Oct 1st, 2013

During today’s Nintendo Direct, president Satoru Iwata discussed some of the aspects that make the Legend of Zelda series so unique. One of these aspects was the formula of going to a dungeon to receive a new weapon, and then using that new weapon to finish the dungeon. It’s a mechanic that has existed in the Zelda games since the original, but it’s being bucked for the newest Nintendo 3DS title, A Link Between Worlds.

Instead of going to dungeons in a specific order to receive new weapons and tools, these weapons and tools will be available from the beginning in a shop called Ravio’s Shop. Players can rent and then buy equipment from Ravio, so that you can complete the dungeons in any order you want. This adds an air of dynamic content to the game, since you can choose which dungeons you complete.

In addition, it had been pointed out that Ravio resembled Nabbit from the Super Mario series. Iwata addresses this directly saying the two characters are not meant to be similar, but since the two development teams are on the same floor, perhaps they directly inspired one another. Are you excited for this game? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Rent with in game rupees??

  • NextChannelGames

    There is a Dark Zelda character name Hilda, she looks like Zelda but looks dark

  • Sdudyoy

    I’m not sure if I like renting item’s but I’m not sure.

  • QuizmasterBos

    Okay, so THIS is the thing Aonuma was hoping people would like changed about the game?

    I’ll be honest, I find it interesting, but I prefer the old way.
    Going into a dungeon and finding a new item to use was super fun. It was always my highlight of each dungeon, especially in A Link to the Past. They kinda destroy it this way.

    You could take several dungeons out of order in various Zelda games, as long as you knew how to play. Doing it this way makes the game more explorative, but defeats the purpose of doing dungeons out of order.

    What reason do I have to do dungeon 3 before dungeon 1 in Link Between Worlds, other than personal reasons? Nothing, it seems like.
    I really hope there’s some merit to doing the dungeons in a different order than normal in LBW. That’s all I can say.

  • Jacob T. Plante

    It’s like in the original Legend Of Zelda! But I’m really not sure about the whole renting thing… :/ btw sorry if this double-posts.

  • Madmagican

    Renting seems like it’ll work out as long as they don’t restrict you to one weapon at a time until you buy it

    • Sdudyoy

      He did mention that you could purchase them also.

      • Madmagican

        Yeah, I know but the requirements are still unknown
        do you rent out until you’ve completed a certain amount of the game with the item, do you rent it until you’ve paid enough to own it, is there some other requirement…
        We don’t know yet

  • Elitepwnsface

    I like the idea. I think this could be something they might be incorporating in the wii u zelda that is coming. Then again it might be an experimentation to see how the users go about playing and how they feel and give the feedback. I can’t wait to play.

  • Tantalum

    I love how people totally bypass the detail about being able to purchase the items as well

  • Ony

    Making dungeons the order you want : GREAT IDEA !
    All items in the shop : noo é_è

    There always was that mystery behind the objects, we never knew what item you will got in the dungeons. That was awesome.
    Now, we already know all the items… well, maybe Nintendo will make a great game design and this is going to be more subtle than we imagine.

    Still, I don’t understand how they will manage the difficulty in this game, if you can make the dungeons in the order you want.

    • Yen

      It’s possible that there are still items to be unlocked other than the main ones? I’m sure they have something up their sleeves.

    • Elitepwnsface

      Very good point.

    • Jacob T. Plante

      Nintendo always seems to make things work. 😛

    • Jacob D. Taylor

      I agree. The mystery is shattered. All of us know the bulk, if not all, of the gems in the game (which none are new btw).

  • Jacob D. Taylor

    I like that they’re bringing back the mystery or Zelda games in making no particular order to the levels, which we haven’t really seen since the very first Legend of Zelda, but I don’t feel that putting all of the keys on one ring was the way to go about that. I LOVED exploring Hyrule in the Legend of Zelda (NES) and you could at least ENTER most dungeons without the items needed. I like this challenge. K I’m here, I don’t know how to get across this river… hmm, maybe I need to go somewhere else first. It sort of lengthened the game for me, made it a more thoughtful experience. So, on that note, having all of the best surprises (items) laid forth, any temple can be found, slaughtered and forgotten in a very rapid way. It’ll be fun, I mean, just cause you have an item already doesn’t make it not fun, but it looses some of the charm. And surprise.