Jan 3rd, 2014


Last year we made a list of ten predictions we thought we’d see happen over the course of 2013. Some came true while others didn’t, but this year we’re continuing the tradition with a list of ten predictions for the Wii U over the course of 2014. At the end of the year we’ll revisit these to see how many came true, but let’s dig into the meat of things! Here’s our top ten predictions for 2014 and Nintendo.

10. The Legend of Zelda Wii U won’t be released this year.

Plenty of fans have been clamoring for a new Zelda game on the Wii U and despite the promise of more information about the title at E3 this year, we just don’t see it happening this year. Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. have been heavily detailed at this point, so it’s likely that these two titles will be staggered to make up the bulk of Nintendo’s holiday 2014 release schedule. Not to mention we have new titles like Yarn Yoshi on the way, it’s hard to see Nintendo bringing Zelda to us any sooner than 2015.

9. A Nintendo DS smartphone.


Nintendo has made it big with the Nintendo DS and 3DS and while 3D is much less of a focus with the introduction of the Nintendo 2DS, it seems likely that the next step for Nintendo would be introducing a handheld with phone call capabilities. Sony has already done that with the Xperia Play, a PlayStation branded phone that has been woefully undersupported. Even if we only see a Nintendo 3DS with Skype call capabilities a la the PS Vita, we’ll call this one a success.

8. Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem cross-over slips into 2015.

Ever since the January Nintendo Direct of 2013, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem has been tightly under wraps. We know it will be an RPG and that the modern-day world is involved somehow. Nothing else has been shown of the game since then. It could still come out in 2014, given the success of Fire Emblem: Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV. However, I think the franchises are still obscure outside of the loyal fan base. I’m not questioning the quality of the game, but the exposure. As the spotlight for 2014 will be focused on titles like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8, 2015 might be a better year for Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem to shine.

7. A new Pokemon game for the Wii U.


Despite Nintendo’s steadfast assertion that the Pokemon games are meant for handhelds, that hasn’t stopped them from releasing great console Pokemon games in the past. Both Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium were well received among fans, so it’s possible we’ll see another spin-off game like this for the Wii U. Pokemon Rumble U was released digitally in 2013 and despite having NFC figurines similar to Skylanders, it hasn’t really gained the traction expected of an official retail release.

6. Animal Crossing Wii U will be announced.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf was a huge hit for Nintendo this year, becoming one of the top selling Nintendo 3DS titles in a matter of months. It was so successful that Nintendo saw the need to release an Animal Crossing Plaza app for the Wii U, which displays information from visitors and lets you interact with villagers. This plaza is the prerequisite to releasing Animal Crossing for the Wii U, which we’ll see announced some time in 2014.

5. GameCube games will finally make their way to the Wii U.


This is something that many Nintendo fans have been clamoring for since the Wii U was released. Every month we get a handful of emails asking us when GameCube games will be available on the Nintendo eShop. This is something we could finally see announced in 2014, as Nintendo has seen what a success a remake like Wind Waker HD could be. We’ll either see more GameCube games remade to be high-definition, or we’ll see them released on the Virtual Console for a price of $19.99.

4. Nintendo will release a virtual console subscription service like Netflix.

This one is a little off the wall, but what prediction list would be complete without one? In 2014, we expect Nintendo to beef up its virtual console offering and decide that you can play any game you like for a set fee a month, instead of charging you individually per game. Perhaps for $7.99, you can rent three games from the eShop indefinitely and swap them out, with an option for a discount on purchasing rented titles. It would be a great way for Nintendo to earn revenue with incentive to keep the virtual console games flowing.

3. Nintendo will release a new SKU.

While the Wii U Basic is on the way out, we think Nintendo is already rethinking its offering in terms of hardware. Of course there will always be bundles with games announced, but we believe that Nintendo will release a new Wii U SKU with 64GB of storage and the high-capacity GamePad battery already installed. It could become the default bundle priced at only $299, while the current Wii U deluxe could see a price drop down to just $249.

2. Miyamoto will reveal his new project.


Miyamoto has been hush-hush about the new project that he’s working on for Nintendo, but we think 2014 will be the year that he finally pulls the lid off of it and lets fans know what’s in store for them. Knowing Miyamoto it’ll be something magical and no doubt enjoyable. Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

1. Satoru Iwata will step down as CEO of Nintendo.

This one is a bit controversial since it’s not directly related to the Wii U, but we believe that Satoru Iwata’s days as CEO of Nintendo are numbered. Iwata has done a great job in the past with the launch of the Wii and the Nintendo DS and the turn around for the Nintendo 3DS, but the lackluster lifespan of the GameCube and the current adoption rate of the Wii U could end up hurting Iwata’s tenure as CEO. We believe Japanese investors could get tired of “please understand” and could replace Iwata this year if performance for Wii U doesn’t turn around.

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  • D Moness

    Not seeing 1, 6 or 9 happening also i find 4 very very unlikely

  • Deadpool U

    I really disagree with number 1 and 4 it’s okay if you disagree but it’s my opinion.

    • Gabe Brady

      I can see #1. Iwata really hasnt been helping Nintendo all that much from delaying games, to very little promotion for the Wii U. I think it would be best if Iwata stepped down…

      • Devesh


        • Gabe Brady

          Iwata is the President of Nintendo Co. He’s decides how much advertising goes into what product! I’m saying he needs to up the level of advertising for Wii U. It’s been out for over a year and it still hasn’t fully caught on with retailers. Half the retailers still don’t know the difference between Wii and Wii U. Reggie says they do. But I think he really has no idea! Sorry Regginator… :/

          • Asdrendeluxe

            ou know then Nintendo needs 1 Year EVER to make good games ? Zelda Ocarina of time was such a game. Thej have delayed the game and we became the best game ever. And DK Tropical Freeze is a long time finished . The developer would not released after it is not good enough. When this is the reason why he must be fired then GOood Knight Nintendo.

          • TheMultiYoshi

            You’re definitely blowing things out of proportion. Despite the fact that the Wii U has NO ads, most of my rl friends (who aren’t into gaming and it’s COD if they are) know what the Wii U is and know that it’s a new console. Don’t say you see all these articles about Best Buy showing a Wii pic under Wii U or something because that’s ONE best buy and stuff like that makes the news.

        • DragonSilths

          “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” Shigeru Miyamoto.
          Point is we can wait for games if it makes them better. We have lives so waiting isn’t a big deal. Its not Iwata’s fault. What is Iwata’s fault is the BS with lack of online and party chat and such.

      • Deadpool U

        I don’t think Iwata delays games that’s a developers decision I mean when you have a perfectionist developer like Retro games are bound to be delayed.

        • Gabe Brady

          well thats not exactly what i meant… I mean Donkey Kong. We know it’s being delayed. We know what its about. Stop talking about it every 5 seconds like it’s the next Game of the Year.

          • Deadpool U

            Where did THAT come from? This probably the only time I’ve thought about DKC:TF in weeks.

    • CMB

      Why would Iwata step down? Under him, Nintendo has seen the most success. The 3DS,DS,Wii, and hopefully soon, the Wii U. I don’t see whhy he would step down.

      • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

        and Nintendo’s Not Ready do get a New CEO

      • Zzyzx

        First of all, they’ve always seen success with handhelds, that’s in no way surprising. You could be the CEO of Nintendo and Nintendo handhelds would probably sell like hotcakes.

        And because the even if the Wii sold well, it lost pretty much all 3rd party support for Nintendo and the Wii U beyond Ubisoft has failed to recapture it, as well the system bombing itself.

        Nintendo also posted its first loss under Iwata in 30 years

  • Immallama22

    A lot of these seem pretty unlikely…

  • LopsidedPasta

    10. (The Legend of Zelda Wii U won’t be released this year) —

    I completely agree. Zeldas take too long to produce and release for us to see a main series one this year.

    9. (A Nintendo DS smartphone) —

    I completely DISagree. Nintendo wouldn’t waste R&D money for a phone. They would put it into future ACTUAL handhelds. Probably. Or they could just use the money to throw at third party devs. They could throw so much cash at Rockstar, that GTA VI is being coded for the Wii U as soon as the first polygons are being placed. THAT’S what I want to see.

    8. (Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem cross-over slips into 2015) —

    Maybe… But I tend to think that they are pretty close to having a finished product ready to show. I still predict 2014.

    7. (A new Pokemon game for the Wii U) —

    I agree. I Just do. The game doesn’t APPEAR to require that much work, and it would make waves in the gaming industry for a QUALITY Nintendo Pokemon game to be released on a home console, which hasn’t been done since Gale of Darkness.

    6. (Animal Crossing Wii U will be announced) —

    I also agree with this one. ANNOUNCED, not RELEASED though.

    5. (GameCube games will finally make their way to the Wii U) —

    OH PLEASE SWEET JESUS! PLEASSSSSE! I would pay upwards of 40 bucks to be able to re-experience TTYD on my Wii U. Make it happen Nintendo (I think they will).

    4. (Nintendo will release a virtual console subscription service like Netflix) —

    Interesting… but unfortunately I can’t see Nintendo making that big of a leap. Nintendo tends to have trouble with new trends.

    3. (Nintendo will release a new SKU) —

    I could not agree more. Nintendo will come out with new SKUs, since “one-size-fits-all” isn’t really an accepted practice in the gaming industry as far as consoles go. But they’ll also release multiple special bundles to show off their new games like Mario Kart and of course, SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!

    2. (Miyamoto will reveal his new project) —

    Agreed, and he better. It’s been a while since we learned of a new IP in the works, and this could silence all the “Nintendo is unoriginal” trolls.

    1. (Satoru Iwata will step down as CEO of Nintendo) —

    Oooooh man. I don’t know what to say. Nintendo NEEDS some new blood. Reggie is pretty good, as well as Miyamoto (who may be retiring soon) but Iwata seems to be living in the past, and not giving us what we want. I’m not going to agree or disagree with the LIKELIHOOD of this happening, but I would be open to a change.


    So all in all, I agree with most of these predictions. 2014 will be a monumental year for the future of gaming, and I think Nintendo can wether the storm as good as anyone. But they NEED a plethora of quality first party titles, because their third party support is all but gone.

    • Cesar Barroso

      You need balls to do what it has to be done, not what everybody wants. There is no better president for Nintendo than Saturo Iwata. He has made mistakes, but he thrives and then he succeed. The problem is that people want Nintendo to spend millions on online connectivity, buying AAA 3rd party game (a waste) and forget about the famous franchises that are still selling like if they were in their golden years.
      Without Iwata Nintendo becomes a greedy company without purpose and sight. It will become like any other american corporation, a waste of time and investment, and short sighted.

      • LopsidedPasta

        OR… Nintendo could combine the new with the old. Put new online connectivity into franchises like Metroid or Mario. And I’m pretty sure you’re the only person who would call GTA and Cod “wastes”. Nintendo needs to adapt to the changing gaming landscape, not hide from it. Nintendo needs to strike a balance between the old and the new, THEN Nintendo will return to their former glory. The “golden years” change. What once made Nintendo succeed doesn’t work any more, at least not in the same exact way. Nintendo needs to change, or it will die. And there is evidence of that everywhere you look.

        • Cesar Barroso

          who said they are not going to do that? they will, but that takes time and money. they are going to make their online service better, but they are not going to do it at once avoiding large amount of money to be spent at once lowering their annual profits, that right now is their priority. even voice chat will come to games that require that at the momento like mario kart and smash bros. but again if we want things done right time is needed. I mean, it is not like the games are down on quality, so time will pass by fast.

          • LopsidedPasta

            Stop making excuses for Nintendo. The Wii U was in development for at least 4 years, and it’s been out for 1. They have had plenty of time, and PLENTY of money. Xbox Live quality online should’ve been on the Wii U DAY ONE. And here we are, a year later, with absolutely no word from Nintendo about ANYTHING Online related. It isn’t “later later later”. It should be RIGHT NOW. Nintendo has had the ability to integrate it for the last year. They are CHOOSING not to. And it will bite them in the ass.

          • Cesar Barroso

            excuses?, it doesn’t matter what i say. Nintendo will profit, opposite to the other 2 with their superior online infrastructure. they cannot even get offline games right. xbox live quality? yeah no thank you, paying twice for Netflix or other services is really lame. more lame are the gamers happy to pay for it, then they get mad when XBOX was announced to have all of those DRM. Look at PS3, no subscription, now PS4 has it and nothing has changed. Yeah, good look with your online connection and the hackers.

          • LopsidedPasta

            You were wrong about pretty much everything you just said. I’m done trying to instill logic into fanboys. Have a nice life living in the dark!

          • Cesar Barroso

            yeap, it doesn’t work because there is no logic in your thinking. you are just looking things happening on the surface like everybody else. no one care to think why things happen or the reasoning behind them.
            several times has happened, Sony selling consoles like crazy but no profit at all PS1 and PS2, same with xbox, people buying 3-4 xbox because they are just garbage. yet people still think what nintendo does is wrong, silly. nintendo makes mistakes but never punish the gamer because of those mistakes. welcome drm say xbox and welcome subscription say PS. guess i am wrong, right?

          • Cena’s Smirk

            I had to buy my step son 3x Xbox 360s in 4 years because they are garbage. I can’t count how many extra COD games he had to get because they stopped working (straches and what not). I’d call COD a waste of money. Xbox will rob you blind, and the kids love it, its not their money being wasted.

          • Cesar Barroso

            as an advice, if i am allowed to do that with your respect, don’t buy more of that. My dad only bought me things once, they had to survive for at least 2 years, from snickers to baseball gloves for example. if the product is the defective one, that’s the case with the xbox, then i will suggest to telling them that it is not worth the money. if they get mad because of that then no video games for nobody. hehe that is how my father though me at least, even if i like another product a little more than other with a few less features but it is guaranteed to last, i will go for it. only then i realized that not always is about things we want, but things we need. analogically.

          • Cena’s Smirk

            I made those points to my wife. he’s my step son, don’t get to raise him how I’d like. I’m “mean” and he “needs” his crap box.

          • Cesar Barroso

            ohh, I understand, i can just imagine that is a tough spot to be!

