May 13th, 2013


Over the past few days, we’ve seen a lot of content come in from gaming company’s financial reports and earnings conference calls with investors. Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick recently spoke to investors, stating that the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox could face the same challenges that Nintendo has faced so far in the console market. Many assume Wii U sales are low because of a lack of games, which may be partially true, but Kotick attributes the low sales to the influx of low-cost tablets and smartphones.

“There are still many unknown factors, such as pricing, launch dates and quantities, the level of first-party support and, importantly, consumer purchase intent in a world where consoles are no longer just competing with each other, but also with new platforms, such as smartphones and tablets.”

From all the statements we’ve seen from third-party CEOs so far, this one makes the most sense. It seems Kotick understands that the way people game are changing and that smartphones and tablets are more competition than companion devices, these days. Whether hardcore gamers from any camp agree with this statement, it’s true. I guess we’ll see how well Microsoft and Sony’s consoles do at launch to determine of Kotick’s statement was true.

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  • Adrian

    5% of the people I know have gaming consoles that they actually use for gaming. 90% of the people I know have smart phones, and tons of apps.

    • That’s his thought process. Bobby Kotick has always been about chasing large numbers. It’s why he ran Guitar Hero into the ground. People kept buying it, he kept making it until they didn’t. Same with Call of Duty now.

      • Nintedward

        That’s true.

        I love me some Guitar Hero Metallica every now and again!

        • I too break out the old guitars and drum set and my wife and I along with my sister and/or some friends “Get the Band back together” for some band practice as we call it.

          • Nintedward

            lol. Can’t fault GH , it’s a classic franchise. And it’s extremely satisfying when you nail a big solo!

  • What will be interesting to see is if this turns out to be true (and there is a strong possibility that it will) will all the Nintendo Haters apologize and eat their words?

    Will the developers claiming to not support the Nintendo platform due to it’s low install base do the same for Sony/Microsoft based on the same reasoning?

    How will these challenges be addressed seeing that the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony will be considerably higher in price than what Nintendo is offering?

    • D.M.T

      Nintendo Haters will never apologize or eat their words, they will continue to find more excuses to hate Nintendo.

      The only way they will bow down to Nintendo is if the Wii U destroys PS4 and Xbox Infinity in sales like the 3DS is doing with Vita.

      • They didn’t when the Wii was selling like hotcakes.. They made excuses like it was selling to grandmas and middle aged women that never use it. That is partially true but not as much as they make it out to be.

        • D.M.T

          That’s because Wii had lots of shovelware, that’s why they said Wii was selling to grandmas etc. But they could bow down if Wii U somehow destroys PS4 in sales and somehow gets as much 3rd party support as the PS4 and next Xbox.

          • I agree that there was a lot of crap that came out for the Wii.. It was the first to shake up the control scheme for gaming and many developers did not know how or chose not to use it wisely. Some did though however and it added a better experience to those games IMO.

    • They know that one of the two system will sell very well, while Nintendo has a history or making half-assed product.

      • Oh I get it now. You live in an alternate dimension in a world filled up with dillholes where Nintendo has not made the most reliable systems in gaming history and consistently been on top of the game charts with most of their games.

        • You people must ALWAYS talk about the past when dealing with Nintendo but always want to make excuses for the present.

          • Much like you Microsoft/Sony fans

          • What do you mean “you people”?

            I guess remembering the past that Nintendo has delivered quality hardware and quality software despite not being perfect is better than what you and other do is forget the past that other companies that compete with Nintendo face similar challenges when releasing new products and some succeed and others do not.

            I guess after many years of hearing how Nintendo is doomed and this will be their last console or they will go out of business since the N64 era only to see Nintendo survive and sometimes even come out on top our argument is more valid than yours.

            All that being said I want Microsoft and Sony to succeed to. I am for the gamers no matter what people classify them as. I play games becuase they are fun and not because I want to be a hardcore or casual gamer. I may say that Game X looks impressive visually but do not use that as a primary factor on judging the game.

