Aug 15th, 2013


Nintendo lost a court battle with a former Sony inventor for the 3D technology in the 3DS. The company was ordered to pay $30.2 million to the inventor, but a recent ruling has lowered this judgment to just $15.1 million to Seijiro Tomita. According to the judge who cut the judgment in half, the jury was excessive in their reward.

“The jury’s damages award was at least twice as large as the amount a reasonable jury could have awarded based on the evidence presented at trial and thereby must have involved the degree of excessive speculation that shocks the judicial conscience.”

While the lessened judgment against the company is a step in the right direction, a representative for Nintendo told Bloomberg that the company would still seek an appeal to the jury’s decision.

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  • therealruben1

    Hm and yet i dont see nintendo suing sony for the playstation

    • Baum 「ツリー」

      I think Sony actually had to pay kind of a fee to use the d-pad.

      • Philip Park

        What about the Playstation Move?

        • Neilandio

          The technology used is different so I don’t think they can sue them.

    • Razo_E

      Nintendo and Sony co-developed the playstation VERY early on, I believe.

    • Leeroy

      They tried to and lost.

    • greengecko007

      Nintendo couldn’t sue Sony for the Playstation. Nintendo wanted Sony to make them a product for the SNES, but they were unable to reach a deal. Nintendo never bought Playstation from Sony.

  • Arthur Jarret

    The price will probably will be quoted to Sharp, who makes the screens.

  • Joyous Killer

    Those Bastards………

  • Sora Morp