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Wii U pro controller blackGame analyst Michael Pachter is no newcomer to controversy — yesterday he said the Wii U wouldn’t work, which attracted a lot of criticism on this site and the web. During the same interview, Pachter said he believed that Activision basically forced Nintendo to release the Wii U Pro Controller. Otherwise, Call of Duty on the Wii U would probably not happen, according to Pachter. He did clarify his statement later to VentureBeat, saying that this is his own opinion and that he doesn’t have any inside tips on the matter.

“I am putting two and two together to conclude that Activision put pressure on Nintendo”, Pachter said. He added that Black Ops 2 developer Treyarc recently made comments about the Wii U Pro controller, saying it’s a “tailored fit” for Call of Duty on the Wii U platform. Because of this, Pachter believes Activision put pressure on Nintendo to release a standard controller for the Wii U as well.

On one hand, we can understand where Pachter is coming from: Activision isn’t known for being the most creative developer/publisher in the world and not the fastest to embrace new technologies. It’s easy to see them asking Nintendo for something more regular than the tablet controller. On the other hand, Nintendo released a similar controller for the Wii — the Wii Classic Controller — and one can assume that the company simply followed the same path with the Wii U Pro Controller.

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    I can care less who Michael Patcher is or does. He’s just a desperate cry for attention.

    • Oh no

      I believe you mean “couldn’t” care less

      • AKA-Link77

        The wii u pro would have been released any ways! Cuz the dev kits had the old wii Pro and the fact that thy are gonna follow the path of the Pro controller. Activision is just taking alot of pride in wat thy think…

      • Nunya Bizness

        We’re here to talk about Nintendo. Not English grammar.

      • M O

        If you say couldn’t that would mean he cares more. It should say, “I could care less.”

        • Nate

          No, afraid not.

          In any case, this should have been the controller the Wii U ships with, not that retarded touch screen.

    • Chupa-Chup

      I am so over talking about that loser, Patcher. Let’s just move on and ignore his ridiculous comments.

      • King of Red Lions

        Sh*t Patcher says is not newsworthy information. That’s just rejected ideas for a bad “Sh*t Critics Say” video.

    • Mr.Nuggets

      Leave Michael alone! It’s not his fault he wants attention… poor guy got bullied a lot at school. ;*

  • Swic11

    Well, I can agree with activision if they did in fact do this. I love the gamepad, I think it’s going to change gaming, but not every developer wants to use it. But my guess is that Nintendo already knew that. That’s why they created the classic controller in the first place for the wii.

    • asfd

      question im not sure about yet…does the wii u pro controller have dual rumble and does the dual analog stick does it both click, click stick?

      • Alienfish

        Yes, both analogs on the pro controller are clickable. I think I heard there wasn’t going to be a rumble feature in it. I know the Classic controllers feel completely empty without rumble aside from the fact that they weigh next to nothing. What I don’t get is why Nintendo is leaving analog triggers in the dust without offering a suitable alternative for, say, car acceleration. Xbox gamers might look at a WiiU pro controller and want to try it, but without analogs they will quickly turn back to their 360 pad.

        • Ben

          I hope they ad rumble (and maybe a mic) to the pro controller.

        • Nintendude

          As long as it doesn’t affect gameplay, fine with me.

  • MisterEd

    Pachter said: “I do not know this either first-hand or third-hand; nobody told me. I am merely deducing it from what we know, and it’s an educated guess”

    Basically, he made it all up, like the rest of the crap he says. He did so just to get his name out there. And to make sure he got those headlines, he also made this inflammatory comment when speaking specifically about the Wii U:

    “(Nintendo) could put out a piece of cardboard and say that it’ll play Mario and (Nintendo fanboys would) buy it”

    The guy is a professional TROLL.

    • trainerblk

      My friend he’s is nintendo main troll he guide all other to troll nintendo they don’t use logic all they do is hate what they can’t understand

    • Gary Moscheles

      he actually said that? jesus herman christ

  • Wii Uoops!

    Now everyone hates you, Mr. Patcher. NO ONE can criticize Nintendo and get away with it without a nasty remark or two!