            You on the other hand criticize and insult everyone that does not play the rated M games you play. If they do not play those games they are NOT real gamers. To you games are all about graphics and say that is what all people care about. And you are WRONG!

          • The Clockwork Being

            Wait what? Talking about the past is bad if we use it to compare to the future. FINE. Sony PS2 won the console wars same with the PS1 but lets not consider that as we all know that the past is the past. Lets not talk about the past and say Nintendo has only recently started in the gaming industry and Mario came in 2013 right? The past isnt just the past dumbass. Companies study their mistake of the past to improve in the future.

            IF you would consider the past a little you would try to understand why you bought the Shitbox over the great PS3 or the great Wii. But no you cant do that dumbfuckiswhatsup. Here again you have no knowledge.

          • Nintendo has been making 20 years worth of mistakes and has not attempted to correct a thing, which is why you focus on the past.

          • Ice Climbers

            Nintendo hasn’t corrected mistakes they made in the past? So the Wii U uses cartridges still? Exposed.

          • How about designing cheap, under powered systems? Cut.

          • Ice Climbers

            In no way is making an underpowered system a mistake. The Wii is the best selling console of the generation. The Wii U isn’t really underpowered. If it can pull off graphics at the START of its lifespan that are as good as graphics that PS3/360 can pull off after 7-8 years, then it will be able to produce some really good looking games. There isn’t any need to have as much power as the PS4 in a home console right now because of the crappy economy, skyrocketing development costs, and other factors. 3rd parties will come crawling back to Nintendo when they realize how bad the development costs are for PS4/Infinity games. Sony and Microsoft will more than likely end up in the same boat that Nintendo is in now with Wii U.

          • You people are something else. You used to brag about Wii U’s GPGPU, then you said the Wii U was 6x’s more powerful than the 360, now you just want to bring the two new systems down to the Wii U’s level and hope that they fail. Sick.,

          • Ice Climbers

            I don’t want the PS4 or the Infinity to fail. I’m saying that they are more than likely going to end up in the same boat as the Wii U. Meaning bad sales at first, then they will pick up. At least they’re not in the same boat as the Vita. Anyways, you seem to have ran out of arguments. You’ve made it clear to everyone else that you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • I have the feeling this next gen transition will be much slower than the previous one. The improvements aren’t as noticeable to the average consumer, indie development is doing well, the 360/PS3 still have plenty of games coming out this year and the next, and as Kotick mentioned, it is a different market today for game consoles then it was 7-8 years ago. Gaming has been going up with each new generation of consoles, but no one could have predicted the explosion of the smartphone market. iPhone came out in 2007, and it has sold over 250 million units in under 6 years. Who knows what will happen in this next generation of consoles, but I’m guessing it will be the wildest one yet.

    • Yeah, HD Video Games aren’t really that exciting anymore which might mean the PS4 and Next Xbox will have trouble picking up sales on the first few months of launch and end up in the same boat as the Wii U.

      • Before you people would try to say whatever to convince people that the Wii U was superior, now you have changed the strategy that they are ALL doomed in order to bring the others down to the Wii U’s level. Now what if both system sell well, then what do you say?

        • So you are saying people in this economy will be able to buy new consoles? I’m guessing your are trying to convince people that the PS4 and Next Xbox will sale well yet you really don’t have much to backup your theory with.

          Stop failing. You really don’t know much about the economy, do you?

          • Listen, I live on the NY/CT border (I am by no means rich) and I see people on both sides driving Lambos, Farraris, Bentley’s and other ultra-luxury cars. MY economy may not be good, but clearly a lot of people’s economies are. They say that a record number of high-end sports cars were sold during last year to now, so surly people will be able to buy a new system.

          • You do know that is JUST America right? You do know in the UK and Europe we are in a bad economy… America is small compared to Europe

          • You mean Europe is small compared to the US! If it were not for the Germanic colonial powers of France and the UK, Europe would be broke! In fact, they are the reasons for the economic collapse, which is all by design and shows that only a few control the world’s economy.

          • Tekina Sibawo

            If you live on the border of NY/CT that means you live in areas like Westcheter. Westchester is a pretty rich part of NY buddy

          • I know that which is why I explained the high-end cars that I see.

