Oct 26th, 2013

One of Nintendo’s big holiday titles is Wii Party U, the sequel to 2010’s Wii Party. As we already know from all the screenshots and trailers, Wii Party U packs a ton of minigames — over 80 minigames are available on the disc.

The new video packs 20 minutes of gameplay, showing off the various minigames. And we get to see the little fella announcing some the minigames by mumbling is just hilarious — it can’t get any more Nintendo than that.

Best of all, Wii Party U includes a Wiimote Plus controller, while costing the same as regular Wii U games. Be sure to check out the recent Wii Party U screenshots as well.

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  • AlienFanatic

    Why this game isn’t the new Wii-U pack-in baffles me. NSMBU is fun, yes, but this looks like a FANTASTIC way to again draw in the families and casual gamers that made the Wii so popular. Nintendo, screw your heads on!

    • Lusunup

      there is one but it only in European consoles with the basic set.

      • Nintendoplaystation

        Why do people down vote a comment just stating a fact not an opinion. Is there a down vote brigade with nothing better to do.

        • Lusunup

          They were butthurt.

          that’s it man 🙂

          • trolls

          • Nintendoplaystation

            They just need to lusunup.

          • Lusunup

            haha nice atleast you get it! 😀

          • Nintendoplaystation

            The up at the end also reminds me of Nintendo as in 1up, but I may be just reading too much into it, I always analyse things way too much.

      • J Dick Jones

        I thought that too. But, then I realized this game would be no fun single player. That is my bet why it’s not a pack-in.

    • Rinslowe

      There be logic found here!

    • Leo

      They are probably arranging one already. There is one in Europe with a Basic Set. Remember that they announced the Mario/Luigi bundle first in Europe and then announced for the US.

  • Lusunup

    This is a great part game, It’s super fun with family and friends! I almost pee’d myself playing the House party games 0_0 just don’t say anything!

    • Ducked

      At least you have pants

      • AlienFanatic

        I don’t believe he mentioned owning pants. That’s an assumption on your part. In fact, I have to wonder if they allow patients in his ward to wear pants.

  • Ducked

    Some things in here look pretty cool, I’ll buy it eventually.

  • John Andalora

    I think something’s wrong with me… because this looks like the most BORING board game I’ve ever seen!
    Half the spaces don’t do anything, 300 spaces is just WAAAAY too many, the mini-games are low quality Mario Party at best, the AI just seem too easy, and the objective of just getting to the end is more dull than reading a dictionary. The only benefit to winning is getting more dice, which is way too overpowered for those who are good at the game, leaving newcomers stranded in the very back.
    Games like Mario Party were better because everyone had a chance to win. It wasn’t just who won more mini-games. It had more of a strategy than just “ROLL!”

    If there’s some sort of thing I’m completely missing about this game, please let me know. But that 20 minutes just looked like the most boring game I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Jon

      you know there are other board types right?

      • John Andalora

        That only solves problems one, two, and maybe five.
        I doubt that it solves the others.

    • Guest

      On the board with 300 spaces you can roll 10 six sided die at at time

      • John Andalora

        I still think that having 300 spaces is dumb because you’re sailing past most of them without having any understanding as to what they do (which doesn’t seem to matter since half don’t have a function anyways) and doesn’t lend the creators to make something especially memorable or imaginative.

        • but the board have lots of fastforward spaces, and some times you have more than tow dice.
          you can’t complete monopoly or Life in 20 minutes, and there’re more boards and some minigames that you can play with no board.

          • John Andalora

            “but the board have lots of fastforward spaces”

            You don’t seem to understand why I have a problem with this…

            It’s BECAUSE of the fact that you’re just being constantly pushed forward that I think it looks stupid. It’s the fact that 300 spaces means each one is pretty insignificant overall, and flying through them or past them only makes it more unexciting!
            The fact that there’s 10 dice also rushes it too. When you get such high rolls that you zoom past most of the board, it leaves the whole thing insignificant.

