Oct 1st, 2013


This weeken we reported that the Wii U version of Batman: Arkham Origins would be cheaper than the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Those versions of the game are retailing for $59.99, while the Wii U version is available for pre-order for $49.99. Currently Amazon is running a promotion for the game to receive a $10 Amazon gift card when you pre-order from them. This means you’ll be getting the game for $39.99 with $10 Amazon credit.

This is a pretty good deal for anyone who is interested in picking up this game, so don’t hesitate jump on it. Will you be picking the game up at this price? Many of you said in the comments that you wouldn’t consider this title on Wii U unless the price was lower than other consoles and with Amazon credit, this is $20 off the normal price.

  • Victor O

    It’s close to making me want to order, but it’s a $10 card for a future game and I don’t always/rarely buy from Amazon. Even though I did take advantage of Amazon’s trade-in $30 of games and get $30 off a Dualshock 4 and trade in $20 and get $20 off Beyond Two Souls. Unfortunately, I had to trade in Splinter Cell Blacklist for Wii U. I loved that game, but so many other games to play these days.

    • I’m considering it myself, but I’m a heavy shopper from Amazon so the $10 credit is like money in my pocket.

      • Victor O

        If I were a heavy buyer of games on Amazon (which I used to be), I’d be in right now. Is the $10 credit usable only on videogames? If so, then I’m probably a no go. Otherwise I’d probably pull the trigger.

        • Actually it’s full credit for anything on Amazon excluding a few items like Kindle books. It’s not specifically video game credit like it usually is.

          • when will be out?
            i have to much pre-ordes for the end of the year.

          • It’s coming out October 25th.

          • blackflag . . .
            my wallet 🙁

          • Victor O

            That’s going to make this tough then. I may pull the trigger: Desire to support WiiU third party and a good deal may be the right combination.

  • Zuxs13

    Has there been any Wii U specific videos of this game yet?

    • Not yet. We’ll post video as soon as we have it from Warner Bros.

      • Zuxs13

        I you getting this version or the PC version? I dont really care about the online portion myself but I can see that many do.

        • Most likely both. I’ll have the Wii U version to review for the site, but I played the previous two titles on PC so for my personal collection, I’ll have it on PC.

          • Zuxs13

            Well I may have to pick this up for the Wii U instead of my new PC since I wont have much of anything else to play on it this winter.

            Did you get Wind waker yet? I pick up my copy friday.

          • I haven’t yet. Been debating on whether or not to get the physical version or the download. I don’t have a drive hooked up to my Wii U so I’m leaning toward physical copy.

  • Petri

    I might have to order from UK, if our retailers wont lower the price.

  • C.S. Bailey

    Never cared about the MP anyway. Buying this version from Amazon, then plan on playing the 360 version with a friend. If I like the MP THAT much, I’ll get that version when it will undoubtedly be on sale SOMEWHERE Black Friday.

  • Spike Ashford

    If the price is lowered in the UK as well as USA, I’ll consider it. I just despise the fact that the Wii U version is missing features. I know the publishers have their reasons, but I still can’t help but feel like us Wii U owners are getting the short end of the stick again.

    • Victor O

      We are getting the short end of the stick. The products should be cheaper because of that.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        It is cheaper.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Batman games are better off single player, so you’re not missing that much.

  • Adam Cousins

    In the UK, Batman AO is £30 on Amazon for PS3/Xbox 360… £37.99 for Wii U with less features. Typical, we get screwed! Unless ours becomes £20-25 (which it wont) we’re defo getting screwed over in the UK.

  • Igor

    Dunno what’s these extra features the Wii U ain’t getting… Anyway, for these kind of games I really think it’s better to get the pc version. Better graphics at least, and I do care a lot about it.

    • Guest

      graphics are not everything u now right

    • mar laguna

      graphics dose not mean it has the best gameplay

      • Igor

        Does not, agreed. But it means a lot to me nevertheless. And in this game the gameplay doesn’t change to much from pc to wii U. So I’d go with the pc version. The only game “I” saw till now that the gamepad really makes the difference is Nintendo Land.

        • MichelChartrand

          I found the Gamepad to be quite useful in Arkham City.

  • JamesJose

    is it true that the Deathstroke DLC is available in the wii u version pre order?

  • Mitch Hall

    I would, but I’m getting the PC version. The Wii U version has some cool Gamepad features, but I’d rather play the game at max settings.

  • Guest

    Im gonna hold out for a PS4 version

  • Guest

    well if i still can get Deathstroke then yeah I’m buying!!

  • savisn

    Tempting. Arkham City was pretty good although not my favorite game. I’ve never done a pre-order – when do they charge your credit card? At shipment or order?

    • bakedapplepie


  • QuaFicK
  • Petri

    Amazon UK.

    Wii U version 38£
    PS3 and 360 versions 30£