Dec 14th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 22nd, 2012, 3:39 pm

Dark Souls is known for being one of the most challenging games out there, and because of that, it’s got a huge fan base of gamers who just love to die over, and over, and over again. Namco Bandai recently announced the sequel, Dark Souls 2, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

This made Wii U owners feel left out, and so a petition to get Dark Souls 2 on the Wii U was started. Currently the petition has over 12,000 signatures.

If you think these kinds of petitions are useless, think again. Dark Souls was originally released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. PC gamers felt left out and started a petition, which reached over 90,000 signatures. This made developer From Software to reconsider their stance, and they eventually released a PC version.

So if you’re interested in getting one of the most hard core games on the Wii U, go and sign the petition. Hopefully the developers and publishers will notice it.

Dark Souls 2 Wii U

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  • aleksandar antonijevic

    I’ve signed 😀 yesterday.

  • drew42o

    Lots of Wii U petitions as of recent..  All I want is GTA V petition to be a success 🙁

    • BellsGhost

      It;s really sad how Nintendrones have to beg for games.

  • Wayne Beck

    Signed, Where’s the GTA Petition?

    • Sidney Majurie

      My sentiments exactly 😀 But something tells me it’s already in the works and Nintendo and Rockstar are waiting to drop the bomb sometime next near.

      • BellsGhost

        Keep hoping.

    • Watch_Dog

      There’s a Tomb Raider [2012] Petition to bring that game to the Wii U, it started only a day after the Dark Souls II Petition. Though, as of now, it only has a little over 300 Signatures.

  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

     signed as soon as I saw it. And sent the link to friends on facebook. Do the same guys , the domino effect is never to be underestimated

  • Martin Dupont-Viel

    Done !

  • Martin Dupont-Viel

    Done !

  • TheLast

    Want that 3rd-party support!! By the way, that GTAV petition is dead since it was made because not to many know about the petition.

  • Signed and shared 🙂

  • SYates

    Although I’m not likely to play the game on any platform since it doesn’t seem like my kind of thing, I still signed since there seems to be a lot of people eager to get this game on Wii U. And also it looks like this is the sort of third party support Nintendo could do with to help the Wii U along.

  • Clem

    A friend of mine is head-over-heels for Dark Souls, but I don’t think it would interest me if it wasn’t on Wii U. Yet if it WAS, I would pick it up right away. I don’t really know why, but the reason I got in to Assassin’s Creed was 100% because it was on the Wii U and now I’m obsessed with it!

    • BellsGhost

      It’s cause you’re a Nintendrone.

  • Robert Distefano

    I signed it when it was around 60 people and now its a 12,000…holy crap!! LOL

  • Hououin Kyouma

    Where’s the MGS petition?


    YEAH POWER TO THE PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yoshiwhirlwind

    I never bought the original two but will buy the new one mainly because miiverse will be very helpful along with it.

    • BellsGhost

      It’s meant to be hard you Nintendo geek.

      • Yoshiwhirlwind

        Really? Trolling month old comments? Stop embarrassing yourself.

        • BellsGhost

          Im stating the fact that DS is meant to be a very hard game.  They don’t want to make it easier.  U mad nintendorone?  Does facts scare you?

          • Yoshiwhirlwind

            I know it’s a hard game, I’ve played it. I didn’t want to waste the time or money and didn’t want them to nerf the game either. You have horrible reading comprehension. Miiverse would basically do what DS does with its little message system where people warn about incoming dangers or where juvenile individuals like yourself make a living trolling by telling people there is treasure ahead…

            Whatever you’ll just ignore what I said and continue replying to my messages in an attempt to goad me. I’m not about that life. Troll on good sir, troll on.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    I want BioShock Infinite too
    anybody else?

    • BellsGhost

      Then buy another system.  Why did you waste money on a Wii U for?



  • Never played.  Signed.  WiiU needs third party support.

    • BellsGhost


  • Everyone search Wii U GTA V on the website and their is a petition regarding GTA V coming to the Wii U aswell.

    • BellsGhost

      Lol!  How pathetic.

  • Erwin


  • MujuraNoKamen

    I want to see the Banjo Kazooie games on Virtual console as well as Conker’s bad fur day and other classic titles (oh Rare, why did Microsoft kill you?) I support the petitions for Dark souls and Tomb raider and others but, I feel they won’t have the same impact if a Wii U version comes later than other versions. It needs to get the games day 1 along with other platforms otherwise people will get the other versions months in advance. Speaking of which GTA 5 on Wii U would be awesome, I hope it happens.

    • BellsGhost

      It won’t.  Wii U sucks.

  • $39063977

    We should start a TES petition too. seriously, I don’t want to turn on my PS3 again. I need a port of Skyrim on the WiiU 😀

    • BellsGhost