  • Enigmatic

    He is an often quoted video game, social media, digital media and electronics analyst, who is quite good at his job. Now he has made a Nintendo prediction, that is negative in nature, and all of you hate him. He is just doing his job. So settle down.

    • Draco Breach

      Problem with this guy is…he is rarely (if ever) right. He said the Wii wouldn’t outsell either the 360 or PS3. He said no Nintendo game would sell over a million units worldwide. It’s a safe bet to put your money on the opposite of what he says.

      He doesn’t seem to understand what he is trying to analyze. I don’t even know why anybody still bothers quoting him. The 360 has sold half as well as he said it would, and the PS3 a third as well. The Wii outsold his predictions by right around ten fold. He said the DS would bomb, and the PSP would sell three times as many units as the DS.

      What a record to run on…

      (my numbers are rough estimates of what I remember)

    • SethADrekin

      Patcher is not good at his job.. He is the worst Video game Analyst in the world. He has literally gotten every prediction he has made in the past decade wrong. The guy is a joke and no body who actually works in the industry respects him.

      • chiapet

        Pachter ought to switch to Ouija boards, they’re more accurate than him.

      • Enigmatic

        The worst? Not even close. He wouldn’t have a job with Wedbush Securities if he was. He also would no officially provide coverage of the Entertainment Software Publishing and Retail sector. He is regulary cited by the The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal for a reason.

        His monthly predictions may be off a lot, but his yearly forecasts are usually accurate because of his ability to anticipate price cuts and market changes. Look him up, get the facts.

        • Kyle

          Just because he is cited a lot doesn’t mean he is good at his job. Jack Thompson used to get on TV all the time. Didn’t mean he still wasn’t a blubbering idiot.

    • Mr.Nuggets

      Enigmatic the tough internet cutie <3

      • Enigmatic


  • Alienfish

    Whether Activision had anything to do with it or not doesn’t really matter to me at this point. I’m just glad that we’re getting better options this time around.

  • A Wii U 4 U

    Hey if it’s anything like paper mario, I’d totally buy Super Cardboard Mario. ;P

    So this dude basically shot these ‘predictions’ out of his ass. No wonder his credibility’s down the drain.

    Whatever happens, as long as ‘the big N’ brings out something new and memorable, rather than an overly cliche and violent shooter. I’m game.

    Long Live Ninty

  • SanPharaoh

    Pachter? I watched a few of that guys YouTube videos and got bored to sleep. My guess is that he wants to get his hits up, and or subs up by pandering to the anit-Nintendo party.

  • Man

    SMH!!! SMFH!!! tell me this is a joke please Pachter stop embarrising yourself. For someone who picks on nintendo all the time why do you u have nintendo stuffed Links and Marios and the master sowrd in your office?

  • Hi8us

    The Wii also had a regular control. I guess Activision forced them to make that too. Seriously, The gaming industry wouldn’t come crashing down if michael pachter, along with his oh so accurate predictions and statements, disappeared.

  • Shankovich

    Can’t remember who said it, some Nintendo exec…but this controller has been in R&D for a few years, and I trust them more than Pachter.

    The inclusion of this controller is understandable. Some games and genres just simply don’t need a touch pad, but that should translate into great graphics if the tablet isn’t being used!

    • Alienfish

      Exactly what I was thinking! Ignoring the screen on the touch pad will allow developers to focus the power they might have used on it to the TV.

  • Rasta

    They must be handing these jobs out or something because no educated man in his field of work thinks like that.

  • Nintendo Gamer38

    Who ever this Patcher guy he’s dumb because Wii U is a game changer and he wouldn’t know about game changing if it fell on his head

  • Nintendo Gamer38

    I think he needs to clean those 4 eyes because I think he can’t se well the the Wii U can do

    • Mr.Nuggets

      He’s just jealous the wii u doesn’t wear glasses.

  • Dustin

    Why would they need the traditional controller? The tablet has all of the functions of the Xbox controller and more. If their logic is that they can get more out of the system by only sending a signal to the television; then they aren’t even looking at the tablet correctly.

    They need to be turning the television signal off and putting the whole game on the tablet.

  • Draco Breach

    Do you want to know why Nintendo is releasing the Wii U Pro Controller? It’s yet another interface for developers to use. It’s something for classic games that don’t have GamePad functionality. It’s for any developer – house or indie – to use for games they don’t want to build in GamePad functionality.