          • Yeah, ONE part of America that is rich

          • jay

            Rich kid But still a Digital Gangsta!!!

          • I really don’t feel like interfering in this conversation to much, but in this case it feels like I have no choice, you do know that Europe does have the richest countries in the world right? Germany, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Austria, Switzerland and France for example.
            Only middle east oil countries are richer then these European countries, I’m not saying USA is poor, because we all know it’s not, atleast not that poor, but don’t make a statement which isn’t true. Europe’s economy IS one of the biggest in the world and it does have 5-6 countries in the top 10 richest countries in the world.

          • You’d better find out what rich means and how they are figured and look at the populations of these countries as well.

          • david jarman

            I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes.

          • Nintendofreak

            holy shit people drive farraris fuck i didnt know they even existed i just knewed Ferraris, fuck people where you live are rich then

          • thedeciderU

            CT is the richest state in the union, and the middle class continues to shrink. i do not say any of this to instigate anything, but this is true. i hope to be able to afford a PS4 or NextBox eventually if they are awesome and i feel they offer an experience worth owning. tech is changing whether we like it or not. we’ll only know how the next systems fair a couples years into their cycle. this includes nintendo. hopefully, they will all do well.

          • Nope, MD is the richest, followed by NJ then CT. CT used to be the richest. They are all by slim margins and they all happen to be in the metro regions of the two most important cities in the US – NYC and DC.

          • thedeciderU

            yes, i stand corrected. all i care about is good systems coming out with good games, and hope they all do well. to call whether a nintendo is “dead” at this point is a bit premature. i think all consoles may have a hard sell though with other tech like smart phones and tablets. hopefully not.

          • Again, they are small areas in the USA. its so sad that you try to make sense of it yet you clearly have no brain or knowledge on anything XD

          • You must not know too much about the US if that is how you feel. Your prince came here to the NY/NJ/CT area to visit the three state region, so it must mean something! I just hope he was not inspecting his empire!

          • What Prince? Oh you mean that twat.

            So you are saying that just because the prince visit your country that you are number one? Pathetic much

          • Where did I write that at? We are #1 and you know that.

          • Again, you are one pathetic troll

          • Porky punk.

        • Fred

          If the PS4 and New Xbox sell way better than the Wii U then I’ll say they are more popular. If they have game I want more then I’ll buy one of them. If Wii U has more of the games I want then I’ll say I’m a fan of the less popular console.
          I owned a Gamecube and never even considered a PS2 because the games I really wanted were Gamecube exclusive when people ask about that generation I tell them that the PS2 was much more popular, but I liked the Gamecube better.

          • D.M.T

            Perfect answer

          • Arthur Jarret

            Me too, although I got both – due to Castlevania, Final fantasy and many more titles.

            I did own a gamecube first and it was my platform of choice for all multiplatform titles.

        • david jarman

          No one said it was more superior then the new consoles coming, but it is superior to current systems which YOU people keep saying its not on par. Sometimes I think you get too tangled up in your own conspiracy theories that you forget which lie you are living.

    • A smartphone is not a console, and will never deliver a console experience. Absolutely, 100% apples and oranges argument. Like comparing a gameboy to a Super NES.

      • Why are mobile and console experiences mutually exclusive? They can be compared, especially when not only games come out for both mobile and consoles platforms (The Walking Dead, FFV, Toki Tori), but the mobile version is an enchancement of the console version, or vice versa.

      • bizzy gie

        I don’t know. Gaming tablets have more powerful specs and are more along the lines of gaming PCs. Plus the average consumer is just going to see that that he/she can can get Injustice: Gods Among Us for $30 (half-off) on a device already in their pocket. There not going to see a need to pay $200 or more so they can pay double the money for what appears to be the same game.

    • bizzy gie

      You can’t really count iPhone sales because they’re a fad. Most people buy iPhones for the Apple logo, but I get what you mean entirely.

    • Alex

      I dont like Smart phones and Apps games they suck, I have an iPad and only 15% of games are great and the rest is just bad or horrible.

