Feb 15th, 2013

If you’ve been following the drama behind the recently released Aliens: Colonial Marines, you know it’s not doing so hot among critics. The game has been blasted for being nothing more than a corridor shooter that lacks polish and many people are calling for SEGA and Gearbox to admit they flat out lied about footage shown in October of last year.

Regardless of all this bad press surrounding the game, SEGA has confirmed that the game is still on track to be released on the Wii U during the launch window. This means the game will be available sometime between now and March 31st. If it’s of any consolation for Wii U owners, the Wii U version was outsourced to Demiurge Studios to make the Wii U specific improvements to the game.

Are you still interested in the game after all the controversy, or will you be waiting for Wii U specific reviews to see how it goes?

[via eurogamer.net]

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  • ronaldco91

    Hey, you never know it’s bad when you’ve never played it, so I’ll be buying it, no matter how many bad reveiws it has gotten.

    • same here.

    • catsby


    • Johny

      thats true… ZombiU has been getting HORRIBLE reviews at the beggining too.. and its like .. one of my favourite games ! and definately most played on my wii u at the moment. its REALLY good.¬†

      and with aliens,… its said that the wii u version will be the definite one…it could be the Ninja Gaiden 3 situation again with the wii u ūüėÄ which would be AWESOME !

      • ¬†That’s because unless it is another overdone COD series or HALO series it gets no recognition.¬† Game reviews are like movie reviews IMO.¬† You have to take them with a grain of salt because everyone has their own tastes and I tend to value the opinion of my friends and family who know what I like and how I think over some two bit critic I have never met.¬†¬†

        This is why I like game demos so much because I can try a level or two before to get a taste that is often left out of a game trailer.

        • Elem187

          I’d normally agree with you, when games are scored between 5-7 out of 10. But games being scored on average of 2-4 out of 10 universally, means the game is just silly¬†bad.

          its your money, but I recommend renting it from gamefly first, and then choosing to purchase it if you really like it.

          • Paul Tanner

             if your looking for a fun game and dont mind the graphics then id give it a 8/10

      • DragonSilths

        ZombiU’s only problems are the game breaking glitches that forced me to start the entire game over again not once but twice.

      • cant compare zombiU to it because it zombiu was criticized for the graphics, and the way the game was picked up after you died. people also didn’t know it was a survival game which is completely understandable. i agree ZombiU was amazing and brought survival horror to a new level. If this game is getting criticized for the lack of survivability and being just another shooter game, why pick it up? it is just straying away from its origins like resident evil 6.

      • Elem187

        Zombi U got some bad reviews because people were expecting a L4D experience… ACM is getting universally bad reviews because it is ridiculously bad in a comical way.

        Honestly, save your money, RENT IT FIRST.

        • LonDonE247

          ¬†agreed, all game play of it i have seen look terrible! hell you only fight aliens for 3 levels in the game! LOL the rest is weyland utani guys if i spelled it correctly, oh who cares, bring on the hate! it has no atmosphere or tension, which are the key elements to a alien franchise! its just enter this room, kill all living things, exit, an rinse repeat, granted most games which are fps are like this, but where is the tension? apparently one mission where you lose your weapons an have to stealth through the level with blind aliens which are sound sensitive is the only stand out level! LOL there is a rumour going around that the early demo we all say, the video was a pre render, concept of game play, an not real time, it makes sense since in the final game even on pc at max setting the games looks an performs awful! i hope the wii u version is fixed up, gear box reputation is on the line, regardless if they claim they didn’t make the single player, an only made the multi player, the fact is its got their name on it, an they¬† must have checked it before release, an if they didn’t its serves them right!

      • NkoSekirei

         they probably used ps3 and 360 has a test dummy before they released the wii u version to see if anyone had major complaints about the game and it kinded of work with ninja gaiden 3 razors edge for the wii u

      • but zombie u its not shitty alien ūüôā Dude this game is just crap, not worth of 50$.

    • ConCity Soldier

      I’m look at gameplay videos before I decide to buy it or not.¬†

    • Nintedward

      I agree . Ninja gaiden 3 Razors edge has gotten some mediocre reviews and So did Mario tennis Open on 3DS and there some of the most entertaining games I’ve played in the last year.¬†

      I tell you what would be funny. If the ”missleading” footage they have been showing was the Wiiu version XD . And the Wiiu version is like some uber definitive version lmao.

