard to believe?, I felt Nintendo deserved some heat for the way they performed but also deserved some praise for the way they reacted and pumped out a fantastic library from autumn onwards, they certainly didn’t deserve the kind of hate they got, I personally felt the developers who spoke out were a complete disgrace and largely incompetent given who they worked for, especially the EA sports developers, the kind of job they do on the Fifa franchise who have you believe they couldn’t find there ass with both hands, for once, it’s nice to see Amazon come out and give some praise, nice but not surprising considering both Nintendo and Amazon have a very good business model, I hope Nintendo turn this around and sell 50 kablillion ba jibblion, but even a made up number as high as that wouldn’t turn off the revving engines of hate and doom, so no matter what, be prepared for a long generation of hate :/ like always.

    • darkcreap

      Only since launch? Oh, no, even before. Rember all those “Unreal Engine 4 not coming to WiiU” articles? Well, it was true, there is no Unreal Engine 4 for WiiU properly speaking, but Unreal Engine 4 is scalable, so you can make something to run on PS4 and adapt it for WiiU. Man you can even scale things for smartphones.

      • Simon Stevens

        Oh yeah, I remember me thinking “who cares?” lol, the ps2 was proof in the pudding that if there’s money to be made there’ll be a workaround to make it, but the media did literally everything they possibly could to make sure hardly anybody bought it, those weirdo hardware obsessed youtubers didn’t help matters either, I think the Wii U has just had such a bad run followed by plenty of bad luck, I think at this point it just needs a rest because the console right now looks absolutely deflated and even Nintendo are out of ideas on how to please today’s consumers, maybe get a massive line up and just go crazy with it, 1 amazing game after 1 amazing game?. worked for the 3DS after all, you know what amazes me though?, how fickle people are, I remember reading an article a month before the Wii U came out and it was stating the Wii U had no games, only cross platform current generation games, everybody moaned and blasted it, Xbox and Playstation did it and all we hear is “I think that it was just the right time to buy a new console because everybody wanted one right?”, pure double standard agenda.

  • iamserious

    Sometimes I really hate the media. The media feeds off the ignorant and the ignorant feed off of it. Bad news is good news and actual good news tends to be old news fast. Sad cycle really.

    • FutureFox

      Its the common human condition. People tend to harp on the negative more than focus on the positive. I think because people are natural problem solvers that they actually will seek a significant problem where little to none exists.

  • Andrew Clear

    Yes the media are being to hard on Nintendo. It reminds me of when the Xbox 360 was getting all the JRPG games (took the PS3 some time to get going), and the reviewers kept giving all the games bad scores. Ironically, sometimes the scores were bad because of no multiplayer modes (in an offline RPG, go figure). But, Fallout, Skyrim, etc, get a free pass on the multiplayer issue.

    So yeah, the media will find something to blast, and that is what keeps the media relevant. It is a shame that people believe everything the media says. We should see the media as nasty and dirty as we see politicians.

  • Skelterz

    Good Old Amazon.

  • bizzy gie

    This guy doesn’t just have faith in Nintendo.

    He has, I never thought I’d see the day, COMMON SENSE!

    It’s so beautiful. ;.)

  • Fierce-Deity Link

    “Do you think the media is being too hard on Nintendo lately?” … the popular thing to do nowadays is to shit on nintendo

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Like nintendo was going somewhere

  • Arthur Zennig

    I got all plattforms. Last week I had a party at home and, unfortunally I turned on the Wii U. From that point on, everybody started to play NintendoLand. No other plattform is able to party break like Nintendo and that is the only negative thing i see in them. 🙂

  • Arthur Jarret

    So… how many anonymous sources have bashed Nintendo already?
    … and how many NAMED developers have praised their handling of smaller devs, development kit and the development cost for porting?

    How many articles has the Wii U daily team written about games that DON’T appear on the Wii U? And trust me, Wii U daily is one of the smaller perpetrators of this trend compared to other media outlets

    Damn right I think the media is being too hard – unfairly so, even – contributing to the platform’s problems instead of merely reporting on them.

    Whoever is reading this: It’s your fault, by the way.
    Compare, on any website, the amount of views of an article with a new game announcement (such as Sonic Boom) to the amount of views on an article that mentions a game is not appearing on the platform.

