Apr 23rd, 2013


Right now, Amazon is offering customers a bonus $20 in video game credit when trading in $20 worth of select video  games. Usually trade-in offers are quite a rip off, especially for games that are a couple months old. But the values that Amazon has listed for Wii U games seems pretty decent, especially when you consider the bonus $20 in game credit. The games are listed at values “up to” a certain dollar amount. So, its assumed you aren’t guaranteed the list price, but will probably receive a value relatively close to that number. Here are some of the Wii U games Amazon currently has listed for trade-in with their trade-in values:

How to redeem this offer:
1. Search for your qualifying item in Amazon’s Video Game Trade-in section
2. Select the item(s) you’d like to trade
3. Send in your item(s) for processing following the instructions provided
4. If your trade-in is accepted, the promotion will be applied automatically to your purchase of qualifying video games items

What do you guys think of this offer? Are you considering trading anything in?

via [GAMERDeals.net]

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  • Lusunup

    I will never get ride of monster hunters. even though its the highest out of all of them.

  • ChiwawaBoi

    yeah wiiudaily, whatever. I want the update TRUTH though.

  • DemonRoach

    Just checked the trade in values. Not a good deal. Sell it yourself.

    • ChiwawaBoi

      yeah. its just like giving a pile of perfect used games to gamestop. all they say is… “hmmmmm. we’ll give you $7.50” wtf?

  • Mickey Mouse

    The Mario games always hold their value well. I used to sell games directly through Amazon and Play, but I keep them now and besides those trade-in prices aren’t as good as selling them yourself. Only lazy people will use the trade-in scheme.

  • I just want to make sure everyone knows that these list prices do not include the $20 bonus credit. So, if you say, traded in Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and got the $22.80, you’d receive $42.80 in total.

  • adamm

    you could make profit from the mh3u trade in plus the bonus $20