      • ElCharlo

        Not likely, you can¬īt expect better graphics than the PC version. So check the PC reviews and problems and just expect that or worse.

        • Well Wii U can handle PC textures on Need For Speed: Most Wanted U and its a direct port from the PC yet it can still run at 60 fps with no drop

          • LonDonE247

             so far i am looking forward to nfs most wanted, an read it has the pc texture pack, but from the video i saw it was running at 30fps, not 60fps, its like the ps3 an 360 version at 30fps locked, but with the pc texture pack, an so is the best console version! i would be surprised if it is 60fps, but then again racing games are the easiest to do at 60fps, aka grant turismo 5 an forza 4 or 3, but those games are more linear compared to nfs most wanted! if it is 60fps on wii u, which i am sure wii u could do if the devs get used to the gpgpu, i will be happy! in your face xbots! lol

        • bizzy gie

          Well, Wii U has better graphics than the Xbox 360 and better color contrast and HD than the PS3, so it might be pretty on par with PC graphics, but remember graphics don’t make the game.

          I’m sure the Wii U version IS the definitive version and its game play will DOMINATE the PC’s.

          • catsby

             Most Wii U games comes in 720p which is no better than 360 and ps3. And this game might be slightly better on Wii U than pc but its still the same game and well.. you read the Reviews..

          • Elem187

            There is a debate going on whether Demiurge got a copy of the full version and are just porting it straight over, or was the game being co-developed in two locations at the same time.

            Because it seems unlikely if the game was just completed here in January that Demiurge would have a port ready to go by march.

            If its the former, that Demiurge had an advanced copy and they are making a straight port, then you will be right, it will be utter crap.. But if its the latter, where the game was being developed in two different places at the same time, then their might be a chance… But I place that chance being 2 or 3% of being true.

          • Nintedward

            Resoloution does not equal graphics mate. Resoloution is barely important.  For example a game running 720p with high graphics setting at 60FPS looks 10 times better than a game at 1080p with low graphics setting running at 30FPS.

            Resoloution is not an important factor. 720p native upscaled to 1080p is good enough. Most ps3 and 360 games runn LESS than native 720p and at 30FPS.

          • catsby

            Ok I have to agree with you on that but I doubt It makes the game any better :/

          • ElCharlo

            yes but it will still have all the horrible AI of the PC version and issues

          • WiiUltra

            So first you said PC version is better, then you agreed with what bizzy said and then you said it will have horrible Ai and other issues? Nice contradiction Carlos.

          • NkoSekirei

            ah no cause gearbox learn from their mistakes and will not screw the wii u version up so they ll have every issue fixed by then

        • Nintendofreak

          i have the pc version pretty much d same except for lighting

    • ¬†When a FPS of all genres gets scores as low as 3-4 you know not to go near it since most decent FPS usually get decent to great scores. Not saying reviews are always accurate, they aren’t, but the scores are low for a reason. This game has been marketed with as having no hud while it has a hud, and the gameplay shown doesn’t even exist in the game, Gearbox basically lied to everyone and told them it was going to be something it wasn’t. I’ve seen gameplay, it’s glitchy, ugly, and the xenomorphs’ animation look awkward as hell. So be smart and save your money for a better new release… Metal Gear Rising, The Wonderful 101, … honestly anything will be better.

  • Marc

    ¬†I’ll see how the reviews are first. Hopefully the Wii U version is the best. But I’m not holding my breath. I was really looking forward to his game.

  • If you watch the comparison video in the link, it seems they took out the foggy effect, as well as the AI¬†dialogue that made it more nervous to play. If it’s supposed to be more horror, especially with Aliens, there should be the “jump scares” or at least the tension of not knowing what’s around the corner. Maybe catching a glimpse of an alien scurrying into a vent and¬†one of your AI teammates¬†whispering “did you see that..!?”¬†And your teammate AIs saying nervous things being taken out, keeping it would’ve helped a lot too.