      • That’s fine, but it doesn’t change the fact that there are people that don’t feel the need to get a home console and are content with getting their games from iOS and Android.

        • thedeciderU

          well said.

      • Zorlac79

        I agree, which is why it is sad that the majority of the population prefer these kind of games.
        The general populous doesn’t want to use their brain much, just touch a pretty color, or bug, or shape.
        The general population is mindless sheep that only follow the herd.

  • david jarman

    The floor is open, Haters.

    • david jarman

      I guess the anti-nintendo group have nothing to say, but down vote.

      • Sony and Microsoft will do fine. The reason the Wii U is not selling well, is that people are waiting for the “actual” next gen consoles (and many still have a orig. Wii collecting dust in their closet). That, and the Wii U has very few launch titles, and by the time the big ones come out (Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros, etc) the other consoles will already be out. I was considering picking up a Wii U, but with the lack of games, (and dropped 3rd party support) Im definitely waiting and going to pick up a PS4 or xbox instead. That, and the casual market was saturated with original Wii’s, and people just dont think they need another (some even think the Wii U is a peripheral, not another system entirely).

        • david jarman

          I’m not worried about nintendo. However, until those two console are out we can’t say they’re fine.

  • John Andalora

    Good. Let smartphones and tablets take all the casual gamers away.
    That would hopefully mean that there’s less “easy for all” crap and more “fresh and exciting” gold in games.


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      • Clel

        Alright, I know that Knowledgeiswhatsup makes terrible posts most of the time, but I get this feeling that people automatically vote down his posts now. I mean, come on people; this is a genuine, normal comment…

        • The Clockwork Being

          My thoughts exactly. His comment was normal, no need to dislike it.

        • Yeah, I hate the guy but he’s comment really wasn’t negative at all

    • The Clockwork Being

      Damn I hope your game will be great. Once you announce it please announce it over here on Wii U daily i would buy it to support you. Hope the best for your game. On what Engine are you guys running the game?

      • andrewjcole

        Find out by looking at the website!

      • Well to answer your question:
        1) Yes, the game is indeed coming to Wii U

        2) The game will be Free to download and I’m hoping to work with Nintendo to make it Free for Wii U as well.

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    • ninjamik

      not sure if the last one worked, do you have an email Chris? i’ve (V Quickly) done a few demo logos for you. they are very quick, the final versions would be way better, but anyway i was a little bored and saw your plight so thought i’d wizz em off 😀

      • Awesome Stuff ^^
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        • ninjamik

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  • Evang3los

    Nintendo is in a great position. I believe even EA is going to go back and support Nintendo. A lot of indie developers will jump on board too, but the initial supporters of wii u will benefit the most. Sony is in the most trouble. Their credit rating just got downgraded and they just don’t have the money they had when the ps and ps2 were in their hay day. Microsoft might be successful, but I think that their subscription model won’t fly. So the high price of the system is going to turn people away and towards wii u.

  • garf02

    PS720 will both have a rocky start while WiiU rise from the ashes once 1st party games are out.. more or less, like every gen.. the eternal cycle all over again

    • I see the PS4 recovering a little quicker though but the Xbox 720/ Xbox Infinity/ Next Xbox/ Xbox 8 I don’t see recovering at all because the system seems to be more focused on the TV element from comments I heard from Microsoft Staff.

  • D.M.T

    Everyone can predict this except die-hard Sony fans who have high expectations about the PS4. They expect PS4 to have the greatest launch in history and they expect the PS4 to be the greatest console of all time. I learned a long time ago that I should keep my expectations low, even if I’m in love with a console.

    I’m in the mood to make some predictions about each next-gen console. Let me know if my predictions are better than Michael Pachter’s lol. I need some time to think before I post the predictions. Brb

  • only god can judge me

    While I admit due to this failing economy home console systems are facing more competition from not just smartphones but because people simply don’t have the money to spare which is why I feel the wii u did a great job of sellin 3 million correct if I’m wrong in a failing economy without a lackluster of games still deserves a round of applause and never will I buy a smartphone 2 play videogames that is truly absurd.