          • LopsidedPasta

            a) That comment was almost legible. Congratulations!

            b) Xbox One has NO DRM. NONE.

            c) Sony makes money on every PS4 sold, about $11 I think

            d) Sony has eventually made money on every Playstation to date

            e) I expect the products I buy to be as good as they can possibly be. I pride myself on not accepting garbage. Are you really going to sit here and argue that the Wii U is BETTER without a major feature. Is this SNL?

            f) So why? Why is the Wii U a better console without online gameplay? How can you possibly sit here and tell me that the Wii U as is, is better than the Wii U if the only change was OPTIONAL online multiplayer. It simply doesn’t make sense. Stop eating whatever shit a company gives you, and THINK! USE YOUR HEAD! STOP BEING A FANBOY AND ACKNOWLEDGE FAILURES AS WELL AS SUCCESSES! It isn’t your job to defend a company, it’s their job to meet your expectations. If the consumer says “jump” Nintendo should ask “How high”.

          • Guest


          • LopsidedPasta

            Wow. You had to stretch for that one. You can joke all you want, but I’m right. It isn’t my job to be happy with Nintendo. It’s their job to give me something worth being happy about.

          • Rinslowe

            “c) Sony makes money on every PS4 sold, about $11 I think”
            This isn’t correct, AFAIK. If you can provide the link, I would happily admit otherwise.

          • LopsidedPasta


            It’s actually 18 dollars, courtesy of our good friends over at PS4daily

          • Rinslowe

            Pasta, that is just $381 for goods and assembly. Is that to say the retailers make nothing from that as well?
            – It retails for $399.00 –

            Packaging & shipping from China and Japan to destinations around the globe is included in that goods and assembly cost? TBH I don’t think it is…
            Also considering import fee’s and duties which vary from country to country, all adding to that cost ($381). And it doesn’t matter whether it’s Ex-Works/ FOB or CFR for Sony…
            Not to mention the cost of R&D + Marketing/ Advertising.

            “AllThingsD got an early look at the analysis, in which the firm estimates the cost of those parts, plus what it costs to assemble them, at $381. That is only $18 shy of the PS4’s $399 retail price”

            There’s no way PS4 is making money for Sony now or in the next few years…
            And I’m surprised PS4 Daily even implied as much considering …

          • Jon

            I find it funny how you used a logical assessment for profit and they don’t like you for it. You are right, the PS4 is selling at a loss because you need to pay for so much more than just the parts. Don’t let it bother you though, Nintendo haters hate reasoning with real logic. Even with the PS+, it makes me wonder from time to the because of all the “free” games that people get from them but when you think about it, someone technically has to pay for them and the server maintenance which would mean they’d need to fill a lot of subscriptions in-order for it to be profitable. What is even better is that you have 6 or at least 4 downvotes on most your comments which most likely means, lopsided used mutiple accounts accounts to downvote you. lol

          • Rinslowe

            I’m not worried about the downvotes, that is actually a team of trolls from the “Science Enthusiast” group which are stalking my every comment…
            So in fact they are not genuine individuals against logic.Only trolls.
            And even though Pasta is a vocal guy, I’m not entirely sure he’s the one responsible for multiple downvoting – more likely;
            Nintenscience/ Scienceentuthiast
            Ihate… etc.. etc..
            Daniel Gonzalez
            John Andalora/ Chong
            And the like…

            Thanks for the reply though, much appreciated!

          • LopsidedPasta

            Even if it didn’t, Consoles almost never do. The Wii U was, and unless I’m mistaken, STILL IS sold at a loss. I don’t know about the Xbox One, but who cares about it, right? But yeah, consoles typically are sold at a loss. The way companies make money are through software. GAMES. I gotta say, having NEVER owned any Playstation before in my life, the PS4 will make Sony a crap-load of money. And need I go into the Wii U’s current game predicament? (Which should be fixed by 2015, but still)

          • Rinslowe

            Fair calls on the other cosoles Pasta, but notice that I never argued that point….
            Bear in mind, that before the price cut Nintendo stated Wii U profits after one title. Considering this fact it is fair to calculate that the Wii U now profits after 2.5 titles sold. Not counting bundles of course.
            That leads me to believe that Wii U is potentially a profitable system for the majority of purchases being made within the first 3 months of ownership.
            Would you not agree that is a fair call also?
            (For eg; I own as of this moment – over 15 titles not counting VC)
            Xbox one is sold at a premium to offset last gens mistakes, however MS has also stated the One costs more to develop than PS4 from memory… Or it could be the other way around.
            So MS has chosen that way to combat the situation,
            PS4 on the other hand as you know was estimated based on economy of scale for goods purchased and assembled in factory @ $381. It retails for $399… That is a gargantuan loss on each system sold. Over and above the other two, clearly.

            “Even if it didn’t, Consoles almost never do.”
            Lol – Where did you get that assumption from? Gamecube was a profitable system for Nintendo and Wii was profitable from day one…
            Btw, it’s not that I’m favouring Ninty here, it’s just that when we’re talking about consoles making money, it’s just much easier to reference one of their past/ recent systems because they have been profitable…

          • LopsidedPasta

            The only Nintendo console that was profitable from the get-go was the Wii, since it was essentially just a GameCube with a bluetooth sensor and slightly more GPU and CPU. It took minimal improvements to make.

          • Rinslowe

            “The only Nintendo console that was profitable from the get-go was the Wii”

            That’s actually what I said…

            Gamecube however was in fact a profitable system for Nintendo as also mentioned. The loss on revenue in the first 12 months was in single digits. It was profitable after 12 moths and doubled in profitability within the 24 month mark.

            The why of Wii’s success is not important to this discussion. And FYI it wasn’t just; GPU and CPU taking minimal improvements…

            (Nintendo spent over $150m in R&D between 2003 & 2006. The additional technology that went into designing the control mechanisms and related components was estimated to be a decent portion of that in Wii development for eg.. Even though motion control was originally patented and prototyped for Gamecube – It never made it to testing and mass production until the Wii. Meaning the largest portion of that cost – Testing and Production – went towards Wii’s R&D budget.).

            Your understanding of the facts is skewed towards your beliefs, unfairly so…

          • Yerba_Sutra

            I’m sorry to butt into a conversation that’s probably already over, but I just have to say something:

            “If the consumer says ‘jump’ Nintendo should ask ‘How high'” is THE DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD. I really don’t know where gamers got this sense of entitlement. These companies are NOT obligated to cater to you like that. I would even argue that they SHOULDN’T. That goes for EVERY company.

            Also, I am positive you don’t understand the financial logistics behind these consoles or their services, online or not. If you do, and you’re STILL angry at Nintendo for maintaining profit-oriented and fiscally responsible practices as much as possible, and if you ignore Sony and Microsoft’s game divisions hemorrhaging money for years and years because they give you whatever you want, you’re beyond stupid. And are probably part of the reason why the industry is slowly imploding.

          • LopsidedPasta

            smh. Why not? Why shouldn’t a company do everything possible to please the consumers? If companies do what the consumers want, EVERYBODY WINS.
            Consumer demand and competition are the foundations for the free market. Competition leading to better products for us. But fanboys stifle competition, because they accept whatever shit they’re handed, as long as it has that logo on it. Fanboys are the root of several problems in the gaming industry, not basic desires such as online, as you seem to believe.

          • Rinslowe

            Such skillful debating. LOL

          • LopsidedPasta

            Because you’re so much better, right XD? Your arguments consist of “Nintendo has money”. I use logic, facts, and a non-fanboy background. I can’t say the same for you, or pretty much anyone else on this site for that matter! And if there are other smart people out here, they need to be more vocal. Otherwise this site just breeds more and more blind sheep.

          • Rinslowe

            You over simplify peoples responses and fill your own with nothing more than huff and puff, while having the nerve to call it factual or logical – Mmm Hmm…

            I provided more reasons than just money. But hey, I’m not an asshole like you so I will say this; Iwata has his faults absolutely you are correct there. And he has a lot to answer for, for his part played in the lack of third party support. But kid, that does not a head chopping make… Ok. Also stating that Iwata’s decisions or leadership alone pushed away third parties is again an over simplification of the facts… There is more going on as in competition from Nintendo’s own franchises which have and are actively working against them in that area etc..

            Still – Iwata has not a perfect tenure, that much is obvious. But saying the guy needs to go… Ignorance at it’s finest.

            Regarding this absolute fizzle of a comment:

            ” I can’t say the same for you, or pretty much anyone else on this site for that matter!”

            ” And if there are other smart people out here, they need to be more vocal. Otherwise this site just breeds more and more blind sheep.

            Lol, what an egotistical thing to say. I’m actually surprised even for you to have made such a broad aggressive sweep, while inciting your own perceived intelligence. Hubris friend, plain and simple…

          • LopsidedPasta

            I have observed an overriding trend on this site for people not to question Nintendo. Look at the comments and tell me otherwise.

          • Rinslowe

            Did you not just read my post…?? It’s not that people do not question Nintendo mate. It’s at what point does simple questioning and analysis become doom and gloom? Sorry to say but you yourself are on the extreme right of the scale. And that’s your right. But it does not make you “right”. Nor others wrong, if they don’t go as far as you do with their opinions.
            There’s nothing wrong in saying that you yourself believe Iwata should step down. Just in the same way that people have a right to say otherwise… And again, that does not necessarily make them wrong about it. Or you for that matter.
            Unless you speak for the majority of the board/ chairman and key investors of Nintendo Co.,Ltd. Then I’d say, OK… that’s that then. But personally I don’t see that happening.

          • Kyle Jordan

            Dude, chill. Judging from the comments, most people are fine with how Nintendo operates. While you claim to not be a fanboy, you are in fact being extremely immature. You try to force your own opinion on others, then when they disagree you move to insults. Quit thinking of yourself as “high and mighty” above others, it will only lead you to despair.

          • Rinslowe

            This is arguably a matter of opnion which is varied greatly between individuals. I for one quite like their current online infrastructure.
            Sure, in fact Wii U could benefit from certain aspects of live and vice versa.

        • Rinslowe

          Nintendo is static? No. They may be cautious to adopt certain technologies, but are clear pioneers in others…
          What evidence? Could you for discussions sake outline 2?

          • LopsidedPasta

            They haven’t embraced Online Multiplayer

            They aren’t enticing third party developers (They haven’t since the NES era)

    • Derek

      I completely agree with you, except for number 8. They have not even released a gameplay trailer yet. I would love it if they did get it out in 2014 though.

    • DragonSilths

      Zelda HD on Wii U has been in the works since the Wii U had a working prototype. By the time November comes around it will have been in the works for 4 years or so.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      Except for number 1, I agree with all your analysis. I just hope they’ll release games fro the GC on the Virtual Console soon, so we can get Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, Baten Kaitos, Skies of Arcadia, Tales of Symphonia and many other great games on the Wii U! And what’s better, all of them in 1080p!

      It would also be awesome if they released Pokemon Colosseum and Gales of Darkness with the possibility to transfer the Pokemon you get there to the Pokemon Bank!

  • Boss Hoss

    9. No NO! NOOOOOOOO!

  • classicgamer20

    9 is a joke right?

  • Let’s get on that Pokémon U!! A console installment would make my [nonexistent] Wii U library VERY happy!! Also, and HD Super Mario Sunshine (or virtual console release) would be badass!

    • Shota

      Pokemon battle arena U.

      • What I would love to see would be a legitimate Pokémon installment, like on the handhelds, only for the console. HD is “optional” as long as its stylized, but that might just be because I don’t have a 3DS (or 2DS) and have yet to bathe in the gloriousness that X/Y have to offer.

        But even if it’s just an arena or colosseum title I would be MORE THAN HAPPY with that!!

        • Shota

          it would be colosseum like title or arena. no main pokemon games for consoles. the director of pokemon games said that

          • ; n ; I know. But a man can dream, can’t he?

          • Shota

            ofcourse 🙂 you never know with nintendo. they always suprise us

          • Let’s just hope the surprise is a good one. ;P

  • Meeii

    We don’t need more phones, so don’t hope for 9 and it seems really unlikely that nintendo would try that market.

  • LevenThumps

    I think 10, 7, 6, 3, and 2 are the most likely to come true. I don’t see 9 happening at all, and I still think that the Fire Emblem game could still come out in late 2014.

  • Shota

    9 no just no

  • Louiejub

    10. Very likely. If we’re lucky, we may be able to see some gameplay at E3 this year, but a full-on game release probably won’t be at least until 2015.

    9. … no. Perhaps a Miiverse app for pre-existing smartphones, but anything else I don’t see happening.

    8. Seems likely. Perhaps late 2014, but 2015 sounds more accurate.

    7. Seems likely. There have been console Pokémon games before, and come on… Why would they have that build you showed if there’s not something in store for it? 😛

    6. I can see that happening. Aren’t there usually one Animal Crossing game per console? Maybe not in 2014, but I bet there will be one eventually.

    5. I certainly hope so. Wind Waker HD was a huge success, and plenty of people have been wanting GC games on the Virtual Console.

    … plus if they make a Super Mario Sunshine HD I will cry tears of joy. XD

    4. I don’t see that happening, but Nintendo IS doing something like that with Pokémon Bank, so I don’t think this idea could be completely ruled out.

    3. I could see this happening. Maybe not in 2014, but Nintendo is known to make multiple versions of one product.

    2. PLEASE MAKE THIS BE TRUE. I can see this happening, as the Wii U is in need of new franchises (whether it be 1st or 3rd party).

    1.Perhaps. I feel that Iwata would wait a few more years or until the Wii U’s life cycle has ended to announce something like this, though.

  • jjbredesen

    1,9 and 4 Will not happen, but the rest i think will.

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      Good Job

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I have the same opinion. I can see something like Skype calls (like you have on Wii U Chat) for the 3DS, specially if they integrate it into games, but a phone-like service is out of question for Nintendo.

      • erich80

        I first thought about a VoIP call when playing Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS. It will be nice if Nintendo implements this tool eventually.

        Nintendo joined Nokia in the early 2000’s – or the other way around – in order to develop a hybrid of phone and handheld. That turned out not to work, but I wonder what could have happened if their partnership was successful.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          If that had happened, then Apple would be one of Nintendo’s rivals, and the media would claim Nintendo is doomed because there are more refrigerators than Wii U out there!

      • jjbredesen

        Yes i agree, Skype for 3DS would be cool, they could make it 3D, don’t know how well it would work, but would be cool. But we need a chat thing that lets you chat in a group in games, so if they could let you still use skype in a game as a overlay that would he cool.