    I haven’t heard any nay-saying from Activision. However if Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Online is any indication, I see no reason why Activision couldn’t incorporate GamePad functionality.

    Still. Patcher. Go fly a kite. You don’t seem to understand business let alone gaming.

  • Go Nintendo

    I bet that Michael is making up lies its clearly he hates nintendo. SCREW YOU PATCHER

  • trainerblk

    Patcher…. your ignorance is true one of a kind when i heaed that he said activison i was laughing why activison & not trayacrh since black ops tray & mwf is activison & black ops is coming this year so that in general is just sad a game anylst can’t get the games right so i sopose listen to this assh*le please next topic please don’t give this fool anymore limelight

  • dave

    It a good thing this is just his opinion because this guy has lost the market And why would Actvision say they think the wii u can take cod to the next level there not talking about the pro controller.

  • Fourze

    You know what else he’s no newcomer at? Being wrong, all the time. What with how the Wii was supposed to sink like the Titanic and the 3DS getting destroyed by the PS Vita? How this guy have any credibility as an analyst is beyond me.

  • Slipsevenfold

    Activision didn’t force Nintendo to do anything! The Wii U Pro controller is just an upgraded version of the Wii’s classic controller pro! Nintendo probably released info on the Wii U pro controller before launch so that they could attract a more “hardcore” audience to their new home console.

  • deSSy2724

    Can anyone say…. does this controller has analog sticks or not? some people say yes, some not….. the truth?!?!?!?

    • Bucky

      Yes the pro controller has two sticks both of which are clickable

  • Fresnokila

    For FPS I would prefer the wii-mote/nunchuk…it feels more precise and also more fun to use…

  • Maverick-Hunter

    This is something so dumb to argue about; wii had classic Mario games where I can play with the wii mote sideways for an old school feel, or I could attach the classic controller to play the same game.

    My point being this the wii u pro controller is the improved classic controller, this is something they’ve done this before it’s tradition.

  • mac

    why does people even attempt to take Pactcher or however his name is spelled seriously. he talks so much shit, you dont know whether his mouth is his ass or his actual mouth. all he wants is money he don’t care about facts or the gaming industry. if he did, then all his predictions wrong be 2 patties, lettuce, thousand island dressing, onions, and 3 buns short of a short of a big mac.

    • Crapcake

      You forgot the cheese

  • Patcher Who?

    This Patcher freak is ALWAYS saying bad things about Nintendo and it’s product saying it’s a flop & will fail and such, yet the products are ALWAYS successful. Patcher is always WRONG. Like “MisterEd” said, “The guy is a professional TROLL.”

  • rafael

    Still looking for that Mario cardboard tough…

  • I Like Fries

    I dont care if they put pressure on them or not but im kinda glad they did if they did put pressure on them because it would suck playing hardcore games on the pad and also the pro controller attracted alot of hardcore gamers and testing there luck with the wii u and personally i love fps and enjoy cod and battlefield and i am looking forward to play zombies on wii u so yea

    • joe

      Yes, You Like Fries, Patcher Likes Guys.

      • I Like Fries

        lmao nice one

  • The Beeshnu

    The Pro controller is gonna sell very well but i have one question?
    Why wasn’t the wii classic controller very well recieved?
    I know no one who owns one and i hardly ever see them in the shops.

    • Sizzly-s

      I have three. I bought one for classic games and the two others were bundles. They killed for Black Ops on the Wii though.

  • Anonymous

    Ignore patcher.

    No pro controller.

    No remote.

    The tablet idea is amazing!!!

    Also, will the tablet be like a DS? You can bring it where ever you want!

    • Draco Breach



      The Wii U itself renders everything displayed on the GamePad. If Nintendo does build in a small CPU, it should be able to run basic apps – like calculator, chess, solitaire, et cetera – well away. So really, it’s not meant to be a portable system at all.

      In short, the GamePad is not a DS.

    • Shankovich

      ^Yea, I think it might have an ARM cpu in it (how else can it run the display as a remote for the TV when the console is off?? Unless the console has a sleep mode that runs the CPU/GPU on a super low clock and the transmitter).

