Feb 25th, 2014


Club Nintendo is great way for loyal Nintendo customers to get awesome rewards for registering their purchases. And they have an amazing promotion coming up for March! Any Club Nintendo member who registers a new 3DS, 3DSXL or 2DS system along with one of six qualifying games will get a free Pokémon X or Pokémon Y download code.

The qualifying games are:

  • Mario Kart 7
  • Super Mario 3D Land
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
  • Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins
  • Yoshi’s New Island – Coming March 14

The promotion is going on all throughout March, from March 1 to March 31, 2014. So if you haven’t already joined Club Nintendo, or haven’t yet registered your 3DS, now is the best time to do so! Of course there are plenty of other good reasons to join, like game downloads, physical rewards and of course the occasional giveaway like this!

So how many of you are planning to take part in this promotion? Are any of you already members of Club Nintendo?

[Source: Club Nintendo]

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  • Blue Hernandez


    • SmashFinale


  • Hopper200456

    wait… I have some of those games… and my sister has a 3DS that hasn’t been registered yet… LOOKS LIKE I’M GETTING POKEMON

  • Eduardo

    i bought a zelda 3DS (my first 3DS, had Wii U and DS Lite) for xmas and haven’t registered it yet!
    I don’t have any of those games and now seems like the perfect time to get one (will probably get Yoshi’s Island!)

  • steveb944

    I was willing to buy a new 3DSXL as this would be a great excuse for it, but then I saw I have to buy a game I don’t want along with it. I’ll stick to my old Zelda 3DS for now.

  • JB

    Thank goodness I hadn’t registered my XL! I was going to save my pin until June when Club status resets, but this is too good an offer to not take advantage of! Though a couple questions guys. In your opinion, what would be the best game to get of those eligible? The bigger question is Pokémon X or Y??

    • Depends on what you like to play, honestly. Yoshi’s New Island will be the newest title among them. Super Mario 3D Land isn’t bad for a Mario title, either.

      • Fred

        isn’t bad for a Mario title? What is that supposed to mean?
        3D Land is an incredibly fun game.

        • DarkYoshi

          I believe Ashley meant that if you wanted a Mario game then 3D Land is pretty good.. Or am I wrong?

    • Arthur Jarret

      Get Mario Kart – it has the most life in it. The online is great and the game has a pick-up-and-play value that’s ideal for a portable title.

      I can’t judge Yoshi – but Animal Crossing may be a bit boring for you (I like to play on the train, though), Mario 3D land is fun – but doesn’t offer a lot of replayability, DKCR is best enjoyed on the Wii, Lego city undercover is… well… basically a downscaled port with a new – very short – story.

      • JB

        Ahhh perfect! Thanks!… I’m not too sure why I skipped out on MK I think it’s probably because I had a backlog of games and just didn’t get around to it. I’ve got DK on the Wii, so I guess I’m not missing out on anything there.

        I heard Animal Crossing is really addictive though. If you play it on the train, I imagine for me, it’s one of those wind down titles that would I would play lying in bed before calling it a night.

    • Fred

      X and 3D Land or Donkey Kong

  • Kuromad

    I’m wondering if this also works on existing accounts. Already have a registered 3DS XL (To get Mario 3D Land promotion code) but my 2DS isn’t registered yet. I could ofcourse just create a new account but then I’d lose the Nintendo Points 😛

    • Arthur Jarret

      The MH3U free download (add a hunter campaign) did work on existing accounts in europe – as did the other campaigns… It’s unlikely nintendo will punish their most loyal fans for having owned the GBA, Gamecube, Wii, DS and Wii U – you know?

  • Jake

    I am getting a XL for my birthday on April 6th. I am hoping it gets extended for another week, as i did buy my 3DS and Wii U and Gamecube on launch day

    • Fred

      Just ask your parents to put the Club Nintendo Codes in before the deadline. Maybe you’ll get it with Pokemon already downloaded onto it.

  • Swampert Master

    Wow, I would think a Link Between Worlds would at least be on that eligible list.

  • Insantyz

    Please WiiUDaily, tell us when something IS US ONLY. I’m so sick and tired of everything being US only and we are not even told when something is US only.

  • Arthur Jarret

    I bet you’ll get the Pokemon download code exactly one second after the free pokemon bank trial ends 😛

  • Sdudyoy

    Awesome deal! sadly I already registered my 3DS, but if I was going to get a game to use for this deal anyway I might as well just buy X and Y, considering my younger brothers already own most of the games that work with it, and the games that they don’t have I’m not interested in.

  • DarkYoshi

    Now I’m really angry Norway doesn’t have Nintendo Club.. We need it by then, this is an awesome deal!

  • Grace

    Well thanks for rewarding your loyal customers that purchase and then register systems/games immediately after buying them. I really love the fact that I get to miss out on such an awsome opportunity to play the other half of the X/Y duo because I registered my products already. I even own 3 of the eligable games. wtf nintendo?

    • JB

      It’s really an attempt to lure in new customers, just like every other industry that gives away things to new customers. It just so happens that there are few, like myself, that just didn’t get around to registering my 3DS, of course I had to buy Mario Kart, but it was on my to-do list anyways.

      Given the fact that Nintendo didn’t move as many 3DS as projected this fiscal year, it makes total sense for them to do something like this, as they are gunning for that last minute push to sell a few more units before closing the books on this year. I’m sure Nintendo will have other promotions for current customers, as they have in the past.

  • Steve

    Sucks for me! I was thinking about buying an XL this March. But I already have all the listed games, exept Yoshi’s New Island and Lego (both of which I don’t like). Might as well just save my money. My regular 3DS still has some life in it, despite the jammed shoulder buttons, jammed Circle pad, and worn out battery.

  • Coby

    i regiestered another system and linked it to my new 3ds and it didnt work.Fake.

    • JB

      I don’t know about that. Seems pretty legit to me. 🙂