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Wii U predictions for 20132012 was a great year for the Wii U. The console finally launched and was well received among gamers — it sold out very quickly almost everywhere when it first launched. Nintendo and third party developers offered a great variety of games on launch day, and more great titles are coming in the next few months. And Nintendo is far from done when it comes to Wii U games and functionality — the company is working on improving the console, adding new features, etc. Then there are all the games that are surely coming to the Wii U but are yet to be announced. The staff at Wii U Daily compiled a list of Top 10 Wii U predictions for the next 12 months, where we look into the crystal ball and see what’s in store for Nintendo’s new console in 2013.

10: Wii U Achievements

Wii U achievementsNintendo will give in and finally throw out a patch that will create account-wide Wii U achievements. Nintendo has seemingly gone out of their way to make sure developers can have achievements if they want, but not push for them. This is one of the few things that seem to really draw the ire of users who want to make the switch to the Wii U.

There’s a whole subsection of gamers out there who enjoy completing games and earning awards. They want a trophy out there that says you have completed X or Y, and then have that carrot on the stick approach of “after I get this trophy, I will work on this one next”. Microsoft championed this with Xbox Live Achievements, which have become hugely popular with both hardcore and casual gamers. Nintendo will and should work on improving the achievements on the Wii U.

9: Wii U cross-game chat

Some programs like X-Fire on the PC allow you to chat with friends even if they are playing a different game. Miiverse should get expanded and allow you to play a game like Assassin’s Creed 3 while your friend plays New Super Mario Bros U, and the two of you can still type to each other or video chat while in-game.

8: Wii U homebrew takes off

Wii U homebrew is happening and it is happening fast. There is already a homebrew app that works on the Wii U, and it’s only a matter of time before the console is hacked. Some of the Wii U homebrew apps that are likely to appear will allow players to use the GamePad controller on older, regular Wii games.

It’s also likely that the region locking mechanism on the Wii U will be broken, allowing for games from other regions to be played, e.g. Dragon Quest X from Japan. We could also see the Wii U play DVDs and movies through external hard drives as well. Not to mention an influx of pirated Wii U games.

7: Nintendo/Apple deal

Nintendo AppleNintendo and Apple will reach an exclusive deal for iTunes to be available on the Wii U. Nintendo has made it clear they would like to be the premier home entertainment console, especially now that they have Nintendo TVii. Apple has been rumored to have been working on an Apple television set for some time.

Having iTunes on the Wii U would allow Apple to focus less on the little black box (“Apple TV”), and focus more on getting their television set done. Apple could still sell the black box for its typically $100 price point at retailers, but having an exclusive deal with the Wii U would allow them to be part of Nintendo’s initiative to dominate the console entertainment market.

6: Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo will launch a full-featured Wii U Virtual Console that lives inside the Wii U eShop. Hundreds of the retro classics that furnished the Wii Virtual Console will be inexplicably absent at launch, but Nintendo will make up for this by using the service to re-release a selection of the greatest GameCube games including Zelda: The Wind Waker and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

To coincide with the launch of the Virtual Console, Nintendo will release a special edition of the Wii U pro controller that implements pressure-sensitive shoulder triggers and a face-button layout more akin to the GameCube controller. This controller will become the pad of choice amongst serious gamers — even for playing supported Wii U games -– since despite being over a decade old the GameCube controller is clearly ergonomically superior to the current Pro controller.

5: Wii U and 3DS cross functionality

Nintendo will steer away from simply using the 3DS as a controller or a second screen, since these experiences are already being offered by others. Instead we’ll likely see more creative uses. For example, special Pokémon figurines bought at toy stores will scanned by the GamePad’s NFC chip, and the Pokémon will then be sent via the internet to your 3DS for use in the next Pokémon RPG.

4: Miiverse on smartphones and PC

MiiverseThis is almost a no-brainer, since Nintendo has showcased Miiverse on smartphones, tablets, and PC when the service was first unveiled.

However, Nintendo will not seek to integrate their social network at all with Twitter or Facebook as many commentators have suggested they will, attempting instead to carve out their own separate social network dedicated solely to Wii U games. In this regard they will be successful, and Miiverse will become a relatively mainstream forum network that Wii U gamers check frequently even when away from their consoles.

3: Brand new Nintendo franchise will be announced for Wii U

Nintendo is in no shortage of successful franchises, but it’s been a while since the company introduced a truly new and innovative game franchise. That was with Pikmin, and that was over 10 years ago. All things considered, Nintendo has probably the most talented game developers in the world, and one of the most visionary game developers ever: Shigeru Miyamoto.

With the new gameplay mechanics offered by the Wii U, Miyamoto and his team are undoubtedly working on something new. And that might very well be an entirely new Nintendo franchise that starts on the Wii U.

2: No news on Mario Kart and Metroid on Wii U

Metroid Wii UNintendo has been asked many times over the past year about potential future games on the Wii U. And two franchises were almost always mentioned: Metroid and Mario Kart. The possibilities would be endless with those games on the Wii U, but so far, Nintendo has dodged all questions. With high profile titles, something always leaks, whether it’s a piece of info from the PR team, or a slip of the tongue by a Nintendo rep. But when it comes to Mario Kart and Metroid Wii U, we haven’t heard or seen anything. Which leads us to believe that both games are either still not in development, or very early in development.

1: Nintendo reveals Zelda and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Zelda Wii UWhile it’s likely that Mario Kart and Metroid are still very early in development, two games are already well into their development stage: Zelda and Super Smash Bros. Nintendo has made a series of Super Smash Bros Wii U announcements, revealing that the game is co-developed by Namco Bandai, and our own in-depth Zelda Wii U article revealed tons of info about Link’s next adventure on the Wii U.

It’s highly likely that both games will be fully unveiled in 2013, probably at E3, with release dates sometime in 2014.

  • Sneferie

    Pipe dream here, but I’d really love another full-fledged console Star Fox game… the WiiU would be awesome for it.

    • I second and third and fourth this

    • MujuraNoKamen

      ¬†Damn right, the Fox has been absent for far too long (except Starfox 64 3D) I and many others would love a genuine sequel to be announced and I personally think that’s a strong possibility – look at the amount of people begging for it, Nintendo must acknowledge this. Not to forget, remember the quote from Reggie posted here about the possibilities of a new Metroid, he said “were doing something everyone wants us to work on” this to me says rebooting an old forgotten franchise (Starfox) I personally want retro to be working on a new FPS metroid game for Wii U even more than I want Fox to return, though I’d still be happy to get SF back on Wii U or 3DS I just think Metroid Prime 4 would be better for us all ūüôā

      • TheBoldman67

        We need Star Fox and F-Zero, we’ve been too long without BOTH of those games, all Nintendo’s been making is Mario and Zelda. Good games, but we want something else.

