Feb 4th, 2013

Ackkstudios–the developer of Two Brothers–has released a teaser of their upcoming project currently known as Project Y2K. Speaking on the NeoGAF forums, the developers have stated that the game is a 3D RPG for the Wii U eShop that takes inspiration from Earthbound and The World Ends With You. The current title lends itself to the project as the game takes place at the end of the year 1999. The post on the Ackkstudios blog mentioning the project says:

Two Brothers is still our main project. We began Project Y2K before we started Two Brothers and put it on hold to finish Two Brothers, as it was a smaller project.

Everyone who has completed work on Two Brothers is now working on Project Y2K… so that’s about a third of the AckkStudios Team.

Now that Two Brothers is nearing completion, we felt it was time to return to Project Y2K. Project Y2K currently exists in a few forms… concept art, a finalized script/story line, a completed graphics/gameplay engine.

As for the title Project Y2K, we can tell you that the reason we’ve chosen this project name is because the game will begin January 1st 1999 at 12:02 AM…

The concept seems very interesting and if anyone is able to pull of “old system charm”, it’s this studio. The picture above is taken from Two Brothers, which the studio is currently working on as a tribute to old Game Boy RPGs. The game was originally funded on Kickstarter and is intended for release on the Wii U eShop sometime this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if w don’t see another Kickstarter for Project Y2K in the near future, so Earthbound fans should keep an eye out for that.

Let us know what you think about this development in the comments below.

[via ackkwiiu.tumblr.com]

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  • Laud

    Awww yeah, more games. ūüôā

  • Genesect4ssb4

    why not just Earthbound for Wii U?

    • Laud

      They aren’t the ones who made it.

    • Itoi (the person who created earthbound) said that its to much work to make another game. ūüôĀ

      • Jay

        isn’t the earthbound story over?

        • Wayne Beck

          Don’t matter. U.S. is dying for an Earthbound game so bad, they would settle for a complete tangent that has nothing to do with the original.¬†

    • Johny

      why not just TWEWY for WIi U ???

  • OmygoshOmygoshOmygoshOmygosh¬†¬† EARTHBOUNDS MY FAV GAME

  • Captinn2

    Hey guys! Yarn Yoshi and Wii Party U are coming on November 3, 2013 and August 11, 2013, respectively…….and the new Super Mario 3D Wii U game is coming November 17, 2013¬†in Australia. There are also rumors of a¬†“sequel” of¬†Pirate 101 and Wizard 101 on Wii U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Evidence: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wii_U_games

    • Jay

       Those are estimates. There are no release dates for those games yet.

    • Tom Brandow

      ¬†I feel like anyone who would ever promote games like Pirate 101 and Wizard 101 would have to be in some kind of payroll. That’s like someone coming to a video game website trying to get people to play club penguin or maple story. Suspicious.

    • DrMyster

      ¬†I’m pretty your talking about The Wonderful 101, which is made by Platinum games…

  • Justin Gray

    I’ll buy it.

  • Johny

    we want TWEWY for wii u !!!

    • Alex Damman

      what does that acronym stand for?

      • Dominic Coradazzi

        The World Ends With You

  • I just got the urge to SMASH!!!!! a “Cranky Lady”, a “New Age Retro Hippie”, and an “Insane Cultist” with a “Cracked Bat”!¬† This brings back memories…

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Earthbound and TWEWY inspiration in GB style?¬†¬† Sure I’ll buy it, I’ve been itching for something a little old-school gaming with¬†a fresh¬†flair
    ….I really just want an Earthbound game though, I’m getting rather desperate