            You certainly can’t complete Life or Monopoly in 20 minutes, but it’s NOT because there’s 300 spaces with only the objective to reach the end quicker. Those games are actually thought out. There’s a strategy and coordination that makes the games so much more inventive and interesting.

            And, oh yes, there are other maps! goodie goodie. If it’s the same kind of nail-biting action such as rolling a bunch of dice and zooming past insignificant spaces that only push you further and further around the board, then It’s not for me.

            I’d rather play a bad COD rip-off than play Wii Party U.

          • Rinslowe

            I hate to see how much you write when “boring” is replaced by really, really invested.

          • John Andalora

            You probably see the part of me that wants to support the Wii U but thinks that games like this are just unexciting and not worth anyones money.

          • Rinslowe

            I see opinion. That’s fair enough too, we all have them. And still…

          • iLoveXojo

            So your criticizing the whole point of that game mode? LMAO.

          • John Andalora

            Yes I am.
            Because it’s a bad premise.

          • in that case, i can’t go on with this.

          • John Andalora


    • Adrian

      Have you played this? Or are you just baselessly ranting about something that you’ve never experienced or known anybody else to?

      • John Andalora

        Did you notice the words “looks like?”
        No, I haven’t played the game. But what I’ve seen shows me I don’t want to play it.
        It looks incredibly boring. I thought the first one was boring, but THIS…. wow…

        • Adrian


    • Rinslowe

      Play it before you slay it… To much anti for a couch made analysis…

      • John Andalora

        The first one was boring enough, thank you.

        • Rinslowe


          Then too much anti for something that’s just “boring”…
          Boring barely warrants an opinion.

          • John Andalora

            Believe it or not, you can say a lot about why something looks/ is boring.

            For example, hearing people constantly tell me “play the game before you pass judgement” is boring because it doesn’t matter whether or not I did play it unless I loved the game. Even when I have played the game all the way through and hated it, most people won’t believe you anyways because they had such a fun experience they aren’t willing to believe that anyone else could’ve had a bad time.

            So no matter how I answer, people will still respond negatively. If I haven’t played it (even when I make blatant statements that I’m only looking at it), people just laugh and say “Yeah, whatever buddy” and don’t listen. If I have played it, they think I’m lying to troll around or just hating on the console overall rather than the game.

            Even then, most of the people who ask the question haven’t played the game either, and only ask the question because they need to believe that every game on the console is great and worth a purchase. So their points are based on the same things I’ve seen, and yet theirs is higher because they assume the best rather than the worst.

            And that’s why it’s boring.

          • Rinslowe

            What’s the definition of boring!??

          • John Andalora

            Okay, so let’s break it down.

            You’re bored of my long statements because of a few reasons. First, you feel that I could’ve broken them down into a smaller section and made them easier to read. Second, you think that such long statements are unnecessary, especially considering the original purpose of your statement. And finally, you get tired of reading long statements that you feel have no purpose because in the end you think you’ll gain about as much as not reading it.

            That’s why my long statements are boring to you.

            Is that the right ballpark?

          • Rinslowe

            ‘Okay, so let’s break it down.”
            I chose to stop reading at this point…

          • John Andalora

            That just means I’m right.

          • Rinslowe

            Sorry, but it just means I wasn’t interested…

          • John Andalora

            You don’t need to lie to me.
            I understand.

          • Rinslowe

            Move on, you lost me in the second or third post. And no-one lied to you.

          • John Andalora

            Why should I move on?
            If you didn’t want to listen to me, you’d stop replying.

          • Rinslowe


          • John Andalora

            Is that the best you have?
            I expected more.

          • Rinslowe

            You have expectations on what I say? By what right…?
            You can say what you want, I don’t have any expectations of you…

          • John Andalora

            Never said you had to have expectations of me.
            However, I do expect a little more than “Ditto.” It’s about as childish as the “I’m rubber you’re glue” line.

          • Rinslowe

            Now you have reverted to personal attacks? Childish?

            Surely this is just your personal opinion as Ditto was quite a suitable response to this statement from you;

            “Why should I move on? If you didn’t want to listen to me, you’d stop replying.”