      • Marcell Wade

        I agree, but more on Retro working on a new StarFox, & I loved StarFox Assault.

        • NkoSekirei

           or metroid prime 4

          • YaroMan

             Metroid Prime series is played out. They neatly ended it in MP3. What Retro is likely working on is a new Metroid IP with a similar gameplay style as Metroid Prime.

      • Goginho

        ¬†Yea. As for a new franchise, as exciting as that sounds, I actually think it would be better not to consider one, because I’m in love with the current franchises we have anyway, and I’d rather they concentrate on them instead of using the time to create something new from scratch. Unless we have a completely new and different team working on it, so that Mr. Miyamoto and co. wouldn’t need to dedicate their time for that, since Shiggy is the master anyway But then again, Miyamoto would prolly make another masterpiece of a franchise it’s quite the dilemma :I

    • devmiles

      i agree so hard, it should have been done already, now we have to wait and loose interest, the competition will take it’s advance

    • Sean Reihani

      I think they should remake star fox, so instead of playing with animals, you play as aliens and humans, and this New star fox will share the same universe as Metroid. Just an idea.

      • Marcus McCloud

        StarFox is popular because the main characters are animals.

        Take the animals out of the equation, and you get a StarWars clone/wanna-be.

    • fedster

      i think that if things dont go so smoothly with nintendo, they should let themselves get bought out by disney, just like starwars. that way nintendo will have the sufficient company suppot that ps4 and xbox 720 have (sony and microsoft are huge companies) and disney will most likely keep its hands out of development

      • LUNDTOPA

        actually sony’s doing worse than nintendo and fuck disney

      • NkoSekirei

         gtfo troll nintendo will succeed

      • Fate scaper

        what drug are you taking?

      • YaroMan

        ¬†Considering how Nintendo curb-stomped both Sony and Microsoft last generation I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

    • RoadyMike

      ¬†Come on guys,POKEMON MMO and/or PokemonSnap 2!(preferably Pokesnap.MMO’s cost billions to make)
      Pokemon hasn’t gotten a decent console game since Pokemon DX:Gale of Darkness
      Pokepark was ok but its another spin off.Battle Revolution was a very sad attempt
      I can’t be the only one who would love to see this happen

      • Sneferie

        Absolutely agree about Snap 2. ¬†Actually don’t know how I feel about a MMO.

        • RoadyMike

          ¬†Well not exactly an MMO.Just free roam across the regions and be able to interact with any other players you see when online.Or something like going “mmo mode” when you go to a frontier area or something
          I didn’t think this out much.But I know its possible

      • MujuraNoKamen

        ¬†Pokemon Snap 2 for Wii U has crossed my mind and I’d love to see it happen (it could work on 3DS too, maybe a little bit of cross-platform action? Me Gusta!)
        However the one Pokemon game I want (aside from a gen 3 remake) is a Wii U open world Pokemon game, same ideas as with the main series JRPGs but 3rd person, open world in which you can see pokemon (so you can run away from annoying Zubat hoards rather than be ambushed by them and sneak up on the elusive Scyther) after this it cuts to a Pokemon stadium like 3D battle (maybe real time combat rather than turn based – except maybe in gym/trainer battles – with the ability to move around freely) after battles PKMN gain exp, go up levels and learn new moves as normal. Awww come on Nintendo please make this brilliance happen! It’s what we all need!

    • Here here!

      • LonDonE247

        i bought my wii u strictly for METROID PRIME 4, i dont care what anyone says, but to play metroid prime trilogy on wii, in 480p at 60fps, is a near religious experience! even to this day the art design in the prime trilogy an immersion, is gob smacking! an i can think of no other developer to create a mind blowing true hd fps game for wiiU, an in 1080p native at 60fps, seriously i get goosebumps just thinking about what they could do, for me prime 1 was always the best, the level of immersion, was far better in prime 1 then in 2 an 3, but either way i just want retro to go all crazy, an create the best metroid game they have ever done, a prime game even better then prime 1, if thats even possible! LOL

        • YaroMan

          ¬†There won’t be a Metroid Prime 4. The entire storyline ended with MP3. It’ll be some new IP from Retro and Nintendo. My money is on “Dread,” the game Nintendo planned on making after MP3 but instead went with Other M.

    • TheLast

      No, the majority of the things listed in this article is either a pipe dream or non-ideal. What you have is a realistic and likely expectation.

    • ..Imagine a Starfox game with a open world, like SF:Adventures, but with more focus on guns and additional missions, basically far Cry three, with Call Of Duty type multiplayer and The combat style of Call Of Duty and Assassins Creed mixed together…with skill trees….. I’d love it, I’d really frickin’ love that.

  • sdmac200600

    i think KH3 for wii u exclusively will be announced because i’ve heard rumors about square enix having a big franchise from them will be announced for the wii u and what everybody wants is a Kingdom Hearts 3 and i can see it happening since all the Kingdom Hearts after 2 was on the DS and 3DS so i think they have a relationship with nintendo.

  • Immallama22

    Hey guys! I’ve created a little petition for Super Mario Sunshine U. It’d be great if you could check it out here:

    • Ibi Salmon

      Signed it!

    • Clem

      As much as I admire the idea, your goal is only 150 signatures for the petition… That isn’t nearly enough to make a blip on the radar of a company as big as Nintendo. You’ll need at least ten times that much to get noticed.

      I say this out of love, I would love to see your petition succeed.

      • Immallama22

        Yeah, I agree it’s unlikely it can do too much but might as well try ūüėõ

      • LonDonE247

         no just no, as great as mario sunshine was, it was no mario 64 beater, the fact is i did not enjoy it as much as other mario games, mario galaxy 1 an 2 is the epitome of mario in 3d! so i would prefer them to release a mario galaxies 3 on wii u much more!