    My personal “complaints” is that assault rifle sounds funny (idk if it’s supposed to sound futuristic or something, but it’s just weird) and the graphic flickering in that comparison video in the beginning worries me. And possibly make the game lighting darker.

    I’d still like to get it if it turns out to be better, but if not, I’d rather use my $50-60 on the New Zelda game, or Need For Speed, or another big game coming out later.

  • DESS_M_8

    This game is amazing. I picked up on ps3 for under £20 using a split licence after downloading from my ps+ psn account to tide me over for wii u release and I will be buying this from eshop at midnight whenever they launch it. It is THE best aliens game ever made. The multiplayer is fantastic, it keeps the movie feel and suspense even though no set up with computer AI. The visuals and audio sell the mood of this game through the roof. The reviews are skewed and ridiculous, and potentially publications lashing out as sega denied anybody any hands on prior to release.
    The wii u specifics plus the fact the visuals are even better mean this is worth picking up instantly, even despite me already ownin this on ps3.
    Slamming this game as a corridor shooter is retarded at best. It is based on the aliens movie which is set almost entirely in…… Corridors and air ducts!!!!! This game represents the movie and every aspect in every conceivable way and is worth at a minimum an 8/10 if not 9/10, definitely 9/10 for wii u due to massive improvements an added immersion, given your Gamepad IS the motion tracker.

    • indirect76

      One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. I suggest everyone else rent this before purchasing.

  • DESS_M_8

    ALL the guns sound spot on. The pulse rifle SOUNDS EXACTLY like the pulse rifle in the movie. People reviewing this game without having seen the film properly is ridiculous, given the game sticks so close to its source material and slamming it for that reason??? If you don’t like the film, don’t buy the game. If you like the film get this game without fail

    • Elem187

      Are you paid by Sega or Gearbox to post this nonsense? The game isn’t getting panned for being like Aliens, its getting panned because the quality of it is utter crap.

      The game might be passable for something that was released in the 90’s, but¬†not with todays standards… heck even Borderlands 1/2 came out better then this. So the studio is capable of making a decent game. This game doesn’t come close.

      Go look at the videos on Youtube, I wouldn’t pay $60 for this…. this is bargain bin 10-15$ shovelware at best.

      • DESS_M_8

        I revoke my original comment, after extended play online this game is utter utter garbage, and that pains me as I have loved the alien franchise since the movie was release in the 80’s.

        Graphics??? Appalling, textures completely disappear leaving just muddy looking blurred panels in their place.

        Controls???? Standard as marine but alien controls for wall
        Crawling ruin any kind of fluidity to the character.

        Maps design??? Akin to quake III, very archaic.

        Sound??? Actually very good and spot on to the movie.

        Would I buy this if I didn’t already have it??? NO

        Would I buy a wii u version with all bugs fixed and using the graphics engine seen at E3 2012???? Hell yes!!!

        I hope THAT is the reason for the delay. Playing this game by gearbox was like playing Kameo by Rare on 360 after enjoying donkey kong country, killer instinct, goldeneye and banjo kazooie in the 90’s.

    • indirect76

       If you are a fan of the film, I would stay far away from this game. From what I read the story is a mess and any fan of the films would be disappointed.

      • DESS_M_8

        Exactly. From what you’ve read.
        This game is getting panned by people who haven’t even played it.
        It’s ridiculous.
        This game will be amazing on Wii U, the 2012 E3 demo footage IS the Wii U version.

  • Nintendofreak

    dont mind d graphics just mind d fact dat d demo was like gorgeous and the actually game didnt look not a bit like d demo…im pissed because dey lied if they showed n actual demo of how d final product was going to look den i would have been any careless of the graphics…plus they changed the dialogue, the foggy effects n everything that made it a “horror” game n made it into a cod with aliens except dey took most aliens out

  • A polished turd is still a turd.

    Unless Demiurge Studios really took this game to another level…

  • Well the game is being made by a completely different developer so fingers crossed they fix up the game and give it a fancy name like:¬†
    Aliens: Colonial Marines Director’s Cut¬†orAliens: Colonial Marines Elite Edition¬†

  • AlienFanatic

    I’m still interested, but I STILL want to know if they’ll offer a Collector’s Edition for the Wii-U. ¬†The lack of information is appalling. ¬†It’s pretty clear that the Wii-U version is the red-headed stepchild, even if it’s supposed to be the best version.

