Oct 11th, 2013

A brand new epic trailer for Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has been released today, showing off the story of the game as well a giving us a glimpse of Link’s new powers. We also get a look at some of the new areas in the game, as well as the magical bracelet that gives Link his ability to merge into walls like a hieroglyphic drawing. We also get a better look at the new world you can visit in the game, called Lorule.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will be released on Nintendo 3DS on November 22nd in North America and Europe.

  • ProudasaPeacock

    Looks awesome 🙂

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Epic! Can’t wait to play this!

  • Schultz38

    “Lorule was just like Hyrule…”

    “We have need of a hero – and your Link is superb.”


  • NOSTALGIA!!!! The Lost Woods resting place of the Master Sword in A Link to the Past, gave me goosebumps so epic. The evil sorceress looks like Ganondorf’s sister…
    Anyway this reminds me that I still have to Preorder the game 😛 BRB Pre-ordering.
    Back! Reserved has been done. (I know I know noone cares whether I leave or be back, it’s not World of warcraft hehe)

    Hmm let’s pick up some classic legend of Zelda a Link to the Past (connects SNES and is going to play Zelda ALTtP all weekend, screw Pokemon X… Owh wait I have to play Pokemon X as well, hmm choices why does life Always exists out of choices)

  • Justagamer

    Now this is awesome and preordered mine and so glad they chose this for it’s next zelda

  • Thomas Vienna

    Wow, the art style looks pretty good, way better than the early trailers! I knew they would make it look better. But seriously, Low-rule? As opposed to High-rule? Ah well, I’ll get over it when I’m used to it.

    • Stoenk

      I don’t see a difference in the graphics

      • Thomas Vienna

        It’s mostly that we finally get footage of Link and friends that’s not just top-down view. Even so, I still notice a slight difference. It looks like it has more depth.

    • RoboticLink

      I know right! I heard that and thought: That may be the worst pun I have ever heard. It doesn’t mean I won’t play the game to death, it looks awesome!!

  • Wiiluigi

    Exciting! Lorule!? Need to do some investigating. Looks great!! Cant wait!

  • Sdudyoy

    I can’t wait for this EPIC game!

  • JamesJose

    My gosh, My eyes weren’t prepared for such magnificence…

  • NextChannelGames

    Wow! This might be the next best Zelda game yet, i hope the 3D is amazing!

    • catsby

      You are joking right? heh

  • greengecko007

    Great trailer that shows off the game very well. But to me, it still seems way too similar to A Link to the Past. Really? 3 pendants allowing you to obtain the master sword? Lorule is also ridiculous. Giving the dark world a new name doesn’t make it new.

    • Pikachief

      That’s almost as ridiculous as the 3 pendants needed in OoT! Or Wind Waker! those games were too similar to ALttP too! In all seriousness, this was either supposed to be a remake or a sequel. It being a sequel with the same overworld makes it about half and half.

      • greengecko007

        Except that you didn’t use 3 pendants to obtain the master sword in OoT or WW. As you also pointed out, the overworld is almost the exact same. For me, this is not acceptable just because it is a sequel to A Link to the Past. Phantom Hourglass is a sequel to WW, and look at how different those games are. Isn’t A Link Between Worlds supposed to take place hundreds of years after A Link to the Past? It’s disappointing that Hyrule hasn’t changed in that time.

        • The Mystical One

          You used 3 somethings. Widgits. Macguffins. Whatever.

          • greengecko007

            You use the three orbs in Wind Waker to make the tower of the gods appear; not even remotely related to getting the master sword.

            You use 3 spiritual stones in OoT to open the door of time, there is nothing stopping you from obtaining the master sword.

            In A Link to the Past, you can go to the lost woods and walk right up to the master sword, but cannot obtain it until you have 3 pendants. The fact that this is exactly the same speaks volumes.

          • The Mystical One

            Regardless, you still use three whasits to accomplish And as this is a fairly direct sequel set in the exact same part of the world (PH, for example is in an entirely different part of the world than WW), I would assume the mystical workings of the world remain the same, so of course you use the three pendants to unlock the master sword.

            I would, however, expect the means to acquire the three pendants to be different (ie: different dungeons).

          • greengecko007

            And that major point has been different with every game, until now. My point is, the world SHOULDN’T be exactly the same. A Link Between Worlds is several hundred years after A Link to the Past, and does not use the same Link. Why has Hyrule not changed more? This to me seems lazy.

            “I would, however, expect the means to acquire the three pendants to be different (ie: different dungeons).”

            From what we have seen so far, the dungeons don’t look very different either. We saw a remixed version of the Mountain Tower dungeon from A Link to the Past in the trailer for this “new” game. Funnily enough, the player had 5 hearts, indicating that it would once again be the third dungeon.

  • Sdudyoy

    The villain in this trailer is named Yuga apparently.

  • Linskarmo

    This game looks fantastic! I’m excited. 😀

  • Ace J

    lol Lorule

    • SmashFinale

      haha Hyrule

      • Ace J


  • CEObrainz

    Hopefully this game ties the connection between Hyrule and the demon race we saw in Skyward Sword. Also what about the Dark World? This will be an interesting game for sure.

  • catsby

    hmm .. the Graphics reminds me of New super mario bros, Like.. Everything’s rounded and all that.. I dont want that 🙁

  • Elitepwnsface

    Only on Nintendo 3DS & 2DS

  • The story seems interesting.. I cannot wait to add this game to my Zelda games collection.