Aug 6th, 2014


Now that Shovel Knight has been released to the public, the developers at Yacht Club Games have sat down to look at the stats of those sales. The game released simultaneously on three platforms, including the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and the PC. The PC took the overwhelming majority of Kickstarter pre-orders for the game, but given that it was a Steam release that’s not surprising. Outside of the original Kickstarter backers, 33% of the sales were on Nintendo 3DS, and 27% of sales were on the Wii U.

Further breaking these stats down, 27% of the first week sales were on Wii U and that momentum stayed true for the rest of the month, with the game totaling over 180k sales on all three platforms after the first month of release. That’s not too bad considering how excited everyone was about Shovel Knight. Have you picked it up yet?

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  • Squirrel09

    Yay. such a good game. Yacht really re set the standard for old school platformers with this one.

    • nintendope

      I can’t wait for Shovel Knight 2, or something else from this group of people, great effort !

  • Mr Ninty

    i first read GOC and thought that the Coalition of Ordered Governments was real and the locust might come up at any moment.

  • Juan Carlos

    Glad to see total nintendo sales is more than PC sales, good sign for sure. I have it on the Wii U and though I haven’t finished my playthrough yet (so many games I still have to finish right now) I’ve enjoyed what I’ve experienced.

  • greengecko007

    27% of sales coming from the Wii U is amazing! The Wii U install base is obviously a puddle compared to 3DS owners, and nothing compared to the number of players on Steam. This data shows that indies can do well on the Wii U, and if you feel like combining the Wii U and 3DS numbers, the majority of sales came from Nintendo platforms. Seeing stuff like this gives me hope that as kickstarter becomes an even more popular thing we will start seeing Nintendo platforms as the next go to place after PC, rather than the last platform in a stretch goal.

    • TheBoldman67

      Like that League of Gamers parkour game or whatever. That’s Wii U and PC exclusive.

    • bistricky

      …. and the Wii U sales are even more amazing, when you consider that Wii U Shovel Knight is only available on the North American eShop.

      • greengecko007

        Isn’t it North America only everywhere? I think they were having set backs getting the game localized and licensed elsewhere.

        • bistricky

          That’s a good point ….. not sure how it works with PC/Steam, in terms of what regions outside of North America can get Shovel Knight.

        • LordiMcKill

          I’m guessing some Kickstarter backers are getting peed off cos its not available on the eShop out side of North America, I would be.

          • gerb1977

            they have a handle little chart of where they are in the localization process so at least the backers can see how far along it is. Still is probably upsetting to them but at least they have an idea of what is going on

    • Jonathan Robitaille

      why do I get the feeling they will put this out on other systems and it won’t do as well…and then in a year they’ll come out with a sequel and it won’t come to the Wii U?

      • Volfos

        Doubtful. Indies pay attention to the market and are as scared of third parties as third parties are of Nintendo.

  • ActivesiN

    what is wrong with Wii U owners, go buy this damn game!

    • Ony


      • LordiMcKill

        Well said.

    • Joseph Oliveira

      Hehe. I haven’t got this game, yet.

  • JudgeMethos

    Well, I bought it on the 3ds sooo…

  • Yen

    I think using the gamepad to select items makes things way smoother than pausing the game and selecting the items you want on the PC version. Haven’t tried the 3DS version but I assume the touch screen is used like the gamepad?

  • Arthur Jarret

    Haven’t got it. Stupid european region with their overly expensive and restrictive PEGI and USK…

    • LordiMcKill

      It’s actually more about the 20 different languages thats spoken across 15 country’s thats stopping it from being released in Europe!

      • Petri

        If that was an excuse, we would have no games at all.
        Some games come out English only, some has 4 languages at tops.
        It is sweet if they take the time to translate for every language here, but it is nowhere near necessary.

        • LordiMcKill

          It actually was Nintendo’s excuse back in 2008 after I emailed them inquiring why there was a 3+ months release gap between the US and EU versions of Smash Bros Brawl. They advised me to play Mario Kart Wii in the meantime instead…

      • Arthur Jarret

        Not entirely true, usually only 4 or 5 languages are supported. But many games, mostly indies, are english only.

        For instance: Shin Megami Tensei IV will be english only
        (and eshop only after we’ve waited all this time for it while Nintendo France said to be ‘hard at work’ at the translation)

        It’s quite rare to see games in my own language (Dutch) – especially indies. Usually only English, French, German, Italian and Spanish is supported – so 15 of the 20 languages over 35* countries are usually ignored as the largest part of the population speak either English, French, Spanish or German.