        • Immallama22

          I think Mario Galaxy 3 would be a bit overkill…¬†

      • ¬†what is this, a petition for ants, it has to be atleast, 3 times bigger ūüėÄ

    • Goginho

      Great ūüėÄ I signed it ..but what I would mostly prefer, is a remake of Super Mario Sunshine on the 3DS (XL), just like they did with SM64 (to portable gaming), only this time we’d have true 360¬į thumb-pad controls. And then here it comes ..a whole new 3D Mario game for the U, with many different elements and settings, like having a mixture or a combination of a tropical paradise with FLUDD returning in according parts of the game, and outer space (the likes of Super Mario Galaxy).

      What I’ve also dreamed of for a while now for a future Mario title, since Mario has to do with Brooklyn or New York for that matter, is have a level ..or better yet, a whole area dedicated to a big city, with all the big city elements ..but to have it remain fictional. LoL.. I prolly thought this through more than I should, but I got this inspiration from Mario Kart 7, mainly from Neo Bowser City/Koopa City, and a lot of underground levels as well, such as Piranha Plant Slide/Pipeway and the underground levels from SM3D Land. They should have this city area with weather changes (similar to Ocarina of Time), having it rain most of the time (just imagine the graphics and visuals, with the reflections and lightings and all), having nighttime…etc.. Mario would be walljumpin’ up high buildings, skyscrapers, backway alleys… lol (something similar to the underwater city/Atlantis in Wet-Dry World from SM64, or even Isle Delfino ..only much greater).

      This I think would make for a pretty epic and unforgettable 3D Mario game. It would have a more in-depth, meaningful, and engaging plot and storyline, with a variety of major bosses (including a power-stricken, maybe even possessed Wario), Tatanga making a return in the outer-space parts of the game, and of course FLUDD and tropical paradises returning in sections of the game. All this, and yet still maintaining the simple and classical 3D Super Mario games’ elements ..nothing too complicated and dark, such as Legend of Zelda. We’ll leave the distinctive and pronounced combat system to LoZ.

      Man ..I could go on and on, I’m just that passionate about Super Mario games The possibilites are endless though, especially considering not only the technical capabilites, but also the graphical capabilties of the U.

      • Fate scaper

        i’d like to see mario in a real life city. that would be wierd & different! and innovative

    • Alienfish

      I can’t agree with you. Too many people are living in the past and wanting a ‘true’ Mario 64, Sunshine, Ocarina, Metroid Prime, [enter favorite Nintendo game here] sequel when what we really NEED is something new to blow our minds like those games did in the past. I want to see Every Nintendo franchise gloriously reimagined on WiiU.

      Oh, and btw, Mario Sunshine was, and still is, the biggest disappointment in terms of core Mario games. That and MK: Double Dash. Oh, and you can’t prove me wrong either since it’s just my opinion.

  • xXFloydianXx

    So if I decide to buy VC games off of Wii U’s “Wii mode”, what will happen later down the line when those same games become available for the Wii U VC, with gamepad/pro controller support? Will I have to pay to upgrade them or…? That’s why I really don’t trust using the “Wii Mode” virtual console so far…

  • 2014 4 smash bros damn i hope it comes out nx yr

    • sdmac200600

      well nintendo waited 2 years to release brawl after the wii came out and i think they are gonna do the same.

      • Captain Falcon

        SSBB was actually announced pre E3 2005, and it was also delayed. SSB4 will be a bigger game than SSBB; I’d say it’d come out sometime around 2015 – 2016.

  • Cloud W Omega

    1) Maybe
    2) maybe
    3) Please!
    4) probably
    5) already there in japan
    6) will be waiting
    7) wont happen
    8) please no. With home brew comes piracy and we already know which it will be used for mainly
    9) sounds cool but probably wont unless the game itself does it
    10) no. i dont need a system that strong hands devs into putting in a achievements system for worthless points.

    • Captain Falcon

      Eh, I’ll be using Homebrew for importing games.

    • mralloverit

      In case you’ve forgotten or aren’t aware of it by now, Nintendo isn’t “strong arming” anyone into including achievements with their games. Achievements or “WiiU¬†accomplishments” as they’re calling them are not integrated system-wide.¬† They’re leaving it up to individual game developers whether to include them or not.

      • Cloud W Omega

         yes but  what people are asking for is system wide strong-armed system like MGP

  • Linskarmo

    Most of these look great, and they all sound plausible besides the Apple deal one.

  • ozkargt

    Wii U + iTunes = Awesome

    • devmiles

      like if i-tunes is a great program, not!

      • andymckay78

        On a Mac it is. 
        But this article is completely wrong if they actually think Apple wants to help Nintendo dominate the home console/entertainment market. They want to dominate it themselves. They are most likely going to create an App Store for the AppleTV (black box and potential smart TV), which will be a competing game console itself. 
        Also, Apple is far from putting alot of focus on the black box AppleTV itself. The’re trying to secure content deals, they’re not putting tons of time into the hardware itself, they already have that locked down with they’re vast knowledge and resources of chip design/component supplier contracts/operating systems/iOS devices.¬†

  • Laud

    I have a prediction for 2013.

    The economic collapse of the U.S. 

    Numerous industries crashing, dollar buys a nickels worth, end of a global super power. 

    But I suppose none of the Wii U Daily staff considered this. 

    The U.S. economy is gonna play a huge role in the success of the Wii U.

    • Captain Falcon

      How about some positive predictions?

      • Laud

        There are enough of those, let’s buckle up.

    • Same with the PS4 and Xbox 720. Don’t be targetting the Wii U as well.¬†

      • Laud

        I don’t even mention those because those are doomed from the start if the economy crashes, especially the Xbox.

        • RoadyMike

          I can see Sony going bankrupt soon with their 6.4 BILLION dollar loss and little to no profit at all in 4 years
          Microsoft,not sure
          But I completely agree on the US’s economy

          • Destructonator 101

            Nintendo will be the best off probably. Yes, things go bad, but the Xbox and next PS are going to die because of this, and they won’t make many profits. Nintendo though would have had good sales pre-crash, so, they win. But this E3 I expect two new pieces of hardware to be revealed. SONY won’t do anything until next year. The next Xbox will probably be revealed and Nintendo, I expect will release their new handheld. We have reached the end of the long and extended life of the DS, and its successor will be revealed. Hopefully. That could put Nintendo at risk too, but lets just wait and see.