  • Holyfire

    I pre ordered this on WiiU. Sad to read most the reviews. I was skeptical at start. The AvP games take most their inspiration from Aliens (1986 special edition). My fav movie. And the games never did it right. Its amazing how much devs keep missing the marks so badly.
    I have some hope the WiiU version has a chance to make this a more solid experience.

  • AlienFanatic

    As a follow-up, I’m not sure Eurogamer is right. ¬†I read another story over on Gamespot, published the same day that Eurogamer ran its article, in which they report that both SEGA and DEMIURGE are refusing to comment on the status of the Wii-U’s development:


    Since Demiurge is U.S.-based, Gamespot’s article makes me much more concerned. Heck, even the Eurogamer article argues that SEGA-UK’s statement is hardly proof that the title is going to be released on Wii-U. If you read their statement, they sound like they’re in a holding pattern. In any case, SEGA-UK does not appear to be a part of the decision-making process, and is likely just stating the status quo until they have more information from their parent company.

    With the recent news of how poor the Wii-U’s sales are, the abundance of horrendous reviews, and the fact that we haven’t seen ANY Wii-U demos or firm release dates yet, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear them cancel it. ¬†If the game isn’t ready to ship, why pour more money into a product that will sell only a few tens of thousands of units due to both bad word of mouth and a low install base?

    This is a game I very, very much wanted to play. ¬†Sadly, if they decide not to release a Wii-U version, I refuse to go with my backup plan–buy it on XBOX–due to the horrible reviews it’s gotten. ¬†Bummer.

  • Turquel Baker

    the less FPS games released (regardless of console) the better. I want diversity and creativity and fps games hardly ever do both well. The campaigns are never longer than 5.5 hours either and me not being a huge online guy, i feel like the game isnt worth $60 for my taste.

    Aliens looked neat with what it was gonna do with the gamepad but I honestly dont think many ppl would rush out and get this game on Wii U unless they made serious changes

  • AlienFanatic

    BTW, the website ONLYSP (Only Single Player) has a good article on why ACM was a terrible game. ¬†Within that article is a link to a Reddit by someone claiming to be part of Gearbox’s team in which he explains why development went to heck. ¬†It’s a fun read. Some of the other commenters also appear to be either Gearbox or TimeGate employees.

    (Sadly, not a whimper from the guys over at Demiurge. But what does concern me is that Demiurge wasn’t involved in the main development, but was tasked instead with developing the DLC. That makes me think the game, if released, will not differ that much from what was released on the other platforms, since their job mostly appeared to be porting the code, optimizing, and focusing on DLC.)


  • Sidney Majurie

    This is one game I wouldn’t mind a delay on. This thing should get polished for the Wii U release, ala Ninja Gaiden 3. I’d be willing to wait until fall if they give it a nice overhaul and fix the issues. One of my most anticipated Wii U games, so I hope it happens. I never trust one or two reviewers, but when there is a consensus like this, it’s hard to deny. ZombiU reviews were atleast split in people loving it or disliking it. Not the case here. And I tend to trust Adam Sessler as he usually is spot on for my tastes…

  • Guilliman

    ¬†Whilst it’s true that you can’t always trust reviews, they are correct in this case.¬† The game is ugly, it looks 6 years old.¬† I can put up with bad graphics, but what I definitely can’t put up with is the representation of the aliens.¬† Maybe the most iconic sci-fi creature, noted for being intelligent, “the perfect organism”; but in Colonial Marines they are stupid, weak, and strangely appear undersized.

    One of the best things about Aliens was how the marines were a bunch of cocky tough guys packing all kinds of heat, -but were still torn apart by the aliens.¬† In colonial marines the aliens pose little threat.¬† Harder difficulties don’t change the gameplay much, because the problem remains that the aliens are all unbearably stupid.

    And sentiment and nostalgia can only sustain a game for so long.

  • this game is rly bad :((

  • bizzy gie

    Woo! Okay. Now let’s see some advertisement! I went to Walmart a few days ago and saw a huge ACM poster board with only Xbox 360 and PS3 slates in the lower right region.