  • Ducked

    Actually, the last generation was pretty slow too. The Wii had tons of call backs for not having a strap, and people were still hooked on the PS2. The 5th gen and 6th were the most successful at there launch. But 8th gen probably will be slower then the 7th. Everyone is still playing each other online, so until there friends buy a PS4/Wii U/720, then there going to be fine on there PS3 or Xbox.

  • John Raybell

    Well no shit they could and more then likely will, just like the ds,wii,xbox360,ps3,3ds all did, wow this patcher guy has been kind of annoying. Also this whole tablet crap replacing consoles, no way, i have yet to meet a single ipodtablet user that has replaced his console with it, they are on the side products, no body in there right mind would make there main gaming device a tablet, instead they will buy one on the side like everyone I have ever known since these things even came out. iPods and tablets and those alike are fine and when you first get one its all you use, but after awhile the games and apps just don’t have you coming back like you use to. What I find funny is this is how consoles have been like for a long time before these other devices like tablets even hit the market. Do people really have this short of memory span? When the xbox360 was suffering at launch what other devices were around? I know then the hand held tabs and all of that weren’t really a thing, i mean sure we have had ipods forever, but they weren’t the same back then, they were pretty basic Mp3 players. So yeah I find that reason a crock of shit.

  • The causal market games on phones and tablets, not real gamers. More people have cell phones and tablets so of course it will appear as if people are gaming on those more, but those are causal gamers would never buy a console and gaming is an afterthought for them. To many people, a tablet subsidized by the phone company is a luxury item which they would never buy if they had to pay the full price. That is the only reason for the shift.

    • Actually, they are still classified as a gamer whether you like it or not. PCs aren’t console but PC users who play games on there PC are still classified as gamers. Doesn’t matter what you play on, what matters is how you have fun.

      • Actually, you must not be responding to me, but the guy below my original post.

    • Not real gamers? Why are you such a dickhead? Oh I forgot you are a “hardcore” gamer and every other person that plays games are shit. This is why I hate the term “Hardcore Gamer” it was made up by egotistical assholes that think they are better than other gamers and are usually the ones that cry out that Graphics are number one and have a fit when they get their ass beat when playing another gamer.

      Of course you come off like a bigot anyway so why should the gaming world be any different in your world of bigotry.

      • “Egotistical assholes” – that describes you to a tee! Your bitch ass cannot seem to argue without name calling and thinking that you are right about everything even when you are wrong.

        • It’s nice to finally see you write a description of yourself.

        • Paul Wright

          “Your bitch ass” “cannot seem to argue without name calling”


        • D.M.T

          Very hypocritical of you dude. You don’t want him to call you names but you called him a bitch ass. And you are one of those people who thinks he’s right about everything even when you’re wrong.

          • I only called him that because he always calls me names like a child.

          • Just calling a spade a spade… When you go around saying other people are NOT real gamers and claiming everyone is lying but you then yes I will call you what you are acting like. I am sure if you go back over everything you say here you will see that 9 times out of 10 you are the instigator in the argument by criticizing or belittling someone else because in your mind you think you know it all but in reality you know practically nothing. I still do not know why you stick around here. If I did not like a product as much as you seem to dislike Nintendo I would not be a part of the discussion.

          • BS. You see agents belittling me because the truth hurts. I never call anyone names unless I see that they continue to call me names just because they are mad that I critique their baby game console.

          • Whatever dude… you get just as mad when some makes a comment about your beloved Grand Theft Auto. History has shown you to be wrong even on so called facts that you make up from events in the past so You believe what you want to believe…

            Don’t expect any further responses to you from me. Have a nice day!

          • I hope not! Now act like a hooker and fuck off!

          • Silent

            Butthurt much?

          • NkoSekirei

            becarful dude or ur next on the banned wagon

          • YOU should talk. All you do is insult people talking bad about Nintendo as if Nintendo is your mother or something.

    • D.M.T

      Someone who plays on phones and tablets cannot be called a casual gamer. Those people are not gamers at all, not even casual. A casual gamer will still play real games on consoles. Casual gamers will buy either the Wii U or the new Xbox to play Kinect games and things like that.

