Oct 6th, 2012

Activision will be bringing the latest James Bond game to the Wii U. Called 007 Legends, the game revisits some of the most famous set pieces from James Bond movies over the years, and features a cast of well known foes, such as Oddjob, Jaws, Goldinger, and more. Daniel Craig will assume the role of James Bond throughout the game.

Activision just released a pack 007 Legends screenshots, and they’re, well, not that impressive. It honestly looks like a generic first person shooter with familiar Bond settings. Hopefully the Wii U version will pack a few extra features and some interesting GamePad mechanics. The screenshots below are from the multi-platform version, and its likely that the Wii U edition won’t end up looking much better.

007 Legends screenshots

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  • Sethowar

    I think they look pretty good, I’ve never played a bond game much and will probably grab this one when it comes out

    • Asiancake

      James Bond is so boss

    • eli

      you really need t play goldeneye n64 and wii

      • gamemaster

        AND underfire for the gamecube 😀

      • Hobo Jones

        I used to play that back in the 90’s when I could afford a place to live .

        Now , I guess I will just hit the ol’ dusty trail……………………..

        • RoboticLink

          I don’t know what they’re talking about. It looks fine to me. I mean, not stunningly beautiful, but very nice.

          • Gigagator

            The problem is that, as the author of the article pointed out, the game just looks like your average FPS game.

            The fact that pretty much all of these screenshots depict Bond wielding military assault rifles and simply gunning people down is almost an insult to the original James Bond films and books.

            Play Nightfire on GameCube, or Tomorrow Never Dies on N64 and you’ll see what I’m getting at.

            Where’s the emphasis on the use of gadgets? That’s something that I think every Bond game needs to at least set it apart from the rest of the crop of FPS games.

            I’ll still get this game, I just hope the screenshots aren’t doing the game justice.

    • loko34

      graficamente fĂ  cagare.
      come molti atri giochi. non si possono spendere 300euro per questa merda.


    Hmm, looks interesting, never played a 007 game, might actually try this one!

    • [CMD] DEATH

      And yes I bet some of you are suprised I haven’t lol. Wait I think I played one of the first on I think the either NES or SNES? Haven’t kept up on the James Bond games so don’t know too much about em.

      • Neonridr

        James Bond Jr was on the NES and SNES. Those were the only games I believe. Not to be confused with James Pond 2 and 3 for the SNES which was a game about a secret agent fish.

  • TheUNation

    After looking at the 12 photos, the graphics look better than the unfinished demo shown at the Wii U announcement presentation 3 weeks ago.

  • Fresnokila

    I thought the same when I saw it on a sizzle reel…it doesn’t look impressive..but hey as long as it has some classic offline multi-player…my friends are usually at home when I play ha..its rare to see them online


    And yes the graphics and the way it looks is okay, not the greatest but I bet it’s fun.

  • Iceman404

    Those graphics are fucking beautiful.


      Idk…they look blurry mabye they aren’t screenshots in high resolution…just bein honest here. But it looks fun though.

    • The Wolfen

      Language dude…

    • Naterman

      Watch that language

  • 007 1/2

    Get goldeneye for wii. its amazing!

    these screenshots look ok. some of them look like scenes from goldeneye with different settings. i will get this wen im done with nsmbu.

  • Tom Fitz

    I just don’t understand Activision, their Bond games use the same engine and framework as their Call Of Duty games, so why can’t the Bond games (graphically) look as fantastic as the COD games?

    • NinjaMonkeyLuchadore

      When was it confirmed that they use the COD engine?

      • Collected

        Perhaps its just the amount of funds or time that the Goldeneye teams are allocated to produce the game. I can definitely see Activision pouring more money into the COD series and thoses developers because of the larger existing sales/fanbase than they would for the Goldeneye series unfortunately.

      • NinjaMonkeyLuchadore

        After double checking. There’s a lot of sources that claim Eurocom used their own engine to make the recent Goldeneye game. They’re not owned by Activision so i would expect this to be true.

        Which would explain why this doesn’t look as good as COD. (Not that it bothers me too much).

  • MinowaEli

    The textures are a bit meh, but the character models look quite nice

  • Elite

    Could use a little anti-a but still very impressive.

