Sep 25th, 2013

With the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo has for the first time attempted to provide a unified account experience for gamers online. No more friend codes traded in back alley forums, no more not being able to play with people unless you’re friends. This is something that both Microsoft and Sony have offered for years now, so Nintendo is in a bit of growing pains when it comes to improving their online service. Along with that, the company launched Miiverse, which is their own go at social networking revolving around games.

Over the past year Nintendo has released several improvements that many have been asking for, such as the ability to add tags to posts and an increase in the character limit from 100 to 200. While this is great for overall features of Miiverse, there’s still a lot Nintendo can do to improve the service. Here’s what we’d like to see.

1. Put Miiverse on the Nintendo 3DS and offer Unified Accounts.


Fans of Nintendo have been asking for this since the Wii U launched. It makes sense. Social networks are infinitely more enjoyable when you can check them while on the go, and some of recent features of the Nintendo 3DS make a perfect fit for Miiverse. For example, the ability to take screenshots in Animal Crossing: New Leaf in order to share online. With a dedicated community for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Miiverse could spawn any number of trades and foster a real community surrounding the game that is usually found in places like GameFAQs forums.

Having Miiverse on the Nintendo 3DS would mean that your Nintendo Network ID would need to be integrated into the 3DS as well, which is likely what keeps a Miiverse app from appearing on the handheld just yet. Still, this is our number one improvement that Nintendo could make to Miiverse to make it more enjoyable for those who own both Nintendo console and their handheld.

2. Add colors to the drawing comments on Miiverse.

We’ve seen the amazing and talented artists of Miiverse at work with black and white for a year now. Let’s give them color and see what they can do with that. Even a small 16 color palette to work with could create some amazing pieces of artwork and this is one of the simplest improvements to Miiverse that I can think of. Often times I cruise Miiverse just to look at the amazing things people have drawn and adding color to the service would increase enjoyment of that ten fold.

3. Allow user created groups for gamers.

This one is a point of contention because the Miiverse is heavily moderated. Allowing users to create their own groups would defeat this heavy moderation, but I think it’s something Nintendo needs to eventually allow. Gamers come from all walks of life and being able to have their own forum on the Wii U is a great way to bring people together. For example, Wii U Daily would have its own Miiverse group for you to join, chat with other readers, and share your Nintendo Network ID for online play.

While it would be impossible for Nintendo to moderate the content of user created groups, I think a sufficient warning that a user is joining a 3rd party group on Miiverse and as such, communications will not be moderated would be sufficient for those worried about exposing children to unmoderated content on Miiverse. Perhaps a parental setting completely disallowing 3rd party groups on children’s consoles could work as well.

4. Bring some sort of video chat to Miiverse.

Wii U Chat is a great feature for talking to friends or watching TV together if you use your Wii U a lot, but Nintendo is missing an opportunity by confining it strictly outside of Miiverse. Allowing video content to be posted similar to Twitter’s Vine could be one way this is implemented, where users produce humorous content based on reactions to games, or ask questions for the community to answer. It adds a human element to Miiverse that can’t be experienced through text and moderation of video clips wouldn’t be much harder if they’re limited to a short 5 to 10 seconds.

5. Integration with already established social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

This one is probably the hardest of all for Nintendo to implement, despite the entirety of Miiverse being set up using HTML5 framework. Yes, Miiverse content can be shared to these networks using a computer browser, but many more people browse Miiverse on their Wii U than their computer.

Ideally, having buttons for these services on Miiverse would mean you sign in to your account and once that’s done, hitting the share this post would push a link to the Miiverse post to your other social networks. It’s great for Wii U owners who don’t browse the Miiverse using their browsers.

These are just a few of the improvements that I’ve wanted over the past year in using the Miiverse. Many of you probably have your own ideas about what should be included in improvements to the service, so why not let us know below! Do you agree with any of the things listed here? Do you want to see something else?

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  • Fuzunga

    Why can’t we replay to people yet? All I want is comment threads! Well, those other things would be nice too…

    • TheWinds

      Yeah i totally agree with you not being able to respond to people comments and making sure they see your response is a pain.

  • Toadlord

    Most of these seem like they would be pretty easy to implement, and all have a significant backing from fans. Nintendo, take note!

  • Marcel Kleine

    I disagree on the color drawings, there is a game where you can draw and post to miiverse, if they added colors, that game wont be sold at all

    • Not really, as Art Academy has many more features than just a limited color palette.

      • Marcel Kleine

        Oh ok, I didnt know that. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • BIG Franky

        even still….. if you are ever interested in checking out color art, check out the Art Academy Community… some awesome stuff there.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Nah, disagree. Art Acadamy is a lot more than just added colours. But they should make it possible to post Art Academy drawings in other groups than just the Art Academy group.

      Edit: I agree on all suggestions here. User created groups would be great. I think that will come eventually.