            (Which in itself hardly seems worthy of a greater response, or am I wrong?)

            Seeing as though you seem intent on furthering whatever is going on here, looking at the above post it seems you are saying stop replying and so will I? So lets try that here then. Even if you reply again I will not, therefore the situation as it is ceases to be relevant and we can move on.

            However if you choose to attack my character another time I will respond in kind…

          • John Andalora

            What was childish? Expecting more out of you or comparing your line to another line?

            You’ll have to tell me which one… =)

            And yes, I will continue to reply because you were the one who had a problem with me continuing my responses. If you don’t like more responses, then just don’t respond.
            Then none of this would’ve happened.

          • Rinslowe

            ” If you don’t like more responses, then just don’t respond.Then none of this would’ve happened.”

            There’s no pertinent topic here. Just a guy taking things too personally. At least in the original posts you had the decency to stay on topic.
            And you have the gall to call me childish. Listen to yourself John. This place is for posting, If we don’t agree with what is being said we all have the right to voice our opinions.
            John I implore you to look at your last three posts and tell me, does that look like a rational, reasonable person or someone who is just trying for no really justifiable reasons to harass and bully another poster into your desired result…

          • John Andalora

            “Even if you reply here I will not.”

            Oh, so now you’re lying?
            And you suggest that I’m not rational.

            And if you care to ask me to look at my posts, I suggest you do the same.
            At some points you tell me “I see your opinion” and claim it’s “fair enough,” while others you mock it because i think it’s boring.
            Don’t talk to me about being irrational unless you clear your own house too.

          • Rinslowe

            Again no-one lied to you John, I felt the need to set some things straight. To stick up for some basic rights due to your issues.

          • John Andalora

            You said you weren’t going to reply, no matter whether or not I did.
            When I tell other people that, I stick by it.

            As to your points, you think I’m the one with the problem? I don’t think that telling me you didn’t read past my first sentnce because it was boring and then telling me to “move on” is anything other than being mean, and even after you defend my right to speak as I choose to on other posts, despite whether or not I agree.

            Before looking at your concerns with me, look to yourself to make sure you aren’t doing the same.

          • Rinslowe

            Thanks for sharing John, lol.

            And I never said you had no right to an opinion here in this thread… I was simply asking you to move on from further counter productive, off topic nonsense…
            I know I said I wouldn’t comment, but here’s the thing. Some things are worth sticking around for. Due to the overbearing way you approached the topic.
            I will agree, I have contributed in small part to this debacle and will cease to comment on this particular thread.
            I also wouldn’t bother on any further replies from you because I guarantee I won’t be reading it.
            Unless you absolutely need to for your own reasons, then knock yourself out.

            It’s a two way street after all, isn’t it…

        • every comment you do let me know that you don’t like this kind of games, i don’t like some sport games, but i don’t see them to be bad…. boring for me? yes, bad? well i’m not the one who will make a good review….

          hope you get me.

          • John Andalora


            That’s why I said ” this looks like the most BORING board game I’ve ever seen!”, not “this is a boring game and no one else should purchase it because it looks bad.”

  • Nintendoplaystation

    I love Nintendo but this looks a bit zzzzzzzzz. One thing I do appreciate though is how Nintendo actually makes games that you can play with people in the same f****** room. Everything is too much online. There needs to be a balance of both with multiplayer games.

    • CEObrainz

      Thank you. People don’t seem to get that online multiplayer and sometimes even local multiplayer isn’t a must have for all games.

  • Edward

    I bought this game and it was fun to play with the family. Great value for a game and Wii MotionPlus Controller.

    • Rocky
      • Deadpool U

        Do we even want BF4?

        And even if we do knowing EA they’ll probably release the whole series on 1 disc to every other system except Wii U just as the Wii U version of BF4 comes out.