  • LordiMcKill

    If I ever get Black Ops 2 for Wii U, I think I’ll stick to the gamepad. Can you imagine what the game would be like if you used the second screen to control all the vehicles in the future parts.

    Besides, what’s the point of innovation if you have a controller that does the exact same thing the xbox & ps3’s controller.

  • joe

    I will say this…and I really mean it….I miss controllers like the one for the Genesis…..That is why I bought a Wii…the remote is simple.

  • Smash

    The pro controller must be bound with the console for developers to give it priority?
    Otherwise, you must immediately buy one to play Call of Duty with it?
    But you can certainly play Call of Duty with the tablet controller as well…

  • Daemonrunner

    It wasn’t pressure! He makes it sound like Activision has some major empire that can shape the console market as a whole.

    I seem to remember Nintendo making statements that they reached out to 3rd party developers to help shape the Wii U’s hardware. I am sure Activision was one of them and I am sure they made a recommendation to include standard control schemes; but I highly doubt Nintendo bowed before Activision as if being presented a golden idol that contains the meaning of life itself.

  • Indoctrination

    why do people listen to this guy he talk carp all the time

    • James

      I love carp. He can talk to carp? :O

  • Nintengoth

    He just talks bollocks, i dont give give a shit why Ninty made it i love the look of it.

  • 3dsguy

    There was only a few games the used classic controller so was not well used mainly i think it was fo smash bros brawl but there should be more games this time to make use of the pro controller.As for patcher, nintendo’s fan base is huge and growing all the time think twice before ur negative comments.Wii are going to bury the x box this time there is no need for one or halo or gears of crap

  • Garzard

    Can this guy shut the hell up

  • Chris

    This Patcher guy should just look for a new career, beecause I as a fan of nintendo have been looking forward to the wii u since E3 2011 when it was frst unveiled. By saying that Activision pressured them to make the pro controller is just disgracefull to any nintendo fan who watched nintendo’s pre E3 show this year when they talked about how the pro controller was an enhanced version of the classic controller.

    Its obvious to me that he just making this up because if he wasthe accurate predictor that some make. Him out to be then he would of known more about the pro controller from Nintendo’s pre E3 2012.

  • Zack Young

    WOAH!!!! WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE CHANGE PATCHER’S DIAPER!!!! listen patcher, don’t act like a baby unless you want to get treated like one!!!

  • John V.

    This can be true.. I mean look at it, it’s basically an X360 controller (yes, I know, the X360 controller is like a NGC controller) with the right analog and buttons in one-another’s place..
    And since Activision sucks balls and wants everything to be Xbox related, I can see it happening.

    But I can’t understand why Nintendo agreed to this… 😐

    • andrewjcole

      Maybe Nintendo agreed to it because they wanted a popular game like Call of Duty on Wii U.

  • pdxmojo

    His comments were made up, I just read it on another site.

  • simply the truth

    ill be fpsing via wii remote plus and nunchcuk thank u pachter LOL at twin stick fps

  • john

    wow he just admitted that activision never confirmed this today he claims it was and educated guess lol

  • Steventelation

    “educated guess”= made up bull crap.

  • i like fries

    cant wait for tekken

  • nicnac

    At least Nintendo gave Microsoft credit for using their design. Sony and Microsoft never gave Nintendo any credit even when they use nintendos ideas. Now Nintendo is a true company enuff said.

  • wii u man

    Hey look guys just ignore Patcher he wants to start some anti nintendo club and he deserves a spear through his d*ck

  • Nitend☆Fan

    this controller would be awesome cuz now they’ll be able to have fighting games like Soul Calibur!

  • Wii u crazer

    I highly doubt that he’s just jealous of Nintendo

    • zam


  • zam

    yeh totallly

  • Joesatmoes

    Everyone knows Mr.Pachter is the Jar-Jar Binks; the Luigi; the Magikarp; the Sarah Palin of the Gaming Industry. This was just another of his dumass “analysis”. Nintendo made the Wii U Pro for third party support in general; they even said that themselves! On a sidenote, Black Ops 2 looks like it will be a definite Wii U game, probably not a launch title, but it will definitely come out.