        Most speak English, though – so patching in the other 4 main languages as a later date would be a perfect solution – in this connected age waiting for translation is really unnecessary and inefficient, as youtube, facebook & twitter allows worldwide advertisement campaigns – so the same marketing effort can apply to both US & EU markets if you release the game simultaneously.

  • It’s amazing to see that the WiiU having a drastically smaller install base compared to PC sold only 10% less… that’s freaking fantastic!!!

  • Yoshifan3

    ill probably buy this game when its 3-5 dollars or has a major price cut. 15 dollars is not worth it in my eyes for a 8 bit platformer. i was never into the nes i was more of a SNES person. also i was never into megaman ducktales NES and castlevania when i was a kid.

    • Joseph Oliveira

      How can you be a Yoshi “fan” if you never liked 8 bit Yoshi games? Sigh.

      • Yoshifan3

        not sure if your joking or not, but those were terrible.

        if you were, then my bad.

        • hahahero

          I was five or six when yoshi came out on nes so nostalgia plays a factor here. however, i still think its a great puzzler, especially for a kid. just my opinion though. still play it from time to time on nes and wii u on occasion.

      • Prizm

        The only 8-bit Yoshi game I’m aware of is Yoshi’s Cookie.

        • hahahero

          and yoshi’s cookie!

    • Bob Charlie

      I think the game is definitely worth $15, but that’s just me. I remember when purchasing 8-bit games cost upwards of $50, and renting games for three days could cost $5 or more. $15 for SK is a great deal!

    • Shovel Knight actually has a combinatiom of 8-bit and 16-bits graphics. What is really valuable about it, is how original and unique is on the gameplay zone anyway, it’s awesome.

      • Jonathan Robitaille

        I hear they want to potentially make a SNES 16 bit type game for a sequel. Very cool!

    • Jonathan Robitaille

      I don’t usually say things like this..but from a support standpoint it needs to be purchased. This developer did everything right. They funded it, promoted it, and delivered an excellent game. It’s instances like this where we as Nintendo consumers should show support to 3rd parties. Maybe it will prompt more quality indies to make games for it and maybe even a bigger publisher will see that there is a market here for their games as long as it is geared towards our tastes and done well. $15 for what you get is a lie. However, if it isn’t your bag…then you willing to buy it when it drops is still a huge help.

  • Kobe

    I have a Wii U, 3DS, and I could get steam if I wanted too, but I got my game on the 3DS because of the portability. I think most sales were on Steam because thats what most people have.

  • darkvam

    I’m getting this game fo sho. On Wii U cuz I always use my 3ds at home anyways.

  • bistricky

    If I was Nintendo, I would do everything to:
    Partner with Yacht Club Games.
    Sign an exclusive deal for future Shovel Knight games.
    Make an amiibo of Shovel Knight and Shield Knight.

    • Jonathan Robitaille

      absolutely. I would go so far as to make them a 2nd party, make an Amiibo and even a trophy or character in Smash. Seriously, these opportunities don’t come around every day. Do it before they decide to go multi platform

      • majora :D

        I can totally see Shovel Knight on Smash Bros:
        Neutral B: Flare Wand, horizontal travelling projectile, not very powerful or fast but easily spamable at short distances.
        Side B: Propeller Dagger, attack which covers a long horizontal distance, quite effective as recovery, though not very powerful. Similar to Meta Knight’s side B but hits only once.
        Up B: Throwing Anchor, flies in an arc as in the game, not usable as recovery though (to balance with Propeller Dagger’s insane recovery factor)
        Down B: Chaos Sphere, projectile with awkward bouncing trajectory, useful for mind games.
        Side smash: Charged swing
        Side aerial: Dust Knuckles
        Down aerial: Shovel Drop
        Final Smash: War Horn, very slow attack (a second of charge or so) but devastating, inflicts damage in an circular area around Shovel Knight, the closer you are the higher the damage, it can insta-kill if within grab range.

        • Jonathan Robitaille

          well done! But only if they could keep him at his 8 bit self. That would look pretty damn cool amongst the HD opponents

          • majora :D

            Well we already have Mr Game & Watch so I wouldn’t mind a 3d model of Shovel Knight… but well, anyway it’s not like Shovel Knight WILL be on Smash Bros, we’re just speculating…


  • Sdudyoy

    Half the sales of this game where on Nintendo’s consoles? that’s pretty cool.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I so wish for Shovel Knight to be released in europe soon

  • Kiefer Wickham

    I think the only reason that the 3ds beat the Wii u in sales was because shovel knight is amazing and playing it on the go is even better

    • Shootdatrupee!…

      And maybe also the fact that the 3DS install base is >30M larger

  • darkcreap

    Good to see people supporting third parties, especially indies. I have several indie games myself on WiiU: Trine 2, The Cave, Toki Tori 2, Nano Assault Neo, Knytt underground and Un-Epic. Good to see that indies do well on WiiU. I always feel very bad when a third party releases a game and it does not sell well.