  • Ledreppe

    Bond games don’t grab my attention, but I thought it looked rather generic when I first saw it a while back. The screenshots above don’t look any improved either.

    • RoboticLink

      What’s with all the dislikes for the comments. Get a life you haters. These comments are completely reasonable. (How much do you bet that this will get at least a few thumbs down because of the hater rampage).

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Some parts of the graphics look good, but others look so poorly made. I don’t care if it’s 1080p or not, I just wish they’d give more thought into making those graphics. It might even be a little better than that unfinished demo shown at the Wii U presentation, but they still don’t seem… vivid enough! I’d even say this is the worst looking game I’ve seen for Wii U so far. Well, I’d have to see the actual gameplay to determine if it’s good or not (the gameplay may even make me overlook completely the graphics), but that weak trailer three weeks ago left a bad image of that game in my head…

    • jon

      no the worst looking game on wii u so far is tank tank tank, it would be hard to tell if the game was a wii or a wii u game.

      • Master Awesomeness

        Finally, someone finally understands that Tank tank tank game is the worst game for wii u.

        • CubeClubKiddy

          i don’t think you should say “the worst game for wii u”… i actually heard quite a few people who were practically addicted to the arcade version of Tankx3… if you’re speaking on the graphics though, i would definitely agree then…

      • Yamiryuu Zero

        Tank Tank Tank is a more casual title, that was first made to arcades. The graphics are not spectacular, and it does indeed look more like a Wii game than a next gen Wii U game.

        But you have to take in consideration that one game proposes a less immerse gameplay experience, while the other has a legacy on it’s name.

        The textures on the scenario look awesome in some images, but look shabby on others. And I remember the video from the Wii U preview, where the glasses breaking where no different from a PS One graphics, and the characters never showed a different expression even being beaten up or protecting that woman from the explosion.

        What I’m trying to say is that Tank Tank Tank doesn’t need so much care for graphics because it doesn’t need, and it’s not what they’re trying to sell. But a game like 007, that had the best looking graphics for N64 and Wii to land on HD consoles as it is, seems more like a half-hearted production to take money using the name of a great franchise of movies and games.

        Don’t take me wrong, I do hope I’m mistaken here, and I want the game to be a huge success like the original N64 007 was, but it doesn’t seem to carry the same charm of the past games!

  • SteampunkJedi

    The screenshots look good to me. Perhaps that’s because I haven’t played many first-person shooters.

  • Chapo

    It looks too generic and bland.. I’ll skip.

  • LogicalDude

    I though this was going to be awesome. Now that I’m looking at it, it looks kinda boring. Though I can’t wait to go through Scaramanga’s arena on his private island. I’ve been wanting that since Goldeneye.

  • jon

    i hopefully i shall buy this game loved 007 goldeneye on n64 and wii and loved nightfire on xbox.

  • swic11

    Graphics are totally unimpressive, I’m just glad they are that way for all 3 platforms though. Still, Activision should take the time to vamp up the graphics

  • old school nintendo

    I want to see new pictures of first-party nintendo games.
    most of these 3rd party games dont have that same overall quality that games like a new metroid HD or a 3d mario galaxy U has.
    I wish someone at nintendo would release pictures of these awesome HD games (mario kart, zelda, DK starfox…)to get us more excited. i hate waiting 🙁

    • xdlugia

      This is something I say as a Nintendo gamer: We need to chill the f*ck out!
      There are actually other great games than Nintendo exlusives on the platforms.
      This is Nintendo’s problem, third parties don’t sell as good on Nintendo platoforms because the owners are mostly obsessed with Nintendo exclusives, therefore many developers stop supporting the console.

      If we want to keep Nintendo’s great 3rd party support for the WiiU, we got to be more excited for them as well.

      • Nintenlord

        I though it was cause the majority where crap

        • XDLugia

          Darksiders, Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect and Black Ops are absolutely not crap.

          • Nintenlord

            I mean the things that where on the wii those where not on the wii

        • SteampunkJedi

          For the Wii, yes.