      • Relick

        Skype is owned by MS.

        You won’t see it on 3DS, that’s for sure.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          I meant a Skype-like service. Like the video conference on Wii U.

  • Asdrendeluxe

    Jes fire the guy then the make 100 of Millions of Dollar maybe 1 Billion Dollar this year. What are you smoking for stuff?And can i have what. You forget then the Investor will se Money and Nintendo delivere them Money. Hell even Sony have change hes CEO after 5 Years of massiv looses. What believe you guys really? Fire the Boss then the have make a lot of sucess and all will get better? Come to earth man. Nintendo will make profit with the machine not a lot but thej will. The 3DS is a killer System and from there came the most profit. Nintendo is back as this what it is. Not the greatest Console Manufacture but a still a profitable Manufacture. The Wii was not the norm.

    The rest of the list is really bad for all Zelda was clear then the will deliever a trailer.

    • LopsidedPasta

      I think it’s trying to communicate with us.

      • Asdrendeluxe

        Whas my english so bad? I say sorry for this. But Iwata has a 79 percent of support from the investor in the time they have make Loses. Today they are in a better position.

        • LopsidedPasta

          Are you new to English? (I’m genuinely asking, not trying to be sarcastic right now)

          • Asdrendeluxe

            Jes i am. My english get old. I refresh it but i must learn more. No the only point is what i will say is. Iwata is not in a bad position what you believe. Nintendo is still profitable. Jes the are not the Market leader but thej are still in abetter position then Sony and in a better position then the Xbox Division from Sony.

          • LopsidedPasta

            I agree, people hate Iwata too much. But I personally wouldn’t be opposed to a new CEO.

          • Asdrendeluxe

            The Problem is why a new CEO? Iaata hase delayed games not why he liked it, no because they must be perfect when it came out. Nintendo games most be perfect. Nintendo is fine after the games next year they will be finer.

          • Meeii

            Why are you such a douchebag? (I’m genuinely asking, not trying to be sarcastic right now)

          • LopsidedPasta

            I seriously wasn’t being sarcastic in my second comment. In my FIRST comment, I obviously was, but not after that.

  • Adrian Brown

    9, 4 and 1 won’t be happening

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      1 is quite possible, so I wouldn’t be so sure of it. 9 and 4 I do agree with you on.

  • jrob23

    I think a Pokeman in the vein of Skylanders and Disney Infinity would move millions of consoles. Why that wasn’t first on their priority list is beyond me.

  • Devesh

    What’s the point of nintendo smartphone ( though the art looks awesome! )

  • Justin Ordoñez

    Agree that I don’t like #9. The thing right now is how much junk can we fit into one device. At 31, I might be too old to get the new trends, but I still love the idea that the 3DS plays video games–that I’m away from my txting service, my ringing phone, notifications for new emails, etc etc. Occasionally I use the Miiverse and the Internet browser on my Nintendo products but I like to think that I’m having “me” time when I play video games. No outside distractions.

    And for #10, we are already getting a Zelda game this year, so the Wii U Zelda is a definite no IMO.

    3, I hope this is true. The battery life on the Gamepad right now is not long enough, IMO. If you play for a few hours, take an hour off, and want to play before bed, you may not have gotten enough charge to do so without that red light piercing into your brain. This happened to me a few times with LC Undercover.

    Otherwise I like the list. Can’t wait to see GC game in the virtual console.

  • Devesh

    I like Iwata, I’d be sad if he left

  • Fred

    I’d love to see Game Cube games on my Wii U (besides Wind Waker which I already have), but we don’t even have a single N64 game yet. Won’t that come first?

  • Devesh

    Exactly how will game cube games will make their way?

    • Josiah Parsons

      Virtual Console?

    • C4

      Either virtual console like said by Josiah, or more HD versions like The Wind Waker.

  • Weird predictions…But if they make a tablet,why not a smartphone(I doubt DS smartphone is going to be announced.Nintendo isn’t Sony!Nor Microsoft!).But why it has the name “DS smartphone”?Smartphone with two screens,really?And I hope Iwata is still going to be a President.And why would they make a subscription service,since they never made something like that.(Except for Wii Sports Club)But OK,if it’s possible to buy the games in both ways,I won’t disagree.

    • And Nintendo buys Dwango for something else,like Miiverse app to use anywhere,anyone?That would be the one of the sweetest toppings for “Wii U Predictions 2014” cake!

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        You know….you could always just edit your post instead of replying to it each time. Just saying. 😛

        • Guest


        • IKR!Just to show people my opinions.

      • Plus,that smartphone,comparing to the table,looks HUMANGOUS!

        • Guest

          Lol, you are replying to your own comments

          • Guest

            Who is down-voting all my posts?

          • crocodileman94

            Lol, you are replying to your own comments

    • Leo

      Totally off the wall predictions lol. I did some “crazy predictions” a while ago just for the fun of it, but those predictions of the staff of WiiU Daily are actually their SERIOUS predictions for 2014 lol

      • They have their own predictions.We can’t change that now.Still,everyone makes some funny mistakes/things (člike me)

        • Oops,added č to “like me” 😛

        • Leo

          Yes, can you imagine they reviewing those predictions in the end of 2014? “Satoru Iwata didn’t resigned this year, oh well, sigh” lol

          • I know that Iwata is working hard,but no one wants to change him with someone else.Fans love him,because he’s not competing with Microsoft and Sony.He’s simply ignoring it.That is why Nintendo succeeds even though they say Nintendo will be doomed or whatnot!

    • JB

      Hey, a smartphone with two screens has happened. Remember the Kyocera Echo on Sprint about 3 years ago? Sure it bombed, but it was quite the novelty.

      • But who needs something like that?It has two screens only to have something unique,and look different.

        • But I’m not talking about Nintendo DS console.

        • C4

          In that case: size? A tablet doesn’t fit into a pocket and that way you could have 2 5 – 6″ sized screens. Folded it won’t be larger then a large smartphone.

    • If Nintendo still wants to make a smartphone,here is the CONCEPT!!! video.


    • C4

      DS as in software compatibility with DS and 3DS games. Sony Ericsson’s gaming smartphone (Xperia-something) was not compatible with PSP software.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Im still hoping for a achevement and nes lvl would be cool if nes made a phone that would be cool for their next hand held but unlikely 1 is very unlikely zelda i say by xmas its outvfor the big holiday hit and 3 well maybe 4 not going to happen maybe next system 5 for sure with 64 remake

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I don’t see a Nintendo smartphone happening. Sony tried that and failed. I think Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft should stick to consoles and leave the mobile market to the causuals. Iwata being ran out of his position depends if the Wii U sales start to drop drastically again. All in all, some nice predictions and agree with most of them.

  • Leo

    Satoru Iwata will step down as CEO of Nintendo??? As if!!!

    Please, you are basing your prediction on “lackluster performance” of Gamecube 10 YEARS AGO!!! and also a slow beggining for the WiiU in just 1 YEAR! Those are no reason to discard the talent of this man to make profit with 100 million Wii consoles sold + DS imperial legacy of handhelds + 3DS destined to be the best selling system of all time by the end of its lifespan!

    Satoru Iwata surely is no perfect man, but he is a great business man who knows how to keep a company profitable. I don’t see him resigning anytime soon. What i actually see is a reinforcement of the whole marketing management starting with the Nintendo of America and Europe.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      They’re called predictions for a reason. Lol. Relax. 😛

      • Leo

        I know, i need to. It’s just so absurd to put his man on trashcan because of the media assault of this past year.

    • LopsidedPasta

      Calm your tits, bro.

    • greengecko007

      “Satoru Iwata surely is no perfect man, but he is a great business man who knows how to keep a company profitable.”

      Nintendo’s single year of posting a loss was under Iwata as president. Iwata is known to be a great developer when he was under HAL. I honestly think that is where is he belongs. The Wii U launching too early, it’s initial problems (unheard of for a Nintendo console) and the Wii losing 1st party support prematurely are all pinned on him.

      I think he is a very respectable man, as he seems very sincere in his apologies. But I don’t think he is cut out to lead a company.

  • Devesh


  • Justin Ordoñez

    Also I think #4 is a possibility, but I’m not certain I support it. Nintendo has always been about value in its products, by that I don’t mean entirely value for the consumer, but value in a business sense. It price protects products long after normal manufactures would have dropped prices. While they have fluctuated the console and portables price, the software holds steadier IMO. In that way, Nintendo functions a lot like the “Disney Vault.” By releasing games slowly for the eShop, it may seem like they are throwing away money, but by restricting access and quantities to games, they get some control over the elasticity of their products, which a lot of companies favor over pure quantity of sales. Don’t work at Nintendo obviously so I don’t know but I’ve always seen that pattern of business decisions for the big N.

  • Gabe Brady

    I would actually love if #9 were to be true. Sure it’s a LONG SHOT especially for Nintendo. But I would sure as hell upgrade to that shit!! 😀

  • Hi Wiiudaily I can start with saying that we will not be making a smartphone this year and do not plan to make one, we do not see any reason to do so, 3DS will stand for our handheld gaming market so we do not need to make a phone, adding video calling could happen, but i have no news to show now.

    Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem will be released before 2015.

    As for Nintendo Gamecube games in the Virtual Console, i know that a lot of fans want it, and we are working hard to make it possible, but i can’t reveal anything major at this point.

    We have no plans for a virtual console subscription.

    As for new games you will have to wait untill our next direct for more news,

    Thank you for your paitence!

    Reggie Fils Aime, COO of NOA

    • larz_1234

      Seems legit…lol

      • AkaLink77

        BTW I’m back…did anyone miss me?

        • Rinslowe

          Nice work.

          • AkaLink77

            i must have been gone a while….
            why do u have so many dislikes? are you a troll?

        • Shota

          welcome back

      • [000]

        Yeah… Number 9 and 4 are not happening, and number 1 and 7 are unlikely.

    • CMB

      send me an autographed copy on Super Mario 3D World Please.

    • Shota

      januari new nintendo direct!

    • Ducked

      Your post is believable. If only you were the real Reggie

      • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

        Maybe He Is!!!

        • BIG Franky

          yeah! if the real Sonic and Mario can post here, why not the real Regginator?!?! LOL…

          • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

            Mario & Sonic are game characters Reggie is a Real Person so COMPLETELY DIFFERENT by the way if it wasn’t the real one why he’s give us that update

          • steve

            your dumb

          • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


          • bizzy gie
          • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

            ok thanks

          • Deadpool U

            Um.. are forgetting about someone?

          • Leo

            Don’t forget Waluigi!

        • bizzy gie
          • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

            ok thanks

          • bizzy gie

            Woops. Didn’t mean to reply to you twice.

          • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

            Doesn’t Matter

      • erich80

        Yup, if he was the real one.

        Employees must follow companies’ nondisclosure agreements, so that every piece of information needs to be unveiled by the official channels.

        I have no doubt that big people from Nintendo sometimes show up around to see what’s going on, though.

        • i understand that you find it weird that i would post on this site, but what if i told you that this user is a official channel? (like a twitter account)

          • erich80

            At best you could be Daniel Switzer. But even this possibility I rule out.

          • haha, your only problem is that my name is not Daniel Switzer, nice guy, but not me 😉

          • David Noble

            I was going to say it couldn’t be the real Reggie because of the grammar mistakes and the fact that Nintendo does not usually like to make blunt statements like that. However, I offer 2 explanations:

            1) He used lazy writing to throw us off the track. That way, we wouldn’t believe it was him, and so not necessarily true.

            2) He actually could be just writing like that because He’s Not Working. Plus, for once in Nintendo’s existence, they’ve released some blunt denials at the first comment.

          • bizzy gie

            He’s not the real Reggie. He’s Jacbre212.

          • bizzy gie

            No. He’s Jacbre212. http://disqus.com/jacbre212/#

          • Guest

            I find it more wierd that a COO wouldn’t bother to capitalize the letter i

          • Kidicarus1

            You aren’t otherwise your account information ( when I click on your name) would be private. This is something I know for a fact you would have to. Second of all, you would not be following someone unless they were someone official from Nintendo.

        • bizzy gie

          His account name is Jacbre212.

    • Nintedward

      I actually don’t care if you’re the real Reggie or not, you’re a legend none the less! XD

      I want it to be the real Regg, but even if it’s not, it’s like the funniest imposer ever.


      • The Clockwork Being

        Way better than the Iwata one thats for sure

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Iwata is good too 🙂

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            The best.

        • Satoru Iwata

          I’m sorry that being the real Iwata offends you. Please understand that I understand that you understand so please understand.Thank you for your patience and always support Nintendo.

          • bizzy gie

            I understand simply_egg.


    • lonewolf88

      omg this seems legit XD

    • It’s fake why even upvote?

    • I’m the one who suggested the phone, Reggie 😉 Let’s talk

    • nin-10-doughfan

      thanx reggie and happy new year to nintendo and to all most especially to fans around the world!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Reggie is also President of NOA. 😛

    • Justagamer

      Hummm you’re reggie..any proof?

    • Leo

      It makes sense because you didn’t said more than the obvious lol. Let me make a request to you: call Nintendo in Japan and demand a Majora’s Mask remake!!! you can also threaten them that unless they fulfill your demand you will resign!!!

      • I am sorry, but i could not do that, it is up to, the board and the series producer: Eiji Aonuma, I do not decide what games get made or not, i am a big fan og the game, but i can’t do something like that, I
        appreciate your passion.

        • Leo

          Let me have a job at Nintendo and i will show them how its done!!!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      My predictions:

      1. Announcing a peripheral for Wii U to make it powerful enough to compete against the next generation of PS4 and XBOne
      2. Announcing a new console as peripheral and Wii U fails
      3. Discontinuing Wii U
      4. Launching a new series of Wii Minis
      5. New console fails
      6. Iwata must go
      7. Reggie must go
      8. Miyamoto leaves Nintendo for Sony
      9. Zelda U is announced to be released on 3DS, but it doesnt look like Zelda
      10. Nintendo sells IP’s to EA
      11. Nintendo files bankrupcy

      • bd-lt-dnkr

        Ps4 and One should drop their prices to 200-250 range. I might consider getting one then (but let’s be honest, I already have a 360) only to realize I’m still not interested. The offer nothing new to be priced that high.