    I wanna see the Wii U too.

  • AlienFanatic

    An article over on CinemaBlend just made an interesting assertion:

    “Believe it or not, all the good parts of Aliens: Colonial Marines from the promo videos are supposedly from the silent-as-a-fart-in-a-dark-room Wii U version of the game, which is supposedly the definitive version of the title and is on indefinite hold.”

    (source: http://www.cinemablend.com/games/IGN-Gaming-Media-Blame-Aliens-Colonial-Marines-Sucking-52604.html)

    If that’s true, that before/after stuff we’re seeing is POSSIBLY from the Wii-U version, which would be stunning. ¬†If that’s true, Nintendo NEEDS to jump in here and work with SEGA and GearBox to get the Wii-U version published. ¬†Can you think of any better publicity for the system than to say, “Well, if you want the GOOD version, you have to play it on Wii-U!”?

    • indirect76

       Five bucks says the WiiU version will be identical to the PS3/360 versions.

  • Nintendo4life

    I now wonder if i should buy this…Can anyone tell me if they think this will be worth the 60 dollars

  • Laud

    They should take this opportunity to fix the things that were wrong about the game like Ninja Gaiden 3 devs did.

    The AI

    Too many human levels (People play Aliens to see Aliens)

    There’s more but I wanna drink my chocolate milk so yeh.

    • indirect76

      Unfortunately you can’t fix the lack luster story this late in the game.

  • Elem187

    Uhm, I don’t trust any studio or publisher, so I never preorder games. (if I were to trust a Publisher/Studio, Nintendo would be it, they haven’t released a bad game in a very very long time)

    Look, there will never be a situation where a new game is released and there wont be enough copies of it. No matter what it is (minus localized JPRG’s) it never needs a preorder… You don’t need to be the first person to play something. The preorder wasn’t needed since the day of cartridges. Today, printing disc’s, booklets and cases is so darn cheap, so even if it was sold out, more would come shortly…. Preorder programs today is strictly to get you to financially commit to a product, sight unseen.

    I always wait until enough reviews are out before I even contemplate a purchase. I can’t believe people buy things without having a clue whether it is good or not. I love my money way too much to drop it on a stinker. The gaming industry is littered with studios that rush things out just to get you part with money as quickly as possible.. heck its even done with AAA titles as well. AC3, while a fantastic game is just riddled with massive bugs.

    The embargo on review sites, and the lack of letting the media preview the game should have set red flags up to everyone….. what’s sad is the gaming journalist are in on it, they knew it was going to be utter crap, but if they ever want to play a publishers next title early and review it, they have to agree to the embargo.

  • Wow huge differences between the demo and the final version o_0. One of the devs did say WiiU will be the best version but it remains to be seen IF it get’s released on WiiU at all, I don’t like the silence. But screw the reviews imo, this game is a must have no matter what, last great aliens game I played was Alien Trilogy on the Playstation in the 90’s. This game will be awesome even though graphics probably won’t be as¬†√ľber as the demo suggested (unless wiiu version really IS the definite version but I want to see it first)

  • indirect76

    I’m not surprised this game turned out the way it did. I was at E3 2009 when this game was announced. That was nearly four years ago. It supposedly has been in development since 2006. That’s at least six years in development.

    That usually indicates a stellar A++ title, or more likely, a game stuck in development hell with abysmal results.

  • Markyb28

    If the gamepad is used as a motion sensor it may add a different angle to the game, still wait for specific reviews. Shame if it is not good as one reason why i bought the Wii u is to get the best version.

    • JG

      I’ve seen a few reviews and in the current versions the Motion Tracker is basically never used except to look for specific items.¬†

  • Unless Gearbox and crew put some serious work into the Wii U version and treat it as a relaunch of sorts, I’ll probably pass. ¬†Generally I don’t put much stock in reviews but when they’re consistently bad I can’t help but be wary.

    • NkoSekirei

       i think they learned their lesson after the 360,ps3 and pc versions flopped

  • Rob Lucci

    I thought all M rated games were supposed to be good cause you know it’s hardcore.