      • Casual gamers are the last people to buy video games, that is why they are called causal. They only join in when something becomes a phenomenon like the NES or the Wii, but could care less about games in general. It’s like people who claim to love hip-hop (causal crowd) but they only talk about liking Jay-Z (played out rapper who said more than we need to hear) – these are casuals. These people do not really care about the art or hobby, but they can get into it if compelled to, or for convenience like on a phone or tablet. I know people like this. They will watch me play the 360 but not want to play but will play a simple game on their cell phone and try to get me into but I won’t because I like technology.

  • AAAkabob

    I called this already. I’ve asked all of my friends and the majority actually don’t want a new console and will probly not buy one. Also I predicted this in a patcher article lol.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    I would personally love to see nintendo break the mold and make their next handheld a Tablet device with updated versions of the 3ds sliders and can function as a Wii U controller. it also should be able to access android market, its too perfect of an idea not to use.

    and bring back the game boy brand while you’re at it, since it would only be one screen.

  • Agent721

    I told you all this a week ago. Of course he’s right!

  • Eliot

    I suspect that MS and Sony will do just fine, so long as they get some decent games out in the first few months of release. Both MS and Sony have plenty of devotees who will be willing to invest in their new hardware. I’m sure a decent section of their fan base would’ve been considering some good old Nintendo love whilst they waited for their ‘next-gen’ consoles. Alas Nintendo had alienated most of them with the Wii and did nothing to win them back with the Wii U launch and thus lost the one advantage (being 1st to market after a overly long console cycle) they had.
    I like most here love Nintendo and want them to do well, so they can continue to provide great gaming experiences for years to come. As such I would love it to be the case that everyone is going to struggle this cycle and that it why Wii U is struggling now, but it’s just not the truth. The truth is that the second screen of the Wii U was born out of Nintendo’s belief that they must obfuscate their product rather than the desire to produce a revolution in gaming, the likes of which inspired them to produce the Wii. The public and gamers alike are unconvinced by the gamepad. Couple this with a lack of compelling software and a console that is not that much of a generational leap over the seven year old tech of its rivals’ last gen in terms of power and we can all see why they’re struggling to get gamers to folk out their hard earned cash.
    Hopefully some 1st party big hitters will help the Wii U’s sales increase, but I firmly believe that the Wii U will struggle from now on, whilst MS and Sony will take the Lions share of the market between them.
    That being said, Nintendo will make a profit and will make some outstanding games that should justify a Wii U purchase to any real gamer.

  • D.M.T

    Here are my next-gen consoles predictions:

    1. Xbox Infinity (aka Xbox 720)

    Microsoft will make sure that the new Xbox is more than just a gaming console. The new Xbox will be an entertainment box. The new Xbox will have lots of features and gimmicks like Kinect 2.0 and Illumiroom. It could be the perfect console for casual and hardcore gamers alike but most casual gamers will not buy the new Xbox due to it being too expensive for them. Die-hard Xbox fans and people who cannot afford a PS4, will buy the new Xbox. The new Xbox will be successful but not as successful as the Xbox 360.

    2. Playstation 4

    PS4 will be the next PS Vita, a powerful console that won’t sell as much as it should and not nearly as much as everyone expected. The PS4 will be expensive and it’s not backwards compatible which is why most people won’t buy a PS4 at launch or soon after launch. PS4 will have less 3rd party exclusives compared to PS3 due to high development costs. Every game on PS4 will have to sell a lot to make a profit and we all know that not all games will sell well so Devs will be careful with the PS4 and won’t support it as much as they supported the PS3.

    3. Wii U

    The console that a lot of people consider a “failure” now will actually become more successful than the GameCube and Nintendo 64, selling around 50 million units. The Wii U will start to sell after the 1st party games are released and a lot of gamers will buy the Wii U for Wii Fit U. The Wii U will also become much more popular than it is now, everyone will know what a Wii U is and people will have a better understanding as to why Nintendo chose to have a second screen. Wii U might not win next-gen but it will be successful. We will also see EA games back on Nintendo systems in the future.