          • RoadyMike

            Ahh,the “Steambox” and the OUYA
            I’m really looking forward to the Steambox.I wanna see what Valve has in store for us
            As for the OUYA…..Free to hack 100$ box with Android OS?Not sure how to feel about it.I’m worried about piracy that could come from it.But indie devs could make their debut and such.Who knows
            5 potential consoles next gen.Ohh boy.This could turn out to be a great gen for gamers,or the beginning of another game crash.Only time will tell 0_0;

  • Apple putting iTunes on the Wii U will make my life complete -w-¬†

    • I would much rather a Google Play¬†collaboration¬†over Apple and its iTunes.¬†

  • I have high expectations for 2013 E3. I’m expecting to see something on zelda, bayonetta, 3d mario, smash bros, Yoshi,¬† and mario kart. I expect Metroid to be further down the road.

    I want to be able to access my Virtual Console games without having to go into wii mode and it would be a plus if they could be played solely on the gamepad as well.

    Itunes + Wii U would be a big win for nintendo but honestly don’t see it happening.

    I’m hoping for a whole bunch of exclusives for the wii u and hoping to start seeing its limits pushed.

  • ByteManNeo

    I know this is wishful thinking, but it DID work for Sony… I’d like to see a non-Mario 1st-party baseball title… an MLB one. Not like that Nicktoons farce, a REAL MLB baseball game. And while we are at it, maybe make an update that updates the rosters for future seasons, matching the real rosters we have IRL, whilst not touching the created players on a console.

    Also, I predict fun had by all. And trolls will annoy. And people will be as awesome as me.

    3DS FC: 4854-6457-5609

    • uPadWatcher

      Ken Griffey Jr.’s Winning Run was my favorite Super NES baseball game!!!! ¬†And it was developed by RARE.

  • uPadWatcher

    Here are my Top 10 Wii U Predictions for 2013.

    10. Wii U Virtual Console
    9. Nintendo News video feeds (we need more news like PSN’s PULSE had)
    8. Developers taking full advantage of the U’s GPGPU
    7. iTunes-like app for the Wii U
    6. A Wii U exclusive title from Square/Enix
    5. Teaser trailers for The Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. titles for the Wii U
    4. Brand new graphics engine from Retro Studios!!!!
    3. Cross Platform play for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS– For example: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    2. Nintendo’s Bayonetta 2 only for Wii U!!!!
    1. A brand new franchise for the Wii U!!!

    • devmiles

      my top 1 prediction is another long wait for very good epic nintendo games, there is lack already and yes even my wii-u (as a huge nintendo fan to start with) is collecting dust a bit.

      • uPadWatcher

        My Wii U won’t be collecting dust once I get some of the best and most unique titles, AAA games, and indie titles… especially watching Nintendo TVii.

        • devmiles

          once you get those titles… then i’m with you but it’s simply not the case now.

          • uPadWatcher

            The only thing you have to fear is fear itself, Devon.  Nintendo, third party, and indie developers will deliver more Wii U titles this year and beyond.

      • ManApeFish

        My wii u is in use everyday as a internet tablet and nintendo games machine.

        • devmiles

          as a tablet for internet? omg.. well for a full tablet it just has too many shortcomings aside from whatching a few webpages, also the battery lifetime is a very big deal that could have been sorted simply by putting a better battery inside. my ipad lasts fucking long without charging. 
          And having no multitouch is very crap, why.. shit doesn’t cost shit nowadays..even cheap supermarket tablets have multitouch.. missed chance here.

          as gaming machine i agree it’s fun but after playing a few good games (not epic) i watch the sony lineup and my own 40 ps3 games i have and think well i still have a lot to do with that machine and it is a shame nintendo didn’t come that hard that i would put my ps3 controller down. i’m a gamer in heart and soul, have almost every console but the wii-u is relatively untouched after mario-u and assassins creed 3

          • Alienfish

            I know it’s been awhile for all of us, but this IS the launch of a new console. Your WiiU is gonna look a lot shinier when PS4 releases with the same situation but ‘you still have tons to do on this console’. Grow up.

          • devmiles

            i agree and appreciate the fact and cherish the arrival of a new nintendo console but you can’t just take things for granted. i mean being a customer your opinion of a companies policy or direction should count or at least be expressed. i love apple products and own a few but the companies policy over the years as well as their everlasting shitty small product updates annoy me to death. i love nintendo and play since 87. you might be young and accept this easily and be a fanboy but i’m in the stage of a full grown consumer, i have friends at game mags etc. they look at very different things than a simple consumer. i do appreciate and cherish the wii-u and see it’s capabilities but the online stuff, rather narrow minded mii-verse and all other things took nintendo away where they are known for, very very good games. as this being a trigger to buy a console it comes short. myamoto is a genius, probably the most unique in the business but at this very moment the wii-u is nothing very spectaculair and here in europe sales are not impressive, stacks everywhere. i believe in a year or so we can enjoy good games and be epic but now i’m watching a porsche with no gas

          • MujuraNoKamen

            “narrow minded mii-verse and all other things took Nintendo away where they are known for, very very good games.”
            Remmeber when Nintnedo didn’t really bother with online stuff for Wii and instead put out some of the best games of this gen and indeed ever? (Xenoblade chronicles, Metroid prime trilogy, DKCR, Mario galaxy 1 & 2, the Last story, SSB Bawl etc) and remember how much everyone criticised them for it? it didn’t go too well for them and they dont want to repeat that. I’m not trying to be confrontational, all I’m saying is we asked Nintendo for a HD system, a normal controller and better online, and although I have problems with Wii U (games missing achievements, poor interface and long loading times) I think it was good of them to add online/social media stuff and I see where you’re coming from but they wont let that take priority over their games. I think we’re going to see tons of A grade titles announced and released next year (I reckon new IPs and possible returns for Metroid and Starfox have been saved to steal the buzz from new hardware announcements at E3) which is a good idea ūüôā

          • devmiles

            if nintendo didn’t go for HD and online they would have had a serious problem. thing is that the wii-u should have been the wii in the first place so they are far behind in technology. still i don’t mind because we play our nintendo games in full HD now which is ultimately pleasant. i will be positive for 2013 but i feel nintendo could have done this so much better like launch, better games and more own output.. now we still have to wait for the magic to come instead of buying a new nintendo console with a packed game that will be epic forever (like marioworld, f-zero, mario64)

          • Alienfish

            Actually the problem is people like you who expect perfection right out of the gates. I will buy every Nintendo console because of the reputation they have built as a company that will deliver great games. I’m going to give them my money because I know they will deliver. If everyone was like you, companies would run out of money before they could perfect their products in the long run. It’s the ‘consumer’ like you that is ruining Nintendo and forcing them into a position where they need to money grab anywhere they can just to get by. Sure, you’re older than me, but you are none the wiser. Grow up a little more and you might see the big picture.

