Jul 1st, 2011 publishUpdated   Apr 11th, 2012, 1:11 pm

Activision Wii U
Activision CEO, and a polarizing figure in the game industry, Bobby Kotick, recently said in an interview that Activision — the biggest publisher in the world — are excited and enthusiastic over the Wii U. Speaking to UK newspaper The Guardian, Kotick said:

“It’s now more possible to do deep rich multiplayer games – we need more clarity from Nintendo on the online capabilities, but we’ve had development systems for a while now and we’re very enthusiastic about it.”

Kotick went on, saying that the Wii U is capable of “deep, rich multiplayer”, something the previous console, the Wii, was lacking, especially on the online front. Kotick concluded by praising the hardware:

“It is a fantastic piece of hardware. Technically, we’re super excited about what we can do on it, it’s really something incredible.”

Activision (also known as Activision-Blizzard) is the developer and publisher of some of the biggest titles in the world, including the popular Call of Duty franchise and World of Warcraft.

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  • Captain N

    WOW on Wii U would be an amazing thing to have on a home console.

  • Joe

    I could imagine using the controller for WoW. Mapping a few of the most commonly used attacks to buttons, triggers changing targets, mapping other spells to the touch screen and using the touch screen when distributing ability points. iiiit… cooooould… WOOOOORK!

  • (Gen.) Fox McCloud!~

    If Activision is “enthusiastic” about producing games such as Call of Duty on the Wii U, then we can tell that it is a fantastic system. We can tell this because they worked on the Xbox and the PlayStation, two consoles that are considered better over ANY of the previous Nintendo consoles. So, that means that, not only is the system similar to something like Xbox, but has a large potential as a large sucsess to Nintendo, which makes me happy (solely because Nintendo has and always will be my favorite gaming company). With that, I hope the Wii U turns out like Nintendo hopes it would, because I’m definitely getting this system. 🙂