      • Guest

        I am amused. Your humor is always appreciated. 😛

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Great list.

      • IcyCatt

        Aren’t you just a cheery mother fucker?

    • Random12multi

      You need to be more Pacific.

      • Rinslowe

        Like Rarotonga or Niue, New Caledonia or Hawaii?

        • Random12multi

          I’m thinking more Hawaiian. Maybe a little Filipino

          • Rinslowe

            Hawaii’s been done to death. Phillipines is the more popular spot, right now…

    • Nintendoro

      If you’re Reggie Fils-Aime then I’m Batman

    • bizzy gie

      Your name is Jacbre212.

    • Shigeru Miyamoto

      I’d also like to add, that I will reveal my new I.P. in 2014.

    • Mohammad Badir

      we have a mass disliker here folks 😛

    • DarkYoshi

      Does this break some kind of WiiUDaily record? Oh and for the haters: Ignore the guy, it ain’t gotta be that hard!

  • I kind of like the idea of a Nintendo Smartphone, it would be interesting to phone people on a phone that is actually GOOD for gaming.

  • Shagrath1983

    Feb- DK trop freeze, March- Bayo 2 April -MK8, May- Yarn Yoshi, June -Mono X, July New pokemon game for Wii U , August Hyrule Warriors, Sept, Filler 3rd parties October- Animal crossing U, Nov Smash Bros, Dec- HD remake of ?

  • Wolfgem

    I like the idea for a smartphone handheld. For one, give a snap-on controller, No duel screens.

  • CMB

    If they did 9 I think it would be a success, but I doubt it would happen.

  • JB

    Hyrule Warriors almost all but confirms we’re probably not getting a proper Zelda this year. Hopefully we’ll get a look at it as promised or that we’ll be pleasantly surprised and get it this holiday.

    My goodness I hope Gamecube games aren’t 20 bucks for the VC!… then again, They’re selling NES Remix and Dr. Luigi for a cool 15, so 20 seems pretty plausible.

    Wii U sales are on the uptick, so unless soemthing drastic happens, Iwata isn’t going anywhere, Though it’s not out of the realm of impossible if they don’t make their adjusted goal.

    There’s simply not enough VC games out to warrant a subscription service. I’d just be happy if they released more quality VC titles instead of the stuff we’re getting now. It would be pretty awesome if they had some sort of PS+ like service though, but Nintendo is all about separating itself from the pack.

    A DS smartphone? That’s a big stretch. It’s easy for a company like Sony to get into that because they already have a mobile division, it seems like that would be a headache to gaming company like Nintendo.

    All in all a very nice list. I wouldn’t be surprised if over half of it came true. Me? I’m just waiting for Wii U folders and the DVR functionality promised for TVii. Lol

    • Yes to folders! I need them.

      • Sdudyoy

        Agreed, It seems odd that the 3DS has them and the Wii U doesn’t, and with Nintendo pushing Wii U download titles so much they should have already had them at launch.

      • JB

        Tell me about it! I will be SHOCKED if they don’t add them this year! Outside of special edition of games (like WWHD with the Ganondorf figure) I’ve gone almost all digital. Between Retail, VC and other eShop offerings, my launch panel is getting out of control, especially when I have to organize and re-organize with each purchase.

      • Jon

        I actually recently asked about folders because the pages on my Wii U are almost full (yes I know) Here was the reply I got yesterday for it. It wasn’t quite the news I was hoping for:


        Thank you for taking the time to write to us with your suggestion that Wii U have a folder system. I haven’t heard of any plans for this to happen, but I’ll be sure to document your suggestion so the appropriate departments know about it. While I can’t guarantee anything, we do take all feedback into consideration.

        I also wanted to let you know that if you fill up all of the slots on
        your Wii U Menu, it will just create another page for you automatically, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space on the Wii U Menu. I hope this information is helpful to you!

        I encourage you to keep an eye on our website (http://www.nintendo.com) for all of the latest news and announcements.


        Ben Weekly
        Nintendo of America, Inc.

      • Rinslowe

        Hi Ashley,

        A few days ago I contacted Zorpiz on an issue that is still to this day recurring in regards to serial harassment from a group of individuals. The messsage sent to Zorpix is below. Could you knindly let me know if Wii U Daily intends to do anything about it?

        Also, the recent upvoting and downvoting bug on disqus is a common issue when these lads are about. See attached. It could just be a glitch in the system, but not likely.

        Hope you could hit me back soon about this issue as I do enjoy browsing and commenting on your website. Thanks.


      • Rinslowe

        Hi Again Ashley,

        Sorry to push this thing. But is there any moderation happening in the comment section? The harassment continues and as is clear, this group is not looking to quit their abusive behaviour on your site. I debate as well as anyone else on Wii U Daily. But this is harassment from the Ninten/ScienceEnthusiast group is on another level. I know what it sounds like, but all the information is there for you to know what is going on openly.
        I’m not out to fight this group as I value my privacy and pc security. But would really appreciate your feedback, as it will at least allow me to know what options I have – browsing here or trying my luck elsewhere. Most sites do consider their behaviour unacceptable and have banned many of their members already for the exact same things they are doing here. I’m just the latest recipient of many.
        Thanks again.

    • BIG Franky

      FWIW, before Apple announced the iPhone, they had no connection to the mobile industry and when the rumors were swirling everyone was saying that it just doesn’t make sense. you just never know…. i’m not saying I expect it to happen, just that nothing shocks me at this point. 🙂

      • Josiah Henry

        This is the most educated vision centered post thank you!

    • CMB

      A smartphone could be possible if they team up with smartphone company. (Samsung maybe?)
      I doubt it would happen, but if they did do a phone and it was marketed well, it could be a major success.

    • DragonSilths

      There were 2 Zelda’s in 2013.It can happen again, while Hyrule Warriors isn’t really a Zelda game…its just Dynasty Warriors with Zelda slapped on.

  • Sdudyoy

    I really don’t think 1, 4, 5, or 9 will happen this year, I don’t think Nintendo will release a phone, they might add a video chat function to the 3DS but a Nintendo branded phone seems a little odd.

    as for the Virtual console subscription, it doesn’t sound like something Nintendo will do to me, but who knows I’m not the smartest person around and this is just my opinion.

    Gamecube games, I really don’t think that this will happen this year, if at all, if it comes out at all I have a feeling it will be announced this year and then released sometime next year/around Christmas time this year.

    And Iwata stepping down, It’s possible but I doubt it, with the Wii U just picking up I have a feeling if He steps down it won’t be until 2015, why because 2014 is supposed to be a good year for Wii U, I know He won’t be president forever but to quit right as the Wii U is supposed to get better (According to alot of fans) would be crazy.

  • ShinyLatios

    My psychic power predict Mario Galaxy 3.

    • BIG Franky

      God I really hope not….. and not because I don’t love the Galaxy series or that I wouldn’t enjoy the game… but if Nintendo announces ANOTHER frigging Mario game after 4 major release Mario games in under 3 years… then I’ll just about puke.

  • Cesar Barroso

    Stop posting opinions Ashley. You are better when you have facts.

    • These aren’t all her opinions. Nine is in fact mine. I know a few others that belong to others as well. It’s not just her. We all put together this list

  • Nintenjoe82

    11. Reggie in Smash Bros

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


    • BIG Franky

      Omigosh …. so sick of the stupid Reggie in Smash garbage…. dumb…. aint ever gonna happen (and with good reason)… please just stop already.

      • Nintendude

        Your body must be readied.

      • Rinslowe


    • Daniel Carvalho

      I find Reggie on Smash Bros. good… as a JOKE! And I don’t mean a joke character, I mean a joke to circulate on the fanbase of the game. But as a real character, I really don’t see value in that.

      Smash Bros. is a game that revolves around Nintendo’s franchises and its characters, not about real life situations or persons. It would just be awkward having Reggie on the field alongside Mario, Link and Kirby.

      • Nintenjoe82

        I don’t care either way. I think they could put whoever they wanted in and still make it good but there are better Nintendo ‘characters’ from outside of games that are far more deserving than Reggie.

  • Héctor I. Rivera Negrón

    I would love a Nintendo phone but I don’t see it happening ever. The 3ds have a couple more years but I think they already are developing a new handheld. Miyamoto’s new project it will be nice to have any news about that. Iwata will stay on his job for the time being I don’t think his going to step down his CEO position. A Pokemon Wii U game yes please. The new Zelda Wii U game for 2015 probably or holidays 2014. A new SKU I believe 120 gb would be better if they don’t want a 500 gb. And the virtual console GameCube games Mario Sunshine will be my first.

  • Ducked

    My 2014 Predictions:

    1: Super Smash Bros will release in November
    2: Mario Kart 8 will release in the end of March or early April
    3: Zelda Hyrule Warriors will release this Summer
    4: Metroid will get it’s first game footage at E3 2014
    5: GameCube virtual console will be revealed at a Nintendo direct this Spring, but will not release until the Fall.
    6: Super Smash Bros 4 will have cross play with Wii U and 3DS, making where players can use their 3DS as a controller.
    7: Yarn Yoshi will be at E3 2014, and will release in September.
    8: Baseball will be added to Wii Sports Club in March, and Boxing will be added in May.
    9: Nintendo will release a Wii U with higher GB, 64GB (like you said), and will have higher battery on the gamepad.
    10: Iwata will not step down in 2014, (but he’s close)
    11: Nintendo will revive Star Fox with an announcement trailer at E3 2014
    12: Animal Crossing Wii U will also get a trailer at E3 2014 (yeah Nintendo will kill E3)
    13: Nintendo will give the Wii U pro controllers a new look and will be available in Black, Red, and Blue.
    14: EA will support Wii U with sports games again, but only to a point.
    15: Kingdom Hearts III WILL release on Wii U!

    • atl hawks

      But Sakurai said that there’ll be no cross-play because of the different levels

      • Ducked

        He lied…

        • Joe Jack

          Best Response ;p.

    • BIG Franky

      omigosh…. this is a dream list…. if even only half of this proved true it would be amazing…. the list to end all lists…

    • The Clockwork Being

      If 50% of this list happened I would be forever happy.

    • obama

      du u evn lft

    • erich80

      I like your list, specially #4, #7 and #11.

    • CMB

      i hope smash releases in summer

    • DragonSilths

      Smash Bros cant have cross play. Each version has its own stages…Plus Smash will launch in the 1st half of this year. August at the latest.
      Yoshi Land U not Yarn Yoshi my god.
      Starfox while I wish it wont happen.

      • Ducked

        Nintendo saves it’s biggest game for November. Super Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds in 2013, The Wii U launch in November 2012, Skyward Sword in 2011, etc. We thought Pikmin 3 would release in Spring 2013, and look at it’s delays. Wonderful 101 was suppose to be Spring too, and didn’t release until September. Nintendo will be working on Smash Bros 4 just enough to touch it up and have as much anticipation as possible. Yarn Yoshi, YARN YOSHI, Fire Emblem Shin Megami cross over, and Hyrule Warriors will be out in August-October before SSB4. Not counting Bayonetta 2 and Monolith’s X being out sometime in Summer-Fall 2014. Plus Wii U has DK Tropical Freeze in the Winter, and Mario Kart 8 in the Spring.

        • Robert Lawson

          I agree, but they had that giant direct on the 18th stating that the games shown will be available by spring 2014. The two longest and most in depth videos in the direct was Smash and Kart.

        • DragonSilths

          You are gravely missing a few key factors.
          1: Pikmin 3. Wonderful 101 and all those ARE NOT MADE BY SAKURAI.
          2: Namco Bandai is helping so development was spend up 50% at minimum.
          3: All Smash Bros is, is characters, stages, and items for the most part.
          4: Sakurai is already balancing characters on his own, you honestly think we will have pic of the day for almost another year? lol no.
          5: Sakurai had a game plan for what he wanted to do before he even started, plus with having 3 other Smash Bro games under his belt he has experience unlike something like Wonderful 101 which was a brand new thing not taking past characters and such like Smash Bros is.
          6: Sakurai refuses to take a day off or vacation, he just works, works and works some more on Smash Bros, he was actually severely damaging his wrist yet he was testing characters still with 1 hand.
          Sakurai is unlike any other Nintendo employed dev, he will bust his ass to get what he wants done without sacrificing quality. He has worked so much there is no way it comes out past August.
          Lastly while this is more opinion then fact, Smash Bros IS NOT the biggest Nintendo game of 2014.

          • Ducked

            Sakuri’s New Years resolution was to have Smash Bros out by 2014. That could be any time this year

          • DragonSilths

            While true that could also mean next week…see? It goes both ways lol. And it wasn’t even a resolution they said last year coming 2014.

    • xTrucho3

      I’m really hoping for a new Star Fox. A new/remake F-Zero is a longshot.

  • Wosty

    I believe only 10 (Zelda not being released this year), 6 (Animal Crossing Wii U ANNOUNCEMENT), and 2 (Miyamoto’s new IP revealed) will be true. But the others could possibly be true, although I’d hate to see Iwata step down. Just my opinion.

  • BIG Franky

    I like this list…. no offense but I think #10 is playing it extremely safe though, right? I never heard 2014 even remotely attached as a possibility for Zelda U….
    I think a better prediction will be that Monolith’s X will be delayed and slip into 2015… hope I’m wrong there, but I definitely think that will happen.

    • Julio

      I hope not… 🙁 Hopefully I just hope we here more about X in the next nintendo direct. And hopefully this month.

    • C4

      1. Yes, especially after they announced the Musou Spinoff.

      There’s a larger chance another 3DS Zelda will be released later this year.

      However I hope Nintendo has something to show and tell about the new Zelda on E3 or one of the Directs 🙂

      2. Not necessarily, tbh we probably have no idea at all how far development really is currently.

      • Andrew Chambers

        If it’s Majora’s Mask I could defiantly see it coming out this year. The engine is already done and all of the sound work and music is ready. All they need to do is put the levels in the engine. I know there are a few more steps, but I think it could be done in a few months.

        Personally though, I’d rather they released the original MM on the Wii U VC. Since I already own it on Wii all I’d need to do is cough up $2-3 and I’d get MM with save states and support of the Pro controller, which is all I need.