          • devmiles

            i have all nintendo consoles and know what they can deliver, personally and many fellow nintendo gamers with me think that over the past years nintendo quite lost focus on what customers really want, despite some of the best output. you might be happy with your purchase but understand that also nintendo gets to read what the critics say and that we are allowed to express what we think. i really hope nintendo learned from their mistakes, that is all i hope. i also have many positive points on the wii-u and don’t forget i was the first one in line to get one on day one. but many gamers are frustrated to see why it’s going this way. the 3ds launch was a complete disaster, gamecube very mediocre too with launch. the magic that you feel when nintendo touches you with a genuine nintendo game is not there. they might work their asses off but we want some communication too to be happy in what we can expect.. we want fuel.¬†

            and about the moneygrabbing you mention, personally i think the whole balanceboard and dance shit pokemon stuff, that is moneygrabbin, familygames.

            nintendoland is cool to play at some nights but common man, seriously? .. wii sports shit? offer something mindblowing at release, that is so europe people are very laidback with buying because of this. 

            At the demo showoff there should have been a mario galaxy 3 with all shown full potential of the gamepad included with full hd topnotch in your face gameplay, then my friend, then nintendo had really pulled it off. I remember watching the E3 thing with mr reggie showing nintendoland..i was almost crying.. seriously.

            I still have AC3 and Batman which are very very nice but i can play the same thing on PS3 and X360 in higher framerates too. 

            I pray for nintendo and hope they know that guys like me and a decade later followers are the reason of the start succes for nintendo. If they do spend some attention on fine HD remakes of good nintendo games with renewed graphics and sound everyone will but and cherish this.

            I’m still fucking mad they didn’t release majora’s mask for 3ds, why just O.O.T and then cut the whole thing off while soooooo many N fans are dying to get this. Poor view and workout on companies respect towards their money raisers.

            I’m not here to fight against anyone, i don’t bash the wii-u necessarily and i own one as all other N products but the magic curve is going down and it’s not me because i fucking love gaming with all my heart.¬†

          • ManApeFish

            If I knew the rabbit hole went this deep I would not have looked down it.

          • devmiles

            with all respect.. it’s don’t have to.. we’re alike fellows expressing opinions on fora ūüôā

    • Captain Falcon

      Bayonetta 2 only for the Wii U is already guaranteed..
      Nintendo is publishing the game!

  • schmorgyborgy

    I love reading these articles because I always get excited but nothing ever happens. Either way, I’m still so excited for Zelda and Smash Bros U but I hope Nintendo does make a Metroid game soon.

  • Noah Linderer

    You idiots are so Naive, it’s hilarious.

    • sdmac200600


    • MujuraNoKamen

      ¬†Care to explain?…

    • NkoSekirei

       ur more of an idiot gtfo u troll and go back to ur parents basement were u belong

  • noah bond


  • Sun Mountain

    I would expect a Metroid reveal.

  • Snake_Boss22

    Ah dreams are good thing keep dreaming that Nintendo will do this 10 things

  • devmiles

    my top 5 of nintendo needs:

    – go back to their roots, don’t pretend to be too much as nintendo has too little experience with online stuff etc. it’s great that they do it because they have to but we as customers instantly notice that the whole plan is still quite low and has many shortcomings. this gives me instantly a wii online vibe..slow, slow , slow

    – deliver epic games. 3rd party devs are currently saving nintendo’s ass since nintendo’s self output is way too short for a console of this size and status. very dissapointed that nintendo was so lazy and made super mario U, great game but that’s it.. i’m not blown away like mario 64 or galaxy.. pure fucking laziness.

    – work on HD remakes of old nintendo classics (same what sony and microsoft did and worked out great) just listen to your fucking users, most of them like me have grown up with nintendo and do exactly know what they want. HD of mario world, donkey kong country, metroid snes, super castlevania 4 etc.. fans are willing to pay for this and will generate lots of money.

    – cut the housewife and 8 year old approach. come rough.. ok you have blackops2 and zombi-U, it’s getting there but still locked in that policy of online narrowminded to protect the kids etc.

    – stakeholdershit my ass and i don’t like reggie at all. seems nintendo lost it’s magic in a way. it’s ok but i’m not blown away by the wii-u and while it has lots of potential, the presentation, the slow O.S, the updates etc. PS3 and X360 also had their issues but were more clear like in online stuff and developments, very solid and fast.

    i know things will come but nintendo truely dissapointed me in presentation and customer approach, no next level. tablet is nice, all has potential but you are letting customers wait that want things now, not next year or 2014. microsoft and sony will come soooo hard. the only thing that will keep nintendo up is GAMES, nintendo games… so deliver please!!!

    • Kcasillas190

      First of all:

      1) None of these are “needs” these are your opinions.
      2) Since when has Nintendo ever tried to “be too much”.
      3)They’ve already done that with some of the games, so stop complaining and wait.
      4)You’re obviously still one of the people who think Nintendo is a kid company just because they went the casual approach ONLY with the Wii. “Cut the housewife and 8 year old approach” Naw. Just Naw.
      5) You want Nintendo to release ALL their first party games RIGHT NOW? So then during E3 2013 when the PS4 and Nexbox are revealed they won’t have all the major games, updates for the system, etc to show.

      • devmiles

        I got my first NES in 1985 so i know what i’m talking about if i’m talking Nintendo. I have great respect for their output and many of their games belong in the gallery of best games ever. Only thing Nintendo fucks up every time since N64 is that they don’t release proper launch games, as a gamer this is the key trigger to get the machine. Lots of people still bought the wii-u since we have money to spend but you can fully agree with me that big N has again failed short with own game releases.. why? I don’t want minigames or mediocre shit, just good nintendo games. And yes in the 85 – 90 era games were much more darker and challenging believe me, i hate balance boards and dance shit come on nintendo, stop catching those waves and come with some proper titles, because now simply they don’t…they don’t and many people here will fully agree on this.