    These are my predictions for next gen.

    • Jeffery02

      This seem to be a pretty well balanced prediction. No console got more attention than any of the others and I cannot argue with anything you said. Nice job!

    • bizzy gie

      I agree completely. Here’s my prediction:

      Xbox’s fault will be trying to make Everythingbox. They need to stick to gaming not making something that can do what’s already be done on current devices or else they’ll just confirm the Tablet/Smartphone vs. console war. Now there are high-end gaming tablets too. NO ONE will call Illumiroom a gimmick since Nintendo didn’t make it, but it still is one regardless. I saw the video and you’re going to need a pretty vast room for that. It’ll take off as much as Smartglass has now. The always online rumor has also not been entirely debunked yet. And with the high cost of Xbox Live now, which is guaranteed to be more expensive on Xbox (2013), I’m sure people won’t find any dire necessities in a purchase.

      PS4’s fault will be that the PS3 will continue to live WITH the PS4. Sony is not going to end the PS3’s life span. It will continue to receive support throughout the PS4’s life cycle (pretty much a “’nuff said” moment). No one will need to buy a PS4. I doubt Sony is going to make PS4 exclusives that even exclude the PS3. It’s silly to be so exclusive that it’s not releasing on one of your own systems. The controller design is almost identical. There’s more technology inside, but do you think Sally the soccer mom is going to know that come Christmas?

      Wii U’s fault will be lack of 3rd parties and teaching developers to use the GamePad properly instead of just off-t.v. play EVERY-single-time (even though many people seem happy with just that). Nintendo is going to need to explain it’s hardware and secure deals. It’s first parties are legendary, but 3rd parties have never killed anybody. The Wii alienated most 3rd parties due to hardware. That’s no longer an issue. There’s no more excuse for no third parties. Release some key firsties, throw out some ads, and increase that install base. Most money went into GamePad development. Use it.

      It’s not all doom-and-gloom for just Nintendo’s latest device and I’m tired of people thinking so. This next generation is going to be a close race.

      I say each console will sell around 50 million (give-or-take a few million) each.

      Wii U: 53-54 million (it’ll be the cheapest of the bunch and it will have been out a year longer once the other consoles come it’s also used that year to establish itself and don’t forget Mario)

      PS4: 47 million (50-51 million if they end the PS3’s life cycle)

      Xbox (2013): 49 million (many people will find Illumiroom a GLORIOUS evolution to gaming screaming innovation and buy into it which is the counter to my prediction of it taking off as much as Smartglass)

      • Rane Pollock

        Uh, there are a couple of excuses for no third parties on the Wii-U. Frostbite won’t run on it well and neither will the Unreal engine. That’s a big hit to that little console.

        • bizzy gie

          Wow. And you actually bought into EA’s bullsh*t. I’d bet a million that Frostbite 2 runs absolutely perfectly on Wii U. It runs just fine on the weaker PS3 and 360. EA just wants to make excuses not to develop for Wii U. They were voted worse gaming company 2 years in a row, that title still standing, for a reason.

          Most games run on Unreal 3 which Epic says the Wii U runs just fine. Even still. U4 can be scaled down to run on Wii U.

          Gaming engines are NOT the problem. There is no excuse.

  • Bob Singh

    I respect Activision for stating the truth.

  • Jeffrey Debris

    Finally someone with some sense…

  • Adam Fox

    From what i recall, when I saw footage of PS4 games, it wasn’t much more impressive than some of the launch PS3 games such as Uncharted….so really at this point its just making a new system that can easily handle more material than it is making games with more realistic graphics……..of course, this is Activision we are talking about here….the same company that once bled the Guitar Hero series dry and now doing the same with Call of Duty series