        • mojojojo888

          Both of these comments are true…those who game for Nintendo need to seriously branch out a little and play and buy some third party titles, and third parties need to stop shoveling us sh**…the solution would be to support those third parties that put effort into their games, i.e. built from scratch, exclusives, etc…which is why I will be getting games from companies that do this, like Ubisoft with ZombiU and Platinum with 101 and Bayonetta, and not from the slackers who are port happy over at EA and Activision, save maybe COD, which seems up to par w/ additional features, and ME3, which looks like it had some effort. Fixing the problem requires voting with your money, bc beyond Nintendo, that seems to be the only thing these companies understand.

          • mojojojo888

            Games like Viewtiful Joe, RE4, Eternal Darkness, Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos, MGS:The Twin Snakes, Madworld, Xenoblade, Last Story, Conduit, Muramasa, Red Steel 2, Goldeneye 007…these are the kinds of games that should be purchased, and these are the kinds of games systems are remembered for. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with picking up multiplats or shovelware for quick or decent play experiences, but amongst those who whine ‘nintendo needs more 3rd party titles’, these kinds of games ought to take precedence, and be looked at appreciatively, as their failure to sell time and again is what has led us to this ‘lazy 3rd party’ predicament that we find ourselves in currently…

  • Ogun

    Personally if its like goldeneye reloaded HD, it won’t be worth it. Not that impressed with eurocom’s bond games. Plus goldeneye reloaded HD’s multiplayer was buggy and atrocious. IMO the best POTENTIAL for good bond games came from bizzare creations. RIP.

  • ssb4 FC3007 8585 6950

    Cool never played a james bond game. might play dis one.

  • Ogun

    I will add this, those pics look like poor quality cuz the trailers those pics came from look better in HD than the ones here.

  • Buckethead Jr.

    lol all u guys talking about the graphics not looking that impressive… xD IMHO they look pretty fine, and they will look much better since the game is coming in 2013 which means Activision is gonna be patching the game even more and polish the graphics more better so when the game releases it will look much better than this screenshots.. The reason why the graphics don’t look that impressive or maybe *still* bland is because Activision is making sure to make an EPIC campaign just like in Golden Eye 007 for Wii or GE 007 Reloaded for PS3 and Xbox360 etc…

  • cdude

    I cant speak for those of you that are upset with the graphics, but i think they look great. Not as good as some others, but, honestly, i don’t care. Nothing against people that make a big deal about graphics, but i dont get where the disgust and disappointment comes from when things look so close to what rheyre supposed to.

    Anyhoo, “shitty” graphics aside, i really enjoyed goldeneye on the wii and would just like to see more gadgets and gadget freedom this time around.

    I really loved the way you could complete missions without being detected, too. I hope that comes back.

    • Nintedward .

      The article clearly says these are the multiplat (360/ps3) screenshots .
      The wiiu version may end up looking better , so nobody can judge anything on these screenshots. 🙂

      • RoboticLink

        Come on guys, we’re nintendo fans. We shouldn’t care if the graphics are super amazingly beautiful, we should care about the gameplay, about the controls, about the quality.

        These 3 things create the triangle of what separates us from the graphic-obsessed Sony and Microsoft fans.

        Our sacred triangle of pride that makes us unique.

  • Mylochek

    As long as the game is as fun as Goldeneye or Underfire. I’ll be happy. Been a while since I played a good Bond game.

  • smallNdeadly

    Rental not a buyer



  • D2K


  • Nintendo Power (Star Mission)

    Its Pretty good, but I’ll stick to the classic for N64

  • Robert

    Can you guys stop talking about the games graphics? seriously, if the game plays good I wouldn’t even care if the game was 480p or 720p!! gameplay over graphics any day…you guys are becoming graphics whores just like Sony and Microsoft fans.

    • Schizza

      Here is COD from Wii… http://www.the-nextlevel.com/media/wii/cod3_/cod3_2.jpg

      I think people have a right to ask for more from a publisher. If the power is there… And IT IS. Then use it!

    • Schizza

      Oh and not caring if video is 480p or 720p, leads me to assume you don’t own an HD tv. Cause any 480p signal, dvds, non digital cable tv, anything looks horrible in 480p on a big screen HD tv.