    • Th3PANO

      2.) why would they want to put out their aaa titles in the beginning. doesn’t make sense. they still need some big games to compete with the other consoles later. and too much nintendo titles would be the killer for the 3rd party ports. that wasn’t lazyness. i am 100 % sure that they are working their asses off for the all new Wii U games like the 3d mario, or zelda, or ssb or pikmin 3. pikmin 3 wasn’ delayed cause of lazyness. Miyamoto wants it to be perfect. no respect at all. you cant expect a call of duty series with all the franchises.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Well said, although I actually agree with devmiles on this one to point (I don’t want to be kept waiting unnecessarily) they need to spread out their A list titles for example Pikmin 3 coming at the launch window, shortly followed by Monster Hunter 3 then later on Metroid then Zelda, Bayonetta 2 then lord only knows – maybe a 2nd Wii U Zelda 2 or 3 years down the line. All in all, Wii U is getting good 3rd party support, as long as the next CoDs, ACs, Resident Evils etc come to Wii U, then there’ll be no shortage of good games. but it’s the exclusives that are going to set it apart from the competition and N’s heavyweights like Zelda and Metroid are going to need to be out soon to contend with the 720 and replenish Wii Us library which after spring 2013 starts to look a little dry. Retro has a project that was apparently ready to be unveiled but was pulled last minute from E3, this means it SHOULD be on the shelves a few months after this E3, if not then, people could turn their backs on Wii U, devs and customers.

        • MujuraNoKamen

           *, to a point,

          • RonaldRayguns

            devmiles is completely right there should have been at least one epic game at release. I remember getting my n64 at christmas (My first console) with mario 64 then i got goldeneye shortly after and when i got Zelda oot i didtched school for a week. Kids just the other week opened there present and got a wii u with nintendoland and a mario game they beat in a day, it’s sad. Those kids memorys of nintendo will be nothing compare to us n64 era gamers. And it sucks its called a Wii U. But im still getting one….. in 3 days,

          • RonaldRayguns

            Actualy now that I think about it I think I received my N64 the christmas a year after it came out so maybe some lucky chap will unwrap his present next christmas and he’ll get his first console a Wii U with some amazing life changing game and his memories will be as fond as mine.

  • xdlugia

    You actually believe we will get a Zelda announcement?
    Some of these are very poorly predicted.

    • Ben Vangenechten

      Yeah, they are as bad as pachter…

    • Benji Lauzon

      well a 3ds zelda announcement wouldn’t be surprising.

  • I agree with alot of these predictions, Zelda and SSB at E3 2013, Miiverse going viral, the Wii U virtual console, and even the WiiU/3DS cross¬†functionality. ¬†But itunes on Wii U?¬†Your talking about the 2 biggest companies that are known for their first party development. ¬†More specifically, known for not letting other companies touch their IP. Never going to happen.¬†

    The Wii U¬†achievements¬†and the Cross-game Chat are more realistic, but still highly unlikely. ¬†If Nintendo was concerned about these things they would have included them in the Day 1 Update. ¬†However, maybe a couple years down the line…Nintendo will come around. ¬† ¬†¬†

    • YaroMan

       Nintendo let Team Ninja touch Metroid. You see what happened there.

      I’m not a fan of Apple, though. Nintendo’s bad enough with their attempts on “total control” of the hardware and software. Get a company with an even WORSE control track record like Apple involved and the Wii U *will* suffer.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    What I want from Nintendo this year:
    For Wii U:
    – Retro are the ones for the job and haven’t released a game since DKCR, apparently this mystery project of theirs was pulled last minute from E3, so whatever it is should be shown soon.
    A NEW STARFOX GAME (for Wii U or 3DS)
    Eternal Darkness 2 – come on how has this not had a sequel? Nintendo should help out the troubled Silicon knights and get this masterpiece underway. We NEED a second ED and given SK’s situation and the slow approach to getting it delivered Nintendo needs to do the right thing and step in, for them SK, gaming and everyone in general. PLEASE!
    PIKMIN 4 ūüėÄ
    – a stadium one and a 3d open world RPG would be EPIC!!!!
    A new IP (Miyamoto is apparently working on one)
    And more 3rd party support (multi-plats and exclusives) – Metal gear, Bayonetta, CoD, AC, ZombiU sequel etc

    Mario kart is possible but we’ll see.
    SSB would be nice but I have my doubts it’ll be shown in 2013, it’s still early days and I don’t think they’ll want to announce it prematurely again.
    Also Monolith soft is doing stuff for both 3DS and Wii U.

    For 3DS:
    -Why hasn’t it been shown already? C’MON!!!!
    POKEMON (gen 3 remake, Me Gusta!)
    A GTA would be great, I liked Chinatown wars but a real 3rd person sandbox GTA with another of Rockstar’s amazing open worlds, stunning visuals and 3D effect would be sweet. – or a new red dead even…

  • AAAkabob

    Screw ITunes i want Spotify on my Wii U.

  • drzfr3shboialex

    I prefer Google music over itunes

  • Zelda might or might not be shown on e3, I doubt¬†it tbh, last I read about it is the release for 4th quarter 2014 (Japan likely) so probably won’t be in the USA or EU before 2015 ūüôĀ Metroid for the wiiU also doubt it, probably a 3ds version will first be announced as metroid is often the most realistic sci-fi game on Nintendo consoles, as the devs don’t know how to reach deep in the wiiu hardware just yet I don’t think we’ll see much about it until late 2013 early 2014.

    The rest except the apple deal is very plausible, I just can’t believe Apple is willing to work with Nintendo, they both are to stubborn ūüėČ

    Anyway happy new year all (2hours and 45 mins in 2013 here in the Netherlands) that 2013 will be a great year for WiiU and 3DS and everyone here as well as for wiiu daily)

    • Th3PANO

      skyward sword was announced 2010 on the e3. when did it came out? right, november 2011. so there is a possibilty. and it isn’t even that small.

  • valagant

    ppl who use homemade brew shoud rot in hell

    • Captain Falcon

      Homebrew isn’t simply put “piracy”.

  • I think all that Pachter coverage has rubbed off on wiiudaily…

  • Marcell Wade

    Alot of this will come true, Wii U should be very epic in 2013, & I can’t wait for E3 to roll around, Nintendo’s presentation should be amazing, & jaws will be hitting the floor lol.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Nintendo has the possibility to make something HUGE. Let’s hope they don’t mess and that all that come true !

  • Jonas

    #3,2,1 are best i think. But all the others are great as well.

  • Graham Gillman

    No Mario? Nintendo hasn’t released a 3D Mario title in almost 3 years now.

  • John Smith

    Mario Kart U Is Coming….
    Shigeru Miyamoto said he was working on something new….Which Is “Mario Kart U”

  • devmiles

    one good thing to mention is that Pier Solar will have a Wii-U release made possible by crowd funding. These things are important for Nintendo and i’m well pleased that they allow 3rd party and other devs to release stuff on Wii-u. Only i hope not tons of shitty game will be pooped out like android shit. Pier Solar is a very very epic RPG game. For peeps who don’t know check this out. Will be redone in full HD as well and use of the tablet.