  • C4

    1 and 9 won’t happen. The other things, we will see 🙂

  • BIG Franky

    I like the Netflix model idea…. though I think that Nintendo is more likely to start a new VC with a pricing similar to the Wii Sports Club model…. “rent it for 24 hours for a set price, or buy it for $5 or $10 depending on the game/system…. which I also think would be a great idea….. regardless, either way Nintendo seriously has to step it up with bringing all of the robust content from the original Wii VC to the Wii U… its getting kinda silly at this point.

  • DragonChi

    The only one there that I just DONT see happening at all is the phone. That is not Nintendo’s business. Noone needs a Nintendo phone. I have no idea where that idea stemmed from but its completely out of left field.

  • BIG Franky

    I definitely agree on the Animal Crossing prediction… it fits into the past iteration scheduling as well (mobile, console, mobile, console, mobile….)… plus, it wouldn’t be a shocker to me to even have the game itself released this year….. its a relatively simple concept logistically and an HD port/rework/tinkering may not be that far off….it wouldn’t surprise me if they announced in January Direct and it was released holiday time for a Christmas season push…. it could happen. but that will be a huge hit….

    • BIG Franky

      regarding a “quick turnaround” release: what I mean is if you look at how quickly DKCTF was released relative to its announcement (2013 E3)…. given that retro was already working on it from stuff that went unfinished from its Wii Version release, I am guessing that much of what has already been done in Animal Crossing from both City Folk & New Leaf and given the fact that it is probably already being worked on… it just wouldn’t shock me if it were released in 2014…

  • Nintenjoe82

    Iwata can definitely live off the Wii success a few more years. I’m pretty sure Nintendo’s major shareholders got so rich from 2007 to 2010 that they’ll give him time.

    Iwata’s Nintendo are a bit like Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal. They might seem to defy logic by not following trends or spending big when they can afford to and it definitely costs them wins but they’re consistently good and have loads of money to fall back on.

  • wober2

    I kind of think Bill Trinen or Reggie might go before Iwata, the marketing effort in the states has been silent, ineffective, and perhaps for the wrong audience. The poor relationship with American 3rd party developers I blame somewhat on NoA for lack of outreach to those companies. I blame Reggie for the slow turn around and adoption of indie games, which could of helped last spring.

    • wober2

      The WiiU is seemingly doing well in Japan… But the competition is not the same yet.

  • tom

    My predictions. The Wii U will move over 8 million consoles this year due to better marketing, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Brothers! I also predict that the Wii U will see another price drop! My 2 cents.

  • wober2

    I just really hope “X” releases and maybe the wiiu gets some of the jrpg love the 3ds gets.

  • A SNES Day Off

    A smartphone would make absolutely no sense for Nintendo from a business standpoint. The author obviously hasn’t considered this in the broader sense.

    GameCube games won’t happen due to the lack of analogue triggers on the Wii U Game Pad and Pro Controller. No-one in Nintendo said it “would” happen; Reggie simply said in a video that it was a nice idea.

    A Virtual Console ‘subscription service’ sounds fantastic, but it seems unlikely to happen when owners have already purchased games. The last thing Nintendo want is more discontinuity, and so having an eShop with subscription-only games, and then a console with paid-for games AND subscription-based games isn’t organised – especially if you leave the subscription.

    The only certainty I can see from this list is that Nintendo will release a new SKU. In essence, this could well be “the Wii U that should have been”, with 32GB being the new baseline, a refined (slimmed down and lighter) Game Pad and high capacity battery included. As for the Deluxe Pack, I would like to see 128GB of storage, but fear this may be unlikely.

    • BIG Franky

      regarding the smart phone “not making sense” the same stuff was said about Apple 7 years ago… just food for thought…

      • A SNES Day Off

        The difference is, Apple already specialised in consumer electronics. They had the iTunes eco-system, the world’s most popular MP3 player and technologies that had been brought over from their personal computing expertise. A smartphone was a natural step.

        What assets or incentive do Nintendo have to product a smartphone? I have no doubt they’ll produce apps for iOS and Android, but their core assets are in unifying hardware and software in the home.

        • BIG Franky

          none of those things ever existed in a phone until the iPhone….. so yes, incorporating iTunes in hindsight is obvious, but it hadn’t been done prior… Nintendo has a backlog of easily ported games to play on it. amazon would be very happy to let Nintendo use their MP3 capability as they already do on the Wii U….

          • A SNES Day Off

            As Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park, just because you doesn’t mean that you should.


      • Rinslowe

        Smart phone gaming is known territory and mobile gaming input is a factor against success. I only speak for myself but mobile phone/ tablet gaming is the absolute pits of the entertainment experience as of this moment. Again my opinion only.
        But if the input issue could be fixed and usable in a sexy form factor then, yep. I’ll be an early adopter to checking it out.

    • Andrew Chambers

      The analog triggers don’t matter, most GC games didn’t use them anyway.

  • Jon

    if #4 comes out, I’ll never use the VC again unless they really improve it from what it is now because it is horrible right now. I doubt it will come like this. But Nintendo not doing subscriptions is something I have really enjoyed

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    10. not bad
    9. No Way that ever Happen
    8. good
    7. awesome
    6. CAN’T WAIT (But i Really Need a Wii U)
    4. Nope
    3. Wonder what it become it
    1. No Way He’s Step Down NNNOOOOO

  • BIG Franky

    I agree on the new Wii U SKU…. but I think it will be a Wii U lite…..i.e., it will be a basic model with just a pro controller and it will be priced at $199….. now THAT would move units. Of the games currently released, I think the only one that wouldn’t be able to be played would be ZombiU… everything else either already will play exclusively with the pro controller, or a simple patch will work (ala SM3DW)….

    • Josiah Henry

      I agree with you to the point of saying that the pro controller does not hold a candle to the tablet controller.

      • BIG Franky

        huh? what the fvck is a tablet controller? are you talking about the gamepad?

  • LoBo_UK

    Game cube games coming to Wii U , MK Double Dash , Mario Sunshine , I had the Game cube version of Twilight princess 😛 , Metriod Prime and so on OMG bring it on !!

  • Josiah Henry

    Hope they come out with a new zombiU game that actually has as good a campaign as it does multi-player.

  • Super Buu

    Number 9 seems pretty unlikely, same for number 4. I don’t really see number 1 happening unless he utterly fails at pleasing fans this year but in my opinion, we have given him enough chances to redeem himself. It’s time for a new CEO, Iwata isn’t capable of leading the company anymore and it is very apparent.

    • Guest

      I don’t understand the down vote. Is someone like betting money on these predictions or something and feels offended?

  • Kyle

    1,9, and 10 are BIG no’s. Why Step down Iwata if he’s barely had time for a turn’around.

  • Arthur Jarret

    9, 8, 7, 5, 4 and 1 are extremely far-fetched and there’s no proof to indicate it even might happen. Highly unlikely.

  • MetroidZero


  • Michael DeVore

    #1 won’t happen. 3DS is doing fine, and firing CEO’s over a bad year or two is an American short sighted thing. If that was the measuring stick then a single bad quarter would be enough to replace any CEO, and it’s that kind of thinking that causes CEO’s to gut the company just to keep profits up in the sort term only to leave a company teetering on default. Nintendo isn’t HP, and Iwata isn’t Carly.

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    My 2014 Predictions

    1: Super Smash Bros will release in November.
    2: Mario Kart 8 will release in the end of April or Early May.
    3: Zelda Hyrule Warriors will release this July.
    4: Legend of Zelda Wii U will get it’s first game footage at E3 2014.
    5: GameCube virtual console will be revealed at a Nintendo direct this E3, but will not release until the September.
    6: Super Smash Bros 4 will be first Limited Edition Wii U hardware, with 64GB and Extended Gamepad Battery.
    7: Yarn Yoshi will be at E3 2014, and will release in December.
    8: Baseball will be added to Wii Sports Club in April, and Boxing will be added in June.
    9: Nintendo will release a Wii U with higher GB, 64GB (like you said), and will have higher battery on the gamepad.
    10: Resident Evil 2&3 Full Remake gets Announced for Wii U. (yeah Nintendo will kill E3).
    11: Nintendo will revive Star Fox with an announcement trailer at E3 2014.
    12: Nintendo Release their first Wii U Game Filesize hits 10GB announced during E3.

    • Ducked

      I feel like you copied some of mine :p

      “1: Super Smash Bros will release in November2: Mario Kart 8 will release in the end of March or early April
      3: Zelda Hyrule Warriors will release this Summer
      4: Metroid will get it’s first game footage at E3 2014
      5: GameCube virtual console will be revealed at a Nintendo direct this Spring, but will not release until the Fall.
      6: Super Smash Bros 4 will have cross play with Wii U and 3DS, making where players can use their 3DS as a controller.
      7: Yarn Yoshi will be at E3 2014, and will release in September.
      8: Baseball will be added to Wii Sports Club in March, and Boxing will be added in May.
      9: Nintendo will release a Wii U with higher GB, 64GB (like you said), and will have higher battery on the gamepad.
      10: Iwata will not step down in 2014, (but he’s close)
      11: Nintendo will revive Star Fox with an announcement trailer at E3 2014
      12: Animal Crossing Wii U will also get a trailer at E3 2014 (yeah Nintendo will kill E3)
      13: Nintendo will give the Wii U pro controllers a new look and will be available in Black, Red, and Blue.
      14: EA will support Wii U with sports games again, but only to a point.
      15: Kingdom Hearts III WILL release on Wii U!”

  • Jack5221

    Im surprised some type of incentive for owning a 3DS and Wii U didn’t make the prediction list. With the way 3DS has been selling it would be really wise of Nintendo to add some type of incentive for owning both a Wii U and 3DS – Other than being able to post on miiverse and shared balance for both eShops.

    • Leo

      They kinda promoted the WiiU on Pokemon X & Y lol.. if you played it you know what i mean 😉

      • David Trail

        All of the houses have Wii U’s in Pokemon X and Y. Love it!

    • Rinslowe


  • Daniel Carvalho

    I believe we’ll see Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem this year, probably having an announcement on the very first Nintendo Direct of the Year alongside new info on MonolythSoft’s X.

    Iwata stepping down as CEO of Nintendo, I really can’t see that. I understand why people would believe this could happen seeing as how things went out for Wii U and the first year of the 3DS, but if we compare with other companies’ CEOs, we can see Iwata being President for one more generation at least. Companies like EA keep being invested in, despite who is the CEO, and although we had seen a change of who is in charge there, the investments keep the same (as far as I know). People may think Iwata should step down, but it was because of him that Nintendo made lots of profits this generation!

  • TheMultiYoshi

    If you take the games and Wiimote prices out of the Wii Party U/Just Dance basic bundle, Nintendo could literally sell the basic Wii U without any games for $200. The Wii U would then be the same price as a 3DS XL, and I can’t believe Nintendo doesn’t have a $200 basic Wii U bundle out yet.

  • jrob23

    I’m not sure about 2014 but I think there will be a bigger handheld similar to the gamepad that will eventually replace the 3ds. It will be close to the size of the wii u gamepad with similar buttons/controls but thinner like an Ipad. Maybe announced late 2014 with 2015 Christmas release. It will have cross play with the Wii U as well.
    I also predict Zelda will be released for Christmas time. There is too much riding on Wii U having a huge year and although there are a handful of great games coming out, they need to go above and beyond if they want to reach the kind of sales they are looking at.

    • TheMultiYoshi

      A handheld can’t be that big. It wouldn’t fit in your pocket, which completely ruins the point (before you say 2DS, there’s the 3DS for that)

      • jrob23

        3DSXL doesn’t fit in a pocket either. But something slightly smaller than a wii u gamepad (say by 2 inches in length and 1/2 inch in height but thin like an Ipad is what I envision. Better graphics, larger screen than DS family, cross play..seems plausible to me

  • shanafan

    Sign me up for Animal Crossing on Wii U

  • Mohammad Badir


    • LopsidedPasta

      They had a lot of that money before he was CEO. So… no.

      • Rinslowe

        Just how much did they have? Lol
        He was president through their most successful handhelds of all time and “the” most successful Nintendo home console (all profitable). Those are undeniably good looking achievements on anyone’s resume’…
        Under his leadership they grew that already impressive stockpile of cold hard cash into a mountain of cold hard cash.
        That is the take home message here. So your; so… no, was just snarky.

        • Mohammad Badir

          they had about 3 billion before he came…

          • Rinslowe


          • Mohammad Badir

            for a console manufacturer, that’s tiny, thanks to Iwata they now have about as much if not more money than Sony, which is a huge achievement considering that Sony is an entertainment company that has so many divisions besides gaming (TV, music, etc) and Nintendo only has gaming.

        • LopsidedPasta

          Iwata is standing on the shoulders of giants. He HAS done good with what he was given, but you would be a fool to say that he isn’t backing Nintendo into a corner. Third Parties MOCK Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft MOCK Nintendo. Everyone other than us, the die-hards, MOCK Nintendo. No one knows what to make of the Wii U, and that is Iwata’s fault. So… no. You all treat Iwata like he’s God, but I’m here to tell you. He is digging a massive hole for Nintendo. The PS4 will overtake the Wii U before Summer, and that’s somehow ok? Iwata did good, but he refuses to change. He’s poisoning the company. It wasn’t always like that, but it is now.

          • bd-lt-dnkr

            OK chicken little, eat a snickers.

          • LopsidedPasta

            Lol, I’m right. And when people willfully underuse themselves and knowingly DON’T use their full mental potential… it pisses me off. That’s why I hate fanboys.

          • Rinslowe

            “Iwata is standing on the shoulders of giants.”
            I have to be honest. Personally and this is just my opinion. But I’ve had enough…

          • Jon

            of course Sony and Microsoft mock Nintendo… they are rivals, just like every rival does. This should come to no surprise at all. The only ones that I see mocking Nintendo for the most part is EA and the 3rd parties that were never with Nintendo in the first place.

      • Jon

        Does that matter? The fact that they grew a massive amount under him and didn’t crash makes him a good president.

        • LopsidedPasta

          I never said he was a bad president. I’m saying that trying to gauge a CEO’s success ONLY by how much money he made for the company is ridiculous.