  • NkoSekirei

    lets hope they fix all the gltiches and other issues and make the wii u version better then the other console versions or ill just skip it if it turn out bad like the 360 and ps3 versions

  • Poor reviews will not change for the Wii U version as the game fundamentals will not change. I will pass on this one. Such promise then EPIC FAIL.¬†

  • grandlx2

    Based on Wii U specific reviews. Don’t care about how bad it is on other systems, if it’s fixed and its better on Wii U = day one purchase.

  • Fuzunga


  • john madsen

    i like the game just fine and the reviews can go str8ght to h@ll 

  • Offens1

    I don’t think they change much in short notice.
    i would have been deceived after watching this http://videogamer.com/videos/aliens_colonial_marines_what_the_hell_happened_to_aliens_colonial_marines_2.html
    No go for me.

    Will waitfor monster hun ter 3 or pikmin.

  • fireheartis1

    Well Gearbox has said the Wii U version is the definitive version so maybe they haven’t “lied”.¬† It could have been the Wii U version that was showed back in October.¬† I think the game looks freaking fun on the other systems anyways, so I will be buying it for my Wii U no matter what.

  • Sami Rautio

    http://www.youtube.com/user/Megaman3112/videos?flow=grid&view=0 ( My youtube channel thoughts about Wii u apps games news: ….. I might actually buy it have to see it when it releases ūüôā Love Aliens

  • Jeovany

    Don’t buy this game. I’ve been reading the comment section and everyone keep on defending the game. WHY!!! I don’t understand why people think the wii u version will be any better than other ones. STOP comparing it to ZombieU and ninja gaiden 3 razors edge. Ninja gaiden on the wii u is better than the other version because the developers had whole year to improve the game. Yes sometimes review adequately represent the game but when every single reviewer is saying the game is but than its bad. I don’t why people are defending this game but just stop it. Save yourself the sixty dollar and buy a good game on the wii u instead

  • Jef Dinsmore

    I’m eager for this game as a definitive Aliens experience. Here is hoping all goes well.

  • A nice opportunity for the U. ¬†I really want this game to come through for the U. ¬†If I were betting on it, I would say it probably won’t be a huge improvement, but, I am hopeful. ¬†I will wait for some reviews and footage and make a decision then, I don’t need to know the answer right now. ¬†

  • DESS_M_8

    The aliens demo from E3 2012 demo that looked so unbelievably impressive IS the wii u version. There are a few occasions where the contextual button prompt flashes up to slide under a door and erect a sentry gun that commands to press ‘X’ not a cross an actual letter X which rules out the ps3. The button in reference is also coloured, it’s the same colour and font as everything else in game which rules out 360 as it always uses the corresponding button colour for on screen prompts.
    Which leaves…………? The Wii U as the only controller that has the corresponding face button present on the onscreen command in the demo video that looks infinitely better than any current version.
    This game will not only be the better version, it makes the currently available versions look like a PS2 game. Is Aliens the first showing of what the Wii U can showcase and that it truly is a next-gen machine in graphical capability aswell as hardware, interface and innovation?

  • DESS_M_8

    The E3 demo from 2012 IS the Wii U version.
    On two occasions the game flashes a context button prompt to slide and erect a sentry gun. It calls for an ‘X’ command. A letter X, not a cross, which rules out PS3. It is also displayed in a generic font and colour, not a bright blue or red like command prompts on 360.
    Which leaves…….??? Wii U.
    The unbelievable difference between current versions and the demo video is like a generations difference, leaving current versions looking like a ps2 copy, or by default meaning the Wii U, graphically is next-gen. Although by the basic meaning of next-gen it already was and is despite contests on its graphical grunt. Is Aliens: Colonial Marines the first title to show how far in front on current-gen it really is and a first glimpse at what the wii u can do graphically? 
    Check this link for a pair up of the two versions

  • Paul Tanner

    the graphics are ps2, xbox but the campaign, co op campaign and multiplayer seem fun.. yeah brother bought it for the ps3.. only found one  bug which is the trophy for all 6 weapons

  • Nintendofreak

    i found this article that might explain why d game is d way it is…by the way is not dat bad is just dat the aliens act stupidly n ignore d oder humans n go straight toward u