      Just saying

      • Robert

        You should never assume anything because when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me lol. I actually have two HD TV’s in my home and I have played some games this gen that looked great ( graphically) and played like shit. People need to focus more on gameplay than graphics.

        Just saying

        • RoboticLink

          You’re a wise man, Robert. I have been trying to say the same thing. I actually feel like I am in zombiU. Only a few survivors left, everyone else has become graphically obsessed zombies

        • Schizza

          What kind of TV do you have Robert?

    • Shane

      If we were graphic whores, we would have f***ed last generation. Now it’s expected to have just as good as graphics because of the past 7 years of gaming on PS3 and Xbox 360. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the other consoles were pretty cool, and I admit that I was slightly jealous of last gen when they strated pulling out the big guns, but if Nintendo were to just use the Wii to put out games until PS4 and XBox 1080… wth am I saying they could have, but they didn’t, and now Wii U is out. Got the pic bro?

      • Schizza

        I don’t know if your post was aimed at me…
        but it came off as a long rant from a meth head.

        Maybe attend some more English classes before leaking verbal diarea from your brain onto your keyboard.

        I really have no idea what your point is?!?

        • Shane

          Are you talking to me? If so, it had nothing to do with your comment first of all, it wasn’t aimed at you(apparently), and this IS real english so I don’t know what your talking about(it’s called being able to use commas effectively). BTW, I didn’t even know what the hell meth was until the “not even once” commercials. So way to judge based on nothing. Now I think YOUR the meth head, because my comment had no relevence to yours, and you somehow still had the slightest idea it did.

          P.S. If I would have responded to your post, it would have been down and to the right of where your original post, which I read and didn’t even matter.

  • Castamere

    As long as it’s as good as the new GoldenEye, then I’m getting it. Legends is being developed by Eurocom, who also developed GoldenEye. I’m looking forward to it. The 007 games developed by Treyarch were relatively poor. Eurocom has been doing a great job so far.

  • rp17

    Any one else noticed it says “goldinger” not goldfinger?

    • Nintedward .

      Thats the australian version , haha .

      • Master Awesomeness

        Oi, get stuffed nintedward! Yeah, don’t worry, we still speak english. And we still live in the same f***’n era as you!

        • Nintedward

          Can you not take a joke ??? Aus , UK , US etc etc all have their pros and cons 🙂 . I was only joking , Australia is one of the most beautifull countrys on Earth !!

    • SteampunkJedi

      I’d thought it was supposed to be Goldfinger, but I didn’t say anything. 😉 And it still says Goldinger as of now.

  • TheBaconator

    Well… at least the lighting looks good :p

  • Jetty

    007 never had impressive graphics. These look decent but it seems that Activision is holding back.

    • D2K

      GoldenEye007 for the N64 had very impressive graphics for it’s day. The remake for XBLA looks fantastic.

      • RoboticLink

        Looks like a xbox 360 game.

        Oh well…

  • marioU

    i had a great time with N64 goldeneye back in the old day. the greatest fps game ever created.

  • 7upland

    this and new super mario u are the games i buy at launch

  • WiiUhyper

    Im not being mean or anything i just want to know,
    Why havent you gotten much news lately, you guys have slowed down.
    What the deal?

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Oh joy another point and shoot game the wii u is slowly becoming the xbox, a system with endless FPS *sighs* c’mon nintendo step it up I don’t want the same library as other systems that’s boring 🙁

  • Scootex1912

    Not Daniel craig:(:(:(

  • Improv

    Nobody remembers ‘Everything or Nothing? That was the last great bond game that should of been a movie

  • Shane

    Meh. I doesn’t look THAT bad. I still dont like game like this entirely though so it won’t be a purchase for me probably. Mabe it will be on sale or something and play it then… Good job Activision! As long as you take abreak from COD, that’s all that matters, because people have been playing that game for 12 years straight(intensly in the past 6-7), so I think something different would be good.

  • Ogun

    Ironically no one has commented on my issue which is that if you look at THE HD trailers which these screenshots appear to have come from, the video looks better. Lol

  • Golden eye 007

    If nintendo would have went hd on the wii pretty sure we would all be playing bond games online instead of call of duty

  • Schizza

    Game reviews up for this… 4 out of 10 🙁