          • Jon

            considering how the first line in the picture says “I’m not a good president?” and your final words in your statement were “So… no.” indicate that you did say that. As for A CEO’S Success by going how much money he made? how does that not make him a good president? Just because you think the stuff he did might not have been good or could have been better does not mean you are right. What he did proved to work and proved to work well. just because you think otherwise doesn’t make him bad or no good. yes, he could have made different decisions that could have got more money, but that is only speculation, the fact of the matter is, what he did, actually did earn the company billions of dollars and that itself spells out success because face it, a business is in it for money over all, not to pat everyone on the head to make them feel good. that is just a side bonus of their over all goal which is the make money.

          • LopsidedPasta

            One way I can compare it is with chess. I’m a chess player, and a fairly good one at that. There are many times before when my opponent or me will capture the other’s Queen (The most valuable piece) at the expense of board position. So while my opponent or I just gained a valuable character, we may have sacrificed a lot more for it. That’s how I see Nintendo, and largely Iwata. The Wii is a perfect example. Nintendo made untold amounts of money on that thing, it sold over 100 million units! But many of those purchases were people who got it for the gimmick, or just casual gamers in general. And as we all know, casual gamers don’t care about hardware. They don’t care about what’s “next”. That was Nintendo’s big mistake. Nintendo catered to the casual market, that’s now left them for smartphones and tablets. Overall, YES Iwata did make them a lot of money. But now that the Wii is dead, following it up in any capacity will be extremely difficult.

            Also, my “so… no” was directed to the statement of “money makes me good” as in “no it doesn’t” I should’ve clarified that more.

          • ben

            Sounds like you would lose the game in the end! Nintendo has always made games for everyone. The wii was a typical Nintendo idea.

            Casual gamers are the type that play gta5

            Not speed runners on mario

    • Rinslowe


  • DragonSilths

    What kind of fucked up list is this? Other then Miyamoto revealing his new IP every other one is bullshit or plain stupid.

  • Is it just me hoping for a Metroid Prime HD remake?
    That or Luigi’s mansion, I’d be happy with either

    • Leo

      They did renewed the Metroid Prime brand recently though…

  • GameCube on virtual console is a little far fetch…

  • CCM

    I think Nintendo will just up the memory in all the 8 GB white systems they recalled and throw 32 GB in them and re-distribute them as white deluxe systems.

    • leo

      mmmm….. nah but, could be

  • Donaald

    All of your predictions will fail.

  • David Noble

    I like Iwata as President, but if he does step down, I’d like to see Miyamoto as President.

    • Leo

      Miyamoto is not a business man.

      • Rinslowe

        This is true. In fact I don’t really know. But in any case his creativity would be wasted in the boardroom. Having said that, isn’t Iwata also still coding on occasion?

        • Leo

          Iwata used to be a developer in the 80s, but at some point in early 90s he moved for the business world. Iwata surely has creativity in his inner self but his tech knowledge is from the bytes era lol

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            He occasionally still works at Hal Labs as a consultant and artist according to some sources over the net. Whether that’s true, remains unclear.

  • companyoflosers

    i do not believe nintendo will wait till 2015 to release zelda wii u. its been confirmed in development for a while now already. most of the games mentioned as predictions here have not been so why would we have those before zelda? games like smash bros and other projects that take up their time will also be finished really soon too, freeing up more hands for zelda and increasing the rate of development. my other issue is the gamecube virtual console prediction. with the release and relative success of wind waker hd, i can see nintendo doing that with most of their AAA gamecube titles which will limit the potential library of virtual console games coming from gamecube. they wont risk the hd sales by releasing a regular version alongside it on virtual console. those are my biggest issues with this article. but other than that i dont see why the others couldnt happen. i would much preferto see a full on 3d core pokemon game for wii u than some sort of spin off. would be crazy if pokemon Z were a wii u title. unikely, i know but it would be cool.

  • Aamir Islam

    1. This is not happening. Iwata was responsible for the release of the Wii, the DS and 3DS. All successes. The Wii U will soon become a success. Iwata has done more good for the company than bad, he’ll be keeping his position.

    2. I agree with this one. Most likely around the time of e3 2014. And I also predict Nintendo will have a proper presentation at this E3.

    3. I believe they will release a new SKU, but not the one you describe. The 64 GB may happen, but I believe that will be a “high end model” and come with perhaps Mario Kart 8 or another 2014 title for $350.

    4. This I’m a little torn about. On the one hand, Nintendo has never made a subscription service like what you describe for games like PS+, but on the other hand they are experimenting with Wii Sports Club “Pay as you Play” subscription models. This is a possibility.

    5. I don’t think Gamecube games will be coming to the eShop Virtual Console in 2014. But I do think Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance games will make their way to the Wii U eShop Virtual Console this year. As for more HD Remakes, I call that a huge possibility since I recall a higher up at Nintendo saying they are considering it.

    6. I am definitely agreeing with this one. The Animal Crossing Plaza was definitely a big clue that they are interested in bring the series to the Wii U, since they remade all the villagers in HD! Also, a higher up at Nintendo commented that they were still thinking about which platform to bring the next Animal Crossing Title to and they would explore the possibilities of this new platform. (Here’s your article: http://wiiudaily.com/2013/10/animal-crossing-wii-u/ ) And I’m sure they picked the Wii U and have been developing it right now and it will be ready to show off at e3 2014. Perhaps a late 2014 or early 2015 release.

    7. No I don’t think so. Maybe the game will be announced at e3 2014, but I really think they will wait until 2015 to actually release it. Look at the gap from the announcement of Pokemon X and Y to the release. I do think they are developing it though, and Game Freak is the one developing it since someone at GF said that image was “the future of Pokemon.”

    8. Since we haven’t heard anything about the game in a LONG time, and haven’t even seen a glimpse of gameplay yet I agree.

    9. I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure Nintendo is done right now when it comes to mobile hardware this generation. I really think Nintendo will make their 9th generation handheld a smartphone(which perhaps a pull down second screen, awesome!), and they really don’t NEED to make one since the 3DS is already a runaway success and I don’t really see sales slipping anytime soon.

    10. I agree with this one. We will see our first gameplay trailer in 2014 though.

    Added in prediction from me 🙂

    -Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS will released mid-2014
    -Mario Kart 8 will be released Spring 2014
    -Yarn Yoshi will be shown off some more throughout the year, and will be released late 2014 at the latest.
    -Hyrule Warriors will be released late 2014.
    -The third sonic game will be released and announced sometime in 2014.
    -Monster Hunter 4 will be released on the Wii U
    -Bayonetta 2 will be released mid to late 2014

    Awesome article Ashley! Here’s to an amazing year!

  • Andrew Hoback

    Skype is run by Microsoft, why do you think Nintendo doesn’t include it, and the phone won’t happen in 2014, 2016/17 maybe, but not 14

  • Rinslowe

    I can totally live with no’ 10 so long as no’ 8 is wrong and X gets a 2014 release as well.

  • Dark-Link73

    You call the Netflix prediction “off the wall”? What about the smartphone one? I mean really, who makes these predictions? Again, ANYONE who has really followed Nintendo over the years knows that Nintendo is a GAMING COMPANY and as long as they have success in that area they won’t deviate from that. Smartphones are not dedicated gaming devices AND Nintendo won’t do anything that would threat their dominance in the handheld market. The 3DS has taken off so if Nintendo were to make in fact a smartphone, it wouldn’t be until the later end of the 3DS life cycle.

    I understand that a over the top news article bring readers to the site, but that doesn’t mean you should behave like a sensationalist press site and make ludicrous predictions. You’re starting to sound like Michael Pachter. This only hurts your credibility as a raliable news source.

  • darkcreap

    10. The Legend of Zelda Wii U won’t be released this year.
    I am fearing this might be true, as much as I dislike to admit it.
    9. A Nintendo DS smartphone.

    No, I do not see this. For several reasons. One is that Nintendo’s market is handhelds and it would disrupt their message. Second is that they would either have to develop their own OS (unlikely) or adopt Android (it would lead to people trying to play Nintendo games in non-Nintendo phones. Nintendo wants to keep software exclusive to their platform). Second is that they are trying to reduce costs (see Nintendo 2DS), so introducing a more expensive platform is not a good idea. Third, they are not a technology company, they are a gaming/toy company. Technology is a tool for them to give entertainment to their customers, not an end in itself. Prove to this is that, by contrast with Microsoft and Sony (which have a techie background), they do not put so much effort in making their consoles a multimedia hub (except for video streaming, maybe). Fourth, real time online gaming with a smartphone is not possible with a mobile connection. It is unstable and laggy and hell. Actually, Sony dropped the Vita model with 3G. So no, I do not expect to see a 3DS with 3G. It would be useful only for web browsing, and that is something that smartphones already do. I do not see Nintendo incorporating this to their handhelds or even making a smartphone themselves. I expect great innovations, though, since they merged their handheld and home console division. I think we will see either a hybrid device or two very tightly integrated devices.
    8. Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem cross-over slips into 2015. Likely, because they showed little or nothing from this in the Nintendo direct in January, so maybe it is very early.
    7. A new Pokemon game for the Wii U. Um, Nothing I can say about this.

    6. Animal Crossing Wii U will be announced. Nothing I can say about this.

    5. GameCube games will finally make their way to the Wii U. I personally see more HD remakes. My guess: either Metroid or Starfox. Why Metroid? The same way we had Wind Waker HD to wait for the new Zelda, we could have a remake of Metroid Prime. Problem is that there was a remake for Wii, so maybe it is unlikely. Regarding Starfox? Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but I would like to see a new one from Nintendo and it is a franchise they haven’t used very much lately. I do not see a VC version of Mario Kart just yet, it would take protagonism from the new Mario Kart away. Maybe later on. Mario Sunshine could be more likely after Mario 3D world, but too many marios in so short a time, if you tell me.
    4. Nintendo will release a virtual console subscription service like Netflix.

    It could be, but it does not generally fit with their philosophy. Nevertheless, they seem more keen on feedback lately than they were before, so maybe…
    3. Nintendo will release a new SKU. Yes, it sounds sensible to me. I would not expect them to include a lot of storage, though, as it would increase the price. Someone around here said 64GB, so it sounds sensible.
    2. Miyamoto will reveal his new project. Yes, I am definitely sure about this. Problem is that I do not know how much work he devoted into it before finishing Pikmin, so I would not guess the time of the year.
    1. Satoru Iwata will step down as CEO of Nintendo. I do not see it happening if sales are great ending March 2015. It would also be nice if he improves marketing for the WiiU this year. I personally think he should not step down. Iwata asks, Nintendo Direct and such are great movements. He knows how important it is to take care of your fanbase. It is nice to see the global president of a company presenting himself things to the fans. It is something quite unusual. Having said that, I think he should improve:

    -Better marketing for WiiU.
    -Getting more third party exclusives like Bayonetta 2.
    -Some more outsourced developments to fill the gaps.
    -Bring more AAA games to WiiU (yes, wishful thinking) and ensuring those which are to stay on WiiU.

    EDIT: Sorry for the wall of text.

  • Tecpedz94

    Not fond of the subscription for virtual consoles and Satoru Iwata stepping down.

  • xTrucho3

    Nintendo doesn’t need a DS-like smartphone with Skype. The Wii U has the youtube app and they brought it to the 3DS. The Wii U also has Wii U chat so they might as well bring it to the 3DS as well, call it 3DS chat or whatever the hell they want to call it.

    • Have you ever tried using Wii U chat? it’s not enough.

    • oontz

      I didn’t know I could call people’s phones around the world with wiiu chat… That’s awesome.

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    I believe the only one of these predictions that will come true is the first… I do believe that The Legend of Zelda Wii U will NOT release this year… i think we will at least see a tease by E3… i would hope… but i wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t.

  • darkcreap

    And, after the wall of text, my predicitions.
    1. Despite the fact that many will disagree with me: I think we will see announced Zelda in E3 2014 and see it release in that holiday season. They had something to show in E3 2013 and Eiji Aonuma had also something to show on December. My feeling is that they are playing it very close to their chest, just like they did with A Link Between Worlds. 2015 could also be, but I do not see them waiting so much. I think Hyrule warriors will come much earlier, that is why they showed it in the Nintendo Direct for Spring games, so it does not seem to me as a correct gap filler like it was Wind Waker HD. Too soon if it were going to be 2015.
    2. I think Monolith Soft’s X might come around the middle of the year. A friend of mine follows job offers from Monolith Soft and thinks it seems they are late in the cycle (they actually doubled the staff some time ago) and that they are recruiting people for online functionality, which seems sensible since he says that, according to trailers, there is multiplayer in that game.
    3. I think multiplat support will at least continue from Ubisoft and Activision for some franchises. Despite low sales, there was an audience for Call of Duty on the Wii significant enough and those levels will eventually come back. I also think Assassin’s Creed could come back, but this I see less likely (even though I would like to see it). I hope Batman also comes back.
    4. We could see support from EA back if sales numbers are respectable, but I do not know exactly when given they did not adapt their main engine to WiiU. If sales are good enough, they will think it twice.
    5. Most likely, Indies will fill the gaps if AAA titles from third parties do not come.
    6. I also think we will know something about Miyamoto’s new IP.
    7. I also expect Yoshi’s yarn at some point of 2014, they seemed to have it quite well developed to make it wait more time.
    8. I expect some little surprise (third party or not) in the same way as Dr Luigi, NES remix and Hyrule warriors.

  • Quicksilver88

    I think a lot of this list is bunk…..or hope it is…..no Zelda till 2015 is a no brainer. I hope SMTxFE makes it out in 2014. I think some of the silence was related to Altus parent company getting sold to Sega who is working well with Nintendo these days. I really want GC on VC and it seems a no brainer because WiiU has Wii mod and can essentially run GC natively. Not sure it will happen though as Nintendo did say they were interested in more HD remakes and would be willing to farm them out. My predictions…

    1. X will not come out in 2014
    2. Retro will be showing a metriod clip at E3.
    3. Bundles will keep rolling with both Nintendo and 3rd party games.
    4. Nintendo will announce more collaboration projects like Hyrule Warriros with primarily japanese partners.
    5. Some Indy games will come out that really show innovative use of gamepad and shame 3rd parties for their lameness.
    6. The extra life battery will become norm in new bundles in 2014.
    7. 3rd party multiplats will pretty much totally evaporate in 2014. The last year has actually produced more 3rd party that we have seen since snes…..think about it 2 COD, 2 AC, 2 batman games, ME3, NFSMW, Deus Ex, Sykanders, Splinter Cell, Rayman, ZombieU, W101, Lego City, Sonic, Injustice, Darksiders, nba13…..thats a lot of 3rd party and some of these games are very good or best versions yet they all sold terrible with Lego and ZombieU doing the best at around 400K units. I look forward to Watchdogs and Children of Light from Ubi but what other Multiplats are even announced.