  • LordiMcKill

    Still not available in the UK and Europe though, i mean the games in English (bar any incorrect spellings that we’ve gotten use to in games over the years) anyway so whats stopping them from releasing in over here for now?

    • J_Joestar

      maybe some procedural/legal publishing stuff they have to go through?

  • Petri

    Wasn’t really interested about the game, but might check it out once it arrives European eShop

  • palomino blue

    What I’d like to know is who here owns both a Wii U and a 3DS and went for the Wii U version? I don’t have a 3DS but I can see where this game would feel well suited for that platform. I did choose Wii U over PC though.

    • David Trail

      I’m going to get it on Wii U and I have a 3DS.

      • palomino blue

        I would buy a 3DS and so many more indies if Nintendo would link the accounts and let you play them on either platform from one purchase. My gamepad doesn’t reach outside of the living room.

  • Des

    That looks like a cool game….. for 1985. Not for 2014. So no, haven’t bought it and am not planning to.

    • Epicstuf

      Hmmph. You disappoint me.

    • Denvy

      Your loss

    • David Trail

      Ha you sound so insecure.

      • Des

        …and you sound like you don’t even know what the word insecure means because I firmly believe that Shovel Knight’s outdated graphics are not to my liking.

        • David Trail

          Oh look at me I am childish I base my opinion on a game on how it looks sounds insecure to me.

          • Des

            adjective: insecure
            (of a person) not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.

            I am confident, assured and certain that Shovel Knight does not appeal to me. I still think you do not know how to use the world properly and since you brought up childish. Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and assume you are one (a child). So I shall walk on. Enjoy the game.

          • David Trail

            And plus this game would not look as good in 1985. Have a good life. Shovel Knight is probably too hard for you any how.

          • Des

            Grow up.

          • David Trail

            You grow up mate. You were the one acting childish from your first post. I’ll grow up if you grow up deal.

          • Nothing5555

            Well, it is his opinion and defining “good” graphics is subjective. He may just have a preference for 6th gen+ 3D graphics than 2D 8/16-bit sprite based ones.

        • Nothing5555

          Would you be willing to try it if you could get it for free for a day?

          • Des

            Sure, but considering it’s an 8 bit platformer, I probably wouldn’t need to play it for more than a day before I beat it. That’s if I find it enjoyable enough to play it beyond 10 minutes. Look, I’ve been a gamer since the Atari 2600 days back in the early 80’s and have been ever since. I remember spending hours and days playing the original Super Mario Bros and other platformers on the NES. So I’m no stranger to 8 bit games. I still own every console I ever had since the NES –> (TG16, Genesis, SNES, PSX, PS2, X-Box, PS3, Wii U and then the original Wii). But like the technology, I’ve moved on and rather not spend my hard earned cash on something I would have enjoyed more back in the mid 80’s to 90’s. But that’s just me. To each their own.

          • David Trail

            8 bit games are very challenging get over your insecurities and try the game mate. You have no idea what you are talking about.

        • David Trail

          They aren’t outdated. They just aren’t to your liking.

  • Kieran Ryan

    Bought it on PC because you know… living in Europe and all that.

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      Because there are no Wii U’s in Europe? Dafuq?

      • majora :D

        Shovel Knight specifically is not out on Europe yet

      • Kieran Ryan

        Shovel knight isn’t available on 3DS or Wii U in Europe at this time.

  • Matthew Sizemore

    Every Wii U owner owes it to themselves to get this game. I waited and waited for the release after it was delayed but boy I’m glad they did delay it because the game plays perfect. Had this game been on the NES back in the day it would have rivaled games like super mario bros 3 and contra. Such a fun unique experience.

  • Rick Battagline

    IGDA just did a webinar with Dan Adelman (formerly in charge of the eShop). He talks about Shovel Knight and why it’s market lined up well with the Wii U. It’s an hour long, but it’s a great presentation for indie developers.

  • JK6

    I know it’ll probably defeat the purpose of it being 8-bit or what not but I hope Yacht will make the next Shovel Knight into 16-bit, then 32-bit, and so forth. 🙂

  • audi lover

    The public where? Not in UK yet why?

  • Ricardo Adão