Jun 21st, 2012

Activision Wii U
While it’s not official, it’s more or less confirmed that Activision will bring Call of Duty Black Ops 2 to the Wii U. According to the latest issue of MCV magazine, Activision’s Vice President of production, Daniel Suarez, the guy who oversees all games made by the publisher, said that he’s “really excited” about the possibilities of the Wii U GamePad and its asymmetric gameplay. Last year when the Wii U was unveiled, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said they were “super excited” about the new console.

“I’m really excited by the potential of what the tablet can do”, he said, adding, “The [Wii U] is differentiating itself from everything else, just like Nintendo did with the Wii”. Earlier this month it was revealed that Activision would be bringing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 to the Wii U, but it’s still not official. It looks like they’re taking their time to create a decent GamePad integration before showing anything off to the public. Hopefully we’ll see more Activision Wii U games announced as we get closer to launch. A Call of Duty game as a launch title would really help the Wii U, especially if it manages to use the controller to aid the gameplay.

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  • swic11

    So, it seems as a general rule that everyone is concerned about 3rd party support (myself included). Its nice to see developers just praising the Wii U.

    • SuperMonkeyBallforWiiU

      Let’s hope that this third party excitement carries out for the years to come!

    • Poncho

      I’ve hear enough of this “praise” for the Wii U. I want to see some action. I want people to actually put their games on the Wii U. I know Activision is putting BLOPS II on Wii U, I’m just saying this as a general statement.

      • Daemonrunner

        I agree.

        While I fully understand that developing a new console takes time, not having release version development kits until weeks before E3 certainly didn’t help.

        Look at the reaction with Arkham City from much of the media. They praised some of the unique features and then completely dismissed the graphics as being not up to snuff. This of course spanned off this whole banter about the Wii U not being powerful, when it was probably a VERY early port version build of the game. Some developers may not have wanted to take the risk of showing an unpolished product on the Wii U at the moment.

        I do agree, though, I would like these developers to start putting their money where their mouth is and start showing off these great things the Wii U is capable of doing; not so much for personal reassurance (I think the Wii U will be fantastic), but so the rest of the media world can finally see the true potential of the system.

  • Ed

    It would be nice in muli player if you could shoot a dart-camera on people, places, and things and use the second screen for the camera’s view. You could place it on a known camper and see where he hides, or place it in a choke spot, for an Ambush! Activision, you may use my idea. 😉

    • Owen

      do they have drones in COD? would be a great use for that. using the tv to launch the drone and then looking down to guide it like in real life. All while having to use your peripherals to make sure no one is sneaking up on you.

      • Paul

        not 100% sure but in single player yes and in multiplayer maybe

        • PboyAMR

          Remember the camera spikes? Something like that could be used, maybe have multiple cameras and attach to vehicles (if any) and view them on the gamepad screen.

  • Wii Uoops!

    It’s sad that the Wii U needs all these first-person shooter-light ’em up-killing spree-zombie madness games to be successful. I’ve never really liked all those shooting games, but hey, if these games are what the people want, go ahead and give it to ’em.

    • Alienfish

      I personally wouldn’t mind having all the multi-platform offerings that other consoles get alongside what Nintendo has already been getting. More is better, usually.

    • Swic11

      See I like a big variety of video games, I watched like 6 videos of p-100 something and I couldn’t get into it, but i bet it will sell like crazy. I’m not a COD fan but, I do like shooter games, as many people do

    • James Bowserman

      Totally agree…

      I could play Super Mario Galaxy 2 10 times over without ever needing to play COD!

      Used to love COD, but the community turned into a bunch of whiners that complain about campers, because they rush too much.

      • Wii Uoops!

        I know, and I love how people say Nintendo is for babies when really, most kids are playing M games! It’s kind of funny.

        • rafael

          yeah, and mature people usually apreciate a lot games like boom blox and wii sports :/ and also the ”getting together” thing 🙂

  • Parker

    Im not really worried about this, if they released so many call of duty games for the ds and wii why not for the Wii U?
    We will have this game for our future favorite console, dont worry people.

    • SanPharaoh

      True indeed.

      I’ve played MW3 on the Wii and was actually impressed by it. I think people just hate on the current Wii because the graphics are inferior to the PS3 and XBOX360…my friend has a PS3 and MW3 and it is the exact same game from start to finish so…and the online multi-player was good too…besides the way it looks I don’t see any other reason to hate. And the Wii remote makes the game more fun…imo…

      The GamePad should be able to continue down this path. I can’t wait.

  • Wildman

    Bring it ON, ActivisiON!!

  • Jerm1234

    I believe without a doubt that Black ops 2 will be on the Wii U, as well as yet to be seen Call of Duty games. I cant wait to kill some zombies with my friends on the Wii U!!

  • The Baconater

    The thing is will we get the same features or even more than other consoles?

    • Parker

      Well the gamepad is already an extra feature that will make the Wii U the more interesting version.

      • The Baconater

        Well I meant for Dlc like map packs or the same killstreaks in Blops 2 or something.

  • Shankovich

    Very happy to see main stream 3rd parties like this. I say, however, that the pro controller be default…only because it’ll attract a lot of, well, money (sub 12 year olds). Sorry I know that sounds bad LOL but it’s true. Wii U will have the best advantage -> better graphics. It’ll also help establish Nintendo’s online network quickly. Still, I’d love to use the sniper screen :p, and see battlefield of course.

  • Mike

    “wii u it’s about kickin’ ass, wii u it’s about takin’ names, and developers are about makin’ games”. -Reggie

  • Paul

    dont worry guys and girls nintendo is going all out with this console

    kids games, hardcore games and family games

  • Slacker

    Like to hear third party games on Nintendo system love to hear about first party games from Nintendo. Nintendo is king

  • 3ds guy

    In battlefield 3 u have a camera u can put down but u have to leave player stood etanding and switch screen too look. With the u pad it would be great if i could use it as my camera while i still can move. And maybe have the mortor map on there too so i can look at telly an see who coming.

  • SOAstockton209