    With that said my last prediction is my bold of the wall….seeing no sports and driving games Nintendo will make some deal with the evil EA for a number of WiiU/3DS games. EA has done a piss poor job supporting 3DS and it has the largest and fastest growing next/current gen user base. Nintendo will pay for and help with the porting of frostbyte and we will see madden, fifa and an nfs game in the future……if I am dreaming I want dragon age on wiiU as well.

  • darkcreap

    Oh, some more predictions:

    1) Smash Bros will be here in September October, maybe.

    2) We will see two gamepad support.

    3) We will see some extensions for the gamepad. Anyone remember the gamepad expansion port?

    4) I also think something about Majora’s mask for 3DS. Reason?

    I think that it might be either a sequel or a game based on the same world, but not a remake. Aonuma said that, when Miyamoto asked him to remake A Link To The Past, he prefered to make a new game, which is now A Link Between Worlds, based on a lot of things from ALTTP, but not the same game though. I see them doing an all new game.

    Maybe the new Zelda for WiiU could also be based on Majora’s Mask’s world, who knows?

    • yes

      I’m surprised that you’re the only person (at the time of writing) to have mentioned the dual gamepads and expansion slot. We’ve already seen the Wii U Zapper, and ideas for implementing the use of two gamepads aren’t hard to come up with. Just take what Treyarch did and double it. Granted this is supposed to drop the gamepad fps to 30 but it’s a small loss. My only concern is the cost of the second money printer.

      Also: http://wiiudaily.com/wii-u-zapper/

  • SleepySkullhead

    Animal Crossing U might not, since it wouldn’t make sense within a year of the previous one, or close to that.

  • A DS phone is plausible….

    • leo

      just like a tablet

  • FutureFox

    From Wii U Daily List I think: (Short answers to minimize wall of text)
    10 – Agree
    9 – No, in any way shape or “phorm.”
    8 – Can’t comment.
    7 – No.
    6 – No.
    5 – No.
    4 – No. The Wii Sports Club subscription was an on the fly development in response to the Wii Sports games not being ready for Wii U at launch.
    3 – Yes.
    2 – Yes. He has said as much.
    1 – No. Despite fan and consumer reaction, looking at the company’s perspective with strained resources seemingly company wide and the need to get ahead of the competition (yes, S&M, hahahahaha, are their competition whether they think so or not) they had to do what is basically a soft launch.

    My personal predictions:
    10 – Zelda U will be announced at E3.
    9 – Bayonetta 2 will release in fall.
    8 – SM3DW will become a bundle.
    7 – SSMB releasing in May-June
    6 – X gets a Nintendo Direct so as not to rob attention away from Zelda U.
    5 – Licensing issues are resolved and StarFox is released on Virtual Console.
    4 – No Metroid news (They’ll save it for 2015).
    3 – Tying NNID to account finally realized.
    2 – More Indie titles to stretch the catalog.

    1 – Shot in the dark -> Nintendo buys Platinum Games

  • leo

    as for
    Iwata i agree

  • 10 ~ Most likely.
    Wind Waker HD was supposed to be a “tide-over”; and now here’s Hyrule Warriors.
    If Twilight Princess is anything to go buy; we might not see this until late 2015 or even 2016.

    9 ~ Doubt it.
    Nintendo already said they’re not interested in mobile devices for gaming, which makes sense. What do they need it for? They’re a game company. Sony could get away with that because they’re an electronics-hub; making all sorts of gadgets. Nintendo (as of the NES/Famicom) – has always been about gaming.

    8 ~ Possibly.
    The silence surrounding this game has been deep. Like – abyss, deep. New info may probably be released sometime in Q1, if not E3. Could be an end-of-year release or even next year, as stated.

    7 ~ Possibly.
    There’s a high demand for it. There’s been one for a while. Maybe Nintendo was waiting for the right time. They just brought the handheld games into full-fledged 3D; now maybe the console titles will be big, open-world esque RPGs in glorious HD?

    6 ~ High chance.
    Even if it isn’t released; I can see an announcement happening this year. Probably not big enough for E3; but a direct prior to that or a little while after might include it. The Animal Crossing Plaza was an obvious prelude. And Villager in Smash Bros; the first new character revealed? Sounds interesting.

    5 ~ Most likely.
    Wind Waker HD will well; and the VC on Wii also did well. Maybe it’s already in the works. $20 is a steep price though. 7th-gen titles are going for that price; so 6th-gen should only be $10 or less. You even have some e-Shop titles border-lining $20 (Runner2, for instance).

    4 ~ Maybe.
    On the fence with this one.

    3 ~ Good chance of it happening.
    Shaving $50 off the price, after already shaving $50 just in September might probably not sit too well with Nintendo; so I don’t expect them to drop the price a whole lot again until they actually start making a decent profit; as until recent times – they’ve been selling the system at a loss. A new SKU would be interesting none-the-less. Maybe a re-design of the console itself will help to lower customer-confusion (stupidity), seeing that the Wii U looks so similar to the Wii.

    2 ~ Good chance of it happening.
    – Miyamoto is a silent one; silent but deadly. I can definitely see this as being an E3 reveal. Should be interesting to see what it’s all about.

    1 ~ Highly unlikely.
    Iwata has made mistakes; but one thing is for sure – something’s really going to have to go amiss to really make him actually leave. Unlike Kaz; Iwata actually brought the company in some money, after going through their darkest hour with the Gamecube’s le-average sales, especially when compared to both it’s competitors.

  • leo

    A 64GB Wii U sounds good confidently better for the lazier crowd that doesn’t wan’t to shell out for a external drive.. As for GC titles, let’s work on getting the N64 titles here first huh? Now I don’t see Nintendo giving all GC/N64 games the WindWaker treatment. They will probably go the Yakuza 1+2 route. Although, some of the bigger titles will get the full “HD” treatment. As for the Nintendo Phone, if anything they will release an educational tablet from the rumors we heard. Hmm Zelda for 2014 is really murky waters… considering the other games we have coming Zelda might have to wait.

    • Rinslowe

      Strange seeing as though most peeps have had external drives for ever probably…
      Before buying the Wii U I had maybe 3 500GB drives just collecting dust for eg. 2 120GB drives and a 1TB…
      Maybe most people don’t have so many lying around but come’on right? Surely most people have at least one…??
      Still, a Wii U 64GB version wouldn’t hurt at all…

      • leo

        Most people I know just have flash drives.

        • Rinslowe

          Interesting. 🙂
          Lost count of how many of those things I have piled up over the years. I recently tried using an 16GB one to test it out, out of curiosity. But as I expected it didn’t play nice in game. Was playing NFSMW U and it would freeze every couple of minutes/ or I should say after a couple of minutes… A late gen flash too…

          • leo

            Such a pity, flash drives should work better with Wii U.Actually I do recall seeing a sandisk Wii U flash drive online. I never bought one though, I want to say it was around 30 gigs.

  • My Predictions:
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    ~ 10: Nintendo will re-design the Wii U and give the new model even more perks than the Deluxe.

    ~ 9: Nintendo Network will grow, to where you can cross-buy and manage your purchases from your smartphone, tablet and PC.

    ~ 8: Wii U OS Upgrades – 2013 was all about getting it operate quickly and smoothly. There were a few new features added; but I can surely see more stuff being added: achievements, Paty Chat, folders. Stuff like that.

    ~ 7: The return of an old IP – Seeing how they brought back Kid Icarus after so long; maybe another long-lost IP would also work well too.

    ~ 6: Sales will ignite and Wii U will stay in first place.
    As controversial as it sounds; I think we can all agree that Nintendo software does sell WELL, and more importantly; sell systems. I think it has just as much of a chance of being #1, just as the other systems.

    ~ 5: Retro Studios will reveal something new.
    DK isn’t the only thing they’re working on. Metroid being a pin on Reggie’s jacket at the VGAs, the Retro employee being all nervous; I’m pretty sure they’re in the works of something nice.

    – The End –

    • leo

      yeah the need to make the OS faster, my old Nokia Neuron runs faster. Those folders need to be added also although imagine being able to change your background?

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      A redesign of a Wii U is expected.

  • Flawless Victory

    Iwata stepping down? Unlikely and not necessary.

    • Virus6

      Look at their decisions with the 3DS. Sure it was rocky for the first year, but it’s probably the strongest console out right now

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    No1 is something I will never agree Iwata is the best CEO on the Nintendo department.

  • iamserious

    I really like Iwata but in this industry you just never know. 2014 will definitely be a good year for the Wii U so chances are he’ll be okay.

  • Jandkas

    More doom and gloom everyone!!

  • lonewolf

    10.The wiiu legend of zelda will come early december or late november 2014 (in similar fashion super mario 3d world released).

    9. Nope Maybe a 2ds look a like new handheld but we won’t see that even after 3 years (2 years minimum).

    8. They said that they will release one game per month during 2014 so they won’t be focusing just on super smash bros4 and mario kart 8 so its possible to be in 2014.

    7. I am not that into pokemon but you never know maybe even a release date since rumble u was just a test game.

    6. Not really they won’t make on for the wii u because nobody would play it these kind of games are meant to be played on the go so they are sticking to handheld market (although earlier game was on a console).

    5. By this rate during 2016 they need to release snes games then n64 games and only then they can release game cube games for the virtual console.

    4. Not happening because any sort of subscription fee is stupid (for games at least) whoever invented it its just eager for more money.

    3. What’s a sku? But they will release the white one back but now upgraded with the option to have a black game pad in it (they should really start mixing them imagine a black wii u with white gamepad and vice versa they can even make multiple colors to choose from just for the gamepad) the white one will be released again but with more storage memory 128 gb for example even 64 will be ok they will just add an extra flash memory) and will sell around $350 And will come together either with a game or with a wii mote (yea the gamepad comes with all of them).

    2. Not happening it probably be revealed at the january 2015 direct.

    1. Dream on he made more good decisions than bad ones so he is staying.

    This are predictions from my point of view enjoy reading them.

  • Grulnork

    Ever since smartphones got mainstream I tought it would be a good idea to release a nintendo phone. It should be something that could run 3ds games, run android apps and of course has 3ds controls on it or able to click on.

    If they make that I would buy it instantly and never get a regular smartphone again.

    Nintendo has to find a way to easily port Wii and gamecube games to the Wii U, so we can get rid of the separate wii mode. And of course make Wii games and gamecube games controllable with the main gamepad.

  • Nicolas Dorion

    Announcing a nintendo phone would be the single stupidest thing nintendo would ever do. Might as well shoot themselves in the head

  • Zombie_Andrew

    10 = I’m honestly thinking Zelda U will be available November/December 2014 AT LEAST a playable demo for this years E3.

    9 = No way, no new consoles until at least 2018. If Nintendo wont put DVD or Blu-Ray playback in their Wii and Wii U we wont be getting a Nintendo phone.

    8 = Possibly

    7 = Nintendo are retarded. We’ve had Pokemon X and Y (soon Z) let’s have Pokemon U. You would sell 30 million SKUs in one day

    6 = That would make sense but I’m not sure about this year would be an interesting announcement, even though Animal Crossing is terrible, a lot of people like it.

    5 = The Wii U is not powerful enough to emulate gamecube titles. I do hope we get some HD remakes, especially in Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0. Love to have gamepad functionality on those games!

    4 = Great idea although Nintendo are idiots and will never go for a service so satisfying and delicious.

    3 = I think it could be too early for a new SKU, wait until there is a third price drop or wait until their third of fourth year for a Wii U mini to come out.

    2 = I agree. the bomb will be dropped June 14th 2014. I’m hoping for a Portal-esque first person puzzle adventure

    1 = I hope so, But only if they employ a 34 year old with fresh and new ideas.

    • Virus6

      Ok, lets look at Number 5 for a second. GCN is in the exact same generation as the Xbox and PS2. If then PS3/360 can emulate their previous game just fine, and the Wii U is more powerful (even by a slight margin), then why the hell wouldn’t it be powerful enough to do the same?

      • Zombie_Andrew

        You forget that the old PS3 had the guts of a PS2 inside it. Emulation requires a good deal more power to emulate a Gamecube title perfectly (at a full framerate), I’d LOVE GC titles to be available, and as the guts of the Wii U are very similar to the gamecube and the Wii the commonality could make things easier. However I’d prefer HD remakes with added Wii U gamepad functionality and 1080p 60fps visuals, and special Miiverse functionality for some games such as Zelda: Twilight Princess, Resident Evil Remake and 0 (imagine having a live touch-screen inventory and health and ammo requests on Miiverse), Eternal Darkness (many more Miiverse and gamepad insanity effects), Xenoblade Chronicles (either that or Xenoblade 3D for 3DS), Metroid Prime Trilogy (again or 3D) than simple VC 480p emulations,

  • Josh111111

    I’ve been a life-long Nintendo fan. I love them and I always will. But sometimes I get so frustrated with them. They seem to be so out of touch with reality and living in a fantasy world (or a Mushroom Kingdom. Heh heh heh)

    But this is the very reason for their success as well as their struggles. They don’t listen to criticism. This simultaneously hurts and helps them. It’s the reason they’re so creative and make such magical games. But it’s also the reason they’re so behind the times.

    I honestly have no idea the thought process of Nintendo. And while it’s going to take more than 1 console failure to defeat Nintendo, I really hope they rethink their current strategy.

    • ben

      Couldnt disagree more.
      Their current console is awesome. I loved the DS and now I have a mega powered DS and wii combined with a standard gaming console. The Wii U is a fantastic product of gaming evolution. Great mammoths of graphic grunt like the ps4 are just dinosaurs, slow to evolve. Ps4 and xbox are for casual gamers. for people only smart enough to play interactive movies. That aint gaming mate. That is the death of real gaming.

      • Christopher McNair

        Thinking of it as a “mega powered DS” is exactly why people aren’t rushing out to buy them. You thinking that what you like means that it’s what everyone likes is another. Your attitude about “mammoths of graphic grunt” and “slow to evolve” is just stupidv Nintendo’s lack of conformation and weaker systems are what’s killing them now. If anyone is slow to evlove, it is Nintendo. You wish you were as smart as you think you are, because then you night be able to afford more than one cheap console, and not have to pathetically hate on others for having something you can’t.

