Aug 7th, 2013

Satoru Iwata presented more information about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds in today’s Nintendo Direct, including more information about the shadowy Triforce we saw in the logo revealed at E3.

Iwata also mentions that this particular Link in the game is an entirely new Link than the one seen in A Link to the Past, as this game takes place in the Zelda timeline after Ganon was locked away. That would explain the new hieroglyphic powers that Link seems to have.

Watch the full presentation above and let us know what you think!

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  • CMB

    Link to the past was one of the best zelda games, hopefully this is just as good or even better.

  • Madmagican

    I think the most interesting development is the shadow triforce

    • Mario

      Wait a sec. Every piece of the Triforce has a different meaning. Wisdom, courage and power. But what do the shadow pieces of the shadow Triforce mean exactly? The opposite?

      • greengecko007

        Ignorance, cowardice, and weakness? Sucks to be a shadow triforce.

        • Mario

          You’re right about that.

  • Isn’t it November already? Darn why does it take so long, I MUST play this game!!! To kill time I’ll finish up Tales of the Abyss, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kingdom Hearts 3D’s, kill me some monsters in Monster Hunter 3U and will greatly enjoy my very recently aquired Ocarina of Time 3D (got it last weekend as a little bit a B-Lated B-Day gift) 🙂

    Didn’t play it before (the remake that is, played the original N64 until my cartridge turned golden) but when I made a small start last sunday I was happily surprised by the “polished Graphics” as it was said before it launched last year. My gosh looks like a complete overhaul. So hell yeah this new Zelda game is one of the games I look most forward to this year, even more so then WWHD, Sonic Lost World etc.

  • Héctor I. Rivera Negrón

    A Link to the Past is my favorite game of all time so I’m really excited for this game. Blacklist, Wonderful 101, A Link Between Worlds and Windwaker HD, Pokemon Y, AC4, Arkham Origins, Super Mario 3D World, Watchdogs, Mario Kart 8 and some others. Bankruptcy here we go.

  • Linskarmo

    Now I’m even more excited for it! I was doubtful at first, but it looks stellar.

  • Uh Mazing

    By “That would explain the new hieroglyphic powers that Link seems to have.” You also mean “That would explain why Link has blond hair, right?”

  • greengecko007

    Correction, “A new Link in the same* world”.

    It takes place in the same Hyrule as A Link to the Past, and even uses the same overworld, but many years later, and does not use the same Link.

  • Ducked

    I’m guessing this will be out by November…

  • Guest

    that’s it ^__^ my wallet is officially empty

  • Michael Jurado

    that’s it my wallet is officially Empty, thanks Nintendo.