  • X3Charlie

    10: This is alright I would like system-wide¬†achievement¬†system. Of course they don’t have to require publishers to support them, maybe even have community members recommend some. They also want to do it while avoiding it becoming an ego thing.

    9: This would also be a¬†smart¬†decision. Expand and integrate¬†Wii¬†U Chat. I don’t really see myself using my Wii U as a video phone so expanding the applications of the app would be good.

    8: Of Course this will happen, not that I condone it.

    7: I don’t want a deal here. I think Nintendo should add a Nintendo Music app. That allows you to play music you have stored on your Hard-Drive or console, as well as purchase or win soundtracks from their franchises, to play in the background of your system. Then they can add support for iTunes, Spotify, and all that good stuff in one application not an Apple monopoly.

    6: Yes, we need VC. If they are going to introduce an alternate to the pro controller they better do it now, the faster they fix problems the less problems it is going to cause for them and us in the future.

    5: More cross-functionality would be great!

    4: This also good.

    3:Once again, Yes.

    2: I would hope for a Mario Kart during the holiday 2013 to bolster sales like MK7 did. I really want something new and fun for this entry but I want to keep the old feel of the game.

    1: These announcements are¬†necessary¬†for E3 this year. If they want to make a splash, they’ll need some heavy hitters.

  • Tom T

    10. Maybe, I’m leaning towards no.
    09. Maybe, I’m leaning towards yes. I really hope so.
    08. Probably,will certainly mean software sales on the WiiU take a hit.
    07. Will never happen in 1 million years unless Apple buys Nintendo. So No.
    06. Definitely
    05. Definitely. Kid Icarus Uprising first, then Smash Bros 2nd.
    04. Already announced. Not really a prediction.
    03. Maybe, I leaning towards yes. Concept Grand Prix by Nintendo/Lucid Games
    02. Totally disagree. At least 1 of these 2 games will be announced by E3.
    01. Smash Bros definitely yes, Legend of Zelda, sadly No. 

  • Switch numbers 2. and 1.
    Then it all makes sense. 

  • Robert Papageorge

    No.7 is a cool idea , but it won’t happen. I am confused though by that part of the article saying “will”. So have they already stated that somewhere or are you going to change that part to “hopefully”, or “maybe” or something. That should be something they should take notice on.

    But there “will” or “might be” a successor to something else. The DS has lived a great life, but it has begun to lose that spark. The 3DS did reignite it, but now something new must come. We have all had a great time with the DS and 3DS systems and this coming E3 is time for us, sadly, to begin moving on. And if doesn’t come this year, it would be highly likely to come E3 2014.

  • gimmegimmekevin

    You think they’ll show Smash and Zelda but not Mario Kart despite Kart being a game that takes less time to make than either of those? They won’t change the Pro controller the way you said, for the same reasons why the 3DS won’t get a second circle pad built in. It would divide the platform.

    Nintendo typically marches to their own beat and whether I want achievements or not I can’t see them implementing them just because a lot of people want them. They ignore a bunch of our requests to run their business, ignoring those who want achievements is nothing after turning the cold shoulder to Earthbound fans for years.

    The Nintendo/Apple idea is so out of left field. Very unlikely. Apple wants to make money selling iTunes content on their hardware if possible. Do you see them putting iTunes on Roku? Nope. So why do it for Nintendo?

    Safest bets for 2013 on Wii U are a new 3D Mario for Fall 2013, Yoshi’s Land being revealed, and maybe a random third IP revival like Diddy Kong Racing or Star Fox. A few big third party 360/PS3 ports like BF4, COD, Madden/FIFA, and more.

  • Destructonator 101

    People love mario 64 so much because of it being so different with the tech of the 64. The analogue stick. It was a revolutionary piece of hardware, and we haven’t had something as revolutionary since. And I said we¬†haven’t had something AS revolutionary not that we haven’t had anything revolutionary at all. Wii did something great to Mario with motion control, but it was still a game that relied on a analogue stick to primarily control Mario.

    You see, we need some new way to guide Mario. Something that doesn’t rely on a analogue stick. I need to be quite frank ( honest ) with the wii and wii u. The wii u gamepad is just like a wii remote. From what I expect of Mario on wii u, the game will rely on a control stick, with the gamepads screen to add to the experience. Same on wii. You primarily used the control stick to navigate, whilst the motion capabilities were used much less, and even if there was more motion control involved in galaxy 2, you needed the analogue stick.

    Now you should understand. WE DONT NEED JUST AN AMAZING GAME, WE NEED ANOTHER AMAZING WAY TO PLAY AN AMAZING GAME! It’s not that the wii u was a complete failure, it was just that nintendo didn’t think in this way. ITS THE HARDWARE THAT MAKES THE GAME. The wii u adds to the experience and changes it, but nintendo must not just change it, they must reinvent it. Nintendo needs to recreate the way we game again. They have added to it, but they must recreate.

    NES had a D-pad, a start and select, and A and B buttons. The SNES had all the buttons of the NES, but had four new buttons. X and Y, L and R. N64 though had an analogue stick, D-pad, A and B, L and R, A start button but no select, four yellow buttons and a Z trigger button. Gamecube had all the buttons of a 64, but the Z button wasn’t very much of a trigger, it lost the four yellow buttons and had a yellow C stick, which was not a very good idea and got in the way ¬†a lot. Then, wii came. A, B trigger, D-pad, + and -, home button 1 and 2, and power, and motion abilities. It also had an accessory like nunchuck, with analogue stick and Z and C.

    You see, the controllers of Nintendo systems have almost always had those basic buttons of the NES A and B are now on wii u, joined by X and Y, start and select, and a D-pad. All consoles though, since the 64 have left the d-pad as an almost unnecessary feature. It never has been used like it once was. And that is because of the control stick.

    Nintendo has always been more intuitive, creative, inventive, imaginative than its competitors, and they have used nintendo almost as a tool, one which always takes things head first and been brave, and after that, they follow and try to improve. They rely on this feature of nintendo being able to take things on. But what happens when nintendo stop building at the top, stop adding to their ideas, and reinvent. When they leave Microstuffed and phoney on their own, and build in another place, reinventing, changing the way things are made, done, and played. Then, I expect, phoney will try to change the way they do things. Microstuffed become scared, and look back at what has been built. They try to control how things are played and phoney would then run back to Microstuffed while they begin to get things wrong nintendo are already starting to build upon those foundations.