  • AAAkabob

    I’d be too afraid the videos would be filled with children and preteens being annoying as fuck

    • Nudes. Lots and lots of nudes…

      • Noteak

        You’re right, this doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore…

      • Lusunup

        I thought it would be good to record gameplay Instead of video chat I mean we already got WiiU Chat.

    • therealruben1

      They would all be too busy with their call of duty and gta so i think we’re safe

  • david jarman

    Naw, I like the heavy moderating to make sure people are being respectful. There’s no reason to talk about sex, drugs, or anything else of that nature. It’s gaming community, not Facebook. It’s a place I can go without flame wars and trolls.

    • X3Charlie

      She just means for the private groups. I think those groups should be moderated by their admin. or whatever you want to call it.

      • david jarman

        Have you been to the forums here?

  • Some sort of achievement system would be cool. I remember Nintendo saying they would leave that to the game developers.However it would be pretty cool if they had something like streetpass plaza. With points and little outfits for the miis.

    • If I remember correctly it was going to be called Accomplishments, which would keep it separate from Achievements and Trophies. I think there’s room for this as well, but this is more than just a Miiverse feature.

      • I think it would be cool to be in Miiverse like displayed on your profile. I know it’d be way too unrealistic to add, but I think it might compliment Miiverse more.

    • Nintedward

      Stars and coins would be cool instead of achievements!

      Off topic- If Nintendo doesn’t release F-zero GX HD in the same way they remade windwaker and add online, they’re stupid…

    • Cyberus

      It’s best achievements be left to developers, instead of putting all the developers in a box, forcing them to create puns for either too-difficult achievements or too easy achievements

    • NintendoNoob

      Or they could do like a Uplay system where the more you play/achievements you get you earn like coins to use on Nintendo games to get a new outfit, different art style, or a minigame

      • That’s actually a pretty innovative idea. I’d love to see that if Nintendo were keen on adding an achievement system to the Wii U.

        • NintendoNoob

          Yeah! It gives you a reason to want to play more, get accomplishments then coins/rupees to spend to get a new outfit for Link, Mario, etc. in their games

    • txt

      oh boy, i hope not. hating cheevos. so glad nintendo did not jump on it. showing off stats is what gaming has become…it’s too much competition already. enjoy the game for itself. that’s enough.

  • Guest

    I’d be too afraid the videos would be filled with children and preteens being annoying as fuck

    • Patrick Francis

      Yea, the will never allow the camera to be used on Miiverse, since you could literally post anything… they’d have to make an entire new department just to screen the videos, or camera photos before they are posted to protect kids.

  • Nintedward

    They should allow us to sort all the games/communities out with different criteria like most popular, least popular, indie, First party, Shooter, Racing, fighting etc.
    The way they’ve sorted it into Wiiu games/Virtual console/Special communities is unorganized

    • Yeah I agree the organization on Miiverse could use some work. The service has such potential, though. Really it’s the first of its kind when you look at Xbox and PlayStation.

      • Nintedward

        First and only. I love Miiverse, one of the best things to happen to gaming or at least has the potential to be.

        • BIG Franky

          yeah… i gotta admit…. i love miiverse too. and i didnt see that coming…. wasnt expecting to care about it either way, least of all ever use it. but i really like it… could definitely use some improvements, but so could facebook and twitter at first. we gotta remember its been less than a year.

          • Nintedward


    • AAAkabob

      I actually like how it’s organized, it gives all games big or small the same opportunity to be noticed and researched by the community. Otherwise I would have never known games like the new Scribblenauts, Giana sisters and D&D were released.

      • Nintedward

        I just don’t want to have to look at dig through shovelware…..

  • CharmanderRulz

    I think of this colour topic like this. When you see an Miiverse artist use many tones pushing the limit’s of what was thought possible with a black and white pixelated space it’s more impressive then someone just selecting the colour or tone they want. I would also like system wide achievements so I can get reconnection for experiencing a game in ways that often can’t be put in the main game. e.g. You can’t have a pacifist achievement be mandatory to continue the story of many games without breaking flow.

    • Sydney Ultrasyd

      Can’t agree more for the limits being more impressive

  • Sean
  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    I’m fine with black and white drawing in miiverse, people tend to be very creative with few or limited tools, but a magnifier would be great for more precision / dot per dot drawing. Dunno how they manage to do such great pxiel arts without such a tool ! Congrats

    • Sydney Ultrasyd

      But OK, a magnifier would be that kind of tools that make the thing less impressive, right …

  • Christopher Acuna

    Customizable WiiU Home Screen. Folders for Games and downloads. I have 4 pages of WiiU home screen and I know that will only continue to grow with Nintendo goodness. SO CONSOLIDATE MY HOME SCREEN NINTENDO!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • insomniac

      im with you there. i have just one page left and even it has a few things on it

  • Petri

    I want easier messenger, something you can bring directly to gamepad at any time to talk with your friends.