        • ben

          OK, I think you completely missed my point. I will, however, try to understand your English. I never said I think other people like what I like.
          the PS4 and xbox are not advances in anyway on their previous renditions. All they offer is a higher graphical experience. That’s fine, if that is what you think is important.
          Why would I buy a PS$ or an xbox when I have a high end PC that not only plays games, but also, I can edit video on?

          I’m sorry I obviously struck a nerve when I called PS4 and xbox machines for casual gamers. I guess the truth hurts. Any moron can complete GTA V. .

    • wiiucompl

      For me after Wii Fit U there should be more games for wii balance board. Just look how many games was for this great – still effective – accesories:

      110 Wii games + 13 WiiWare games.

      And only one for Wii U …


  • Sheiky Baby

    Nice predictions.
    As far as GameCube games go, Nintendo had acknowledge the idea, and have said that they would love to do it in the future.. It’s been a year now. Some believe that the Wii U isn’t powerful enough to emulate GameCube titles; that’s foolish, of course it can. The catch here, would be the control scheme. How could digital buttons emulate anolog? For example, the way you use your water gun thingy in Sunshine… You choose how much water it shoots from the way you press the trigger… How would you do that with the gamepad? Isn’t the classic remote all digital too? Nintendo aren’t ones to be like “Oh well, just play it that way!” They’re sort of perfectionist when it comes to their titles.

    I could see then doing what they did with Wind Waker, but would they really have the time to spend on remaking these titles? If so, they would need to be careful with what they release so it doesn’t take away attention from Wii U titles. I say they leave it up to fans to decide. I could honestly care less if they don’t HD some of these titles. I just want to have them in my console.

    A nice prediction would be to finally see the addition of a classic controller scheme on the gamepad so we can play the Wii titles that are compatible with it. That’s something I’m really looking forward to.

  • TheSneakyLizard

    What about Metroid for Wii U getting announced at E3 2014?

    • Anthony Sibilla

      This month’s Nintendo Direct would be a nice time.

  • Russel Bowersox

    I don’t know about this… First, Zelda Wii U, Nintendo said was pretty far along, and the only reason we didn’t see any of it last E3 is because they thought they had a pretty strong line up already, so they decided to wait… So I would bet we’re getting that this year.

    Actual Reggie has said many times, they’re not making a phone… The focus is on games.

    I don’t think we’re getting a pokemon game for Wii U either. Because not too long after that image was released, we were told that this is barley even a game yet. It was really almost nothing, just an idea.

    I dunno about Animal Crossing Wii U either… That seems way too soon. I think Nintendo knows that there really needs to be good gaps between animal crossings… Unless the communicate with each other… Then I think we would have something good going, because it’s the worst feeling always having to start from scratch in a game like that…

    Iwata Forever. The man is wonderful, and more then any single person captures the feeling of Nintendo.

  • shaun

    I just want them to go to an account / cloud based system like apple. Whenever I get a new iPhone / iPad or Mac I can simply log in and download all the content I’ve paid for from iTunes / app store

  • Chong

    I want all the new release wii u games…..

  • Cold Heat

    ummmmm… Price Drop?

  • Chris W

    There is only one thing Nintendo is doing in 2014…going bankrupt.

    • Virus6

      Despite the fact that they have more money than both Sony and Microsoft? My god, people are stupid.

      • Chris W

        Funny, calling me dumb and then doing no research and realizing how stupid your statement is. Use Wiki on Nintendo and Sony and realize Sony alone has more then 10 times the assets and revenue then Nintendo.
        You also don’t keep your money blowing it on a “next gen” system that is will be in 3rd place less then 6 months after the competition released theirs. The PS3 and Xbox360 outsell the Wii U in weekly sales and they are ancient. Mario or Zelda is not going to save Nintendo this time.

  • HypocritesRROD

    This campaign to force iwata to step down came from xbots who are ButtHurt that Don Mattrick resigned.

    Iwata is not stepping down. Those xbots can keep dreaming.

    The one who’s stepping down is Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer. Because Microsoft is DOOMED!!!

  • Reggie needs to step down too. They’re good pr guys but as heads of the company they’re not making the right decisions. They waited too long to release WiiU and when they did there were no games ready. The same situation happened with 3ds but they didn’t learn from it.

    They need someone who can lead the company and invest for the future. Bigger teams can get the games done in like half the time, so rather than pay more in the long run and waste time, hire more devs, make more games, create new ips, and give gamers a reason to buy WiiU. That’ll bring in money and make the investors happy.

    Anyways, that’s just my opinion, but Investors might call for Iwata to step down if the fiscal report isn’t good enough and future prospects look grim. It’s been a couple rough years money wise for Nintendo.

  • Virus6

    A lot of these “predictions” are just completely out there are hardly even within the realms of possibility.

    No one will step down. Even if they are misstepping with Wii U, no one can deny that they are killing it with the 3DS and they did wonders with Wii and DS before that. As for their investors? They don’t call the shots. Has anyone read their investor Q&As? They don’t care about the games or consoles. Most of their questions ended up being about what Nintendo was serving for lunch and what Nintendo was willing to give away to investors. Nintendo will march to their own beat, like they have for a long time now.

    Nintendo phone? Yeah, when Nintendo is trying their damndest to keep people from mobile gaming, they’ll just go ahead and support it, hence killing off their DS and handheld line, which is their lifeline at the moment.

    Nintendo also makes a killing off the VC. Why have a sub for 7 bucks when people will buy ONE game for that price to begin with?

  • Ben Vangenechten

    Seriously, someone else predicting iwata should leave? Honestly, I think that would be the end of Wii U and also the end of Nintendo… They guy has 3 of Nintendo’s biggest succeses on his name and you want to throw him out because he has one console that hasn’t sold hundreds of millions within a year? Because he releases a not that powerful console to make profit?

    Yeah, let’s replace him by some guy like the ones that lead the Xbox and PlayStation decisions, you know. Those geniuses that never made a profit from hardware while Iwata makes millions of profits from every console they release. What a fucking idiot is he.

    Sure, he made mistakes, but the next one will make mistakes to, and the next one, and the next one, … Right now Nintendo should focus on releasing high quality games like they did last year, if that means droughts, let it be because a game filled with glitches won’t sell more units than a game that’s been delayed a few months but doesn’t need patches that cause other bugs.

  • Joe Jack

    My Predictions

    -Nintendo Buys Rare IP’s (Conker, Banjo-Kazooie, etc.)
    -We get a full trailer of the next Zelda Game
    -A Brand New Pokemon Game on the Wiiu
    -Nintendo Remakes some Gamecube and Nintendo 64 games
    -Iwata Would not step down.
    -MiyaMoto Will Reveal His new project, but will be released in 2015
    -Nintendo buys SEGA or Capcom
    -Nintendo is going to stop thinking for the 3DS a bit and start thinking for the Wiiu
    -A sequel to Kid Icarus: Uprising will be announced for the Wiiu
    -Wiiu will have a huge Update that adds Achievements!

    • FutureFox

      Microsoft owns Rare so your first assertion won’t likely happen.

      • Joe Jack

        I know, but Microsoft doesn’t make good profit of these games.If you see at the Banjo-Kazooie Nuts&Bolts Sales then you will realize what i mean. unless they make a great use of these games.

        • FutureFox

          Well, that’s Microsoft for you; destroyer of IPs like Unicron destroys of worlds.

          • Joe Jack

            Yep, What are your Predictions :p

          • FutureFox

            I made predictions here like three days ago.

            My personal predictions:
            10 – Zelda U will be announced at E3.
            9 – Bayonetta 2 will release in fall.
            8 – SM3DW will become a bundle.
            7 – SSMB releasing in May-June
            6 – X gets a Nintendo Direct so as not to rob attention away from Zelda U.
            5 – Licensing issues are resolved and StarFox is released on Virtual Console.
            4 – No Metroid news (They’ll save it for 2015).
            3 – Tying NNID to account finally realized.
            2 – More Indie titles to stretch the catalog.

            1- Shot in the dark -> Nintendo buys Platinum Games.

          • Joe Jack

            I can totally see all this happening.

  • Ben Kapferer

    This (or something like this) could be how Nintendo introduces 3G to 3DS:


    It’s like a MiFi mobile hotspot that fits flush into an SD slot.
    They would just need to get a VOIP app like Skype, and the package would be complete.

    • manowaffles

      Interesting option, but the 3DS really isn’t designed to be a phone. Remember the N-Gage?

      • Ben Kapferer

        Yeah, I remember. However, that’s like saying the Game Boy Color wouldn’t work because the Atari Lynx flopped and Game Gear had to settle for second banana.

        • manowaffles

          I’m just saying that the shape and design of the 3DS would make it an awful phone. I bring up the N-Gage because it was actually designed to be a phone as well as a gaming device. The 3DS wasn’t ever intended to be a phone from a design standpoint, so I doubt it would ever be comfortable as a phone even if a technological workaround can be used.

  • Guest

    What if we made Super Mario Galaxy 3?

    • manowaffles

      It would sell well, but I’m more interested in this totally new IP.

  • Geekman

    Whether the last one would be good or bad is debatable. I say we keep him for a while and see how he performs.I trust him more than a new CEO.

  • Steve

    I doubt Nintendo will announce a smartphone. Although, being a phone fanatic, I’m curious to see how they would go about it.

    How can you forget SSB?

  • gamerinexile

    I think Nintendo would really suffer if Iwata stepped down or got fired, at least from a perspective of creativity. He has taken more risks as an executive than his peers at rival companies/studios, and most of them have paid off big time. And he’s given the hardware and software teams within Nintendo the freedom to design the games and hardware they want to develop, and to take their time doing it, rather than just taking the easy way out and making products that are guaranteed to sell well but would lack in originality.

    The wii u hasn’t sold like the wii did, but that’s mostly an advertising issue. I really think that once the system’s library gets a few more key titles, Nintendo will start advertising for it a lot more (they already have, to some extent) and you’ll see sales increase. Iwata might not be the cutthroat, money-obsessed CEO investors would prefer, but his refusal to sell out is the only thing that is going to preserve Nintendo as we know it. I think that’s the reason Hiroshi Yamauchi chose him to follow him as CEO in the first place- because he knew Iwata wouldn’t suffer to see the Nintendo brand to be diluted.

    • Nostalgic_Chaos

      I get what you’re saying and you made good points. At the end of the day, though, whether the advertising is one of the key reasons for the Wii U’s early days doing poorly or not, is still Iwata’s fault. He’s the captain of the ship and should have had brains enough to prevent this mindless non sense from happening. Nintendo are a world renowned company and have many of the “best selling games of all time” titles under their belt. There is absolutely no excuse for how poor the Wii U has sold.
      I’m not even saying this as a hater. I love Nintendo, and in fact, they make my favourite games consoles and my favourite games series of all time, which is Smash Brothers. However, we cannot be blind to what is going on. It needs to be addressed, that yes, Iwata is to blame, because HE IS the CEO.

      It was a dumb idea in the first place to name the new console Wii U. There are hundreds of reasons why making such a decision was a disaster, one of the main reasons being that casual gamers will not go out of their way to distinguish the difference between the Wii and Wii U, simply because they have similar names. Casual games will not be persuaded to buy the system, just because of how lame the name is. There is power in a name, and Nintendo have chosen a poor one. Casual gamers will instantly think that it’s just a measly update from the Wii, when in fact, the Wii U is an entirely new and much more powerful system.
      Iwata was very lazy in thinking that, just because the Wii had critical, universal acclaim, that just by attaching the Wii label onto the U would also make this next console a success. Nintendo were very complacent with this console.
      Bottom line is. If there were a more smarter and ambitious CEO in place. None of this pain would have happened. Any smart/wise CEO of a company who sales a product, knows that the name of the product and how they advertise it are the most important things. Iwata has failed.

      Yes, the Wii U can pick up with the great games coming this year and beyond, but that’s not the point now. This generation, Iwata has proven what kind of a CEO he is. We’ve all seen enough.

  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    Please understand

  • DReview

    On 1…. That would be an ill advised move by Nintendo…

  • linxz

    iwata should step down IMMEDIATELY. i.e. get the f**k outa there!

  • Joe Jack
  • Chong

    Wii u is the best……


    I predict a StarFox and Metroid Wii U game announcement this year. Reggie semi hinted both last year.

  • Glitch256

    I predict none of these things will happen!

  • Frankie4Fingers1983

    Its amazing how many ceo’s of major companies, that know what’s best for Nintendo post here…truly amazing

    I’m sorry if that’s prick-ish, but people keep saying things like this and it is ridiculous. The man runs a multi billion dollar company and people, myself included think we know better?

    Lol okay

  • Tails the Foxhound

    Wow, this list is either full of obvious shit, or so much bullshit I don’t don’t know whether to laugh or cry:

    10) That’s basically a given, Zeldas already take forever and get delayed all the time, and now it’s using HD assets. If it releases at all this year it will be late November-December.
    9) Based on what? How would they do it? Who would they partner with for service in the UK, USA, or Japan? Where in the system could they add a wireless card to allow internet access anywhere? I guess they’d come out with a 3DSi? If they only came out with an app they wouldn’t need a whole new line of systems to do it.
    8) I doubt this, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad prediction.
    7) Duh.
    6) Also duh, but slightly less likely. At the very least, I’m expecting it to be a glorified hub for NL to play on Wii U.
    5) Duh. They’ll probably be outsourced ala Ocarina and Starfox 64 3D though.
    4) What? This doesn’t even make any sense and would be a terrible business practice. $8 dollars to RENT games that are usually over a decade old? Who in their right mind would pay for that?
    3) Hmm, actually I wouldn’t call this one obvious. Just kinda safe. I can see it NOT happening just the same though. Not really a bad one.
    2) Duh. This project has been talked about almost as long as Pikmin 3 (officially) has. If it doesn’t come this year, it doesn’t exist.
    1) …I swear you are one dumb motherfucker. Yes, fire the guy who saw through the Wii and DS era and launched the rockstar that is the 3DS. Even more stupid in light of recent news (that to your credit came out after this article) that under Iwata, Nintendo became more valued than multimedia mega-conglomerate Sony.