    On these articles, I mostly see people defending the Wii U. Usually from one, obviously trolling, person.

    It’s called clickbait – the proverbial banana on a stick for the bipedal ape called man. I’d hope our race would have outgrown this predictive behaviour by now, so such simple tactics would have no effect – but alas.

  • harelsen

    i agree. The media is really focused on nintendo. but when Sony now just sold it’s vaio trademark and let 5 000 people go. nobody seemed to care.

    i feel like if nintendo were to be in a situation were they had to let some people go, they literally be roasted on a stake.

  • harelsen

    Anyone remember when Nintendo claimed rights on their stuff on YouTube? If Sony entertainments would have done something similar to their ip, nobody would be angry at them.

    It’s merely a double standard and it’s cool to hate on Nintendo.

    • Kaihaku

      Microsoft did something similar and it’s barely ever mentioned.

  • Kaihaku

    The interesting thing is that, broadly, Amazon and Nintendo are competitors in the handheld market. Sony, another competitor, has also been standing up for Nintendo lately. I wonder what this means… On the other hand, I completely agree with his assessment and think that all the negative media has been pulling the Wii U down.

  • Leo

    I agree with him. It’s very obvious that this is a media frenzy of negativity, the bad PR hurts Nintendo more than some think. Some might say that this is funded by the competition. Once it starts on major news formats it spreads like wildfire by bloggers on the internet.

  • Martijn Plasmans

    Nintendo is not in trouble. The Wii U is.

  • audi lover

    that’s why i buy from amazon even though they don’t pay a lot of tax in the uk

  • Dark-Link73

    This is why I shop at Amazon for are my Wii U needs. LoL! 😉

  • Well Wii U isn’t the most succesful console in nintendo history, nor the least succesfull so yeah media and gamers alike are to harsh on nintendo. I truly love my 3DS and only recently I added the Wii U to the collection as well, bringing me back up to date on Nintendo. Later I’ll add a PS4 to it but for now I’ll leave it at these platforms.

  • Softballumpire

    I agree, but there was a report of sony had to cut its pc and tv operartions

    “Thursday that will
    cut 5,000 jobs and trim 100 billion yen ($988 million) a year from fixed
    costs, while splitting off its loss-making PC and TV units.” of course you don’t see that going big around the media wonder why.

  • ScrewAttack

    Amazon regularly send me emails advertising new and upcoming Wii U games.

  • shawn-n-1985

    look at all the hate on nintendo and they the ones that damn near started it all, every company from sega, turbo graphic, panasonic, atari, sony, ms, and every other company diss them but for what. they went through it all from the start and they are still here. dont get me wrong they didnt have success with all there consoles but they always innovated something new that others always copy. And now the third parties want to diss them also they must forgot where their games started on and believe me it wasnt other console that made them rich it was the big n. so look the big n is here to stay even with all the hate

  • LightupmyLife

    One employee of Amazon doesn’t speak for the whole company. Nice misleading title.

  • I do agree with Ketu Patel’s general sentiment here.

    I likewise don’t think Nintendo will have the smoothest ride with the Wii U (personally, I seriously doubt the Wii U will ever leave “third place” among consoles), but I don’t see it dropping out completely either.

    It’ll most likely just see enough sales to encourage Nintendo to try again, but see some instances of good times here and there along the way.

    Wii U will probably see this console generation through, and my guess is by that time, seeing how Nintendo just can’t keep with this same strategy of “last-gen 1.5” consoles anymore, Nintendo will probably have a new game strategy and finally offer a “cutting-edge” console, probably under a new president as well.

  • William Cole

    The 3DS will carry Nintendo on for some time. Pokemon just exceeded my expectations with about 11 million copies in. Everyone underestimates Nintendo but they’ll be fine. Flappy bird is no Mario Bros., it is a fad that’ll eventually end like Angry Birds and Temple Run. Nintendo has a lasting impression that has lasted since 1985.

  • Prizm

    What does the Amazon finance manager have to do with anything? Why is he making a comment at all?

  • Michael Hughes

    The “If it bleeds, it leads” mentality at work. Have Nintendo made serious missteps? Yes. This is quite different than the “go to mobile or GTFO” quality of the discussion today.