Jun 15th, 2015


With all the hype surrounding E3 and the announcement of several new amiibo, it’s not surprising to see an occasional leak. This one comes to us from Nintendo Spain, which sent out an email prematurely announcing the arrival of an 8-bit Mario amiibo that will be joining the host of already available Mario amiibos. If the silver & gold traditional Mario or the Super Smash Bros. fireball Mario aren’t your thing, you have the 8-bit amiibo to look forward to sometime this year.

The 8-bit Mario amiibo is a 30th anniversary celebration item, so it’s possible it could be a rare amiibo that’ll be hard to find. Also leaked in the email is a range of Animal Crossing characters, including everyone’s favorite, KK Slider. Check out the promotional image:


Are you excited for another wave of amiibo? It’s likely these will be part of Nintendo’s E3 presentation tomorrow.

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