    Mario and many other franchises of nintendo will evolve if nintendo try to reinvent rather than add to their work. They don’t need to reinvent the company, they don’t change what they do, they should change HOW they do things. They are great at what they do, but in my opinion this is what can be done to improve the company. At E3, Reggie said its all about the games. But it isn’t. Its how we game. Its the hardware, the console, the way we game that makes a great game like Mario.

  • Doug

    I think a Nintendo / Google deal is much more likely; especially considering the two have worked together in the past.

  • I cannot wait to see what Miyamoto and Nintendo in general have in store for the Wii U. They never seem to disappoint me well… except for the Virtual Boy… Phillips CD-i… 64DD… |=(

  • Russel Bowersox

    for the love of god STAAAAAAHP. Maybe we will see something of the Legend of Zelda. But I can say 100% with out a shadow of any doubt. We will NOT I REPEAT NOT See anything even almost related to Smash Brothers this upcoming year. The game hasn’t even been in development for a year yet… Keep in mind, The last game made by the man who made smash, took 4 years, I’m sure Brawl took just that long.. They were ONE game the next Smash is coming for both 3DS and Wii U… Please don’t get people’s hopes up guys… It’s just mean.¬†

    • Genesect4ssb4

      its generally agreed that smash will be here in 2014. and mewtwo wil near definetly be in it. 

    • Sakurai did say that they were working on a demo for this year’s E3. And Smash Bros. has probably been in development for a while now. They don’t just go and say “we’re working on Smash Bros” the first day they start developing. Dragon Quest 10 was in development before Yuji Horii accidentially announced it so yeah.

  • David

    Nintendo not releasing system-wide achievements lowers Intellectual Property(IP) by not immersing the player in “true” competitive game-play. Achievements allow the player to engage games more frequently and gives a warm appeal to hardcore and casual gamers alike, thus raising IP. I believe Nintendo is simply too lazy to implement such a system.

    IF ONLY NINTENDO BEHAVED LIKE “STEAM” from Valve. Then, Nintendo would easily dominate the console market. Sadly however, they run their business model as a closed-environment where suggestions / opinions submitted by their very own users are blatantly ignored.

    You see, STEAM listens to their users, that’s why they are successful and gamers love them in return.

    • Ibi Salmon

      So you believe that achievements should be a requirement rather than something optional.That’s an¬†interesting look on things..

      • YaroMan

        ¬†Unfortunately it’s required on XBox 360 and I *think* the PS3.

        • Ibi Salmon

          Whether they’re optional or required, it doesn’t matter to me.

  • NkoSekirei

    i hardly doubt wii u will be hacked nintendo alrdy knows wat that one hacker group is trying to do so its pointless for that group to try or they get thier @$$es banned  or sued for that matter

  • im 100% sure that f-zero is going to be on wii u the minigame is only the begining

  • im 100% sure f-zero is going to be on wii u the minigame was just the begining

  • iPedro1000

    These aren’t predictions, this is a self indulgent wish list. It’s ok to dream but not label it as predictions.

    The Apple/Nintendo deal will not happen. It goes against everything Apple is about: controlling both the hardware and software so that they provide the user experience from A-Z.

  • 11.¬† An update to Nintendo TVii.
    Honestly I LOVE what it already does but lets be honest.  It could use an update.

    • YaroMan

      ¬†At the very least keep updating the stupid remote codes database. My HDTV can power on and off and adjust volume with the TVii remote and that’s it.

  • Any word on whether or not Nintendo will work with developers to make retro-release games such as a collection of Assassins Creed ANTHOLOGY sets? ¬†Perhaps yet another revamp of some first person shooters like DOOM? ¬†The possibilities are endless with the dual-screens action just getting started!

  • Earthbound.. Nuff said

  • Paco Zamora

    I think the gamepad will be the start button of a completely new way to expirience things like Metroid and Zelda, just think about it, select your item to fight a boss on Zelda or use it as a scanner to see the enemy’s weak spot on Metroid

  • YaroMan

    10. Eh. I don’t see this as necessary. If Nintendo were to do achievements it’d be bandwagon-hopping at best. Most Wii games I see already offer plenty of replay value without having to go with the “achievements” cliche. Heck, some games already have “achievements” in them. Super Smash Brothers, Brawl has “challenges.”

    9. Isn’t this what Miiverse is for? Can’t you send messages that way?

    8. Nintendo would never go for it. They spent almost every firmware update on the Wii to keep homebrewers down. Remember one very important thing about console manufacturers: They don’t make their money from console sales but by licensing the hell out of their hardware. Hundreds of dollars per every in-dev game. This is why third-party developers are so important to console manufacturers: Those ARE the profits. Homebrewers pay no licenses, so console manufacturers will generally label them as warranty-breaking pirates rather than provide for them. If you want a game console that’ll do this, get an Ouya when it comes out.

    7. Heck. No. I can’t stand Apple for one. Second off, the Wii U is already DRM-burdened enough as it is, we don’t need even more interoperability-breaking junk most players won’t actually use on the console.

    6. This would be great. Seems like the Wii U would be a GREAT platform for DS games, since you have two screens and the gamepad has pretty much all the hardware in a DS anyway.

    5. As long as it’s not like the GCN/GBA cross-capabilities, where games practically required this to play.

    4. First off: Yes please! Second off: Go further: Eliminate the even-less-than-twitter character cap! Third: I think this is actually in the works.

    3. Nintendoland might just be one of those. But I’d rather see Nintendo focus on what works, or even try to breathe new life into half-dead franchises, like Ice Climbers or Star Fox. And of course, they’d be stupid not to have a console these days without Mario, Zelda, or Metroid. And some franchises I wish they’d give up on, like Donkey Kong or Kid Icarus.

    2. I don’t really care about Mario Kart. But why on earth would you not want news on Metroid? Also, rumor has it that Retro is already working on a new Metroid title for the Wii U. This is a good thing. Unlike Team Ninja, Retro did VERY GOOD THINGS for Metroid.

    1. Both already done. They were practically anounced months before the Wii U launched. Details are sketchy, though.

  • YaroMan

     At the very least they should work on monthly or bi-monthly remote code database updates. My HDTV only PARTLY works with the Wii U remote.