        • Archiq09

          EA hates Nintendo cause wiiu work with “Nintendo Network” and not “Origin” (True) -_-

      • Justagamer

        i’ll pass ..I hate EA and will never buy another game from them

      • I don’t think they’ll take 1,500 signatures seriously

  • CEObrainz

    I wouldn’t buy this, but neither would I buy Wii Sports. That being said I would play it if it was bundled with every Wii U, although I’m not too sure if Nintendo can afford to do that like they did with Wii Sports.

  • Felix

    this looks retarded and boring.

    PS: the nintendo avatars, the music, the sounds, the scenarios… all looks really retarded.

    • sociopath detected

      • AlienFanatic

        But…but he’s so eloquent!

        • Josiah Parsons


        • hehehe

          some sociopath’re in a level of genius.

          • rp17

            He must be a real Nintendo fan if he refers to Miis as “nintendo avatars”

          • Rinslowe

            I can’t see any issue with that either way…

  • david jarman

    Can’t wait for Christmas! 😉

  • MetroidZero

    Eh, I’d prefer Mario Party 10.

    • Ernie Sanguyo

      This game is good deal. 50 usd with wii remote plus so pretty much your buying the game only 10 dollars lol.

    • Fred

      Grab Mario Party Island Tour and this you’ll have double the fun!

  • bizzy gie

    The game looks like so much fun!

  • demann78

    This game is ok. Its worth it for the wii pad.

  • Adrian

    I’m inviting 20 of my friends over to party with this game and maybe a pizza next weekend. Should be fun!

    • Leo

      I am surprised that at this day and age you have so many friends to invite to your house Lol you are lucky XD

      • Adrian

        I try to keep in touch with my close HS and college friends. I made pretty good friends, and most of em didn’t move away from my area.

  • Rinslowe

    20 minutes of awesome…. well 19.2 actually.

    • AlienFanatic

      Are you including the minute and a half they try to figure out how to pair a Wiimote so they can play a one player game? 🙂

      • hehehe 🙂

        • Rinslowe

          Whats going on here! what just happened?


      • Rinslowe

        No. I mean, that would defy the laws of mathematics. >:{


  • Yobrolo

    this game is of the hook

  • jreed3842

    My family is so excited for this game… It’ll be a Christmas gift for sure. They all loved Wii Party! So… this is sure to be a family favorite.

  • The True Gamer

    This is the kind of game that makes Nintendo look bad

    • Maybe in some people’s eyes but I think that is only because their minds are closed to what they want to see and hear and everything they do not like is crap. I am not sure if this is a good game or not but the Nintendo “Party” games are often well received by the players that play them as very fun games that can be played again and again.

  • X3Charlie

    I’m tempted to buy it considering you get a game and Wii remote Plus.

    • Fred

      Do It

  • Andrew Maycer

    I just bought the pack today, I totally agree this is one of the best games for family or friends, and also great value bundle for the WiiU Motion Controller. Here in Mexico there are so few pieces that after one day of release I was lucky to get the last one in the Store (Best Buy).

  • JoeyD

    I bought it and it is on the way! Plan on giving it as a Christmas gift, so I’m looking forward to some family game time.

  • This is a super fun game that any WiiU owner should pick up. The table top games are perfect for that next road trip.

    • Fred

      Do you really take your Wii U on the road?

  • really good picture on this… I should get me a capture card…

  • demann78

    This game is great for the family

  • demann78

    the table top baseball mini game is great

  • demann78

    The board game levels are a little long. I wish they were shorter

  • demann78

    if you play multi player and only have 2 people you cant pick your other mii’s for opponents. They just give you Nintendo made wii’s. That kinda upset me

  • demann78

    It also doesn’t have that Mario party shine. It doesn’t look hd at all. But its a great deal cause you get a wii remote plus free.

  • demann78

    So they game is really 10 bucks

  • demann78

    the controls are tight and the mini games are good

  • demann78

    You cant make the board games shorter. They last one hour and some 45 mins. That is a lot to sit through

  • Hezkore

    85% of the video is him moving sloooowly through menus, and sometimes actually just sitting still.
    Very little actual gameplay.

  • Laquandra Washpon

    That MUZAK. Gawd help me.

  • mch

    This will be fun! Imagine what a couple of beers could do..