  • Baum ใ€Œใƒ„ใƒชใƒผใ€

    Colours in (normal) Miiverse would be useless…Make Art Academy drawings compatible with everything else!

    • That would be awesome and I’d be more inclined to buy Art Academy if that’s the case.

  • Jon

    Video chat…. no I don’t want a bunch of 5 second clips of someone screaming or whatever or possibly inappropriate stuff. Colour pictures, sure, they got the art academy thing, they could make it so if you bought it, you can use colour for comments from that program. Users to create groups…. might be nice but then think about how many groups there would be……

  • babulibaba

    I’m nintendo always refuses to copy but they need to do baht Microsoft does with avatars that u can dress they up in game clothes. Look at animal crossing, people love finding new Mario and link costumes to wear. This would be very awesome for 3rd party 2. And along with this they should give wii u ambassadors a special clothing item.

  • NextChannelGames

    You pick the best Ideas for Miiverse! but what if they had cross chat like on the PSVita and PS4? Would be nice to chat with a friend while playing NintendoLand or a Virtual Console game

    • Magiphart

      Ever heard of a phone?

  • ItzameyaToad

    The only one I find kind of silly and something Nintendo most likely won’t ever do is 4. IMO it doesn’t really need to happen and doesn’t have enough justification to be put on Miiverse especially since people can just become friends and video chat on the video chat app. Granted maybe being able to record gameplay clips and post them on Miiverse much like with pictures would be cool and is understandable and I can see happening.

  • 1. Arriving eventually.

    2. There is Art Academy for that.

    3. If the social communities of Wii Fit U are anything to go by, this is also coming, just to individual games most likely. And if the social communities come to future Wii U titles, it’s not worth adding anything similar to groups or forums within Miiverse. The 200 character limit alone shoots the entire idea down. Plus you already have the activity feed.

    4. The more resources put into the game, the better. I don’t want the GamePad constantly running when a) I probably won’t be looking at it enough to warrant the usage of it and b) those resources can be put to better GamePad features for games. And I’m sure I don’t need to explain why allowing footage on Miiverse is an AWFUL idea…

    5. One of the best things about Miiverse is that it is its own dedicated, social, gaming network. It really doesn’t have a place within Twitter, FaceBook, G+, etc. I personally don’t want to link up any further social accounts with each other than I need to, but even then, what’s the point? The best way to experience Miiverse is through Miiverse. I can post my own accomplishments, screenshots, ask and answer questions about a game… the only other places that comes close to Miiverse are gaming forums, which aren’t always the friendliest places to visit.

    I highly doubt that the full vision of Miiverse will be complete 4 years from now, and perhaps if/when Nintendo decides to release a new console that can accommodate some more advanced features, we can see some of these features like game-play clips within Miiverse. For now though, there are some things that I can see being feasibly done:

    1) Allow Art Academy users to post outside of the designated community. Not every art piece can be posted to other communities (either because they are unrelated or don’t exist), but having the option is better than nothing.

    2) Add a search function for posts. There already is an option to search by tag, but to be able to search for certain keywords and narrow down the results even further is a huge plus.

    3) A poll or survey system, separate from Yeahs. Unfortunately, there are those that may abuse this system and ask for Nintendo to release such and such or include such and such in the next SSB title. But for those that don’t, it can only add to the depth and interactivity one could have within Miiverse communities.

  • Elem187

    “Weโ€™ve seen the amazing and talented artists of Miiverse at work with black and white for a year now. Letโ€™s give them color and see what they can do with that. ”
    But nintendo already did.. its called Art Academy on the Wii U eShop.

  • Daniel Carvalho

    I agree with 1, 2 and 3. I’m not entirely sure about 4, but I could live on without 5.

    Either way, 1 is the most important, and also the one we know Nintendo is working on right now. As for the second one, there’s a free application for that, though I’m not sure if that works similarly to freely posting black and white drawings on Miiverse, or it must be done within a specific community for that.

  • Wishsong214

    I if anything oppose #5, and Nintendo has actually given reasons why they won’t do that. Essentially, the Miiverse, as it stands, is its own social media site for nothing but people who will care about this stuff. No one cares about what their facebook friend just did on the WiiU, especially if they don’t play games themselves. By keeping the Miiverse to itself, it makes it its own.

  • BIG Franky

    i love number 3.

  • blindtiger

    make art academy the standard for drawing on wii u… that stuff is incredible.

  • Chompy

    Here are the 5 ways Nintendo can improve on Miiverse

    1) Have your own โ€œNintendoโ€ Avatar profile. Having the Mii characters as your profile picture is cute idea, but I would love to have more options to have any avatar picture (Have a Mario Picture, or Link picture as an avatar), like they did with the 360.

