Nov 22nd, 2015


If you thought that Nintendo has released quite a few more turkeys this year on the Wii U than usual, then you’re on to something. Data from Metacritic shows that 2015 is so far the worst year for Nintendo games in 10 years.

NeoGAF member TI82 compiled Metacritic data from the last 10 years of Nintendo games, and 2015 is the worst one, with an average rating of 69.8. That includes all Nintendo games, both Wii U and 3DS games.

While the Wii U has had some great releases this year, such as Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, and Yoshi’s Woolly World, it also had some pretty bad ones. Like Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, which has a 60 rating on Metacritic.

As the chart below shows, the best years for Nintendo were 2009 and 2010, with Metacritic averages of 82 and 86, respectively.

For 2015, Nintendo’s average is just 69.8. By comparison, Sony’s average is 76.6, and Microsoft’s is 80. However, Nintendo has released more games this year than both Sony and Microsoft combined.


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