  • Ace J

    wow the people at Ativision have more common sense then i expected them to have

  • Ugslick

    I agree with him to some extent. I think Nintendos slow pace so far has been largely attributable to lack of games, but at the same time I dont see the PS4 or Infinity flying off shelves. A lot of people have 360s or PS3s, and the upgrade will be a harder pitch than ever before, especially with the price tags. This generation will start off slow and rough for both companies. I think Sonys PS4 will eventually do alright, they are doing a lot of good things with the PS4, but I think Nintendo will start flying off shelves this holiday season, and everyone will say they had the right approach all along be it with keeping development costs relatively low (with standard HD resolutions on the Wii U, compared to the more powerful hardware in the other consoles). They have courted and successfully created a strong environment for indie devs, which is great news going forward (I think the indie and smaller developers will gain importance more and more as we go down the years for their creativity and new ideas, compared to the larger publishers and big budget devs, for the most part), they have a strong development environment based off web technologies like HTML or Webkit, and teir partnership with Unity allows easy access to Wii U development for a whole lot of indie devs who have been creating games for mobiles due to higher costs on console. I think Nintendo is set for the future, they just need to push and promote more, work better with developers across the board and keep increasing their internal teams’ size and skillset. Its a tall order, but honestly, I think Nintendo is positioned best out of the big 3 for the future.

    • NkoSekirei

      i agree with ur statement cause thats wat i been telling trolls alot that ps4 and the next xbox are gonna suffere some kind slow sales due to economy and lack of games but also the price of those systems are gonna be major issue especially for ps4 after wat happen to ps3s launch fiasco.

  • Squid

    Wow, I usually hate Activision because of the CoD fanboys, but I’m starting to get respect for them…

  • Archiq09

    Activision know the potential on WiiU and for CoD Ghost it’s team of cod they dont know if wiiu will have next cod…

    And Im sure to Next Xbox will copy sony and nintendo mix… but they forget something, they cant copy new of a new generation of a rival.

  • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

    I also think that.

  • LopsidedPasta

    The PS4 I think will come out of the gate roaring, and the xbox is going to struggle even more than the Wii U.

    • Cadrion

      Hopefully it supports some sort of new blu ray or something so so people will have a reason to buy it:D

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Well of course they ‘COULD’
    but there’s way too many unknown variables to make any assumption at all

  • Frank

    While I still wanna see activision reinvent fps with CoD ghost, I’m glad they’re not betting the 720 or PS4 will domination the next generation.

  • Ice Climbers

    An interesting thing I’d like to point out is that Iwata has said the same thing multiple times in the past. He sees the rise of mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets to be more of a threat than Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles. I think Nintendo has been looking more at the big picture than the here and now with the 3DS and Wii U.

  • Cadrion

    I’m impressed actually…a CEO with a head on his shoulders that thinks a bit.

  • Good point nice to see a CEO has some brains not to mention how great the current gen is how much better can you get graphic wise you can make a system as fast as you want i don’t know how much better they can make games i have a feeling most next gen games would be able to run on ps3 and 360 and alot of casual gamers will probably just stick with what they already have maby not 360 xbox is good for dropping support of a system as for as PlayStation if they continue to make ps3 games as long as they did the ps2 games after 3 was out alot of gamers will sit till they can’t get a game they want and by then they would have withered the high release window price and get a more affordable deal

  • dgallo911

    The difference is low sales wont scare off 3rd parties as a bulk of the launch titles will also be available on current gen systems wheras nintendo dont have that luxury as the wii is so underpowered it simply cant offer the wii u any help


    In 50 years companies that make consoles will be making phones with the power of PC. Console gaming will be an accessory piece.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    I’ve been saying this all year

  • Arthur Jarret

    I’m sure both Sony & Microsoft are adapting their business strategy to the way the Wii U has been received. This is one of the reasons why consoles are usually released around the same time, with one being first by about 6 months to a year.

    Being first in a next generation is always a risk, as you need to judge a market willingness to buy an expensive box based on a promise. The fulfilment of that promise depends on how many people actually bought it.

    Xbox360 certainly profited being the first to market last generation, as did the playstation 2 the generation before – however, it is safer to adjust your expections and investments beforehand by watching your competitions situation play out.

    Like the seemingly failing Xbox360 at the start of last gen, only time will tell if it was a smart move to release the Wii U a year before the competition.