    2) In game notification, like they did with the 360.

    3) Have a Save/Edit feature. so players can Save/Edit their posts before posting them to the public. Meaning, you can take a break on your drawings if players were too tired, or if they had to run some errands.

    4) Video Game Capture: Like screenshots, players can show off something cool that happened, during the gameplay just by adding a simple button on the Miiverse post.

    5) Cross Game Chat

  • Lucas Cordeiro

    Great post! Lots of interesting ideas, always considering a middle ground between them and the well known Nintendo internet politics.
    I really hope someone important from Nintendo reads this!

  • Superbax

    Didn’t Iwata say that his facebook friends won’t care about what you scored in mariokart? That’s about where I stand on the network intergration. I like the other stuff (especially unified accounts).

  • I want to be able to customize the WaraWara plaza.

    1. I get to pick the games on it. 2. maybe a theme or something

  • Kirbyomega

    They already have color. You have to pay for it, but they have it. I predict the art academy part of miiverse will be integrated into the comments for free later in the consoles life.

  • Moreck

    I agree! I hope they implement all of these things.

  • David Kavic

    You should email these suggestions to Nintendo

  • Ryan House

    I want to see Drawings Full Screen on GamePad and HDTV. even the ones made with that new 4 dollar colour App. I am very impressed with people using that App. some Shigeru Miyamoto would be proud of

  • Ryan House

    I hope this Wii U update we can get Anyday in SEPT or Early Oct does some major speed improvements.

  • jdiaz1994

    Miiverse is still new. I’m sure in time it will advance and improve greatly.

  • Ernesto Perez

    One thing that I would like to have on the Wii U is to be able to access your account on another person’s console like on the 360.

  • tk962

    These points make too much sense, that’s why Nintendo isn’t going to implement any of them. They’d rather make gamers go “WTF” with the 2DS.

  • txt

    disagree with almost everything but unified accounts/ 3ds integration…please -no colours, keep things simple! no fb ffs!
    no hate at all, just wont sign this piece ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Zakariyya Al-Quran

    They don’t want to add color because they want you to buy Art Academy: Sketchpad though you can only post color in its community, still though, it is interesting to see what people can do.

  • Jacob D. Taylor

    I feel that with the ever increasing number of games on Wii U the community page needs a complete overhaul. A GINORMOUS list of games in a vertical page will be IMPOSSIBLE to navigate efficiently. I definitely feel some design aspects needs to be implemented here… I am rather fond of my youtube app on my galaxy tab, they’re all tremendously different so I reference this one directly which has everything is sort of a circle surrounding your view. It spins left or right with the picture showing of videos or pages or whatever. I find this would be more adequate I feel… or to first specify the games, non games and special communities then expand once in there (in a non vertical list fashion). Colors would be great, being able to share your art academy pics in other communities would be great too. We’ll see a few user generated communities here soon, but within other communities.

  • BradBoZ

    Make miiverse less strict. Their mods are terrible. I talked about the original wii and how great it was on there, and they removed it. Revealing a scary letter in messages by the admins. It said that it contained criminal activity.. What, the, fudge. I replied, saying that it wasn’t.. But, they said that it still contained that content. Stupid, if you ask me.

    I reposted.. And it wasn’t removed. -_-

    So to summarize, remove the admins for moderating comments and posts… And put an adult section for nudes, and make it where kids and possibly teens who aren’t mature. Geesh.

  • txt

    many people want a more XBLish, PSNish feel and that’s exactly what i don’t want nintendo to do. same thing with lot’s of gamers screaming nintendo needs to grow up and needs more “mature” content and i disagree. i have 2 other consoles for that. i want a nintendo that stays true to itself. miiverse is a great, innovative take on social online there’s room for improvement but please don’t make it more cool, don’t pack a million techy features in it, leave it simple, intuitive and fun. i draw a lot on miiverse, i love the restriction to b/w. it’s enough, you can work with that. adding more tools might discourage less skilled “artists”. it’s good that it has limitations. it’s great that you can only use your avatar, no gamerpics, it helps connecting a community more. great that there are no achievements, what you experience in the game should be enough, kids need to share every fart they make online these days, make fotos of every meal they eat and post it on fb before they start eating, need trophies to proove they’ve played a game. screenshot posting on miiverse is enough. why achievements ffs? horrible trend those cheevos. fb for miiverse, even if it’s optional, i’d say no (!!!). they should be getting rid of the ‘downloadable content and id in general connected to the console thingy’-unified accounts really are a must, bring miiverse to the 3ds, clean up the communities a little bit AND KEEP THINGS SIMPLE, INTUITIVE AND FUN. keep it family friendly. less can be much much more. don’t mess up an awesome feature with a feature overdose.

  • Levi Johansen

    Leaderboards in Miiverse.

    Colours in drawnings is possible using the artwork app ๐Ÿ™‚